Machine Gun Kelly - Bullets With Names ft. Young Thug, RJMrLA, Lil Duke
Machine Gun Kelly - Bullets With Names
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bullets With Names. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • badboy4you83

    Dope as fuck MGK doing his shit collaborating with everyone....that's koo as fuck This song dope RJ and young thug always dope and lil Duke too good song guys

  • Garo _
    Garo _

    Yo mgk this is nice but remember eminem murdered you , he is a differend kinda animal

  • Garo _
    Garo _

    **This is nice but Eminem is different kinda animal , I‘ve never seen anyone near om his lvl. Anyways pray for MGK ( rip 1990-2018)**

  • Garo _
    Garo _

    **This is nice but Eminem is different kinda animal , I‘ve never seen anyone near om his lvl. Anyways pray for MGK ( rip 1990-2018)**

  • Garo _
    Garo _

    **This is nice but Eminem is different kinda animal , I‘ve never seen anyone near om his lvl. Anyways pray for MGK ( rip 1990-2018)**

  • Mehtab Ali
    Mehtab Ali

    Young thug: Somebody's husband been pulled up Mgk: o_0

  • BrazeDalowkz

    Rjmrla 💯💯💯💯💥💥

  • Avesh Ahmed
    Avesh Ahmed

    lil duke ruined this song .

  • Penta Noob
    Penta Noob

    fact - if u search 5 thousand dollar soap on youtube thrift shop by macklemore and ryan lewis gonna pop up

  • wamkelwe mcwabeni
    wamkelwe mcwabeni

    Young thug did Young thug there bro...woooooow

  • ItzShae

    Who else caught the Gorrila Zoe shit? You gotta be a certain type of person or age to feel that.

  • Marty

    Good rap but beat is trash

    • Marty

      Lmao. There is nothing to not get on a beat. Uneffective and annoying

    • Ramzi Chouk
      Ramzi Chouk

      simple and effective , you don't get it !

  • Taylor Bigelow
    Taylor Bigelow

    Machine gun kelly makes awesome music


    Good melody but ...WEAK ASS BARZ and over use of filter

  • Max Waine
    Max Waine

    ok yeah out of all his recent releases this is definitely his worst

  • Berke SEZER
    Berke SEZER

    Machine gün kelly your voice is so beautiful

  • mattakagucci king wordlife
    mattakagucci king wordlife

    When em made kill shot mgk said he's not gonna make another one bc he's scared that em is gonna ruin his career it's happens too other rappers so it's gonna happen too him if he don't stop talking bad about em

    • Adam Noyb
      Adam Noyb

      Eminem never ended anyone RELEVANT ever. 50 cent ended ja rule. NOT EMINEM.

    • BoitheBoi

      jesus christ you stans get buthurt for em

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    This is dope tho

  • Libra Love
    Libra Love

    He said somebody husband pulled up 🗣skurrt 😂

  • Balas Buckmaster
    Balas Buckmaster

    Sounds like a chariot remix

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker

    Dope hell yah

  • kain shockley
    kain shockley

    I'm confused is this a diss on em or not? Cuz I see the proof of it seeming like a diss but idk if it is or not

    • TOWS

      Kells said it wasn't soo..

  • Giuliana Castro
    Giuliana Castro


  • Nate one
    Nate one

    why young thug seem like that dude that could be so chill but try hard and do weird shit. one of the first songs i actually like his barz

  • Q U A T T R O
    Q U A T T R O

    MGK is the same person as Phil Heath. He has alot of talent, but nobody really fucks with him

  • Eiji Miyake
    Eiji Miyake

    all i see is them novices copping lil wayne x eminem collab vibe

  • Chief PoetOfTheFountain
    Chief PoetOfTheFountain

    There He Go

  • Gtate

    Young thug bruhhh. Had it to be mgk 🤔 so disappointing. A BIG TALL BURZ KHALIFA STANLEY .

  • Lisa Knight
    Lisa Knight

    How can you go from making "Lead You On" about how a drug destroyed your life to a song praising lean(which is just about the same) x, and coke? Apparently you didn't get enough pain from the drugs man.

  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan

    All mgk does it repeat the same verse throughout the song.

  • Clinton Miller
    Clinton Miller

    The difference between my time and now is that trappers now are day we was dealers...not users

  • Josphy Burn
    Josphy Burn

    Clowns the lot of them.

  • Deadlines345

    God seeing all of them together in the video makes me even more sad that We’re stuck on quarantine

  • apostrophe geez
    apostrophe geez

    Shit diss to eminem the realest was better death rows diss which was mainly aimed at eminem and shit that was a 100yrs ago

  • SC 82
    SC 82

    Kill me a GOAT 🤦🏻‍♂️ Eminem - Killshot - Insult me in a line, compliment me on the next,

    • Nikkei Pvck
      Nikkei Pvck

      corny #legshot

  • Jon Gonzalez
    Jon Gonzalez

    It was megan fox husband that pulled up

  • Jawa of Darkness
    Jawa of Darkness

    I love MGK so much omg

  • G.o.D Greezus
    G.o.D Greezus

    Mgk didn't become cool till cocaine became especially acceptable.. At first he was a wanna be.. now he a coke star lmfaoo

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo

    Who are these girls

  • Shroomer

    i wish this was 3 mins of nothing but MGK on this beat

  • Sendra's Vlog
    Sendra's Vlog

    Haters ganna hate... But this is a legend

    • Stan Lee
      Stan Lee

      Mgk and these fools = drug addicts Nothing new to me

  • Driver Bali
    Driver Bali


  • Juan carlos Hernandez
    Juan carlos Hernandez


  • Juan carlos Hernandez
    Juan carlos Hernandez


  • Ghichik Tare
    Ghichik Tare

    I was praying for mgk to get him 6 million subs and now he's got it feeling happy 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Tenzin Garab
    Tenzin Garab

    Eminem is much better than him. Eminem is rap of god. Salute for eminem.

  • Sam Liersch
    Sam Liersch

    Yo does anyone know where i can get young thugs anarchy hoodie from?

  • kevin the dude
    kevin the dude

    Hey he just hit 6mill let's get him to 10mill who agrees

  • Felipe Falcão
    Felipe Falcão

    This beat....

  • Rafael Ramirez
    Rafael Ramirez

    Why RJ got the shortest verse? I literally told my homie let’s cut cocaine with creatine after this song lol

  • Nobody'sHero

    At 50sec nice blonde getting plugged in the club

  • Felisha Gerrard
    Felisha Gerrard

    This gave me chills, so underrated

  • I’m Cool
    I’m Cool

    Somebody’s husband pulled up😲

  • Doodie & The Brofish
    Doodie & The Brofish

    Anyone confused as to why Em fans are calling out MGK for this track: 1. He’s clearly referencing eminem with the “killed me a GOAT” line, who else would it be. 2. HE IN NO WAY KILLED EMINEM. He didn’t even respond to Ems diss and Em also still had the number one album this year, MGK IS CORNY AS FUCK. That’s why he’s getting shit for it. He’s a poser. He’s never shot anyone, been indicted or anything close. Dude, he even sent his entourage to beat someone up for him during the beef with Slim. MGK can definitely rhyme, but his persona and attempts to be cool or bad ass is what fucks his image up and attracts laughs. He didn’t kill anyone’s career. He’s a poser. Quit trying to say you killed Em. It’s so obviously untrue. Plus his one diss track at Em doesn’t even come close to Canibus’.

    • Doodie & The Brofish
      Doodie & The Brofish

      Laura X hahaha, yeahh, sorry but I never liked my own comment there, but NOsoft notified me someone else did. I can even send you a screenshot if it’ll make you smile, but hey, good try! Also, let me just say, what a great way to try and avoid the discussion, the facts, and literally anything that was said in the comment. Wow.

    • Laura X
      Laura X

      Notice how the only like on this comment is your own 💀

    • Ebuka Anafulu
      Ebuka Anafulu

      Dude whatever.... MGK is doing what he does best. People seem to forget MGK loved and respected Em. Besides, if MGK kept dissing Em, people would say he's chasing clout... Now that he didn't, he's a poser.... Dude whatever.

  • Jashely Ivette Hernandez
    Jashely Ivette Hernandez


  • D1m3bagd

    as a fan of both for a long time the mgk em beef sucked both could have done 1000x better it was a pathetic attempt from both sides let it go

    • Ebuka Anafulu
      Ebuka Anafulu

      What? We'd all love them to continue cos it'd lead to some great tracks and show of character but if they continued, people'd say they petty or chasing clout.

  • Eric B
    Eric B

    he has to be saying “i got a boner it don’t need no aim on it” not “i get up on em” that makes no sense lmao

  • NickyChaos

    "He knows as long as I’m shady, he’ll have to live in my shadow", and we see confirmation in the comments below each video, and of the story.

    • NickyChaos

      @Ebuka Anafulu what effort, what r u talking about?...

    • Ebuka Anafulu
      Ebuka Anafulu

      You think your efforts are paying off, Stan?😂😂😂 Keep trying

  • gringomandingo

    Young thug was magical on this song

  • D-V of First Class
    D-V of First Class

    Bro mgk and thug need a whole album, I'd stream it!

  • HoodePoode

    Å jäävlar 🔥

  • Kushme69

    Whenever I dab and get fuqd this song hits different it’s crazy I can’t stop listening to it

  • Maximo Herrera
    Maximo Herrera

    Alguien habla español? Liki si si

  • Joseph Saunders
    Joseph Saunders


  • JAAfAR

    A fuckin masterpiece from the GOAT 🙏🏻🔥

  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs

    Am I the only one who heard thug say he was gay?

  • Amercya

    somebody husband pulled up lol

  • Karina Griest
    Karina Griest

    The Python at the end tho ☠️😂

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown

    eyo machini gun :'D you had one shot and you missed it... i guess that means game over for you :/ (machine guns in the rap game do also have only one bullet)

  • devon bowman
    devon bowman

    Mgk is like the best rapper ever

  • Inertia

    Man Im so drunk right now but fuck why does that even matter shit right now is so lit thank you MGK 🙏 Love you bruh.

  • Itsyoboy HaramBr0
    Itsyoboy HaramBr0

    MGK goat. He killed goat.

  • silver ninja
    silver ninja

    this shit is so underrated

  • Cornelius Johnson
    Cornelius Johnson

    What's that movie Called?


    why do i like this so much

  • Jd Happy
    Jd Happy

    He had the best diss track and the only person that has ever made me change my opinion about an artist.

    • Arjun Arun
      Arjun Arun

      This made you change your opinion about eminem??....damn

  • Yousef Sayadi
    Yousef Sayadi

    I need money :(

  • WoodUlike2Know

    Damn... Unfortunately he will end up in his grave like the rest of the white boys messin with that lean. Sad cuz mgk is really good. Shame.

  • Yamoty Megu Yamoty Megu
    Yamoty Megu Yamoty Megu


  • Original Username
    Original Username

    I immediately stopped listening when I saw the ball pythons and just got excited lol