Mackenzie Ziegler - Wonderful (Official Music Video)
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Directed by Nayip Ramos
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Dancer - Sage Rosen
IG: @sagerosen
Choreography: Shai Rosen
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  • Damaris Marin
    Damaris Marin

    Kenzie i love you

  • Dreamer Girl
    Dreamer Girl

    This is my fav kenzie song gives me goosebumps! Her vocals gets better and better by each song! 💞

  • Gacha_ Xanna
    Gacha_ Xanna

    This is a beautiful video, how did they have the budget for it??

  • sum hui
    sum hui

    *sigh* such a beautiful voice😍😍

  • Hearth Dance
    Hearth Dance

    💖I really love this song

  • Maud Poliste
    Maud Poliste

    The Confection between Sage en Kenzie is just amazing. Succes A wonderful song. Love it!

  • { crystal diamonds} #
    { crystal diamonds} #

    Ken is u sound like an angel from god keep singing and never quit ur an angel💫🧸💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖and it’s true ur a wonderful singer and yes u are close to wonderful u look so good tbh never ever quit ur singing career bc ur gonna be even better and be a god singer I love you sooooooooooooooooooo,I’ve good bless you gormaki g this

  • Theresa Sears
    Theresa Sears

    Love you kenzie

  • Jimmy Joaquin
    Jimmy Joaquin


  • Calista T.
    Calista T.

    I LOVE this song! 💗 I’m going to do a cover on this song on my yt channel!

  • Fatima Moises
    Fatima Moises

    Hey kenzie..👉👈 can you pin my comment?🥺

  • Khamyaa Sushil
    Khamyaa Sushil

    The video is just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ The song is also wonderful.

  • Wooshin

    came back to this after almost 2 years and this will remain as one of my fav songs of kenzie.

  • Belaa Elhke
    Belaa Elhke

    Te amo

  • gshcg

    hands down her best song

  • Luca Renker
    Luca Renker

    I love how Sage was in this one. He should be in more! You work great together and it just adds something the partnership.

  • Ianlove Olsson
    Ianlove Olsson

    I love you and your sister

  • BU2ZY

    I love this ur soo good

  • Finley Hood
    Finley Hood


  • Yee Ping Chua
    Yee Ping Chua

    Of course Mackenzie will pick Sage because he was her partner in Dancing With The Stars Junior and she said that will be the best partner in Dancing With The Stars

  • Juliana Trainor
    Juliana Trainor

    I think this song should be called evrey day

  • Risda For Life
    Risda For Life

    I luv this song sm kenzie💖💖💖

  • Risda For Life
    Risda For Life

    Luv u Kenzie💖

  • Yasmin Hanina
    Yasmin Hanina

    2020?? Anyone?

  • Annabella Wilson
    Annabella Wilson

    It truly the best wonderful videos that I ever had she's a good dancer

  • Anna Jones
    Anna Jones

    I didn’t know this song existed whatttt this is so underrated!! Love the song and the music video😍😍

  • Shriyaa Anand
    Shriyaa Anand

    i kinda wish kenz and sage dated lol

  • Annabella Wilson
    Annabella Wilson

    She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen 💗😍🥰😘❤️


    Bonita cancion

  • Isabella Albuquerque
    Isabella Albuquerque

    your voice is INCREDIBLE !!!! love your videos :)

  • A.L Gaming
    A.L Gaming

    You are brilliant at singing

  • XXsunsetmixXX

    Annie’s way better:) just wanted to let u know and also ur a h for trying to kiss Hayden HAHA he talked trash about u lol u really do smell like fish:)

    • Eleanor Jack
      Eleanor Jack

      Stop. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. I don’t know what your intention was but keep nasty opinions to yourself. You prefer Annie? That’s fine, you can have your opinion but don’t go leaving nasty comments. It’s just plane rude.

  • Yahoska Hernandez
    Yahoska Hernandez

    Hola quisiera contactarme con madi y makenzi

  • Yahoska Hernandez
    Yahoska Hernandez

    Que lindos vídeos a ello manzis

  • Michaelagjglykhbnjgf x Boyadjian
    Michaelagjglykhbnjgf x Boyadjian

    Kenzie looks beautiful 💕♥️

    • Michaelagjglykhbnjgf x Boyadjian
      Michaelagjglykhbnjgf x Boyadjian


  • Lizzy T
    Lizzy T

    You are so pretty Kenzie

  • Andria Javakhidze
    Andria Javakhidze

    Realy i dont know

  • Johanne Ims
    Johanne Ims

    This is my fav song😍😍😍😍

  • Fia PutPut
    Fia PutPut

    Love you

  • Becky Stewart
    Becky Stewart

    I love this song!!!!!! mackenzie Ziegler, your really beautiful!!! You are wonderful!!!

  • Murendwa Nemutandani
    Murendwa Nemutandani


  • fernanda romero
    fernanda romero

    i love

  • Zaynab Noor
    Zaynab Noor

    This needs more views like this is amazing.also who is watching in quarantine comment below

  • Merissa I.N
    Merissa I.N

    I had a feeling sia wrote this song it just gives me sia vibes straight away


    I want the dress too! And I liked! Also kenzie? I LOVE YOU!

  • Aesthetic Zo
    Aesthetic Zo

    wow! i only remember this was uploaded yesterday but it wasn't 😥😣

  • mboto corner
    mboto corner

    Her voice has really developed

  • Tera Prather
    Tera Prather

    This song sounds so good with your voice 😊 🤩

  • Luna Garcia
    Luna Garcia

    Oh wow this is beautiful l love you mackenzie ziegler ...💗

  • Katie Dolan
    Katie Dolan

    mackenzie and sage are friend goals

  • Jasmine Prillwitz
    Jasmine Prillwitz

    I can watch Kenzie dance for hours😍

  • malaikxh_

    this is to underatted

  • Eddie Genotivo
    Eddie Genotivo


  • Eddie Genotivo
    Eddie Genotivo

    Best song mackenzie

  • Baby Savage
    Baby Savage

    One of the best songs I’ve ever heard not gonna lie I mean all of Kenziesongs are beautiful well done girl My favs are breathe, motives and wonderful

  • ItzBocaBitch

    I'll never get tired of seeing Kenzie and Sage dance together😍💙

  • Eddie Genotivo
    Eddie Genotivo

    You guys make me proud guys

  • Eddie Genotivo
    Eddie Genotivo

    Sage is a better dancer than everyone

  • Eddie Genotivo
    Eddie Genotivo

    Hey kenzie you sing that in dwts with sage too...

  • ashley lauryn
    ashley lauryn

    this era OMG SKSJSJJDD I MISS FALL OF 2018

  • Juliana Rogue
    Juliana Rogue


  • Carmen Puente-Garza
    Carmen Puente-Garza

    She sounds so different now

  • ty lee
    ty lee

    Everything I want to say is WOW❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lindy Rice
    Lindy Rice

    Who else loves it when sage and kenzie dance together!

  • Khmais Kattali
    Khmais Kattali


  • Marcela Melo
    Marcela Melo

    Sage is amazing

  • Marcela Melo
    Marcela Melo

    I loveee🤍🤍

  • jadespower

    She has such a good voice especially for her age! Also it’s so cool that Sia wrote this song.

  • karelia oh
    karelia oh

    love ur vioce kenzie i kno im far away well in belize jus wanna say i luv all of ur songs

  • XxsunflxerXx

    I really want that dress . Where did you get it ?

  • Beatriz Bia《《
    Beatriz Bia《《

    such a good voice 😍😍😍

  • karelia oh
    karelia oh


  • Matthew Fox
    Matthew Fox

    hello mackenzie my name matthew fox i think you're so beautiful and gorgeous you are so hot and sexy i Love you mackenzie honey bunny i want to meet you someday baby would you go out with Me say yes or no Let me know okay mackenzie you Look so Beautiful and pretty as well i Love you so very Much Do you Love Me Mackenzie What you say Would you Be My Girlfriend you are My Sweetheart Loving you so Easy LoL

  • Alayna Elliott
    Alayna Elliott

    She sings beautifully

  • Ben2 Cracked
    Ben2 Cracked

    Your beatiful

  • Aanya dbaker
    Aanya dbaker

    you have the greatest voice

  • Nekyra Bissin
    Nekyra Bissin

    Can't imagine sis gave her this song👏👏👏

  • Grazy Games
    Grazy Games

    I am from Brazil

  • Alina Covarrubias
    Alina Covarrubias

    Where is that dress from😍

  • Starlight Gamer
    Starlight Gamer

    Is no one going to mention Sage's dancing?

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