Kanye West Airpool Karaoke
James Corden is desperate for a ride back to Los Angeles and connects with Kanye West, who is traveling with his Sunday Service choir by airplane. Fly along in this 30,000-foot Carpool Karaoke, as James asks Kanye about his church, marriage with Kim Kardashian and what lyric he knew would make him famous. And sing along to "Jesus Walks" and other Kanye West music.
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  • 조원휘

    Look at how he's changed, how he's saved, how he's become happy! Jesus is king! You must meet him. His our hope, our joy, our way, Amen🙏🏻

  • LiveAventura

    That chorus though !!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I Marlizov
    I Marlizov

    Было бы смешно и грустно если бы самолет рухнул.

  • Quinn Windsor
    Quinn Windsor

    "People who don't believe are walking dead. They're asleep, and this is the awakening."

  • Quinn Windsor
    Quinn Windsor

    His response when James asked about their nightly routine made my heart melt. "We'll eat dinner, and play with the kids, and then we'll put the kids to bed, and then we go to bed. And then my wife watches Dateline." "So, she watches Dateline, and you're not really watching anything, you're just, straight to sleep?" "I read the Bible."

  • Nkanyiso Theophylus
    Nkanyiso Theophylus

    Legend is Kanye

  • Kat

    Isn't the last song I'm like a bird by nelly furtado?

  • Seth Emmanuel
    Seth Emmanuel

    "God is the only thing that is perfect, so the only thing that be perfect is God's plan" - Kanye West


    What’s the first songs name???

  • Solomon  Salim
    Solomon Salim

    Amazing inspiring ❤🙏😊

  • Marco

    "The most expensive IPod"

  • Chinyere Emmanuel
    Chinyere Emmanuel

    I love this Kanye

  • Ben D 13
    Ben D 13

    Hang on! 3:20 Did I just see JGivens on the front row or am I making that up?

  • Sophia Black love
    Sophia Black love

    Good i love you kanny

  • Sophia Black love
    Sophia Black love

    Kanny west es tímido es por es la gente piensa que el es malo el no es malo ami amtes ahora lo amo igual

    • Sophia Black love
      Sophia Black love


  • Carolyn Threinen
    Carolyn Threinen


  • aussie stoner
    aussie stoner

    God and Jesus= one big fairy tale

  • joerail99

    I once despised Kanye, I now wanna wear a Kanye Jersey


    This man is delusional. Only a matter of time before he breaks down and something serious happens, and you cant serve two masters Kanye.

  • KingLudo

    His smile is so contagious


    Amazing thank you Lord I love it Amen much love and blessings in Christ name 💝💝💝

  • Family Broadstreet
    Family Broadstreet

    This is hair raising good! PRAISE GOD FOR REVIVAL!

  • Gwendolyn Hawkins
    Gwendolyn Hawkins

    The choir is Awesome

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Is that the girl from June’s Diary?

  • Ciaus Parris
    Ciaus Parris

    Amen ‼️🙏🏾

  • Calvin Darrington
    Calvin Darrington

    Keep rockin Ye, we love you bro✊🏻

  • Calero Calero
    Calero Calero

    And they are all voting for Trump.

  • Élodie


  • Joel M
    Joel M

    First things first he’s a rapper, he’s not a singer, he can’t sing to save his life!!!!! Have you heard him it’s horrible!!

  • shayj337

    The sounds of healing.. The sounds of true freedom...goose bumps!!!

  • A Car
    A Car

    I don’t know if I would be afraid to be on a plane shaking like that if they all get going... Or feel a little braver that much closer to God.

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams

    I absolutely loved this I’m praying for Kanye I believe good has the power to change any soul living

  • p tm
    p tm

    First song reminds me of Soul II Soul - Back To Life

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    12:38 - R.I.P. Kris Humphries. Hahahahahaha!

  • RAve

    "People who don't believe are walking dead. They are asleep and this is the awakening." As soon as West said that I pictured him making a movie based on that message: a zombie skinned, Christian themed movie. Many will come to know Christ through it :) and Kanye will make even more $$$$$$$$ ... #onamission

  • Di Figiano
    Di Figiano

    Greta: imma head out they fligh !?!?

  • Siimplyloz

    Is that the girl from June’s Diary?

  • Sam Bridges
    Sam Bridges

    how can you dislike this video

  • hvnnvhk

    Character development. I love to see a happy Kanye

  • Brandon A. Ortiz
    Brandon A. Ortiz

    I want Kanye to go on tour

  • R E C L A I M E R
    R E C L A I M E R


  • Camila Santos
    Camila Santos

    Who else wants to see Kayne feat Kirk Franklin?? 🔥 🙌🏼🙏🏼

  • MaXXII M.T
    MaXXII M.T

    Name of this song??? 2:43

  • Fern S
    Fern S



    can someone let me know each song in the order they were sung ?

  • Patty Cakes
    Patty Cakes

    I had a smile on my face through the whole video! I was never a fan of James Corden, But in this video he came across as a very likable guy. I hope he too will see the light and be saved if he isnt already a believer in one way, shape, or form. He's too cuddly to be on the wrong side. God Bless All!

  • Sedardar Ojo
    Sedardar Ojo

    “Who is your favorite gospel artist?” Me: *Kanye west*

  • Aintnowoman37

    Not a Kanye fan but if he is winning souls for Christ then I'm all about it. I love gospel music and his choir is fire!

  • Leo Plays
    Leo Plays

    Why isn't there any white Person except James cordon?

    • tikapaprika

      I saw at least one or two in the choir and there are probably more behind the camera.

  • sheila_boat

    i love black ppl

  • Błażej cmaz
    Błażej cmaz

    16:20 music?

  • Princess Melanie
    Princess Melanie

    My favorite gospel song they redid was so anxious 😍😍😍

  • Ntukile Vlogs
    Ntukile Vlogs

    all this people are beautiful.

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi

    thats church yo

  • ping wang
    ping wang

    This vibe is 🔥 and Mr. West is smiling! Praise my God!

  • Maha Haddad
    Maha Haddad

    Kanye lives to vibe


    I want to rededicate my life to Christ.

  • Lexi Nah
    Lexi Nah

    I would be joyous to be the 1st white girl apart of Kanye's Sunday Service Choir. used to be in a choir when I was a lil grl. Wonder if Kanye would let me be apart? Reach out Kanye's folks, thanks in advance ♥️

  • Ntando Cele
    Ntando Cele

    If I saw Kanye west on the plane I would jump around

  • Ntando Cele
    Ntando Cele

    Kanye west has changed a lot I’m so probably of him

  • rhai

    Kanye inspired me with his album Jesus is King, God bless him even more and may he be in God's presence more and more ♡ Jesus loves you, Kanye

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