Lexi Jayde - Jingle Bell Rock (Mean Girls Dance)
Lexi Jayde singing Jingle Bell Rock with Brighton Sharbino, Tati McQuay, Lily Chee and Kaylyn Slevin. Thanks Girls for all of the work and the non stop giggles!!
Thank you to Footed Pajamas for sponsoring the Video and the amazing cute footed PJ's.
A big huge thank you to our director Nayip Ramos who made magic! and his CREW!!!
Lyre Music for producing the track!!
To our Choreographer Becca Sweitzer for her patience and keeping us on step!
Hair by Lucia Rutigliano
Make Up by Diana Lomelin and Teresa Ammons
Thank you to the tireless efforts of B Squared Productions for putting all of this together!!
Thanks to David Perry, "Snazzy" Carlos and Jessica Spohr for capturing the Stills and all of the BTS!!


    No mames todas están violables

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    Erika Ignata Music

    Please check out my cover of Lexi Jade nosoft.info/hd/video/ga6VqKep2p1pmWY

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    aNgie waNgie

    y’all are all so gorgeous 🥺

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    나만 한국인?

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    Cheyenne Mcgowan

    Who's watching this in April Meeeee 😂 don't lie😄

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    Marley Galadi

    You're voice omg💖💖💖💖😳😳

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    Papa. Jr

    Lily Chee and Brighton

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    Gustavo Mucha Caycho

    I love this video . 💎🤠🤩✌

  • Hazel Levesque
    Hazel Levesque

    Lucy from Crown Lake, Brittney and Beatrice from Chicken Girls and Allison from Zoe Valentine. This video looks like a Brat reunion.

  • brxkenalinax

    The funny part is that most of them were mean girls on brat tv

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    b i a n c a

    Warum hat sie so wenige abos?

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    Lucyana Siburian

    Brown hair one is amazing

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    I love this song

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    Oscar Perez

    Copiaron la coreografía de chicas pesadas..."que originales "

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    Hot4 Panties

    Only one unanswered question: what are they wearing underneath the Santa suits?

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    Very cute girls

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    matt jones

    The Blonde is sexy

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    Original from bobby helms

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    Kevin Crosby

    I like Christmas but there's nothing better then Women singing it. I want to be with these Girls.

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    Sergio David Buitron

    Que hermosas y que bien cantan. Feliz Navidad y prospero Año Nuevo desde España 😍😍😘😘

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    Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    I wnna bang a such jingle bell


    Estas chicas son idénticas ala de la serie pretty little liars

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    Who’s here from brighton sharbino from walking dead?

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    Vera Gala

    This makes me feel so ugly, y’all r so beautiful.

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    madison g

    why are the guys better at doing this dance?

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    Mark Wilson

    I don't know who these are?

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    bonnie bianco

    I just emptied my sack.

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      I hope you mean your loads of Christmas presents.

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    All be dead or in rehab in 5 years? Meanboys observation. Cheers.

    • Teddygalbis

      @vxy357 Amen and Merry Christmas. Came off sounding like a Grinch didn't I? Here's wishing and praying the best for those women, hoping that Hollyweird entertainment business doesn't corrupt them. Cheers.

    • vxy357

      or they may have successful careers and be married or in serious relationships within 5-7 years. An Optimist's observation. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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    Vincent Zimmermann

    💃♥💙💚💛💜✌🎅✌💜💛💚💙♥💃 ♥💙💚💛💜💕💜🎄💜💕💜💛💚💙♥ 💃♥💙💚💛💜🌟🙏☀💜💛💚💙♥💃

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  • Mateusz Ceglak
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    The one in green get squared away first, but all get their stocking stuffed.

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    No one eat the pie 😒

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    there stunning

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    Sweet young things!!!!!! Owwww

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    hi lexi this is Emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    is not copy but you do good i hope you do good next christmas okkkkkk

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    Just Because

    Wtf do I hear

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    ADRIAN 2005 galvan

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    Acceber Rebecca

    December 2019 anyone???

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    Here from that anti bullying vid

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    Fong Fang

    the blonde girl with two ponytail is she the liz from the walking dead ?

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    I love this!❤️

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    COOL good job

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    This is so ridiculous

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    Vincentia Malok

    My favourites are Lexi Jayde and Brighton Sharbino from The Walking Dead. They are very beautiful 😘

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    Gacha Cupcake

    You guys should be the new 5th harmony because your music is good

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      @Gacha Cupcake no worry

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      @hannah and keyanna be nice, kid..

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      @pepsi cola shut up

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      Gacha Cupcake

      Well im sorry if you cant get over a simple mistake

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      pepsi cola

      Guys? These are girls, kid.

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    pepsi cola

    Have seen this a few times and whoa they all got talent, lots of it, let alone amazing beautiful presence

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    Jose M Cazares

    Happy ending

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    KrislynAlysons world

    Why does tati look like camila cabbelo ??

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    joep de kruijk

    Top 5 Most Beautifull Girls 5. The Blond Girl 4. Lexi Jayde 3. Lily Chee 2. Tati Mcquey 1. Brighton Sharbino

    • Shelby Nicole
      Shelby Nicole

      Kaylyn Slevin is the blonde girl !!

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    James Bahrey

    Lily is so sexy

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    Aukse Stankeviciute

    Lexicon your voice is very beautiful but its to much autotune

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    Rachel hidalgo

    Arianna grande les copio

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    Hey Stob It

    Brighton Sharbino😍😍😍😍

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    Ethmann official

    You all did a good job, this video is good 👍🏻 (I watched mean girls like 8 times)

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    Allê Riggs forever

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> Loren Grey ???

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    Abigail Marie

    There is no way that's her singing, the autotune is too clear

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      I don't Know

      Abigail Marie listen to her acoustic. Why no way?

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    Who even thinks this is acceptable for 15/16 year old girls to be full of plastic surgery, makeup & those kinds of outfits/dances?

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      Skylar M.

      newestgamereviews well it’s not you so you shouldn’t be so worried about it

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    Lilychee u Damm pretty

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    Jessica gh

    I really really adore the vd clip 💜💜

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    The blonde one is Kaylyn Slevin She played Beatrice in my favourite show Chicken girls

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