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Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut
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  • gengar

    i want the guy in the beanie to ruin my life

  • Kaitlyn Kalina
    Kaitlyn Kalina

    Tatiana: He tried to kill me so he’s chill Weird Snake Lady: hehe CuDdLEs ThEReS a DIFferEnCE

  • Alexandra

    That pig went sicko mode “REEEREEEEREEEEE”

  • Maddy Heinberg
    Maddy Heinberg

    Why’d they all talk shit on snake owners :/

  • Merritt J
    Merritt J

    :13 the pig was ADORABLE what the heck😭💜...and the goat...jk their all so cute😭

  • makenna shuter
    makenna shuter

    I own 3 pet goats. Guess I'm not pretty 😦😒

  • Preston Marrott
    Preston Marrott

    these guessers are weak willed. Anyone who's afraid of little lizard or a *harmless* snake is weak

  • Kimberly Brooke
    Kimberly Brooke

    That one guys sweat stains ☹️

  • Natasha Butters
    Natasha Butters

    LOL abdul was awesome, so are corgis.

  • Lucía Green
    Lucía Green

    Can I please get the bird/beanie's guy IG or something. I think I'm in love.

  • Sania Khawaja
    Sania Khawaja

    The guy with the beanie is cute

  • FunTimeVidz

    “I don’t wanna blow my load on this dude.” Bruh 😂😭

  • Magenta Eréndira
    Magenta Eréndira

    Is this uhh, a Sonic?

  • Naty Schwartz
    Naty Schwartz

    Pleaaaaseeeee hmu w/ig/msg of the guy with the smol birb 🥺 hes sooo cuteeee 🥺💘

  • Stacy Pike
    Stacy Pike

    The first girl was good at every animal!! Am I right???

  • La tribu
    La tribu

    *the snake lady is soooo hottt !*

  • La tribu
    La tribu

    *"people in farms are not pretty" that's stupid*

  • Hakar Doski
    Hakar Doski

    the snake lady is fine

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    I hope they washed their hands before holding the snake.. It's mean for the snake. He smells food

  • LaurinaCze


  • Sinem Basar
    Sinem Basar

    ugh please get off your high horse none of those animals are there to assassinate you .... nO ItS GoıNG t O B i t E m E

  • Hei Hallo
    Hei Hallo

    The goat🥺

  • MoonChild

    My cousin had a bearded dragon and they thought she was a he at first and then she laid eggs and babies haha Also guy with the bird Is hella cute

  • Rosalie B. Rowan
    Rosalie B. Rowan

    The bird guy DID look like a pokemon trainer. He’s really cool

  • Big Cilo
    Big Cilo

    That girl who wouldn’t hold the animals is clearly anti - social and not willing to try new things or take a risk. What a stupid human being

  • Micro

    The guy with the pig seems so chill.

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims

    "weird" girl is hot af-

  • Margarida Bento
    Margarida Bento

    I watched 1:20 six times just to see their individual reactions

  • Xx x
    Xx x

    6:39 the man what is holding the pig his armpits are wet XD

  • S.

    “I think that hedgehogs have such a cute and positive energy. I think that somebody very bright and kind owns this animal” Hands hedgehog over to the Asian man 🤷‍♀️

  • Joonatan Suikki
    Joonatan Suikki

    The pit stains on this pig guy

  • Esther Childs
    Esther Childs

    I hate the chick who choosin she is rude


    Humans: keeping all dangerous creatures as a pet. Me:thanking Dinosaurs does not exist anymore

  • Star Trout
    Star Trout

    The woman saying "Spiky potato" when talking about a hedgehog is a mood

  • Manuel Barelli
    Manuel Barelli

    ngl, snake lady mad hot.

  • Shawn Ciauri
    Shawn Ciauri

    Hedgehog girl is so sexy just sayin

  • Pravneil Chand
    Pravneil Chand


  • OperatorDelta 17
    OperatorDelta 17

    Snake girl is cute and has a great personality imo

  • Mista's4thPistol

    When that bearded dragon and said "..." I felt that.

  • Cylkree Vartae
    Cylkree Vartae

    10:00 Does anyone know what he said when asked what kind of pet he was gonna go get?

  • C H
    C H

    For anyone who might be worried about the pig being in pain when it was lifted, he's not hurt, pigs don't like being off the ground and their feet hanging free, they feel scared and unsecure, they need to have something under their feet or to be stand on something if they're gonna be off the ground. He was just scared when he was lifted. (I do not own a pig nor am I a pig expert, I just looked up a lot of information because at one point in my life, I wanted a pig and I still want one today as they're one of my favorite animals.

  • My PS4 Account
    My PS4 Account

    Buss down thotiana

  • Heidy Hernandez
    Heidy Hernandez

    My name is heidy tho

  • Eliot Cloud
    Eliot Cloud

    Winston is so cute 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • potnoodel

    I like snakes

  • xIcewalke x
    xIcewalke x

    Snake owners are definitely the weirdos of the world. I am one.

  • Chloe Henry
    Chloe Henry

    soooo he has a pig as a pet, loves his pig, and admits that pigs are more intelligent than dogs, yet still eats pigs 🤔

  • Ken Bayo
    Ken Bayo

    Girl: This is your bird. Guy: Yes, this is my bird. Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kiara

    Like this for the Christmas Carlton on the shirt of the guy who handles the snake

  • Okt xv
    Okt xv

    03:09 A pig, - this is a cutie reminds me of ariana grande 😆

  • Kiara

    All the pet owners got together after the filming and talked shit about that one girl 😂

  • Yamydoodle 1469
    Yamydoodle 1469

    Snake owner cute asf😍😍

  • Jojo Snow
    Jojo Snow

    "I think this belongs to the hipster" Ya mean all of them?

  • Allison Clark
    Allison Clark

    3:11 Reminds me of Ariana Grande Haha Reminds me of cops

  • Mrs.Queen ofgachavids
    Mrs.Queen ofgachavids

    Bro my second grade teacher had a bearded dragon and it was like a class pet I guess

  • BALL Hawk
    BALL Hawk

    Snake girl is hot

  • Alex Camy
    Alex Camy

    IIIIIII Haveeeee the spikyyyy potatoo

  • Citizenfourteen

    "kinda of a diva for a pig" love him

  • Piggie Farmer
    Piggie Farmer

    *Me and my snake watching this video* Everyone in the video: "Snake owners are the weirdos of the world" Me: Thanks :(

  • Bossman

    I kinda want a pig