Letting a Coin Flip Control Our Lives for 24hrs (DUBAI)
Yes Theory
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For this episode, we decided to bring back a beloved Yes Theory format... by letting chance control our lives for 24hrs... We decided to do it in Dubai... This is what happened.
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    Hassan will be remembered for generations to come

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    Hassan is now 69 years old

  • SubjectZiah

    Hassan is how I imagine Hassan from the book the kite runner will be like, happy and nice

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    Ethan Allen

    Where can I buy that suit tho 👀

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    Someone stick Hassan in the UN

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    You have the hardest job because you meet so many amazing people and it is very difficult to leave them

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    Sugerlump 36

    I just realized something... All our lives our parents told us " Do not talk to strangers" "Dont follow them" " Do not give money to people on the streets, they might use it for drugs" All of these sentences were said, yes to keep us safe.. but also closing us up in a cage of fear of what might happen to us through out our lives. Being close minded , as I would put it atleast. Only listening to our parents words since a young age. Dont get me wrong. I'm not saying stop listening to your parents , cause I know those words kept us safe when we were younger. But we kept or keep those words with us as we grow older , only staying in the familiar bubble of strangers are dangerous , this person will use my money for the bad etc. And yes theory is a channel that inspires us to not be afraid of people and new things that scare you ever since you were little ( probably because of your parents words)


    Bring hassan to any place in the world and give him the happiest day of his life


    Hassan is a very nice man ❤

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    Sidhanta Mahadevan

    I love yes theory so much

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    Reece Holmes

    Why do you blur out the car logos

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    Luca Francesco Domini

    I want to work with these guys or even be in a video 👌🏼 they make me laugh so much even when I’m not having the best day... also it warms my heart to see the smiles on people’s faces and the love they share ❤️ there is still some good in this dark world ✌🏼

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    I want Hassan to adopt me

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    Felix Westersund knutsen

    This is honestly one of the most heart warming and amazing video I’ve seen on NOsoft in forever

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    Take Hassan around the world.

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    Thanks for making this video, im going to a town called Ajman near Dubai in a few days u gave me a positive image of UAE. Thank you and I will thank you for making my trip brighter.

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    temirlan dusheev

    Copied from "Орел или решка" travel program with a coin


    After watching XAVIER here i am watching your vids as usual

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    Trez Spre

    that hassan guy is like a syrian guy ik here in sweden who also have the name hassan

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    Y'all made me want to cry !!!

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    Golan Obodum

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    Barnos 69

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    Alternate title: "Living like two-face for 24 hours"

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    naga_h1 ناقة

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    Simple Developer

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    I love Hassan

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    Love Hassan he has amazing energy and happiness

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    I love Hassan. I want to be his homeboy and hang out. LOL

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    I feel like yes theory lost its magic

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    Cada video de ustedes me impresiona más en serio

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    Bebo naz

    What a WHOLESOME video

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    Susie Sparkle

    Looks amazing! Hassan was a great sport. 🙂

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    yysonn chua

    Hassan: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee guys Where do I go back again?

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    Rafia Alqemzi

    i missed out on the day u came to dubai:(

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    Ema Petricevic

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    Martin Raucher

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    ash's gacha edits

    Hassan made me feel ten times happier! Such an inspiration that even at an old age he is so lively

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    uppa the northern irish girl

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    Harald Zingmark

    5:37 he goes for the handshake but he gets a hug

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    Cristian Cabrera

    I loved how Hassan asked them if they can to it at 12 just so he could get dressed😭

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    The stranger is always so nice, like what if they were kinda an asshole lmao

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    “Last happy minute” ~Hasan from Syria, 2019 😢😢😢😢😢😢

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