KSI - Wake Up Call ft. Trippie Redd ( 1 Hour Loop )

  • Foster Nelson
    Foster Nelson

    British Rap is horrible

  • Bcool 6699
    Bcool 6699

    Ksi. Kill it boyz

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      This song is fire ya ya ya ya ua

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      Super active song get the view bros wow nice and cashingsong

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      Wow wow more active and pefect song for the fans who are listening to this song right now

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      Wow perfection excellent support and perfect song from you guys

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      Woo woo wow woo wooo wow woo

  • Kerri Young
    Kerri Young



    ksi cant rap

  • The Red Retriever
    The Red Retriever

    Do Yoshi Remix Of Wake Up Call

  • Slykkzy sweat
    Slykkzy sweat

    What do you mene ksi will nock the shit out of jake pale

  • hasi1510 hasi1510
    hasi1510 hasi1510

    the best part is trippie red

  • MazinR

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a>

  • Sue Huggins
    Sue Huggins

    Ksi I will f out of jake Paul

  • Instinct Sway_YT
    Instinct Sway_YT

    I lud twippie wed

  • Sam Hmi
    Sam Hmi


  • SyFy JC
    SyFy JC

    If i get 10 like i will blast this out in school on my channel

  • Legend Gamer XZ
    Legend Gamer XZ

    OMG you legend

  • KEO

    Trippie caries this song ngl

  • Youssef Jemni
    Youssef Jemni

    Jeke Paul vs ksi

  • Tiana Marie
    Tiana Marie

    ok but like ksi’s voice 😻🥺

  • Kimballs18

    I like the part where Trippie says “ wake up call”

  • Dane Knowles
    Dane Knowles

    My cat died Guess that was a WAKE UP CALL! LOVE TRIPPING OVER PS THIS SONG IS A OF

    • Secret_Savage

      Dane Knowles my cat died too

  • Wally Dangora
    Wally Dangora

    Cleaned my room faster than ever

  • Harry Davis
    Harry Davis

    Mum said one more vid before bed

  • Lewis Metcalfe
    Lewis Metcalfe

    Ksi is the best

  • Aiden Reckinger
    Aiden Reckinger

    We love trippy

  • lisa

    967th like 😊😊😊

  • jeffy hip
    jeffy hip

    8 am listening to this song and I will wake up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>pm

    • Mike Anastasii
      Mike Anastasii

      jeffy hip YEAH ITSSA WAKE UP CALL

  • Hydr0- Razza
    Hydr0- Razza

    This song was on kiss radio station

  • Yessy

    shit song

  • HomeSlice PG
    HomeSlice PG

    900th like


    This song is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Aiden Montz
    Aiden Montz

    Oh my god I love you for making a one hour version of this song

  • RonBob

    the starting bit sounds like juice wrld

    • Mrpiggy 69
      Mrpiggy 69

      Your high

  • Daniel HAnsford
    Daniel HAnsford

    Longer please !

  • YaBoyDonut

    Yare yare daze...

  • Evinor Co
    Evinor Co

    I hate when people censor a song, it sounds so bad. FUck this

  • cameron elliott
    cameron elliott

    This song is lit

  • Kaien Mundle v2
    Kaien Mundle v2


  • LIam Richards
    LIam Richards

    Imagine Trippie doing a live performance in the ring when ksi fights Jake Paul

    • D N
      D N

      Elliot King Likes ur own comment

    • Bcool 6699
      Bcool 6699

      Lime and sour

    • D N
      D N

      Elliot King Haha you called him a penis and liked yo own comment little kid honestly get outta here no one cares

    • Elliot King
      Elliot King

      Lance Davies shut the hell up penis

    • Lance Davies
      Lance Davies

      He uses auto tune

  • Aaron Miranda-Hickey
    Aaron Miranda-Hickey

    Good songs kici 😎

  • Elec Light
    Elec Light

    Dis is mint

  • Val_Zock

    30k views on 600ish like Huh 😩😖😫😵🤮 underated

  • GenkaPro

    There is a loop button on pc if you right click it and you can just loop it on spotify.

  • Cvetan Trpevski
    Cvetan Trpevski

    i wove twippie wedd

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Best hour of my life

  • Benj R
    Benj R

    Omg this is the best thing ever I love it 😘😘

  • BROOK games
    BROOK games

    If u dislike ur gay

  • Saad Waheed
    Saad Waheed

    can you cut out the ksi part and play trippie's part on loop. i love ksi but he sucks big balls on this awsome track.

    • Pikachu_ P
      Pikachu_ P

      @Saad Waheed uno reverse card.

  • Giotis Nikolaou
    Giotis Nikolaou

    Please do the explicit content one


    This song came out when my gf broke up with me but guess what : It was a WAKE UP CALL

    • Ni gga
      Ni gga


    • Harry Davis
      Harry Davis

      Seriously wtf same bruv

    • James IBH
      James IBH

      Jheez same, it cant just be a coincidence

    • Cruspack YT
      Cruspack YT

      Bro the same shit happen to me

    • Val_Zock

      I broke up with my X when this came out. Soz for the loss man it's fine you'll find someone who will care for u

  • LilClappzz

    Use me as "YEEAAH" Button

    • WilliamPlays


    • Prodbyli

      MrSc0rpi0 that part is so majestic bro 😭😭

  • Blue Lion
    Blue Lion

    Is it just me or does trippie redd kinda sound like s-x

    • Mrpiggy 69
      Mrpiggy 69

      It's just you

    • Twariq DMN
      Twariq DMN

      yes just you

    • Boras moss
      Boras moss

      Ur trippin

    • 것 B e a n
      것 B e a n

      U mean S-X sounds like Trippie

    • Nice skillz
      Nice skillz

      nah just u

  • Avlox

    or just right click on the video and press loop

    • Avlox

      @Miyu Bansal rip

    • Miyu Bansal
      Miyu Bansal

      That feature doesn't exist on the NOsoft mobile app unfortunately

  • FNHeavyHeadshot


  • Mystic

    Do more songs with trippe red this is fire 🔥

  • Unkown User
    Unkown User

    Who else still rewinds from the beginning 😂😂

    • 2Dav1d0

      I guess i did but im drinking so....

    • freefifaglitch-not patched
      freefifaglitch-not patched

      Unkown User 😂😂

  • Ishaan Kangriwala
    Ishaan Kangriwala

    Thank You For This

  • Antonio Howell
    Antonio Howell

    Do one that only has trippie redd on it

    • xspideryx

      Antonio Howell okay

    • Antonio Howell
      Antonio Howell

      @xspideryx no I just like the trippie's part more

    • xspideryx

      Antonio Howell you saying JJ’s verse is bad or ?

  • Jenson Buttivant
    Jenson Buttivant

    This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Lello Balda25
      Lello Balda25


    • XxWTGxX

      Benj R do u even have parents? If I was ur dad or mom I’d disown you

    • ilikeCheese

      @Benj R ?

    • Alex thiccboi
      Alex thiccboi

      @Benj R nigga what was that for 😂

    • Benj R
      Benj R

      Fuck off your parents don't love you

  • MT Ra2x
    MT Ra2x

    I thought I got a notification for that trash maroon 5 song but this is fire

  • Legit gatomoro
    Legit gatomoro

    listen to thisin morning

  • Erik Throne
    Erik Throne

    That was fast. GGs

  • Maze 4real
    Maze 4real

    This song is really good I hope jj keeps making songs with big mainstream rappers because he is also so good with his music it’s only uphill from here

    • Lance Davies
      Lance Davies

      Going off rappers in general 90% is probably better.

    • Maze 4real
      Maze 4real

      Lance Davies well depending who else is on the list if you have rappers worse than him he would be higher but if you had more better rappers than your right depending the list

    • Lance Davies
      Lance Davies

      Maze 4real I think if there was a tier From A-F JJd be a E

    • Maze 4real
      Maze 4real

      Lance Davies I don’t think he is a god or anything but I don’t think he’s completely trash like come on we’ve scene worse

    • Lance Davies
      Lance Davies

      Maze 4real True but do you seriously with all you mind 100% believe JJs good at rap?

  • Giant In New York
    Giant In New York

    Use me as a “Wake Up Call” button

    • H_Bâlinť

      @Muid Mumtaz thunks

    • Muid Mumtaz
      Muid Mumtaz

      @H_Bâlinť I am very proud of you..

    • H_Bâlinť

      @Muid Mumtaz I used the dislike button

    • Jewfish


    • HE4RT

      Giant In New York I’m your 69 like

  • Can we hit 1000 subs with no vid Potato
    Can we hit 1000 subs with no vid Potato

    ksi better play this song when he's about to fight jake paul

    • aro

      well his new song came out

    • D N
      D N

      Ima be real I’ve watched boxing for years JJs and amateur if even but Jake could be a legit boxer not the best or even great but a decent fighter JJ thinks he’s the greatest boxer cuz he beat a NON boxer by SPLIT DECISION

    • Jackjack Scott
      Jackjack Scott


    • Jackjack Scott
      Jackjack Scott


    • Masked Crusader
      Masked Crusader

      This is actually a hit man. Wow Ksi been doing bits

  • Zone Opticqle
    Zone Opticqle

    Ksi will definatley beat Jake Paul because logan is the muscler one but if ksi beat him then ksi is champ against jake /LOL :D

    • Blackest Sainey
      Blackest Sainey

      @selfrepnetis watch when ksi claps his cheeks k?

    • Raccoon boi
      Raccoon boi

      Tbh if it takes ksi to train for like 6 months straight and do no uploads so he can smack jake up then he is welcome to..

    • Dominic Faust
      Dominic Faust

      Sho yeah ik He lost because he didn't know the rules

    • Sho

      @Dominic Faust first off, he should've known the rules of boxing. those punches were illegal

    • JonJe2

      Can’t wait for this to happen

  • Sheree Stamp
    Sheree Stamp

    Nice song man!

    • Chazzy and EthanK
      Chazzy and EthanK

      Its ksi

  • Kashrih Ip
    Kashrih Ip


  • NimJ

    I bet

  • Nathapha(Michelle) Sae Lee
    Nathapha(Michelle) Sae Lee

    Is this first comment???

    • BriTerror Pro
      BriTerror Pro


    • D N
      D N


    • 市Meriix


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