Kylie Depressed Over Tyga Break-Up | Life of Kylie
Caitlyn offers Kylie the comfort of a chicken during this trying time.
#kylie&tyga #hayu #lifeofkylie
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  • Margarette Frondoso
    Margarette Frondoso

    *My asian ass having anxiety when she sleeps with her shoes*

  • PenguinPlaysGames


  • Paige LINDSAY
    Paige LINDSAY

    i fell sorry for her but doesn't she go out with Travis Scott who has cheated on her 4 times

  • Annegrit Finke
    Annegrit Finke

    This is such a misconception. Just because you are sad about a break up and you feel horrible you are not automatically depressed. Depression is such a complex topic and I think people, especially the ones that are in the spotlight, throw this word around too much. It is okay to not feel fine all the time but keep in mind that Depression is a whole other thing .

  • Kardashian Jenner West Empire
    Kardashian Jenner West Empire

    I just posted a video about True THOMPSON U should watch ;)

  • EuropeanGuy87

    I hate how people say "you call that depression" because she has money and family support. I have tons of money because my family is wealthy and I have support but sometimes that is not enough, and it did not stop me from being depressed for 2 entire years, so depressed that I lost myself. For people growing up with money they don't know any different - real depression can be just as nasty as cancer and it doesn't pick it's victim based on their social class.

  • Сыргак Турсунбеков
    Сыргак Турсунбеков

    Sicko mode

  • •_•

    oh wow she actually bought chickens

  • Julya James
    Julya James

    The way she depressed was not my vibes

  • ranzudezu

    Everytime I hear *EXPERIENCE* , I remember Kendall... 🤔😂🙉

  • Skevi Ioannou
    Skevi Ioannou

    You don’t wanna bond with your chicken?

  • mushroom ua
    mushroom ua

    So what's up mga tanga. Char. Hi guys.

  • stormi •
    stormi •

    Kylie: "Depressed" after a breakup 1 month later: *appears with Travis*

  • Gabriella Fernandez
    Gabriella Fernandez

    No one : LITERALLY NO ONE: NOsoft: let’s put this in peoples recommended. Me: really tho? You playin me dirty like that.

  • chandlerjoey69

    And 9 months later she had a baby to a different man

  • Gail Tay
    Gail Tay

    It’s honestly a very sad thing to go through a breakup.

  • Zsofi Ingrid
    Zsofi Ingrid

    Poor Kylie 😢

  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams

    What the hell kinda chicken is this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat


  • Beatrice Overton
    Beatrice Overton

    i wish my dad gave a shit the way caitlyn does when i have boy problems??? bring me a chicken dad wtf

  • Jasmine Mississo
    Jasmine Mississo

    1. The title says she’s depressed about sth not that she has depression there’s a difference 2. why everybody suddenly a mental illness expert but half of you don’t even know everybody deals differently with this type of sh!t 3. this a reality show? Everything is blown outta proportion and even if she was to depressed to do her makeup or didn’t do it to distract herself she literally had tons of people to do it for her

  • Prinxess Maram
    Prinxess Maram

    Am i the only watching this for Kylie’s T-shirt (do u know where I can find it?🥺)

  • Leo Vezi
    Leo Vezi

    Her dad though

  • Kim Beauty World
    Kim Beauty World

    Love hurts like hell

  • MARJ

    That's how rich people get depress

  • Panadora Williams
    Panadora Williams

    That’s depression ?😂 girl please

    • Celine Terra
      Celine Terra

      Panadora Williams just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to have feelings wtf

  • K G
    K G

    Who knew she was talking about her own faith with Kylie.

  • Isabelle Beauchamp
    Isabelle Beauchamp

    poor chicken

  • oxford9595

    Lol poor baby.. her millions should help.

  • Divya Khanwani
    Divya Khanwani

    I feel bad bouf kylie and jordan

  • honey vogue
    honey vogue

    Dont simply trust man n give ur pride

  • honey vogue
    honey vogue

    Please find a good man responsible even not rich but happyness

  • Nourhan Mostafa
    Nourhan Mostafa

    Who is here after stormi is here

  • Alicja Kwiatek
    Alicja Kwiatek

    Thats no Depression I layet in a Bett for 2 Whole Months only crying and Didnt even eat i Didnt go too School like You Name that Depression ok ciao

  • Quayzelle Vlogs
    Quayzelle Vlogs


  • alexa jackson
    alexa jackson

    Guys its 2019 and she broke up with travis scott what about stormi?

  • Crying over Spilled makeup
    Crying over Spilled makeup


  • Lena Pipic
    Lena Pipic

    Caitlian was dad and now she is is mom 2😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • letishia studio
    letishia studio


  • Music Channel [Miss Sun]
    Music Channel [Miss Sun]

    What is the name of the song that starts at the 1:10 ?! Pleaseeee help!

  • hadjer mix
    hadjer mix



    She said “dad” but isn’t her father a woman now??

    • Laura A
      Laura A

      For Kendall and Her “she” will be always their dad, and they still call her daddy

    • Rhi Rhi
      Rhi Rhi

      They still call him dad regardless

  • Rain

    she sad omg so what about me 😄 no mony no home no family and still happy

  • Sam Dino
    Sam Dino

    Now I feel like Jordyn is talking about the break up between Kylie and her

  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel

    She’s a billionaire!!!

  • Poetic Eternity
    Poetic Eternity

    Stop judging if she's depressed or not. That's her business,no one else's.

  • Mystic R
    Mystic R


  • aimen tahir
    aimen tahir

    time flies.

  • Nyasha Kunyeda
    Nyasha Kunyeda

    wait...this is what you call depression

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    She depressed there while me here being 18 and never in a romantic relationship before

    • cookie monster
      cookie monster

      @Vanessa Berberi well i graduated high school already and waiting for my big examination result so ... And im happy being single i give up on love now the world bout to end i have no time for relationship

    • Vanessa Berberi
      Vanessa Berberi

      Big fucking whoop. Focus on your studies romantic relationships are on their way youre JUST 18 ffs

  • Tijana Radisavljević
    Tijana Radisavljević

    I want that chicken, it's adorablee 😄

  • Aesha

    Sis really misgendered her mom

  • Martin monster
    Martin monster

    Awww lil kylie feels depressed for Confronting her ex boyfriend......bitch there are ppl that are dying and a lot of ppl have real ass problems and this bitch is literally depressed for confroting her ex while there are ppl wanting to commit suicide cuz they dont know if they will still exist the next day🖕😡😡😡🙄🙄 i despise her

  • Nikegirl 101
    Nikegirl 101

    His a dick I hate him

  • Emilka Sluníčko
    Emilka Sluníčko

    Rich bitch. Nothing less, nothing more. Dumb as fuck. Glad that brain she cant buy :))

  • mar st
    mar st

    That's not depression 🤦🏽‍♀️ obviously when you have a breakup, someone close to you dies or some other bad experience you're going through a hard time and it's natural to be sad don't confuse the two

  • Marufa Akter
    Marufa Akter

    Am I the only one who thinks Caitlin looks hot

  • M Dahab
    M Dahab

    Does anyone know the music in the back ground?

  • Kaye Swift
    Kaye Swift

    Money doesn't give you happiness.

  • katie Louise
    katie Louise

    Idk why the montage bit of kylie sorting herself out in the mirror made me laugh