Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference
Jurgen Klopp has lauded the “incredible” performance of both his players and the Anfield crowd after the thrilling 3-1 win over Man City on Sunday.
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  • kulwa mapunda
    kulwa mapunda

    That s Jurgen.... the real shepherd of the dive scorers

  • Aziddin Mohd Zaidi
    Aziddin Mohd Zaidi

    The Kaiser of modern football has spoken.

  • Yurii Hudzovatyi
    Yurii Hudzovatyi

    Love this guy!

  • Muhammad Syakur Ahmad
    Muhammad Syakur Ahmad

    The peak age of career success at Liverpool. ^_^=Andy Lonergan 33= Milner 32= Adrian 31= Lallana 30= Lovren 29= Wijnaldum & Henderson 28= Van Dijk, Matip, Shaqiri, Clyne & Firmino 27= Salah, Mane, Allison & ME 26= Fabinho & Chamberlain 25= Robertson 24= Keita & Origi 23= Marko Grujić & Ryan Kent 22= Gomez, Harry Wilson & Pedro Chirivella 21=Trent & Herbie Kane 20= Kelleher & Adam Lewis 19= Brewster 18= Curtis Jones, Van den Berg, Yasser Larouci & Neco Williams 17= Ki-Jana 16= Harvey Elliott 52=Klopp

  • Aquila 13
    Aquila 13

    Klopp bester Mann

  • Gladamgone

    Take OFF that stupid cap.

    • fox

      no, give pep a plastic cap

  • Lybah Sarwar
    Lybah Sarwar

    Best manager Liverpool have had since kenny dalglish in the 1980s

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren


  • Yemmy Akin
    Yemmy Akin

    I'm very sure pep wouldn't like to face Liverpool in CL

  • Michael O Brien
    Michael O Brien

    Sterling is a bellend

  • Shahrul Haidi
    Shahrul Haidi

    Pep mind game against Mane looks nothing, good boss,. Credit also to Brendan Roger n Lampard

  • Imran Young
    Imran Young

    Bloody Ref!😡... Why didn't he gave a penalty to city when Trent handled the ball!😡.... Please, make it hard for Liverpool... Coz that match were too easy!🤣😁 ☝️ YNWA ☝️🎶🎵🎶💖

  • Mega Pop
    Mega Pop

    Liverpool had a 7 point lead over City after Xmas last year, Pep is playing with Klopp and Klopp knows it.

    • TheChamp 101
      TheChamp 101

      Well Man City still has NOT to played Chelsea, Arsenal, ManU, and Leicester this season so have to play those teams TWICE, Liverpool have already played all those other top teams... Also lasted I counted 9 = more than 7?!?

  • Ty Marshall
    Ty Marshall

    this is why Jurgen Klopp is the Best Manager Bring the Premier League title to Liverpool

  • IE

    Liverpool will start dropping a lot of points soon. Getting too cocky.

    • Bailey Highton
      Bailey Highton

      IE u wish lad we have drawed one and lost none


    well deserved victory congrats from algeria


    Guy looks like a tramp, that's why he's so popular in the benefit capital of the UK.

  • Michael W
    Michael W

    Are you sick Jurgen? Sick of winning?

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker

    Stunning result! YNWA

  • barbara calnan
    barbara calnan

    We love you klopp we do, our boss.


    Numeral uno !!!

  • Poobalan Pather
    Poobalan Pather

    Best manager in the world . Put Liverpool amongst the best teams presently. I am chelsea fan but love this guy .

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez

    Liverpool walks with the refferees

  • Joe Putz
    Joe Putz

    Keep an eye on Frank and Brendan.

    • Mick Foskett
      Mick Foskett

      Joe puts.. love it if Leicester win the league..they were robbed at a field!!👹

  • Alex John
    Alex John

    So team L’pool- i know this is a technical question - but why can’t you mic up all the journalists ( or have the press room with hanging mics) Their questions can never be heard! We have to interpret it from Klopp’s answers.

  • Rizwaan Ali
    Rizwaan Ali

    my right ear enjoyed this a lot

  • Yusuf Khanbhai
    Yusuf Khanbhai

    What's up with the reporters mic. We can never hear the questions. The other day I watched the PC of mancity and the questions were very clear....

  • Anuj Damani
    Anuj Damani

    As much as i hate Liverpool being a United fan, there is no way i can hate Klopp. What a manager. Humble as always.

  • m2coy

    notice how everybody in comments have a different man of the match? robbo. gini. hendo. TAA. dejan. not to mention, the obvious ones - fabinho, mane, salah. just proves that it was a huge TEAM effort. collectively brilliant game from our boys! and excellent tactics from klopp! recognized we were running out of gas. so change the formation. put in Ox and Gomez.

  • Wrld 999
    Wrld 999

    Klopp was raging when man city scored even though they were still winning


    wel done klop keep going make sure this time no mistakes good luck my friend you can win 20 20 title trust me 💋😇👄

  • CarlBank250

    Who was Klopp referring to in the last bit? Who was finally able to come to the Stadium? I didn't get the question...

    • CarlBank250

      @stephen metcalf, thanks mate!

    • stephen metcalf
      stephen metcalf

      sean cox

  • Lee Minhwa
    Lee Minhwa

    The greatest boss. I always support him.



  • dizzy lizzy
    dizzy lizzy

    Calsberg don’t do managers, but if they did....

  • Matthi Zur Nedden
    Matthi Zur Nedden

    In the 12 games so far we played against all 6 teams standing behind us at the top of the table. + Tottenham. Unbeaten. YNWA

  • Thorsten Leighty
    Thorsten Leighty

    Kloppo is the best coach!

  • Lfc 2019
    Lfc 2019

    Danke für den schönen sonntag,ynwa!!! Thank's for the beautiful sunday,ynwa!!!

  • David Rees
    David Rees

    Jurgen moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform

  • RB B
    RB B

    my best week-end so far.