Logan Paul New Girlfriend Revealed
Logan Paul gets emotional and sparks dating rumors. Plus - We have updates on Nikkie Tutorials vs Too Faced Cosmetics.
#LoganPaul #JosieCanseco
Logan Paul, 24, and Josie Canseco, 23, are an item, according to TMZ. The two sparked romance rumors when they were photographed holding hands on Jan. 12, and TMZ reports that they’re officially dating. Logan and Josie have actually had mutual friends and ran in the same circles for years, but their friendship only recently turned romantic. Their Jan. 12 outing was at the Rose Bowl flea market in L.A., and although it was low-key, there was no mistaking their linked hands on the stroll.
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Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta
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Logan Paul New Girlfriend Revealed

  • Ben Drew
    Ben Drew

    Spence is an attention seeking dick! Incredible projects... pfff...god...pff....spiritual...pff... good riddance!

  • Carolina Duran
    Carolina Duran

    Britney Spears?

  • Iris

    daisy keech is screaming

  • Jorge Jacquet
    Jorge Jacquet

    who's Logan Paul ?

  • Kristen Medina Travel & Lifestyle
    Kristen Medina Travel & Lifestyle

    looking good ali!! share your weight loss secrets im getting married!

  • tesscheer

    She should google his name first! He uses and abuses women and is a horrible person! GIRL RUNNNNNNN............

  • Greywind92

    i really don't believe nikki. i think she's been lying for attention honestly and from the sounds of it her own brother says she is lying as well.


    Spencer is the type of person that every group needs

  • Mimi Meyers
    Mimi Meyers

    Logan Paul does not cry at his little brother's fake wedding. But cries when a friends just up and leave? I get it dude.

  • Weird Planet
    Weird Planet

    U said Hawaii wrong

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    Wasn't she dating Brodie Jenner?

  • jimbles notronbo
    jimbles notronbo

    logans new “girl” is kind of a downgrade from chloe... but logans happiness is all that matters

    • jimbles notronbo
      jimbles notronbo

      BreadandButter i dont really have a problem with him. i just favor chloe. it has nothing to do with class.

    • BreadandButter

      So you consider logan a person of class?

  • Adnan Shariff
    Adnan Shariff

    Did she say Logan Paul was a boxer.... Wtf

  • adam glover
    adam glover

    all that soy is finally coming out of Spencer's eyes! SEE YA!

  • Ana Bee
    Ana Bee

    I don't ship logan paul with Josie canseco. I'm sorry but she's not cute.

  • Waheed Nawaz
    Waheed Nawaz

    When I heard Spencer is leaving and they all got sad it be hitting different

  • Micheal Bej
    Micheal Bej

    Well everyone want No Drama in 2020 Like DiWayne’s song no drama which is uhhh 🤪 nosoft.info/hd/video/nbGolKXJtJmoqX8

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch

    *Vitaly is disgusting. The pyramids are fragile!! You cause damage by climbing them, hence being told not to. You get told not to climb the pyramids for reason. It’s against the law and it’s also disrespectful to go against that!*

  • Ryan Casstevens
    Ryan Casstevens

    Once again, another one of Logan Paul’s videographer is leave the Maverick house.

  • Kalene Smith
    Kalene Smith

    I don’t know why people go to other countries and act so disrespectful... because AS SOON as a foreigner comes here and does something that’s no even really disrespectful, Americans are so quick to jump on that person... smdh

  • Eribel Martinez
    Eribel Martinez

    spencer movin to kuwait not hawaii

  • Pepplo

    who is this nikki bitch i always hear

  • tabarak alahmad
    tabarak alahmad


  • 1008

    Did Anyone See "Logan Paul viewers watch this" ??!!!! 🤔🤔

  • YoungMele

    Why is his gf look similar to Alissa

    • AMDLK

      YoungMele she doesn’t

  • herosama XL
    herosama XL

    Ik ali is hurt we all know she had a major crush on logan smh

    • WBTO

      Is the Ali we r talking about the one in this video? Stagnitta?

    • 0MissElizabeth0

      She needs to work on her look then, she always looks like she's been hit by a truck, wearing yesterday's makeup

    • Ana Bee
      Ana Bee

      I'm hurt too 🙁

  • H!D3-0CE-_-

    I thought he liked men

  • Trinity Schroeder
    Trinity Schroeder

    Spencer is cool but like why all the weird goo goo Gaga stuff😂 like just say you feel lost and miss connection to the things you love🤣😂

  • Lisa DeL
    Lisa DeL

    Omg Ali it’s been a minute since I’ve watched but girl you look great!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Kaylee Garrett
    Kaylee Garrett

    Logan congrats

  • Chris Kirkendale
    Chris Kirkendale

    No. One. Cares. What. The. Fuck.

  • johntsingis

    2:13 Dems are always fleeing California (not willing to sleep in the bed that they've made).

  • justin massey
    justin massey

    Yo shes progressively getting much more attractive

  • khoch.films.

    my butthole

  • Laila Amr
    Laila Amr

    i am egyption ,and i think it is very disrespectful of him do do that

  • Tamara Davis
    Tamara Davis

    Adults come from the tears of college students hitting the lawn of campus and sprouting

  • Le stoop
    Le stoop

    They didn’t bleep when mike said “what the fuck is going on right now” 😂


    Ali.. is a gem. She has the looks to brighten up anyone's day. Just like she did mine :)

  • VexCasm

    *Adults come from the pits of hell* - where they 'trialed and tribulated' - made too many mistakes to blush about anymore - and came out of hell with a little something called "experience". True 'adulthood' is when you gain wisdom and better yourself for all the whims and woes of life.... Others fall back into adolescence mindedness - only with old bodies attached.. LOL

  • Deboss

    W for lp

  • Moses Haywood
    Moses Haywood


  • Jamie Ramsay
    Jamie Ramsay

    Why do people make a huge deal of coming out? Nobody cares if you identify as male, female or a box of fucking cornflakes.

  • The Vision Alpha Legend
    The Vision Alpha Legend

    well Josie has nudes on her instagram she is a porn model

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    It’s Jake Paul, he got plastic surgery just to boost the champs confidence again.

  • Mr. Dubacha
    Mr. Dubacha

    I have her number!! Follow me for it!

    • Mr. Dubacha
      Mr. Dubacha

      @Kala Kings how much u wanna bet?

    • Kala Kings
      Kala Kings

      No you don't

  • Carol Deaton
    Carol Deaton

    Very happy for Logan I hope this is a long relationship maybe even till death do they part. He deserves a good woman and I know he would be a great husband and father he is grown up a lot in the last year. Congratulations Logan.

    • Ana Bee
      Ana Bee

      too fresh to tell and the girl seems young to get married, settle down and have kids but who knows. I like logan paul but I don't ship him with Josie canseco. I'm sorry but she's not cute

    • Axando Aldria
      Axando Aldria

      @Falconyou know what you remind me of? My past self lol. So innocent and pure, believing in stupid ass things such as love. Humans in general are affected by lust, greed, etc. All of us will cheat if opportunity is presented and consequences weren't a thing, this is because one person is not enough to satisfy most people in any way, may it be sexual, or emotional support, or companionship as some may be too busy. Almost 95% of all wives of military men cheat, why? Because they are away from home for months, leaving the other lonely and unsatisfied, meaning they will seek another to fill those gaps in. This is just an example, it's in human nature to cheat. Which is why most relationships don't last, and even if they did, there will have been times where they've been "on and off", taking a break from each other and exploring other people. As I said, humans are not easily satisfied, and this is just in our nature.

    • Falcon

      @Axando Aldria they exist. Just because it hasn't happened with you doesn't mean it doesn't exist

    • Axando Aldria
      Axando Aldria

      Until death!? You think such relationships exist today? Naw bro... nothing lasts these days..

    • ShadowMan Papa
      ShadowMan Papa

      @Carol Deaton honestly I had no problem with that you said and yes you are right. But I see him differently and indeed I don't dislike him nor do I favor him

  • Josue Calzadillas
    Josue Calzadillas

    adults come from our grandparents :D

  • Will Sayasenh
    Will Sayasenh

    Ali looking good.

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      She really is

  • lilusmc1

    Logan paul "The Boxer" lmao stop it

  • aryan mishra
    aryan mishra

    Is ALI losinh Weight???..nooo😭 all that extra cuteness..she looks good now..but i loves her the way she was before

    • sun leo
      sun leo

      Crucial Crypto maybe by a little lets be honest.

    • sun leo
      sun leo

      what? this body image shit is out of hand. she looks better with the weight off. and its healthier

    • sun leo
      sun leo

      Arijate right wtf

    • Arijate

      imagine losing fat and people telling you that you looked better before 😭😭😭😭

    • Crucial Crypto
      Crucial Crypto

      she was never even overweight


    Literally no one gives a fck bout Niki in the comments 💀. I like it

  • Nick TheNija
    Nick TheNija

    N I C E H A I R

  • AwesomeAdam From 2099
    AwesomeAdam From 2099

    I just herd Erika costell new song and she planing doing music because I just saw it on her NOsoft stories and she is my valentine this year .

  • Kyler Henderson
    Kyler Henderson

    Josie is dateing mike stud

    • J J
      J J

      Kyler Henderson Dude you are 1 year behind on Josie’s love life, they’ve literally been split since November/December of 2018.

  • amylou and maci too pet and vlog channel
    amylou and maci too pet and vlog channel


  • Raven Pursell
    Raven Pursell


  • Sam Rashedi
    Sam Rashedi

    He could do better lowkey, she still bad tho..

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      @Ana Bee Beauty is subjective

    • Ana Bee
      Ana Bee

      agree. I'm sorry but Josie canseco isn't cute

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      Wow... 💀

    • Sam Rashedi
      Sam Rashedi

      Goku Black she’s bad like I said.. but there’s hella hot girls Logan’s been with that are prettier and personalities even seem better. Idek that’s just me

  • I Am oxPierceTheVeil
    I Am oxPierceTheVeil

    Guys Crying Ha Gaaayy !!!!

  • Matty RIDES
    Matty RIDES

    Getting skinny there huh? Looking good Allie

  • Connor Glasford
    Connor Glasford