Legend Official Trailer #1 (2015) Tom Hardy, Emily Browning Crime Thriller Movie HD
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Legend Trailer 1 (2015) Tom Hardy, Emily Browning Crime Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]

  • khushwaj

    i wonder how he never got an oscar

  • musical singh
    musical singh

    Wating in Hindi dabble and wating in release in India , anyone tell releasing date in India

  • Danio Chelsea
    Danio Chelsea

    My grandpa came up against tha krays they killed him 🙈

  • Sannishtha Patel
    Sannishtha Patel

    Anyone here after watching Peaky Blinders?

  • Tae Tubol
    Tae Tubol

    Foook linda

  • Arushi Panwar
    Arushi Panwar

    Tom hardy.... Is lob. 😻

  • KeepHimAtBay

    wow they look like twin brothers

  • Donde Merlin
    Donde Merlin

    I haven't seen the whole movie, just clips - but I am realizing that Hardy is quite talented. Reverent certainly made an impression.

  • James Earl Cash
    James Earl Cash

    GTA London Twins Crips

  • Col. Hans Landa
    Col. Hans Landa

    Great movie I'm gonna watch it again.

  • Sakib Shahriar
    Sakib Shahriar

    Where are fucking peaky blinders!!

  • Joshua Solomon
    Joshua Solomon

    Clearly the direct descendants of Alfie Solomons

  • kevin baskin
    kevin baskin

    Five years later I finally get to see it. Was not disappointed. Far better than the krays with the Kemp brothers.

  • Robin

    didn't expect to see Christopher eccleston but now I'm happy

  • Kenan Aliyev
    Kenan Aliyev

    Bu filme tam nece baxa bilerem?

  • Suryapratim Ray
    Suryapratim Ray

    Alfie Solomons and Arthur Shelby in the same fookin movie....

  • Zoidberg WoopWoopWoop
    Zoidberg WoopWoopWoop

    It was fucking biblical, mate!

  • Mad Queen
    Mad Queen

    What’s better than one Tom Hardy? Two Tom Hardy’s

  • Sinatra XD
    Sinatra XD

    Is that Alfie Solomon’s

  • Philip Plein
    Philip Plein

    Why isnt this on Netflix

    • Madison Wittkopp
      Madison Wittkopp

      It is

  • FJ lezione
    FJ lezione

    bro performence was nice story was disapointing since they did not include much action

  • Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey

    This looks like cheesy garbage. Why don't we get more original films?


    🗣”I came here for fucking shot out “

  • Hanzo

    This trailer is cringe.

  • tahrah11

    If Lex Luthor and Agent 47 were twin brothers.

  • Ashwani Singh
    Ashwani Singh

    Download link, Anyone?

  • Matias Faundez
    Matias Faundez

    Tom Hardy as always brilliant. But seriously the movie was just a fucking disappointment. The directing, that narrator was so obnoxious (whyy do you need a narrator anyway) and that music???? It felt like I was watching a low budget made-for-tv movie if not a telenovela.

  • Deepak Mitruka
    Deepak Mitruka

    Imagine peaky blinders season 8, tommy fights the kray twins... 😂😂😂

  • Alison Pereira
    Alison Pereira

    Ronnie l' love❤💘😍😍

  • bentpressowner

    Couldn't do anything about his brother, but could murder his wife. These people are scum of the earth, should have been executed by the state.

  • joseph plaza
    joseph plaza

    Do you know this song

  • kbrigsby61

    I jus read where "Metacritcic" has this rated @ 55% out of 100. W-t-Fokkk...???!! THIS IS A DAMN GREAT moovee, & I'm NOT even British!!

  • De Ku
    De Ku

    Where can I watch it online for free? Pls help I'm bored.. This quarantine shit make me goes crazy

  • Kelley Maguire
    Kelley Maguire

    Alfie voice

  • Ross Egan
    Ross Egan

    What a piece of shit boring movie..does tom Hardy specialize in being inaudible.. The kray movie with the guys from Spandau ballet was much better..

  • DaredevilZ

    If it weren't for Tom hardy, this movie would've been mediocre as fuck

  • - DR3AMZ -
    - DR3AMZ -

    Ending was kinda wack ngl

  • Patrick Hamilton
    Patrick Hamilton

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Definitely an interesting premise <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> 💛🔥💃❤ 👇👇👇👇👇🔥💃

  • Rohit Karekar
    Rohit Karekar

    😍😍😍😍😍tom hardy

  • Hassan Gondal
    Hassan Gondal

    0hh God i want this in hindi 0r urdu t0m hardy like a legend beautiful man

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll

    Emily did awsome in her portrayal of Francis

  • Talha Prince
    Talha Prince

    Tom hardy is brilliant actor and this one I m going to watch

  • SweetFhace Musiq
    SweetFhace Musiq

    You hit me.... Yeah... Rah...(SLAPS)

  • Barbora Polanská
    Barbora Polanská

    Its a pitty Tom Hardy doesn come from twins ... or triplets and more 🥺💔

  • TruDragon88

    Such an underrated movie

  • Jesse

    Absolutely Brilliant flick it goes up at the top with all the greats. It was a spectacular movie and it brings back passionate acting. I loved it! You're the man Tom Hardy!

  • it's me ayunda
    it's me ayunda

    Can someone help me. Where I can find this movie. I was searching on Google. But I can't find it.

    • Jose Sandoval
      Jose Sandoval

      Ayunda D Netflix

  • esah laa
    esah laa

    yo guys seriously where can i watch this? pretty late huh

  • osamabad

    The crazy brother sounds like Bane

  • Bass Prod
    Bass Prod

    Hey, the one who sees this comment Much health to you and your family!


    It’s on Netflix now if anyone wants to watch it

  • Copper Head
    Copper Head

    I just saw this movie on Netflix.. and the Krays were freaking Cra cra !! I Live Tom Hardy he is so underrated.

  • MaddBOmber

    Wow..they actually seem like decent likable gangsters....

  • 3 as1
    3 as1

    Why isn't this on Netflix?

    • Tim Hurst
      Tim Hurst

      It is. Just downloaded it

  • by Ioannis
    by Ioannis

    Η Μακεδονία είναι Ελληνική

  • fm7 fm7
    fm7 fm7

    Dorty uk in hoa beat way.....f you all!!!

  • Smit Machhi
    Smit Machhi

    That's how mafia works!

  • aisya

    Is reggie really wants to kill and fight ronnie even in the true story?

  • nursemedic17

    Damn does anyone else see the irony here? America fought for independence and won, then all these years later the British try and copy American gangsters? lol.....I won't speak about music in general as too many people will have to google it!

  • Kendra Mallette
    Kendra Mallette

    All Black Butler fans out there, This is so Claude and Sebastian!😄♥️

  • Shawn Lim
    Shawn Lim

    Arthur Shelby just chillin in the background while two Alfies beat the shit out out of each other

  • Vatan Sever
    Vatan Sever

    legemd legend lol

  • Thor God of Thunder
    Thor God of Thunder

    One of the best movies ever made

  • kauffee

    "i want to blow the soul out of that horn" "you feelin a bit horn-y ron?" "yes... i am" (proceeds to play the trumpet badly)

  • Iam Batman
    Iam Batman

    I love this movie because i can see two Tom Hardy😍


    Funny story my great grandad was a boxer and knocked around with these fellas he knew them on a first name bases.

  • alucard alucardidis
    alucard alucardidis

    Alexander the Great was Greek Macedonian you stupid American fucks.

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson

    Watching this now but I still don’t understand why Tom Hardy gave them the accent especially Ronnie

  • Kaan

    One tom hardly is good 2 Tom hardy is double good

  • nickrad

    Is this a Mark Lemarr biopic?

  • Rally Nax
    Rally Nax

    They should cast Kate winslet as Frances. That would be match.

  • bigearedmouse17

    And to think London was safer then than it is now, I wonder why that is ?

  • Keith Steward
    Keith Steward

    This is a great movie.

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz

    I don’t take Oscars serious there is like 20 actors should of won but never did

  • Mikeyp0131

    Gemini man has nothing on this

  • IBRanger

    Nice sound track

  • Lisa Warburton
    Lisa Warburton

    Its still clever done in 2015 ! I know we have 2 B ccarefull how we speak now & i apologize, i am old school sorry

  • Lisa Warburton
    Lisa Warburton

    I prefere the the kemp brothers version of the remake of the krays this version is to girlie

  • Levente Czelnai
    Levente Czelnai

    Who is more dangerous, Reggie or Ronnie?

    • Süleyman


  • Andre Andre
    Andre Andre

    Sorry ass movie, they talked like they have a bowl of water in their mouth.

    • Huell Babineaux
      Huell Babineaux

      Andre Andre you’re probably some dumb fucking American that doesn’t understand British humor

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