Katy Perry - Never Worn White (Official)
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Producer: Maggie McLean
Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
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Music video by Katy Perry performing Never Worn White. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

  • natsuki :\
    natsuki :\

    or by God kety perry is shuffled

  • rose ramos
    rose ramos


  • fdoll26

    I just new u were pregnant love it songs all of them my mum told me u were pregnant I am a girl by the way

  • rea

    she was my role model since i can remember my self- i love her so much, i hope you are happy Katy


    Katy: I never worn white Also Katy: *Wears white dress in this video...*

  • Brenna Quillen
    Brenna Quillen

    You can do it ur going to be a great mother

  • Erika Thessler
    Erika Thessler

    So beautiful song, beautiful person, beautiful voice ❤️

  • Tahir SShabbir Attarwala
    Tahir SShabbir Attarwala

    I think she's talking about getting married. Never worn white symbolizes a white wedding dress and when she says she wants to get it right means that she wants to make the marriage with Orlando bloom work and when she says she wants to say I do means she rlly wants to marry him. Such in depth. Amazing work Katy!

  • Samantha Monroe
    Samantha Monroe

    Wait...didn't she wear white before aka she married Russel brand...🤣😏

  • Claudia Irigoyen
    Claudia Irigoyen

    Baby girl ur hair i am not feeling it looks ugly Wish someone would have helped a bit more in ur video and ur song. I don’t dig it. But congrats on ur baby 👶 wish song would have been better it’s too depressing for Me. Baby should bring life joy and energy good vibes up beat. This sounds like a funeral song

  • Jessica Brooks
    Jessica Brooks

    Best song by Katy Perry by far. She will be a great mother. She's absolutely beautiful to.

  • Griselda Velasco
    Griselda Velasco

    Like los katycat latinos😊😊😘😚😙

  • Chrispro FREE FIRE
    Chrispro FREE FIRE


  • MyDogRescuer

    this will be a singing contest song

  • Sarah Bentley
    Sarah Bentley


  • KatyPerry Queen
    KatyPerry Queen

    Queen 😶🥺💕💕💕

  • Milan Toaipa
    Milan Toaipa

    Katy: I've never wore white Also Katy: wears white in video Ironic.

  • Delfina Curiel Acosta
    Delfina Curiel Acosta

    felicidades y también muy bella cansion

  • Luiz Renan
    Luiz Renan

    Loved 💕

  • Power Built
    Power Built

    So Katy when is Orlando going to marry you? Hopefully before you drop your bundle. So the child is not illegitimate. Put the pressure on him.

  • Vanessa Sousa
    Vanessa Sousa

    Perfect 😍

  • Sarah Downs
    Sarah Downs


  • Mary G.
    Mary G.

    It must've 30M already


    She is Great !

  • Tee Consolacion
    Tee Consolacion


  • Cayla Maura
    Cayla Maura

    Anyone else being blown away by her voice (again)

  • Yoplair Del Rey Coronado
    Yoplair Del Rey Coronado

    She's pregnant, I bet she will have a girl.

  • ilove gaykiss
    ilove gaykiss

    Such a beautiful song.And good to know tht Katy's announced she's a mother.


    From roar, to this. Shes grown so much.

  • The Saudi Player - اللاعب السعودي
    The Saudi Player - اللاعب السعودي

    Great 👍🏻

  • Dayane Schneider Silva
    Dayane Schneider Silva

    Tudo lindo prefeito e maravilhoso 😍♥️

  • Alexander Vargas
    Alexander Vargas

    I cannot believe our childhood icon is going to have a baby 💓😭😍

  • İsa Kartal
    İsa Kartal


  • K GS
    K GS

    She seems to remind me of Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

  • Fräulein Wunder
    Fräulein Wunder

    this is so romantic :) I belive every word, like she sing from her heart... all the best

  • Ramon Dias
    Ramon Dias

    Faz feat mo

  • Ramon Dias
    Ramon Dias


  • Ramon Dias
    Ramon Dias


  • Ramon Dias
    Ramon Dias


  • Jess Albright
    Jess Albright

    You should try ME white

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake

    What has she done to her face don't even look the same

  • Quốc Thắng Trần
    Quốc Thắng Trần

    This song must be the Ballad Song of The Year

  • Sparkle90

    I'm just happy she has long hair now!

  • Madison Hayes
    Madison Hayes

    Weird, I thought women over 40 couldn't have kids 🤔

  • Eugene Nchinda
    Eugene Nchinda

    Did you know that Katy Perry is on amrcan idol


    You pregnant??????!?!?!!!!!?!?!?????!?!!?!! I'm so happy and excited for you I wish you and your baby ( And also Orlando) have a good life ( sorry for bad english)

  • Treeleaf222

    Bro she really preggerz?

    • dragon boi
      dragon boi

      yes her baby is named steven universe

  • Matt Man
    Matt Man

    What happened to her music videos? After her last album they just don’t give her music video budgets this time?

  • Fellipe da Rosa
    Fellipe da Rosa

    Katy nós te amamos! 🇧🇷 Katy we love you!

  • CarlosPortillo


  • Kyle Shepherd
    Kyle Shepherd


  • Isabel Millan
    Isabel Millan

    you will

  • Isabel Millan
    Isabel Millan

    you are will be a beutifull mother

  • Megan Bantams
    Megan Bantams

    She’s got a beautiful, I could listen to this song every time and not get bored with it ❤️

  • Bolkayo Kendor
    Bolkayo Kendor

    Taylor on piano was awesome.

  • Jennifer Si
    Jennifer Si

    Katy Perry I totally being a millionaire someday because she SO famous.😝

  • Kani Garcia
    Kani Garcia

    Vamos por los 30 millones

  • ERIC B
    ERIC B

    God bless ! Eric B. MY NOsoft CHANNEL

  • bellydancers

    Strange Dance nosoft.info/hd/video/mpi3qou3vaCy1Z0

  • bellydancers

    Strange Dance nosoft.info/hd/video/mpi3qou3vaCy1Z0

  • Marii P.T
    Marii P.T

    ameeee, esta cancion tiene que estar en mi boda si o siii

  • Jos Van Springel
    Jos Van Springel

    Stop met zingen

  • Leeann Cornelius
    Leeann Cornelius

    You love the hell out of me And heaven's where we could be I've stood on the edge of love But never took the leap And you took my armor off And did it delicately And I let my guard down To show you what's underneath Thank God that you were man enough to come Answer my mamma's prayers You asked the question I said, "Yes", but I'm scared 'Cause I've never worn white But I wanna get it right Yeah, I really wanna try with you No, I've never worn white But I'm standing here tonight 'Cause I really wanna say, "I do" I do See us in sixty years with a full family tree (I do) Give my blood, sweat and tears to reach our destiny (I do) 'Cause love is a minefield, let's take this walk, baby (I do) 'Cause at the end of it all, I choose you and you choose me (I do) Thank God I was woman enough to come Answer your father's prayers You asked the question I could tell you were scared 'Cause I've never worn white But I wanna get it right Yeah, I really wanna try with you No, I've never worn white But I'm standing here tonight 'Cause I really wanna say, "I do" Now let's dance with each other Mixing all of our colors It's so easy to surrender When you finally find forever No, I've never worn white, no But I really wanna try with you Yeah, I've never worn white But I wanna get it right 'Cause I really wanna say, "I do" 'Cause I do Oh, I do, yeah, yeah I do

  • Oceane Schmid
    Oceane Schmid

    Katy has a baby! 👶

  • hải vân nguyễn thị
    hải vân nguyễn thị

    l love miss Katy Perr - lovely - gentle -funny -lovely Your child will be like you congratulate

  • Alyssa Bálor
    Alyssa Bálor

    Can someone explain this song

  • Alyssa Bálor
    Alyssa Bálor

    Can someone explain this video

  • Alyssa Bálor
    Alyssa Bálor

    Who is this song about ?

  • Alyssa Bálor
    Alyssa Bálor

    What is this song about ?

    • layoula majnona
      layoula majnona

      She'll marry her love Orlando bloom soon and she gonna give her first birth it's girl😁❤❤

  • Dan Angeles
    Dan Angeles

    I'm here before it reach 30M views 💕

  • Janzel Palmario
    Janzel Palmario

    Katy is still serving this pandemic while pregnant, we don't deserve her 😢

  • Lu Lara
    Lu Lara

    LOVE!! OMG!! She is so beautiful and amazing!!

  • Diego Fernando Chaman Rodriguez
    Diego Fernando Chaman Rodriguez

    Sorry Stormy

  • Alan D smith
    Alan D smith

    Okay I didn't get that quite right tap to pause tap to pause whatever whatever so my mom just said I said no one on this, Nate so I'll see you guys when Daisy comes out and already came out but you just never seen it just look on Katy Perry Channel and then it's past May 15th spot so well that's the end of my speech you guys are so funny hahaha laugh laugh

  • Alan D smith
    Alan D smith

    I can't believe this is I can't believe I missed it all sorry that's just my dad he's fixing

  • News Live
    News Live

    Happy Married Life

  • In the beginning
    In the beginning

    Amazing song

  • Simon Chow
    Simon Chow

    Is this just me But this song is stuck in my head

  • nyah1550 nyah1550
    nyah1550 nyah1550

    such a beautiful song!

  • Blacker Xretemer
    Blacker Xretemer

    Katy's stages : Country stages ( 2001 - 2006) NOsoft stages (2007) Pop stages (2008 -2012) -Casino stages ( 2009 ) -Teenage stages (2010 ) -E.T stages ( 2011) Prismatic stages ( 2013 -2015) - Queen of the Jungle Stages (2013) -Egypt Stages (2014) - Billionaire Stages (2014) White Hair Stages ( Miley Part 2.) ( 2017- 2018) -Basketball stages (2017) -Food Stages (2017) -Kingdom stage (2018) Bot stages (2019) Mother Stages ( 2019 -2020)