Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time | Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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  • Javith Hussain
    Javith Hussain

    Shit vedio

  • JamTrini

    Let the scissoring begin

  • your_ideal_bitch


  • Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo

    Just say what you want guys. Say what you really think. Communities step aside.

  • Holololo

    5:27 can you imagine how awkward and weird was this for kris

  • I Am Una Buenaventura
    I Am Una Buenaventura

    as a mom, they will do everything for their children. i don't know how hurtful it is for kris to see his ex husband's transition and her children's longing to a father. kris is such an amazing mom. and can i also add, how bitchy caitlyn is, insensitive, selfish and stubborn indeed.

  • Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin
    Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin

    In my thought, Bruce,I mean female version of her, make me feel that she like Conan or may be I am Conan fan.

  • akariva bera
    akariva bera

    Bruce is a stupidest human being ever lived

  • Witch Boy
    Witch Boy

    I see you, Kris. Respect

  • Maria Fe
    Maria Fe

    You are still Bruce no matter how u try to act. You better get your hormones check Mr. Bruce because im sure u have a hormonal imbalance.

  • Samina Ahmed
    Samina Ahmed

    This person has changed himself to herself, all the surgeries for the show , soon you will see him going back to be a man again. Let's watch ..

  • Idhaya Mahimairaj
    Idhaya Mahimairaj

    Kris and Caitlyn Jenner look similar now?! Is it just me?

  • Marites Tumarao
    Marites Tumarao

    OMG, caitlyn turned out to be arrogant and pain in the ass🤬

  • Miryam Abd
    Miryam Abd

    Looks like he forgot to pump his ass 😄

  • Paige Jn Baptiste
    Paige Jn Baptiste

    When your ex-husband has bigger boobs then you

  • Daniel Linehan
    Daniel Linehan

    "Buckle up, buckaroo."

  • Jeff Myers
    Jeff Myers

    Cait is ugly on the outside and the inside. Very mean person.

  • Cheikh Sidi
    Cheikh Sidi

    if i was hanging out with kendall Jenner and the Kardashians and i can't bang one off them i consider to told them i am a woman if u can't beat them join them 😬

  • Alicia M
    Alicia M

    I don’t like Caitlin

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits

    Caitlyn looks amazing but inside Kris is a more genuine and caring person

  • Kristhine Mae Desamito
    Kristhine Mae Desamito

    the hell did I just watched????

  • Tine Meisingset
    Tine Meisingset

    I used to like Bruce but then when he became Caitlyn he turned into a real bitch.

  • Benjamin Cantor
    Benjamin Cantor

    Lmao why does she have an iPhone 6


    pitty kris and i dont want in that way !

  • heaven voiceJK
    heaven voiceJK

    idk he don't look like a woman ????? even after w that surgery and dressing ????

    • Chris Mngø
      Chris Mngø


  • bbh pcy
    bbh pcy


  • Asare-Mansoh Jacklyn
    Asare-Mansoh Jacklyn

    Is that her voice??OMG! Someone tell me please??😳

  • GodL Ravan
    GodL Ravan

    I swear this is the most awkward and cringiest thing I 've ever come across.

  • lily monroy
    lily monroy

    Wow I don't even like the kardashian jenner clan I felt sorry for kris here. I don't like how caitlyn is acting fine transition not considering her feelings

  • Tas Butt
    Tas Butt

    Why he need to be women when he was amazing as man great dad anyone would to have dad like him.. Why ruined everything kids missing their dad.. Kids comes first

  • Jannatul Munni
    Jannatul Munni

    That’s what happens when you keep up with the kardashians 😂😂😂

  • Batam Indah12345
    Batam Indah12345

    Gila suami jd perempuan

  • Jay Corwin
    Jay Corwin

    In a word: yuck.

  • bubbly weirdo
    bubbly weirdo

    Why is Kaitlyn/Bruce or who ever I honestly still don't understand this situation but anyway why's this person so pissed like what did Kris do?

  • Kalaki 9
    Kalaki 9

    So he is a she ?

  • Reshma R
    Reshma R

    Just got to know Bruce is Caitlyn

  • 2IndieGamers

    guys lemme me tell you, lack of testosterone can really change a man mood. He can be whoever he wants, as he's a woman now, but know that biology won't change.

  • 777 P
    777 P

    Why is bruce wearing a dress

  • lisa here
    lisa here

    From dad to Bitch

  • julie wood
    julie wood

    FREAKSHOW👺..Do these creatures have no shame? Do they need money so badly that they would make this horror! CRINGEWORTHY.... 👎

  • Big Potato
    Big Potato

    The moment he became a woman, he also became gossipy and catty

  • Six Figure
    Six Figure

    He’s more beautiful then she

  • Joel Elliott
    Joel Elliott

    My God you guys sick

  • SkrAp

    This happens when people have a lot of money in their hands and they don't know what to do with it. But I still love the Kardashians. 😍

  • Ren G
    Ren G

    Omg her hand looks weird

  • cs8780

    Buckle-up Buckaroo!

  • Cormarie Lamdagan
    Cormarie Lamdagan

    Caitlyn aka Bruce doesn’t look like happy with his life choice, poor Bruce, he has identity crises, a soul deceived by the enemy...Kris should be happy of letting him go his, his ego is so high!

  • Jack Blackberry
    Jack Blackberry

    This world is coming to an end

  • Jack Blackberry
    Jack Blackberry

    Omg he she is the most manly looking women I ever seen ...and his hers voice sounds like a man wtf is wrong with people.

  • Nicole Cray
    Nicole Cray

    I’m sorry, yes we have controversy. But I’m mad that Caitlyns the only one that doesn’t start with a k. IT COULD’VE BEEN KAITLYN 😭

  • Stephanie Murray
    Stephanie Murray

    She should try to deepen her voice a bit more.

    • Deysi Sarmiento
      Deysi Sarmiento

      Esa mirada de el triste no es feliz el único amor que tiene es el de sus 2 hijas me dio pena

  • Azalee Seg
    Azalee Seg

    this is bruce?omg wow!(its not mean)

  • Roblox Jessica Plays
    Roblox Jessica Plays

    who is whatchinng this after im a celb

  • Krishnee Naidoo
    Krishnee Naidoo

    Caitlyn is scary. A split between masculinity and femininity. Calibrating ....

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower

    He's bitch.

  • ramsha malik
    ramsha malik

    when you love someone who got changed not only physically but also emotionally or something else is changed in that person, then what to do? u cant stop loving or having feeling for someone but u get indifference every time. It is not only painful but also disrespecting your feelings for someone.

  • Jules LaFern
    Jules LaFern

    Omg so weird....awkward, Kris has every right to be angry what the hell does Jenner expect, he doesn’t seem to give a shit

  • Luke Jack
    Luke Jack

    Wich one is the trans????

  • ainanor

    Why did she even come to meet this insane man!

  • Ewan moto
    Ewan moto