Leo Santa Cruz and Miguel Flores Fighting Words | INSIDE PBC BOXING
3-Division World Champion Leo Santa Cruz and challenger Miguel Flores join Inside PBC Boxing with some fighting words.
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Leo Santa Cruz and Miguel Flores Fighting Words | INSIDE PBC BOXING


    Will Santa Cruz retain his title?

    • Anthony Rosay
      Anthony Rosay

      Miguel ... Go to sleep .... You talk. But vales verga

    • 1 2
      1 2


  • Charli Gonzalez
    Charli Gonzalez

    El terremoto for the WIN TONIGHT

  • sergio merigo
    sergio merigo

    Miguel Flores Will win by a body shot like always

  • Alberto Jesus
    Alberto Jesus

    Even Flores knows he is being cherry picked by leo santa Cruz 🍒 like he says he don’t have nothing to lose

    • sergio merigo
      sergio merigo

      Flores by ko in the 9th round

  • mike anthony
    mike anthony

    Flores is TRASH!!! Lmao Flores is going to sleep or going to get stopped

  • Jothan Yosamaa
    Jothan Yosamaa

    Este Miguelito está bien Mamon

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez

    You knowsss russel is hard match for himm

  • Drew 7ONE3
    Drew 7ONE3

    Im here for my baby Kate Abdo 😍👌🏼


    Flores can't beat Santa Cruz flores will get stoped?

  • Edgar Valencia
    Edgar Valencia


  • Davet Soto
    Davet Soto

    Santa cruz gots this straight up flores talks too much

  • cristhmc1 santiago
    cristhmc1 santiago

    Leo is a cherry picker 🍒🍒🍒🍒

  • Orlando Ramirez
    Orlando Ramirez

    Y puro húetamo mich. Santa Cruz 🏆🥇

    • Orlando Ramirez
      Orlando Ramirez

      moises leon Yo gane mis dólares lo de mas me da igual 🤷‍♂️

    • moises leon
      moises leon

      @Orlando Ramirez pinche pelea de santa cruz estaba bien aburridisima

    • Orlando Ramirez
      Orlando Ramirez

      moises leon Te gusto o no cocho

    • moises leon
      moises leon

      @Orlando Ramirez puro el D.F.

    • Orlando Ramirez
      Orlando Ramirez

      moises leon Orale

  • Torres Boxing
    Torres Boxing

    Yo, Santa Cruz is small compared to Miguel Flores! Flores is gonna have that size advantage. Imagine if he has the power advantage too? Santa Cruz is gonna have to let those hands fly!

    • sergio merigo
      sergio merigo

      I think Flores will win the fight

  • Brian Howard
    Brian Howard

    Leo is a cold sucka!!! Straight ducked Gary Russell Jr.

  • L W
    L W

    It's funny how LEO don't unity and ducked and terrified of Gary and Rigo LMOA I love this chick please keep her and hope she stays real DO YOU CHERRY PICK LEO?

  • Aaron

    There’s reasons why LSC is one of the least talked about 3 division world champ going for his 4th... WEAK RESUME and a DUCK.

    • Art Delgado
      Art Delgado

      Aaron Good point. I just don’t watch any boxer unless it’s against a credible opponent. Like for example Lomas last 3 fights. Why bother?

    • Aaron

      Art Delgado Leo is talked about more than GRJ but what I’m saying is that he’s not on any credible P4P list despite him being a 3 division champ. Example; Loma, Bud, and Inoue are 3 division champs that are on the P4P list.

    • Art Delgado
      Art Delgado

      Aaron He seems more talked about than GRJ

  • Kwame Brown
    Kwame Brown

    Leo is scared to fight African American fighters

    • Kwame Brown
      Kwame Brown

      @Santonia Harris it just seems like he wont fight one cause he afraid that his horrible style will get exposed fighting an elite African American, and I'm not trying to make it about race, but why wont he fight them. Kinda like canelo, and I personally think canelo a wear charlo out and Andrade

    • Santonia Harris
      Santonia Harris

      @Kwame Brown facts

    • Kwame Brown
      Kwame Brown

      Wat am I making excuses about. I gave my opinion and you defended him. So your making excuses for him, I'm not

    • Alonzo Martinez
      Alonzo Martinez

      Im done you just won't stop making excuses bro damm Lol..you so hard headed..

    • Kwame Brown
      Kwame Brown

      Ok😂 he may not be afraid of them as fighter. But he sure ain't looking to fight then🤷‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Southern Smoke
    Southern Smoke

    I wish the fans could keep negative race and nationality comments to themselves. Boxing would be so much better with out the ignorant bs

  • Yacan Son of Israel
    Yacan Son of Israel

    How did Leo grown up in Los Angeles but seems to speak broken english??

    • Alonzo Martinez
      Alonzo Martinez

      Just his voice is different...cus maybe he speaks more Spanish..less English

    • James Nolin
      James Nolin

      so said it bro, he grew in los angeles.


    Leo isnt the best cause he's not fighting the best. He's not a champ in my eyes, neither will I support him

    • Alonzo Martinez
      Alonzo Martinez


    • Tecatito lopez
      Tecatito lopez

      Lol good to know bye 👋

    • Alonzo Martinez
      Alonzo Martinez

      Good for you bro..stay out the way

  • john paige
    john paige

    Who would you rather see as a ppv fight Russell jr vs Stana Cruz or Stana Cruz vs Tank Davis

    • Pam Munoz
      Pam Munoz

      Ppv??? Lol calm down bro they good fights but nt ppv 😂🤣

    • 7 Points Entertainment
      7 Points Entertainment

      Tank vs Russell Jr. would be my pick, but Leo vs either of the two would be great as well. Tough one to choose from to be honest. Jose Pedraza vs Leo would be interesting too, but I would lean towards Leo on that fight based on his relentless work rate and pressure.

  • KingHoosier 5
    KingHoosier 5

    Giving away your strategy of how to beat your opponent is not smart

    • 1 2
      1 2

      WOW you know alot about boxing

  • L Dtb
    L Dtb

    Leo the biggest coward in boxing no CAP

  • Damagedone56

    This going to be a goodie

  • lucas mosarca
    lucas mosarca

    i love santacruz hes a good boxer but he has cherrypicked his way to the top even this guy i never heard of this flores clown .tank and rusell jr wood smoke leo and leo will fake injuries and have them fight other opponents and if his oponent who he was suppose tk fight get knocced out and mistiriouly santa cruz is up to fight him bex

    • Justin Ukabiala
      Justin Ukabiala

      lucas mosarca I respect your honesty

  • PVNCHO s14
    PVNCHO s14

    I like santa Cruz, but its time to unify bro

  • Romeo Tene
    Romeo Tene

    Miguel Flores just called himself a cherry though 🤣🤣🤣 Santa Cruz ducked russell Jr to fight you Flores YOU are the light touch 🤣🤣😂

    • Aaron Diaz
      Aaron Diaz

      Russel always goes MIA when Leo says make the fight happen... theres no ducking coming from Leos side, just cause hes not all talk like other fighters it doesnt mean they're ducking the loud mouths. when fighters really want a fight they push for it and get it done. they just dont talk and wait for them to get matched up

  • Ricardo Martínez
    Ricardo Martínez

    Leo Beat fail weight davis

  • Mando Jr
    Mando Jr

    Leo might as well fight a NOsoftr for his next fight 😂😂😂

  • Dre Jay
    Dre Jay

    How does Santa Cruz have fans he is easily the biggest duck in boxing

  • Manny Mota
    Manny Mota

    Leo please fight Russel! That fool was being disrespectful!

    • Pedro Parashar
      Pedro Parashar

      Leo is a cherry picker 🍒🍒🍒

    • john paige
      john paige

      Leo act like he scared of tht mafuckn Russell dat da fight of 2020 I'll definitely pay to see dat one

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa

    Another PBC garbage fight... Gary Russell waitin

  • Pasha 92
    Pasha 92

    Leo "The Mexican Coward" Santa Cruz

  • Buzztang Kras
    Buzztang Kras

    Al Haymon fighters don’t fight often

    • Who Killed Me?
      Who Killed Me?

      They only fight for the money, not the glory.

  • AkHi TV
    AkHi TV

    We want Gary Russell vs Cruz face to face

    • Pedro Parashar
      Pedro Parashar

      Not gonna happen. Leo is a cherry picker

  • 3P 06
    3P 06

    Y puro COALCOMAN vale Shaaooo

    • Yacan Son of Israel
      Yacan Son of Israel

      Que parte de Bolivia es Coalcoman?

  • Tahmouk banx
    Tahmouk banx

    Leo is a coward FACTS who has he beat?

    • Tahmouk banx
      Tahmouk banx

      Listen stop it u could not live my life thank GOD im still here!!!

    • 1 2
      1 2

      @Tahmouk banx lol coward real men hide behind the keyboard and choose to never fight

    • joshua martinez
      joshua martinez

      @Tahmouk banx You asked who he fought i just answered

    • Tahmouk banx
      Tahmouk banx

      @joshua martinez c'mon not enough u know that!!!

    • XxDarkRazesxX

      how coward become fighter?

  • Saabastian A
    Saabastian A

    Cruz gonna knock him out

  • Pablo Franzani
    Pablo Franzani

    Leo vwry respectful