Logan Paul Is A Sore Loser
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  • ALB_ Armando
    ALB_ Armando

    3:36 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Pat. I draw
    Pat. I draw

    Shut up KSI he is being nice to you. You need to be respectful. He made that video to tell them that he lost and he can handle it. This timeline in 2020 he hasnt even licked his butt or in any time you are like a crazy old man on the side of the street bragging when they get stuff ( only if people do that). Logan can do what he want. He doesnt fear losing eather. And you are a GIANT meme KSI. And i dont think you cared about how logan lost 2 or 3 pets. You really act like morgz with the sound affects. You only accepted the fight to BEAT UP logan cause you hate him. Your just toxic and you hate other people. And i saw a couple of thing you did wrong. Im not gonna say and dont say that im a logangster. You are a big piece of crap - pat

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Pat. I draw 1 ksi made this video cuz at the time Logan was being a bitch making up all the excuses he could think of 2 Logan does fear losing cuz if he didn’t he wouldn’t have tried to appeal for his own foul play 3 they fought each other why the fuck would he care about his dead pets 4 ksi wanted this fight to make sure that their rivalry didn’t end on a draw cuz let’s be honest that would’ve fucking sucked

  • Robert Kasparian
    Robert Kasparian

    Dude you dont have to brag in his face

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Robert Kasparian this was to show Logan that he lost cuz at the time he was making up all the excuses he could have

  • Isidro Buono
    Isidro Buono

    Ksi has the best intros ever! (no caps)

  • SauceGod Vonte !
    SauceGod Vonte !


  • Acherest

    I love how the winner was cool with just moving on but the loser had to open a closed case

  • Andrew Dang
    Andrew Dang

    Ksi what your saying is true and congrats to you for wining but did you know how much Logan trained for this fight and how much you both trained imagined if you were the one who lost how would you feel. And may I remind you that Logan was the one who accepted your request to this fight so appreciate him for doing so. And I just want to add Logan’s been through a lot lately the thing with Japan his loss with you he might kill himself and this might be because of you so If that day comes keep on telling yourself that you won that fight And your glad Logan lost and your glad Logan is died because you hate him even you you could save him you won’t.

    • BLZ Tin
      BLZ Tin

      Bro he wont kill himself chill out

  • Twin World
    Twin World

    Logan: is that a slip or a knockdown Jack Reece: sh do you want to keep you're points

  • Powermax - Gaming
    Powermax - Gaming

    I dont know if KSI is good at maths but me i'm really good: KSI + LOGAN = LOGAN is a LOSER

  • Mohamed Nafel
    Mohamed Nafel

    I kind of agree with KSI but I still love logan and know one wants to admit they were wrong even if they do it is to hard to admit it and I think KSI won in a fair way even if I don't like him but I did have hope that logan was going to win oh well nice job KSI but your couch talks to much crap sorry but it is true 🙄🙄👍✌

  • Poised_ Xzoar
    Poised_ Xzoar

    KSI is mean. but FUNNY as a chicken🤨

    • Poised_ Xzoar
      Poised_ Xzoar

      Jeff the point is that it makes no sense he’s not funny to me

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Poised_ Xzoar what?

  • Asmr account
    Asmr account

    i fell asleep but I’m awake now and back to watching Jj 🥴

  • Anto Planet
    Anto Planet

    logan for life

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Anto Planet no

  • Megan OWEN
    Megan OWEN

    You are rude KSI

    • DankCat Memes
      DankCat Memes

      Megan OWEN and you are a pussy

  • Krayola’s Box
    Krayola’s Box

    “...and he’s white.” But KSI is black, what’s a white guy gonna do to him

  • oParticles

    2:13 About to sneeze?

  • CK frizzy
    CK frizzy

    logan's real loser

  • Girmantas Liškauskas
    Girmantas Liškauskas


  • rishit amratlal
    rishit amratlal


  • Nuha Alia
    Nuha Alia

    What ? why the 24k dislikes

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Nuha Alia 24k people who hasn’t hit puberty yet

  • G tygggaming
    G tygggaming

    Fuck you ksi im fighting you boxing match My career: Wins:568 Loses:16 Body builder

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      G tygggaming I don’t remember anyone asking

    • BLZ Tin
      BLZ Tin

      And mobile legends

    • BLZ Tin
      BLZ Tin

      Go play fortnite u bastard

  • sre11

    I bet Greg Paul was so angry

  • Braden Walton
    Braden Walton

    I really want to see Vidal fight Logan Paul

  • Fernando Rios
    Fernando Rios

    He contrasts you and that is how you treat him

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Fernando Rios this was before that

  • Kyle The Duck
    Kyle The Duck


  • Rabia Saliha
    Rabia Saliha

    I wonder how alex wassabie reacted

  • Martin Gerold
    Martin Gerold

    Yo dude can you just stop talking about the fight, nobody cares anymore

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Tron this video was made a month ago

  • jack masters
    jack masters

    You're an ungraceful winner, thumbs down you bad sport, you have no class

  • 2-4-5 TRIOXIN
    2-4-5 TRIOXIN

    I just watched the fight and clearly you lost.

    • Giaminh Nguyen
      Giaminh Nguyen

      Your funny😂

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      2-4-5 TRIOXIN then u must have not

  • Feliciano's World
    Feliciano's World


  • CaptainSharkG



    Who’s watching in 2020 ? Good times 😂

  • amnottaylor

    I used to like Logan Paul but he's bad and I realized ksi is fricking awesome

  • Rony Saab
    Rony Saab

    I love you ksi not in that way I mean as a NOsoftr your so gooooooooood

  • Eloquent Child
    Eloquent Child

    24thousand dislikes are logan paul subscribers

  • Ellis Cogley
    Ellis Cogley

    Its was a knock down

  • Edward Espinosa
    Edward Espinosa

    Logan : im dead ksi : im a bitch

  • Edward Espinosa
    Edward Espinosa

    You dont deserve to get 8 mil and dont win but atleast he has more subs than you bitch

    • Giaminh Nguyen
      Giaminh Nguyen

      This is only his second account dumbass

    • Samuel Kaba
      Samuel Kaba

      Edward Espinosa this is his second channel kid

  • Edward Espinosa
    Edward Espinosa

    Ksi you suck

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Edward Espinosa yet he won

  • Lucas Springhill
    Lucas Springhill

    Logan Paul is the best now you KSI your poop

    • ZzzZz ZzzZz
      ZzzZz ZzzZz

      Stfu kid

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Lucas Springhill 🤦‍♀️ shut up

  • Lucas Springhill
    Lucas Springhill

    E oră de ho Autopest skin for night Ene preciși

  • Lucas Springhill
    Lucas Springhill

    I hate you kissOK so more like monster

    • ZzzZz ZzzZz
      ZzzZz ZzzZz

      STFU kid

  • Lucas Springhill
    Lucas Springhill

    KSI you a bitchf**********

    • ZzzZz ZzzZz
      ZzzZz ZzzZz

      STFU kid

  • Naruchu

    @KSI I bet most or all the dislikes are logan paul fans ._.

    • ZzzZz ZzzZz
      ZzzZz ZzzZz

      12 year old Logan fans

  • Lucas Trejo
    Lucas Trejo

    If he thinks he didn't lost you don't have to comment about his opinion

  • fake noob
    fake noob

    I mean never fight a black man

  • William Parrott
    William Parrott

    Ksi you don't box you like fight like 5th graders in the bathroom but Logan fights with jabs and combos , stuff like that

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      William Parrott and he still lost

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    Thank you ksi go head slaps his face now his but face

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    Hay Logan Paul and jack Paul losser donckey finally being lost

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    His the beach losser donckey like that's his mom the Logan Paul

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    and Logan Paul the lost beach your loser like your mom

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    Logan Paul is the chicken Cheter

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    Logan Paul is bang and his friend's


    Well Logan kinda got exposed :p

  • Becky Beck
    Becky Beck

    Everyone: why did you lost logan paul Him: *I sNeEzEd ThReE tImEs*

  • Jack Hasslacher
    Jack Hasslacher

    You dog thief

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer

      Jack Hasslacher what?

  • Kinfizo

    Logan after this video : **Mike wazowski face swap face**

  • Leon Frey
    Leon Frey

    The people who dislikes this video probably sucks logan's dick

  • Yusuf K
    Yusuf K

    Ksi should be a lawyer.

  • kristian Jensen
    kristian Jensen

    Try to fight Mike tyson 😂