KSI Punches Jake Paul... Kind Of 🙃 | Quizface | Capital
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KSI defeated Logan Paul in a pro-boxing fight and he's one of the biggest NOsoftrs in history however he's never come up against the likes of Jimmy Hill on Quizface... until now.
Expect NOsoftr Hunger Games, nerf guns, a Shawn Mendes diss track, punching a photo of Jake Paul, a brand new crime show called KSI: Krime Scene Investigation and more!
#Quizface #KSI #Capital
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  • Aguila Texis
    Aguila Texis

    The video we did not ask for but didn’t know we needed 😂

    • Nathan DC
      Nathan DC

      Indeed bruv


      I invoque the law of surprise!

    • Dwayne Polidano
      Dwayne Polidano

      Soo true

    • Soft Drink
      Soft Drink

      Amiya Raja jjjjhhbbbbb

    • Amiya Raja
      Amiya Raja

      Aguila Texis mmmhhhmm

  • AnhtonN

    we need more this is littttt

  • Jothibharathi Praveen
    Jothibharathi Praveen

    Lil bored has to make an edit of this video!!

  • Alien Wierdo
    Alien Wierdo

    I know for a fact you didn’t search this up 😬

  • Shadow15k Ryans
    Shadow15k Ryans

    KSI is hilarious messing with LOLOLOL i'm entertained

  • Abdu Osman
    Abdu Osman

    I hate Jack paul

  • Adam Mike
    Adam Mike

    KSI‘s knockouts for Jake Paul are not going to be for kids

  • Me1vin

    I can just see lil bored making an edit if this

  • Panda pickle2000
    Panda pickle2000

    I don't really like ksi but this interview was very hilarious this was awesome enjoyed it so much

  • Afiq Fadhli
    Afiq Fadhli

    Title changed lol

  • Harley Gallocker
    Harley Gallocker

    This was amazing

  • EgoiStic

    Thats the best one

  • Iesha the MDKE boy Adeyemi
    Iesha the MDKE boy Adeyemi

    🕵 in to it

  • Andrea De Castro
    Andrea De Castro

    please please pleaseee have Hailee Steinfield on Quizface

  • princejagger

    I couldn’t stop laughing after jj got scared that first time 😂😂

  • Stealth

    KSI's reddit in a vedio

  • Spritenos

    I’ve never seen ksi so confused and scared for his life

  • That One Dude
    That One Dude

    capital fm out here trolling ksi 😂😂

  • Lil Cung
    Lil Cung

    Ksi money boy

  • Ahmad Qadoomy
    Ahmad Qadoomy

    Can’t wait for Lil Bored

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman

    3:01 hahaha

  • Saagar Khan
    Saagar Khan

    Am I the only that thought that he had a glue gun

  • SenorBananaMan

    If lil bored did an interview

  • MarvinMineMan

    Watching JJ finally getting abused 😂

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum

    Ryan Reynolds is somewhere laughing at this

  • Matias Diaz Duran
    Matias Diaz Duran

    NOsoft version of the Eric Andre Show

  • Lil Kay
    Lil Kay


  • Riley Formosa
    Riley Formosa


  • Akram Kaddouri
    Akram Kaddouri

    Who wants ksi vs shawn mendes to happend in real life 😂🔥

  • NDYT

    Lowkey want a yt hunger games 💀

  • Omega

    I’m creasing at the confetti part🤣🤣

  • Omega

    I’m creasing at the confetti part🤣🤣

  • Omega

    I’m creasing at the confetti part🤣🤣

  • Brinae Chanel
    Brinae Chanel


  • Fishermen Whispers
    Fishermen Whispers


  • Ellis Hague
    Ellis Hague

    Nah as if it said Liza koshy bruh

  • MayoTown

    Is the host Jimmy0010? I used to watch him and crabstickz all the time.

  • Dane Richardson
    Dane Richardson

    "starring - kiss"

  • David Pereira
    David Pereira

    Crushed???? That's funny.

  • Kadèr Z
    Kadèr Z

    The video we all need 😂😂😂

  • Steven Lynch
    Steven Lynch

    Did he really say 12 when it would’ve Been 14 at the least, big shaq out

  • NBH

    best KSI interview ever lol

  • Aron yacob
    Aron yacob

    8:01 look at all the dust that is coming from the chair after he slaps it.

  • Private Dax
    Private Dax

    So this is why JJ hasn’t been posting on his channel.

  • TSA99_

    waiting for lil bored ;)

  • Konzaking

    Why does this feel like a lil bored video? 😂

  • Millaaa Ss
    Millaaa Ss

    Love how JJ doesn’t even find any of the jokes funny, he just cracks up from himself

  • Music Head
    Music Head

    7:53 guest : Sonic the henchhog😭😂🤣 hairline roasts are back

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren

    These interviews are always the most random things ever - I love it

  • Astronomical Symphony
    Astronomical Symphony

    it's almost like it's trying to play up to the eric andre show

  • SuperMustache555

    This video is its own Lil Bored edit

  • tom livesey
    tom livesey

    I’ve got a girl from the quizface capital

  • Parham Khodadi
    Parham Khodadi

    8:01 that stool hasn’t been cleaned in a minimum of 10 years

  • Naim Sanjakdar
    Naim Sanjakdar

    Why is this one of the best videos I watched in 2020? 😂

  • india

    The last confetti one killed me

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex

    Tyler the creator would slap in a video like this

  • Kristin Uhtegi
    Kristin Uhtegi

    Shawn is my favorite singer

  • ジジ

    PewDiePie 💖

  • ProfessorTony

    This gives me a lot of “The Eric Andre Show” vibes

  • One-punch Jamoo
    One-punch Jamoo

    If the 6 daughters have 1 brother there's 7 children