Kanye West - Follow God
Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Jason McCormick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Additional Post: SetNet
The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.

  • Rob Mac
    Rob Mac

    Ye got through the whole song and didn't have to call a black man that hellish n-word name. from one black man to another, thanks Ye

  • SunBro


  • Dillon Bald
    Dillon Bald

    That ending gets me every time..

  • Tiktok virals
    Tiktok virals

    Everybody gangsta till Kanye and his dad pull up with the JesusTank🖤

  • isaelxix_ Jailbreak
    isaelxix_ Jailbreak

    Is this a new thing in rap rhyming?

  • Itz Watermelonzz
    Itz Watermelonzz


  • reid ob
    reid ob

    Kanye west is the best artists ever ! .... Just ask him ...

  • 6r6 b6
    6r6 b6

    I needed this. I’m a loser white boy but I appreciate your message man. I’m sorry.

    • Tomorrow Happy
      Tomorrow Happy

      6r6 b6 lmao hahahaha even god can’t save your pathetic ass

  • DarthInvaderZim

    The beat was so fire that some of the snow melted in the background

  • Dave V
    Dave V

    Is Kanye still a Trump lover? A supporter of the monster in the White House?

    • studio six
      studio six


    • Tomorrow Happy
      Tomorrow Happy

      Dave V if you don’t support trump you are a sinner as you are going against gods intent

  • SyhroFN

    Yo Kanye really bought the zhaba from gta 5 😂😂

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Never go Full Kanyetard

  • LEON H
    LEON H

    Tap Here To see The voice of God weapon Live --- nosoft.info/hd/video/q5_DeYimzJmIz4s . . . . .

  • Paola Gadios
    Paola Gadios


  • Anita Opel
    Anita Opel

    Looked like fun being with Daddy...enjoying the beautiful scenery and connecting with God through the beauty of nature. Thanks Kanye!

  • Joan of arc The true Jhesus Maria.
    Joan of arc The true Jhesus Maria.

    Jesus is not king. Jhesus is Queen. I can’t stand what religion did to my bloodline.


    That tank In GTA now lol

  • Abenezer Getachew
    Abenezer Getachew

    Good steps

  • Cameronyoudontknow Cardwellmyname
    Cameronyoudontknow Cardwellmyname

    Fuck being a genius, I aspire to be a Kanye. Most people just smart, I'm moving them the right way. They be Talking about their clothes dont fit and I represent beyonce!

  • Matyboy2

    New channel - if you like the content, subscribe. God bless How Can I Be Saved? - 3 Simple Steps nosoft.info/hd/video/eWmZr5TXrq6btZU

  • Chasmite Dolos
    Chasmite Dolos

    Kanye found the only reason there is in life. YahLives mean Christ Lives, God Lives. Get your YahLives Sackcloth hoodie at www.lifeliveapparel.com or amzn.to/2Nyp1BT You are welcome. In biblical times God's people wore sackcloth when they were at their wits end. This is the time at hand. You are welcome.

  • L.C.

    I thought that was jayz

  • wILL

    2011 Kanye: I sold my soul to the Devil. I know it was a crappy deal.. least it came with a few toys like a happy meal." 2019 Kanye: Jesus is King. Something spooked the *hell* out of him. 😱

    • Matyboy2

      New channel - if you like the content, subscribe. God bless How Can I Be Saved? - 3 Simple Steps nosoft.info/hd/video/eWmZr5TXrq6btZU

  • Elaisa Grace
    Elaisa Grace

    Excellent! Sage advice! Thank you, Ye 🙏🏽(and your Dad) 🙏🏽

  • immer und ich
    immer und ich

    Good song, but ist not suitable to Kanye wests jealous Charakter, and bis lifestyle

  • 900,000 billion dollars on a minimum
    900,000 billion dollars on a minimum

    mental illness

  • weeazybaby

    What’s the moral of the story at the end? A black man as in he couldn’t believe a black man made it?

  • nutgobbler918

    I’m not on the Jesus train, but this is a banger tbh


    Kanye is killing the devil

  • Michael Distefano
    Michael Distefano

    Women getting freed from sexual captivity in the U.S. YOOOO - good news for your feed at Amirahinc.org

  • Emma Isabella
    Emma Isabella

    No worries for fame now, just go to the site *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\* many models used it to boost up their career on NOsoft.



  • Srecko Andrijasevic
    Srecko Andrijasevic

    It ain’t a coincidence that on amazon music you have to have amazon prime to listen to this song while other songs are free

  • Flint J
    Flint J


  • nekruz shomukimov
    nekruz shomukimov

    He's so FAKe

  • Jamal Jones
    Jamal Jones

    Y’all mafuckas think god and his son were nice.....they are men of war! And most of y’all are dead....live it up for now 😂😂

  • Kaylynn Nenu
    Kaylynn Nenu

    kanye is saint christopher like, trust me ----- Matthew 6:24 I DARE YOU ALL TO LOOK UP THIS BIBLE VERSE

  • ja jack
    ja jack

    Kanye.. Bro reach out too GOSPEL GANGSTAZ. THIS BROTHERS BEEN MY GUIDANCE SENSE 90s saved STREET warrior

  • Maya Haidar
    Maya Haidar


  • Guga Nebieridze
    Guga Nebieridze

    funny indeed my whole country is 18 acres AT best

  • SHole Gaming
    SHole Gaming

    2:00 This car is in GTA and its so bad haha

  • Jeremy Prospect
    Jeremy Prospect

    Lucifer in his chair thinking what to say after this diss

  • Jaquan Holmes
    Jaquan Holmes

    Kanye, Thank you.

  • Nomad's Wanderer
    Nomad's Wanderer


  • Pretty Boii
    Pretty Boii


  • jonathan priest
    jonathan priest

    I am very very surprised. Been making fun of this. But man now that I hear it, not bad


    amen madafkar

  • Stephen Lovett
    Stephen Lovett

    Family 🙏

  • Anju R
    Anju R

    Is the rest of the album unavailable for everyone? I'm in Bethlehem and it isn't available here.

  • Allan Ng
    Allan Ng

    Coz your now passe' your turning to god bunch of Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!

    • studio six
      studio six

      I don't think 9 consecutive #1 billboard debuts, including this recent release, is 'passe"....

  • Gilberto Villarreal
    Gilberto Villarreal

    God can save anyone.. he came to save us all www.redbubble.com/people/gilbert777/works/44023968-john-3-16?p=iphone-case&type=iphone_11_soft&asc=u

  • 1275638a

    Kanye would be called a genius more if he didnt do it himself so much. Hopefully he's done with that.


    Blind asf y ppls

  • Ken Franc
    Ken Franc

    Kanye might have some wrong things in the past, but we can't deny he puts so much passion into his music.

  • Fuk Opps
    Fuk Opps

    Eww Kanye isn’t about god . If he was he would be broke . Some parts of him show the devil is still in his life. Y’all stay woke!!!

    • studio six
      studio six

      Being broke is not a prerequisite for salvation

  • Aubry Alexander
    Aubry Alexander

    That ending thi

  • Aubry Alexander
    Aubry Alexander

    Not saying he can’t be converted to God I just think it’s funny how he was like - your such a f ing ho I love it and now he’s like pulled up w the Jesus tank

    • Tyler Roberts
      Tyler Roberts

      Marnecia Hargraves wtf? When was Kanye ever convicted of any rape allegations?

    • Smith

      Jesus Walks

    • Marnecia Hargraves
      Marnecia Hargraves

      Yes..but R Kelly used to end his albums with gospel songs and is a christian..but allegedly had a sex cult.....soooo

  • Diamond Ninja
    Diamond Ninja

    This song = Fire

  • kaio m.
    kaio m.

    Shut up number one forever.... Kanie in "italiano" GEAZIE🖐🖐🖐2🖐2

  • J Carlos Sanchez
    J Carlos Sanchez

    Everyone who is listening,have a good day buddy,hope everything going well in your life...