Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time | Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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  • Audreyz Universe
    Audreyz Universe

    Imagine you’re with a man for years and he was gay the whole time like people have to understand how Chris feels about the whole situation she feels betrayed

  • its me sina
    its me sina

    She has been with Bruce for years and divorce and separated then he thinks that she's not accepting him like a few moments later Caitlyn Jenner comes out. BAM straight on the covers of every single magazine and she probably needs clarity.or comfort that she never got from Bruce

  • Abeer


  • moon light
    moon light

    Nightmare for Kris.... 😢

  • Im N
    Im N

    The kiss at the end

  • Pinkie Promise
    Pinkie Promise

    No wonder what happened to Caitlyn. Kris is a good mother . I love Kris.

  • Innocent T
    Innocent T

    He's disgusting

  • Shazia Auzine
    Shazia Auzine

    His voice is like trump🤣😂

  • Raven Crest
    Raven Crest

    A freak and a POS.

  • Tim

    What pretending and politeness with zero pushback can lead too.

  • Miriam alexandra
    Miriam alexandra

    Jajajajaja 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nick Allan
    Nick Allan

    She is a classic narcissist!

  • Aziz J
    Aziz J

    هي الدنيا مالها يا رقااااااالة

  • Asep Syaiful Amin
    Asep Syaiful Amin

    This is so disgusting. I wanna jump into the room and take Kris outside. Bruce is crazy with capital C. R. A. Z. Y.

  • E Sa
    E Sa

    Kris She is so cute 😢💕

  • Elishia Montenegro
    Elishia Montenegro

    still sounds like a man, looks like a man with make up...

  • Train in Vain
    Train in Vain

    Daley Thompson ruined lives

  • Marcin Mamrot
    Marcin Mamrot

    ale wkrecacie

  • iqra Ahmed
    iqra Ahmed

    Is it just me who just found out this was Bruce ? Oops



  • nasiha karim
    nasiha karim

    Caitlyn is just disgusting honestly

  • Kevin

    So does Caitlin jenner watch gay porn or straight porn now?

  • Kevin

    3:28 I'm a woman now. I can be bitchy now. 💅

  • Mina E.D
    Mina E.D

    She wasnt just some dude she dated for a week. They were married for decades. I cant imagine how much shes been hurt about this. Not just the fact that Caitlyn is not what she used to be but the personality change too and her lack of consideration for other peoples feelings.

  • shagufta shahid
    shagufta shahid

    U deserve those bitchy luks.. u ws nt gud to her at al

  • Laura Abraham
    Laura Abraham

    Jeez....I dont think oestrogen suits her...

  • BallingIs MyHobby
    BallingIs MyHobby


  • Jasmine Tbakhi
    Jasmine Tbakhi

    Feel so bad for Kris :( so wierd....

  • Alex Orton
    Alex Orton

    Fucking shit Bruce

  • Maria

  • av Cee
    av Cee

    Why does he acts like he is the victim

  • Raphael Domange
    Raphael Domange

    Is her name with a c or k and also she kinda looks like more than a girl then kris like the hair short and Long but there’s more like the boobs lol

  • Souffler'

    I feel bad for Kris, she's trying so much and Caitlyn is just being such a bitch.

  • Rebecca Foo
    Rebecca Foo

    It's so strange , Bruce is much nicer as a person then Caitlin.

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green

    Stop calling him as “her, she”. Fuck off.

  • ProudAddicts MediaGroup
    ProudAddicts MediaGroup

    This is the guy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SnowMaN1988

    This channel keeps deleting my comments because I keep saying they’re not doing things to be nice to people it’s done for the cameras and likes you think different your all fucking dumb do you watch doctors and nurses help people all day long because it’s there job so you thank any of these people no you don’t to us brain is consumed my media you bling idiots open your eyes

  • El- sumay
    El- sumay

    How can you become a transgender is it natural or do you do some operation to become one .

  • Different People
    Different People

    Kris abused Cait for 30 years. In the 80s, Cait tried to come out. She was on hormones (google them in the 80s early 90s, she clearly had breast tissue well into the 2000s). Kris insulted and belittled her and made her stay in the closet. Kris was infuriated she no longer had this person under her thumb. Caitlin didn't change. She changed what treatment she accepted into her life. She grew a spine and stopped feeding the narcissist.

    • Different People
      Different People

      I don't believe in raisin oatmeal cookies, but God damn it, they exist and I have to accept people eat them on purpose though I find it abhorrent and against my religious beliefs. FYI. Trolls who I'm sure will be mad I'm defending a trans woman 💁🏽‍♀️

  • MIchael Hernandez
    MIchael Hernandez

    It's not Caitlin Jenner! It's "IT JENNER".

  • Shirley Co
    Shirley Co

    Is Bruce Jenner alive or dead???????

  • bust them haters
    bust them haters

    He just want to be more part of kuwtk as "one" of the girls..

  • TheAngelvista

    He really thinks he became a real woman?!!! A real joke that for sure sorry.

  • KeezyWithABanger

    How you gonna look like a woman and keep talking like a men lmao

  • April Wills
    April Wills

    Wait is Caitlin Jenner kylies dad?

  • Mirco Morandi
    Mirco Morandi

    Scusate è ridicolo davvero ridicolo e un insulto al genere umano tutto per fare più soldi e popolarità. ...

  • Zal Malak
    Zal Malak

    What on earth is this man doing???

  • Marijo Medina
    Marijo Medina

    Why he's touching his nose all the time

  • قناة عائلة ikramita
    قناة عائلة ikramita

    ماهذا حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  • Faiza Kousar
    Faiza Kousar

    Really ? Really? If you're gon be so rude to kris how can she play the victim

  • Ken Ethan
    Ken Ethan


  • Arnold King
    Arnold King

    This what happens when money take over thair mind they dönt know to be women őr mán wtf

  • Liz Kinyanjui
    Liz Kinyanjui

    Caitlyn is sooo blunt. Kris is a good human being and she deserves waaaay way better.

  • Shy Ghost
    Shy Ghost

    I heard " Bruce Gender " Lmao

  • mila kamila
    mila kamila

    I feel sorry for bouth of them

  • Natasha Christabella
    Natasha Christabella

    This old man is the most annoying and selfish person I have ever seen 😥🤢 he knew before he got involved with Madam Kris that he wanted to be "the" he / she all his life😰🤦🏿‍♀️🙄 he mentioned it to his first wife🤢😰 but he still went ahead living a lie and got involved with vulnerable Madam Kris and her children 😟🙄 what a con artist 😰 foolish oldman 🤢🤢

  • dark chocolate
    dark chocolate

    4:25 so pain...

  • Grace Heiner
    Grace Heiner

    I hate how Caitlyn’s personality changed when she became transgender.

  • Ashley-A

    She seemed so nice on I’m a celeb but in this she’s just a bitch😂

  • Nicole Stacy
    Nicole Stacy

    This is painful for Kris. She was trying at the very least. It's hard to feel that way and my heart just breaks for Kris.