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  • Drm10

    6:50 what that hell are you doing

  • J Wood
    J Wood

    Who's here after man city have been banned from the champions league

  • mehradzf

    02:41 Hickey??

  • Fish stick
    Fish stick

    fam i remember this choke wtf

  • Zeenix

    As a liverpool fan senig this video a year ago just made me go Ah yes that DId happen... can we please switch subjects?

  • Emma Rowbottom
    Emma Rowbottom

    I am a liverpool fan

  • Sam Eer
    Sam Eer

    No one can react better on funny videos than ksi he is just hilarious expressions damn

  • amina sh.abdirahman
    amina sh.abdirahman

    Was I the only one who saw the hickey. Fam the girl been sucking the shit out of his neck 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jeffogan

    Ok where tf is this energy. Ksi's changed.

  • Hadi Bayram
    Hadi Bayram

    *laugh* *out* *out* *out* *loud*

  • Millionaire Shortbread
    Millionaire Shortbread

    Whose here when Liverpool are world champions

  • Opinions: Philosophy and Science
    Opinions: Philosophy and Science

    Laughing At: IceJJFish

  • Liam Bosworth
    Liam Bosworth

    JJ: excited about Unai Emery and Arsenal not being shit anymore Me watching in 2020: Arsenal: 11th in the league only winning 7 out of 27 games

  • david laver
    david laver

    Can we just agree this is the gib of football

  • Marcus Toma
    Marcus Toma

    Laughing at Karius , don’t you support Arsenal 😂😂😂 btw I I don’t support Liverpool , I support Inter Milan

  • Nasira waheed
    Nasira waheed

    Emery jus made arsenal worse

  • Thomas carr
    Thomas carr


  • Nate Butterfield
    Nate Butterfield

    06:58 how jurgen looks at karius after the match


    6:59 I dare u to pause it there and set it as your wallpaper

  • Depressed Ordinary Guy D.O.G.
    Depressed Ordinary Guy D.O.G.

    That’s cause Jesus Christ is my nigha

  • Tom Reay
    Tom Reay

    Newcastle utd

  • M1 squadz
    M1 squadz

    Them fake laughs tho😂😂

  • Danny Morrison
    Danny Morrison

    Liverpool sucks

  • Tiến Đặng Hồng
    Tiến Đặng Hồng

    Van der sar pick trophies Karius pick rubbish

  • Reap

    yo why his elbows look like they made of lead in this video

  • Joshua Rowe
    Joshua Rowe

    You support arsenal

  • Yousef Walid
    Yousef Walid

    RIP JJ he has laughed to death

  • 1k subs with no videos challenge
    1k subs with no videos challenge

    3:42 Just keep putting it on replay

  • Abdullah Eren
    Abdullah Eren

    Okadar gülüyorsan git kendin kalecilik yap

  • Shoumik Tripathi
    Shoumik Tripathi

    what is that beat called

  • Freddie Pape
    Freddie Pape

    check man hickie 2:40 also like if u watching this in 2020

  • Stephen Steele
    Stephen Steele


  • Show Ningsanon
    Show Ningsanon


  • Luke Khan
    Luke Khan

    Ksi’s laugh makes it 10x better hahaha

  • Harlem Teremoana
    Harlem Teremoana

    Karius be crying watching this. Wipes his tear, still missed

  • Renad

    Yeah but hey you yes you karuis is still beter an you

  • IHopegood

    Why is this still funny to me? 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheGameMistre

    Who’s hear after jake vs gibber

  • Mr LoganMan
    Mr LoganMan

    6:55 literally just made it my lack screen

  • noyesman

    FAXS you

  • Resul Miftari
    Resul Miftari

    When some wone says karius is the best goulkeper EVERYWONE: 3:43

  • Brian Tolstrup
    Brian Tolstrup

    6:55 this is one of the reasons jj is the Best youtubers

  • RSC2

    Funny how Liverpool are doing way better without karius

  • John king King john
    John king King john

    What happened between karius and ksi

  • Robin Hambidge
    Robin Hambidge

    we got a new manager everthings looking good ...

  • William Parry gaming
    William Parry gaming

    Fuck u karius

  • Mohan Kapoor
    Mohan Kapoor

    Once he packed karius in his fifa 16 pack and got gassed look at him now

  • Matt Keighley
    Matt Keighley

    Just saw this in 2020 JJ in 2018: Arsenal is going up Arsenal in 2020: ...

  • Avexay

    ayo i just notice, ksi has a hickey on his neck.... hmmmmm

  • Rfff Ffcffc
    Rfff Ffcffc

    “New manager” *good ebening* Few months later *good vye*

  • Lew Mul
    Lew Mul

    4:20 this aged well

  • Rapid

    Who's here after Arteta at Arsenal?

  • jamiebev1989

    4:13 As if he picked his ear out and had a good stare at what he found

  • Øyvind Normann Storsveen
    Øyvind Normann Storsveen

    4:24, well jinxed JJ. Arsenal are doing really good

  • Egge Lille
    Egge Lille

    He’s a good keeper. He had a concussion by Sergio Ramos. Ramos attacked Salah and Karius.

  • kacper :P
    kacper :P

    when karius is getting signed for arsenal 6:51

  • Dcgaming777 Carty
    Dcgaming777 Carty

    Why were you’re elbows grey

    • AstroLOW

      He gets ashy elbows because they get really dry.

  • Fifa_ReboundGoals

    4:24 that aged well lol

  • Just gamers
    Just gamers

    Shut up which team are you support arsenal they didnt even beat Liverpool cala

  • M A
    M A

    Uh...did anyone hear the Ali A style intro