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  • Sahejpreet wahla
    Sahejpreet wahla

    I am from same the ethinicity as lily and she cringes me out too . She's way too obsessed with all the liberal shit.

  • Sahil Vlogs
    Sahil Vlogs

    Hope uh don’t get called racist.

  • Bartek Bielawski
    Bartek Bielawski

    It's funny how your video is more funny than snippets from the show. ;)

  • Sahil Vlogs
    Sahil Vlogs

    I’m brown and I’m tired of hearing her brown jokes.

  • t a e s h o o k ༄
    t a e s h o o k ༄

    The hosts at those paid birthday parties are funnier than lily. No cap.

  • tyean12

    Anthony Jeselnik talks like that and it’s funny as fuck

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles

    I couldn’t get 4 minutes into the video and now have to go wash my brain out with some Dave Chappell. I agree that it’s great that we get diversity in late night hosts (didn’t know late night hosting was that important of an equality milestone but cool whatevs) but she’s just not funny.

  • PurelyAfrican

    Jameela Jamil is hilarious...NATURALLY! Why didn't she get a chat show? I know she's doing a game show, but she'd be perfect; she used to be a tv presenter. I reckon they set lilly up to fail! They knew she'd be terrible; but even I can't believe how bad she is! 😦 It's gonna be DECADES before we get another late night female host....so I guess that was the point eh?! 😑

  • Listen Well
    Listen Well

    Hey new friend 👋


    Who the hell is she

  • Sparky Summers
    Sparky Summers

    You lost me at "As a straight white man it's not my place to be saying these things" Fuck off man, don't give into the racism

  • Rafay Noor
    Rafay Noor

    I wish lilly wasn't brown cuz this is just embarrassing for the us

  • Money Joe Productions
    Money Joe Productions

    14:14 heres a penis

  • sabitsuki

    Why do youtubers like this dude edit out all the breaths between their sentences?

  • Sabrina H
    Sabrina H

    She should've become a rapper

  • AI Martins
    AI Martins

    Drew, she's a leftist. Leftists believe that ANY form of disagreement is automatically hateful...

  • Melissa Walton
    Melissa Walton

    Lily Singh: *Blinks* Audience: *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*

  • The TexPat in Saigon
    The TexPat in Saigon

    none of this is interesting.

  • Leibermuster

    Lily Singh is like a spoilt preteen stuck in an adult's body, and then lavished with fame and attention. She lacks any capacity whether emotional or intellectual to deal with her fame, and the backlash of the adult world that has not responded positively to a womanchild cavorting on stage with her tongue out like Pennywise in IT 2. Deeply unpleasant person.

  • fivetimesyo

    Late night died the day Craig Ferguson retired.

  • Santiago Churrasco
    Santiago Churrasco

    I got literal goosebumps on the cringiness of the halloween call bit 🤮

  • Maximus Gigantos
    Maximus Gigantos


  • Tala Mayari
    Tala Mayari

    Now I understand where Pewdiepie is coming from.

  • Edjiward is panget
    Edjiward is panget

    tbh she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the scripts

  • Mickey Rippin
    Mickey Rippin

    Funniest part was that she thinks a tomato is a vegetable.

  • Nerfboi1

    ok im a bisexual asshole, but I don’t shove it down people’s throats every 2 seconds. there’s a difference between being proud and literally being forceful af

  • slim shady
    slim shady

    She is not related to INDIA whatsoever,dont hate us

  • Neil Uni
    Neil Uni

    I've never been fond of her always found her irritating, non the less she worked hard at it and had made plenty of money so well done to her.

  • ReyBeltane

    When Drew said Lily is not a comedian, that summed it up for me. She's a cool girl who has an outgoing personality that some people really love, but I've never personally found what she does to be FUNNY. It's awesome that she's successful and more women of different backgrounds should be given platforms like this--which I hope spurs her on to improve. But I am glad I'm not the only one who's felt this way.

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star

    Llly Singh sucks

  • Craig Carpenter II
    Craig Carpenter II

    Seems entirely reasonable. Also funny. 19:59 killed me

  • yael rahom
    yael rahom

    Laughs in Graham Norton....

  • drxamersleep

    drew spoke so many critics under 5 mins and im genuinely shock because i still got 17 more mins to go

  • penguin x
    penguin x

    She used to be really funny but the fame got so into her head that it fucked it up . Kinda disappointing to see someone who you used to enjoy behave in such an immature way to something as simple as accepting constructive criticism.

  • Maha Aldamigh
    Maha Aldamigh

    He said he guy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ravert Pinocha
    Ravert Pinocha

    What's his haircut called?

  • Vitez Roman
    Vitez Roman

    I've only ever heard of her when she appeared on Seth Mayer's show and I wondered how someone with such a huge platform could have gone totally unnoticed by someone who literally listens to yt 8 hours a day: she makes content for kids/teens. Figures. Also: word.

  • Mark Clintworth
    Mark Clintworth

    The problem with people like Lily is that they think gender, race, etc...are personality traits.

  • Xelatab

    are we not gonna talk about how at 9:20 he used a part of “Care” by Dance Gavin Dance? is Drew into Swancore?

  • Timika Maharaj
    Timika Maharaj

    I've been a fan of Lilly in NOsoft since she started but I completely agree with your sentiment regarding her show