Kanye West Airpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden
James Corden is desperate for a ride back to Los Angeles and connects with Kanye West, who is traveling with his Sunday Service choir by airplane. Fly along in this 30,000-foot Carpool Karaoke, as James asks Kanye about his church, marriage with Kim Kardashian and what lyric he knew would make him famous. And sing along to "Jesus Walks" and other Kanye West music.
Special thanks to Ontario International Airport - www.flyontario.com/
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  • kylie skai
    kylie skai

    the pilot sounds straight trinidadian

  • ComeOn991

    Very rasist! Looks like plane for only black....

  • yvonne bautista
    yvonne bautista

    It's good that Kanye is turning in to Jesus. But what is weird is that is he keep on saying Hell yeah?

  • Espinola Marshall
    Espinola Marshall

    Sheer joy!♥️

  • initman01

    This choir is actually sick, could listen to them all day.

  • Ernesto Mondragon Romero
    Ernesto Mondragon Romero

    I'll never forget how mean he had been with a big tall girl!! U know who.

  • Draw It
    Draw It

    That plane is definitely not flying it’s probably just sitting there where is the shaking or rumbling And I’ve been on a plane 23 times so I know how it feels

  • Draw It
    Draw It

    Did any body notice that cordons the only white person there

  • Omolayo Ojo
    Omolayo Ojo


  • D Blanke
    D Blanke

    Thank you Kanya - much Love to you , Kim and ALL of your family . May you all -enjoy your blessings . Namesta

  • genissio

    Wow. This really changed my opinion of him. Shows me that i am the fool for judging another.

  • Sebi Lives
    Sebi Lives

    I would be balling like a baby on that plane.

  • Apple Soss
    Apple Soss

    Powerful. Wow. God is so good. I am picking up everything Kanye is throwing down ! His fire choir , his vision, his music, his spirit, our God. So inspiring and uplifting! 🙏🏽

  • EP1C S14Y3R908
    EP1C S14Y3R908

    Looks like you guys were caught in between two radio stations for the whole video and just ran with it

  • Nadja Bexley
    Nadja Bexley

    Seriously James? YoU’RE noT FLyInG thE pLanE?!?

  • wheeliehigh

    He blew James out before because he can’t sing so carpool would be awkward, so he fills a plane with 200 people to do the singing while he rocks around in his chair like a guilty 4 yr old. What a joke!!

  • Alexa Diaz'Johnson
    Alexa Diaz'Johnson

    Kanye is the real GOAT ❤️🙏💪🏽

  • Scott Frost
    Scott Frost

    Do they take requests? Do never gonna give you up?

  • Frimm

    he shud smile more often. P.S. i'm not a fan. but it feels good to see people's smile. and yes, including you, friends. have a nice day for you guys :)

  • Tam

    One word, WOW! 🖤

  • Keonn

    fake :C

  • Nome Própio Apelido
    Nome Própio Apelido


  • Lenny Darius
    Lenny Darius

    James might be the only with person on that aircraft .

  • Leo Kapil
    Leo Kapil

    This is like the film get out in reverse

  • Meine Postma
    Meine Postma

    The normal carpool would have been better; only a plane is big enough for Kanye's ego?

    • HanZ

      dude he was promoting his sunday service choir, use your brain

    • FiveCents Worth-Trouble
      FiveCents Worth-Trouble

      Have you not seen the size of that choir?

  • Antonio Junior
    Antonio Junior


  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown

    Wth is Kanye doing on a commercial flight?

    • FiveCents Worth-Trouble
      FiveCents Worth-Trouble

      It's a set, silly.

  • Kyra Morgan
    Kyra Morgan

    Does anyone have a setlist? Or can find one online?

  • Connie Morris
    Connie Morris

    Praise GOD❤️

  • Kelvetra Washington
    Kelvetra Washington

    I OVER LOVED This!! Showed The Raw Side Of Kanye.. And I Truly Can See That He Is Genuine About What He Is Doing

  • Karming Wong
    Karming Wong

    this seems hella fun.

  • Sunny Dee
    Sunny Dee

    Started off with "Belly" soundtrack... and I got chills

  • Bri johnson
    Bri johnson

    "And when he get on he leave yo ass for a white girl" What happened to his voice? I love his growth but damn he could've at least sowed one of his seeds in a black woman. Shit. Can one black man from the hood stay down without going thru the change

    • Bri johnson
      Bri johnson

      I'm speaking of the ones who don't

    • FiveCents Worth-Trouble
      FiveCents Worth-Trouble

      Plenty of rich black men stay with black women: Lebron, Rodney Peete, and many others.

  • Tiana NonBasic #TianaSickofthebs
    Tiana NonBasic #TianaSickofthebs

    Amazing 😍🥰😍💕

  • Barb Leop
    Barb Leop

    I think only *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* works for sure



  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes

    Kanye is too sick haha

  • Rebecca Goodin
    Rebecca Goodin

    always assumed Kanye was a jerk from the news. but he isn't. hes actually a nice guy

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Voices of angels

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Kanye is a changed man....that is a miracle that increases my faith in Jesus

  • Osvaldo Domingos
    Osvaldo Domingos

    Maybe the plane it’s being pulled by a truck too. But in the air.

  • Squatting Squirrel
    Squatting Squirrel

    Fish sticks

  • Liofa

    He seemed quite normal here... but man he can be a dick...

    • HanZ

      Im sure at this point he wants everyone to view him that way. it keeps people talking about him. remember the dude is a genius at promoting shit, especially his brand.

  • Laura Caudle
    Laura Caudle

    Haha. I see you girl I’m atheist as well but this video has me really second guessing my beliefs Kanye thank you for being you truly amazing I’m in tears I just felt this, and I’m not ashamed to say this. You are wonderful your a real person.

  • Laura Caudle
    Laura Caudle

    I’m in awe over this video or moments I honestly felt it what an inspiration here

  • Empress1011

    I loooove Kanye.... he looks happy bathing in the creator's love and grace

  • Shuvo Roy
    Shuvo Roy

    Feeling blessed


    Is that Ben Phillips

  • Matthew Pavi
    Matthew Pavi

    Where is his wife ?😀😀

  • Matthew Pavi
    Matthew Pavi

    The Bible says Judge by the fruits !!

  • sexylazercatwizard

    Love you Kanye

  • William Peete
    William Peete

    Kanye seems happy again.

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    That to Soul II Soul was amazing

  • Paula G Whyte
    Paula G Whyte

    A lotta fuckin brainwash on that plane.

  • Jessica Juachon
    Jessica Juachon

    this gave me life

  • yoguihendrix

    Looks like a money laundry scam

  • E G
    E G

    Why is james the only white person in the plane lol

  • Jakob van Klinken
    Jakob van Klinken

    Someone should tell those sweatshop girls who sow together his Yeezys that they're doing Gods work

    • Rami Saba
      Rami Saba

      He is moving production to the US

    • Sebi Lives
      Sebi Lives

      its probably the most consistent, clean and legit employment they can get while living in the country they're in. What do you think they can just find a nice salary corporate job there? No, its what's available.

    • Joshua Collier
      Joshua Collier

      Jakob van Klinken hahahahahaha shit this comment is gold

  • Todd Denoon
    Todd Denoon

    Is the Cabin attendant on the speaker a Trinbagonian??? That accent

  • Minky Smith
    Minky Smith