League of Legends - Season 2020 Cinematic "Warriors" Trailer (ft 2WEI and Edda Hayes)
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We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
Original song by: Imagine Dragons
Featured artists: 2WEI and Edda Hayes
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Edda Hayes
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
As a child you would wait
And watch from far away
But you always knew that you'd be the one
That work while they all play
In youth you'd lay
Awake at night and scheme
Of all the things that you would change
But it was just a dream!
Here we are, don't turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town
Here we are, don't turn away now
We are the warriors that built this town
From dust.
Here we are, don't turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town
We are the warriors that built this town
From dust.
#leagueoflegends #warriors2020 #wearewarriors

  • Kosmo

    so, i only just now youtubed this out of curiosity due to hearing about this game so much and it looks kind of bad-ass. However, if being 34 years old has taught me anything, trailers always make a game look so much better than the actual game itself (ie. graphics, the story line, the interactions, and just the way it looks in general) and I imagine I'd be disappointed. update, i decided to watch an actual video of gameplay and omg. holy crap was i right, jesus it looks shitty. it's like some shitty horrible combination of diablo and wow trying to be one thing. yeah, no thanks. Thanks for playing and bye now.

  • bentan

    i dont even play LoL and still this trailer gives me goosebumps, problaby the best trailer i have ever seen

  • Domi6556

    The Ezreal tear power spike...oh wait..

  • wuilmex

    someone tells me which song is the one that starts at the minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

  • Up Down
    Up Down


  • Wed Fonny
    Wed Fonny

    İt's legacy

  • kim manejero
    kim manejero

    Ito talaga d magaya bg ml e

  • Michael Christidis
    Michael Christidis

    Why cant they make a League of Legends movie already

  • Tymen

    Don't care about the game, love the trailer.

  • Philipp Reinisch
    Philipp Reinisch

    the greatest masterpiece that rito has created. more of that pls!!

  • thanh rex trần mi
    thanh rex trần mi




  • Nexus

    Wow I want a movie now

  • niko22878

    whose that pretty blondie? she's hot.... cat has sick moves.... i can watch it over n over again

  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards

    Great cinematic but I'm not a fan of the cover of warriors. Doesn't feel as hyped up as all the other trailers because of it.

  • Iamanoob Plaz
    Iamanoob Plaz

    I swear every season that goes by the trailers get better and better

  • niko22878

    cat has hot moves

  • TECnoloplay

    deu até vontade de jogar 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dustycat

    dan reynolds should still sing this!

  • Samurai Kit
    Samurai Kit

    I need Riot & Blizzard MOVIES & ANIME & WCG. Not need time-waste useless playing by me 😊

  • Noble Society
    Noble Society

    Sick content, keep it up bro 🙏

  • 내 꿈은훌륭하다
    내 꿈은훌륭하다

    Amazing 😍 💖رووووعه

  • 존잘제현

    Jujakguen sivaluna

  • Retarded Boy
    Retarded Boy

    it is actually not bad good trailer

  • Giuseppe Costa
    Giuseppe Costa

    In tutto ciò, lux non ha fatto un ca... (come al solito) xD

  • Mr. Lijah K the 1st
    Mr. Lijah K the 1st


  • Yasmine Melinte
    Yasmine Melinte

    I'm not crying,you are

  • 겐자부로

    와 진짜 잘 만든당..

  • Sebastian Parico
    Sebastian Parico

    i prefer warriors 2014

  • Ворон Маусы
    Ворон Маусы


  • pikacha888

    No juego league of legends pero este trailer es lo más.

  • Ghandy Sweet
    Ghandy Sweet

    Never seen Kai'sa in cinematic and being a main Kai'sa, damnnnn!!! I hope she gets more exposure!!!

  • DeepbloodEclipse

    Vi looking fine as always.


    After watching the trailer I wanted to play this, until I saw the gameplay, biggest let down for me


    wow jajajaja que increible

  • van Hohenheim
    van Hohenheim

    maan I almost cried

  • MainFootball

    Meeeen! It is beautiful! We need cinema!

  • Senna Legend
    Senna Legend

    gg and goood

  • a-klotz LP
    a-klotz LP

    This has nothing to do with league. Trailer: epic 3d game with a story Actual game: a 2d boardgame

  • 이동진

    롤뽕 미쳐버려~

  • Lone mlbb Player
    Lone mlbb Player

    Ml was better

  • MrHefe

    Please make a damn movie already...

  • Seth Bellinghausen
    Seth Bellinghausen

    I love this!!!

  • Vanja Pavlovic
    Vanja Pavlovic

    Gallio be like:

  • Funny Boiii
    Funny Boiii

    Everybody:Warriors 2020 is Awesome Me:2014 );

  • Лучше тебя
    Лучше тебя

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> Best moment

  • Toshi Naga
    Toshi Naga

    Amazing♥️🔥if this was an LOL movie trailer it would be awesome


    he only killed one @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a>

  • Conor Swan
    Conor Swan

    If the game was like the trailer I mean sign me up. But I’m reality it’s some birds eye view shit

  • Chickita Banana
    Chickita Banana

    If they dont make a netflix series out of it imma lose my fucking mind

  • chess faking
    chess faking

    abi bunları nasıl yapıyorlar çok güzel harbi izlerken çok keyif alıyorum acayip iyi ya muhteşemmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Ben Lloyd
    Ben Lloyd

    im a blind monk

  • uberdugorduporenquantu

    Pena que o jogo é o cocô do cavalo do bandido

  • lautaro ortiz
    lautaro ortiz

    Esperaba algo mucho mejor,se va report

  • Kelly Lopes
    Kelly Lopes

    Veiiii digno de um filme sos. Pensa num trailer foda D:

  • H P
    H P

    Why lux is trashy champion in real game even being a heroine like this? she desperately needs remake.

  • Miray Mendi
    Miray Mendi

    Efsane 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Miray Mendi
    Miray Mendi

    Süper 👍

  • cash app me money pls
    cash app me money pls

    Nice stolen video

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> Alexios?

  • Simon Yip
    Simon Yip

    What is Kaisa doing there?

  • Jack martinez
    Jack martinez

    lo mas exitante fue galio

  • Jané Pretorius
    Jané Pretorius

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Demacia being beaten by the same chains they shackled...

  • Giacomo

    What's going on?

  • Clóvis o cão sarrador
    Clóvis o cão sarrador

    È normal chorar vendo isso?

  • intelduo pogz
    intelduo pogz

    wow nice one..but is it nice as dota2???

  • Fillie Adorable
    Fillie Adorable

    Ay first I was like,,, why they make Lux so useless?? 🥺🥺 Then like, ye

  • invisible

    i never heard of this game before........when the ad popped up.........for a second i thought it was a new elder scrolls game

  • D Chand
    D Chand

    Characters look so bland and empty

  • Spoiled_ Psyche
    Spoiled_ Psyche


  • challer gear
    challer gear

    I love this

  • Ralph Ooi
    Ralph Ooi

    I'm a dota player myself, but LoL cinematics is whole NEXT LEVEL , give me chills every time

  • NefrosT3K De_Swag!
    NefrosT3K De_Swag!

    Nice trailer but ist nice than dota2

  • Multiverse Gaming
    Multiverse Gaming

    this trailer is good, but is this good as Dota 2?

  • ian franco bianucci cañazares
    ian franco bianucci cañazares

    This is epic! But it is as cool as DOTA 2?

  • Sergio Barrios
    Sergio Barrios

    Kaisa es super sexyyyyy mkkk

  • Jdn_ Garbage
    Jdn_ Garbage

    Is that garens daughter ?

  • bryan bertony ortiz basurto
    bryan bertony ortiz basurto

    Todos losvellos de mi piel se siente como erecciones

  • Budahbaba

    I am being honest here... i really doubted LoL doing ANYTHING right. Then, they had the good sense to produce this video! It does not forgive them for everything else... but it helps rekindle my love for this game! :) EDIT: and i speak of the video, because i am visually driven. But it was the music to this one that sent me back to it again, and again. Any game would be jealous of this music.

  • Afaf Fifi
    Afaf Fifi

    Amazing 😍😍❤️

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