Kygo - Happy Birthday (ft. John Legend)
Kygo - Happy Birthday (ft. John Legend) ♫
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  • Joud 34
    Joud 34

    The song is amazing 😉

  • Y. C.
    Y. C.

    we're going to sing this song as a surprise for my friend at her 18th birthday party :)

  • kumala sari
    kumala sari

    Happy birthday myself

  • Madiha Hammadi
    Madiha Hammadi

    Happy Birthday to you whoever is reading

  • Burak Çağrı Duman
    Burak Çağrı Duman

    Thank you bebeğim, i LOVE you so much sara marie 😍

  • Azmary Herati
    Azmary Herati

    Happy birthday to me 😁

  • AngelsxX

    i today is bday of my love 14.1.2002-2020 he is 18

  • Thúy Dương
    Thúy Dương

    Happy birthday 13/1/2020 🎂🎂🎂

  • OllieBlazin

    Everyone: Today is my birthday! Me: This Song is about the birth of John’s baby

  • Azuwu mecoide
    Azuwu mecoide

    Today it's my birthday 🥰 I'm happy to be alive

  • Lythany M.
    Lythany M.

    First time hearing this on my bday🤍😭🎊🥳

  • Lucas

    Happy birthday 🤔 ☺️

  • Ian Kevin
    Ian Kevin

    Am not gay but Kygo's music make me wanna marry him. Damn!

  • Kristen Jonas
    Kristen Jonas

    My 29th birthday is in less than 2 days. So I went and searched NOsoft for more birthday songs.

  • Erika Edkins
    Erika Edkins

    It my birthday today all my friend's are coming over

    • Erika Edkins
      Erika Edkins

      @Yeetus Deletus thank you so much for replying ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Yeetus Deletus
      Yeetus Deletus

      Happy belated birthday!

  • Anita H
    Anita H

    I am here to listen to birthday wishes because no one have me some😪😅🥳 If its your birthday: Happy birthday to you 🥳🥰🤗🤗 Have a great day😊

  • Anita H
    Anita H

    I am here to listen to birthday wishes because no one have me some😪😅🥳 Sad to be 4 ever alone 😅

  • arwa v
    arwa v

    اليوم احنه ببيت مرومه شغلناها مره ثانيه وكنا سعيدين جداً جداً بس ناقصنا نوفه

  • Anna Mariya
    Anna Mariya

    I am hearing this right at 12.00 am on my birthday!!! I am soo happy

  • Lorena Vasquez
    Lorena Vasquez

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I just discovered this song! Loved it 😍

  • Raneem Candy
    Raneem Candy

    Happy birthday to me 🥺🥳😔

  • Bibiey. My Kitties
    Bibiey. My Kitties

    Happy birthday to me... Sweet 17 years old 30/12/2002(2019)

  • Rizalyn Banaag
    Rizalyn Banaag

    Happy Birthday to me Can i receive a greet? Thank u.

  • Jessica P
    Jessica P

    Super! Love it!

  • Muhammad Azim Bin Azmi
    Muhammad Azim Bin Azmi

    it's my birthday today 😍

  • Aulia Ramadina
    Aulia Ramadina

    today is ma birthdayyy🐣 thank u for this song make me soo happy, and happy birthday for u for everyone read this comment, i wish u can always happy in ur life 💓💓💓

  • Lovi _W
    Lovi _W

    Today my 18 birthday I'm so happy Thanks God

    • Abrar ul Majeed
      Abrar ul Majeed

      Hey subscribe me

  • Sosey

    Today is my 20th birthday damn those past years were full of changes i feel like i matured alot :D

    • Abrar ul Majeed
      Abrar ul Majeed

      Hey subscribe me

  • Devin San Miguel
    Devin San Miguel

    2020 anyone? I’ll be 21 on the 3rd of January.

  • nancy michael
    nancy michael

    Dedicating this song to everyone celebrating today.

  • pres

    *today is not my birthday* and I'm loving this song

  • Chachaiscute

    Today is my 19th birthday and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TWINS AND EVERYONE ELSE'S BIRTHDAY TOO~

    • Abrar ul Majeed
      Abrar ul Majeed

      Hey subscribe to me

    • sharing YKM_
      sharing YKM_

      Wish u have a great birthday😇~~

    • Devin San Miguel
      Devin San Miguel

      Chachaiscute , Happy Birthday! 🎉

  • Rahaf G
    Rahaf G

    It’s my birthday 🎈

  • Salsabila Dinda
    Salsabila Dinda

    playing this song for my own birthday, LOL but it's okay :))

  • The None
    The None

    happy bday maself and u guys who's celebrate your bday too

  • Cactus Cravings
    Cactus Cravings

    Me: *goes onto Spotify to make a birthday playlist for tommorow* Also me: *names playlist 'Happy Birthday 🎂' Spotify: Me: :)

  • S.

    Aaaaaaaaa today is my birthday and my best friend sent me thiss song aaaaaaa im so happy and i love him so much 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Fouz A
    Fouz A


  • rx32

    Lol my ipod shuffled this song right on my birthday

  • erry boo
    erry boo

    Happy Birthday to Myself ❤️ And Happy Birthday to you too!! It’s okay if you’re listening this on your birthday by yourself bcs me too :) Its gonna get better ❤️

  • Reem Mohammad
    Reem Mohammad

    Today 7 December 2019 is my birthday and my bestie send this song for me, love you❤️❤️

  • Just Taz
    Just Taz

    6th Dec 2019 Daliah I love you ☹️💓

  • Raghad Ibrahim
    Raghad Ibrahim


  • Rahmad Hadi
    Rahmad Hadi

    Hello Everybody, Today is my birthday 😊

  • Dinda Shafira
    Dinda Shafira bantu like ya

  • Ignatius Panji
    Ignatius Panji


  • Syafaz 1404
    Syafaz 1404

    I am very sad.😌 in my life I have never celebrated a birthday and it is lonely until now. I really want to celebrate. I've never celebrated in my life. hmm i heard this song and imagine someone was recording my birthday😔😃 i still happy. I cry in my heart

  • farouha hashem
    farouha hashem

    i want to download this song 😠، عمى بقلبك منيح هيك يلا خليلك ياها بلها و شراب ميتها، اجري فيك و بل download و بحقوق لغنية لزفت

  • Rkeshy

    Today is my birthday and my GF sent this song to me, wish you a happy and a successful future everyone. Thank you love...💚

  • Ildovanda Alumene
    Ildovanda Alumene

    Today is my birthday ♥️♥️♥️😊. Beautiful song.

  • Saksham garg
    Saksham garg

    I'm alone listening on my birthday 🎶

  • Andrea Stephenson
    Andrea Stephenson

    Happy 31st Birthday to me 🎉🎉🎉

  • Mr. Desconocido
    Mr. Desconocido

    Wonderful Song..... tomorrow 🎁😀🍻

  • Orochi Hogoromo
    Orochi Hogoromo

    Today my birthday !!!!!

  • Название

    24,11 еее))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Zafira Vera
    Zafira Vera

    Happpybirthday to everyone reading this! It's my birthday today!!! ❤❤❤🎈🎈

  • fth fth
    fth fth

    It's my birthday,nothing care ):

    • Chimchim_52 Havin
      Chimchim_52 Havin

      Happy birthday, later. Please stay happy, successful and healthy. I wish you all the best of your whole life! Happy birthday! ♡

  • Natasha Melendez
    Natasha Melendez

    Happy birthday big sister I love you so much. Which is the reason I'm making a playlist for you, every year I'll add new songs to the playlist to know you are worth everything the moon and stars to the sun. Cause like I said you are my sun when even you think you are cursed since it's always raining on your birthday. But remember this after every every rainstorm/thunderstorm there will always be a little sunshine coming out and rainbow smiling upon you. I love you so much. Happy birthday sister. 🎉💫💕🎶 Love your youngest sister Natasha.

  • Diego Gabriel Cardena Castillo
    Diego Gabriel Cardena Castillo

    Today is my birthday i so happy 😁🍰

  • André Faust
    André Faust

    worst is worse, try me !!!! ;)