Mimir's Best Moments - God Of War
Mimir is one of the best characters in the whole god of war series. here some of his best moments during the latest god of war game.
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  • DevilKin

    What about mimir of the bifrost teats?

  • Abrham Clif
    Abrham Clif

    You forgot about Mimir roasting Baldur and the sons of thor

  • Lile Art&Craft
    Lile Art&Craft


  • Jared Cross
    Jared Cross

    Most of his lines were excellent but my absolute favorite is his random lines when you die. My favorite is "That's it then?!"

  • BloodyFox Gaming
    BloodyFox Gaming

    Hello awesome God of War gameplay and thanks for sharing.

  • Rekz Vacant
    Rekz Vacant

    Anyone else notice that when Mimir blinks he blinks with both eye sockets, even though he has one eye?

  • Yämi FES
    Yämi FES

    I love it when he yells when you're being attacked instead of actually telling you where the attack is coming from like he usually does. "AHHHH"

  • Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliott

    He's a bit like Malcolm Tucker (although much less sweary!!!)

  • Marvin Minaya
    Marvin Minaya

    I think one of mimirs best moments was when baldur was in top of the mounted before taking Atreus mimir said “ baldur leave them and take me “ something like that and that honestly won my respect for the guy

  • BigboyDownStairs

    Brother this, brother that... couldn't wait to get rid of him tbh.

  • Denie erham
    Denie erham

    that's your plan ??? YOU BOTH CRAK ME: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Travel Experiences
    Travel Experiences

    Great Work my Friend! I ALWAYS return support to channels who support me! I wish you a nice WEEKEND!

  • Lola K
    Lola K

    This is good game :) Thank you

  • Kharnes

    Mirmir must be in the next ( wich i doubt Will be made) game. Otherwise Ill do to the delevopers, what kratos did to Olympia.

  • North American P 51 MUSTANG
    North American P 51 MUSTANG

    what you missed "take these 2 bloody wankers and piss off

  • 97Jonnyboy

    Nice video! :D

  • AliensExist182

    Sweaty bawbag 😂😂😂😂

  • Smalls_Moneymaker Studios
    Smalls_Moneymaker Studios

    Sound more like your *D A* by the moment.

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    I've been studying for this test for weeks! I know the content inside and out! First Question <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a>

  • Choxolet yo
    Choxolet yo

    Just realized Freya probably put maggots in mimir's mouth to mess with him I mean it didn't do anything in the spell and they were brought back to life as well 😂😂

  • Just A Dude
    Just A Dude

    *When you realise that Mimir is from Celtic mythology*

  • MysteriousStrangerVA

    Mimir singing in that one puzzle is, I believe, a very underrated moment.

  • Aduro Tri
    Aduro Tri

    You gotta wonder what situations Mimir spoke the ancient tongues and why he spoke it less than sober.

  • Alviandra Piero
    Alviandra Piero

    Mimir, helpful backseat gamer

  • Alviandra Piero
    Alviandra Piero

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> the BOI is scared of his own BOI

  • Collin L
    Collin L

    “...fat dobber”

  • Michael Cairns
    Michael Cairns

    Mimir calling Thor a Sweaty Ball Bag

  • KZAtooGood

    I think everyone agrees that we like how GoW made Mimir as comic relief

  • lord of science
    lord of science

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Ultra Goku
    Ultra Goku

    I like how mimir calls kratos brother

  • John Hanifin
    John Hanifin

    I really hope mimir returns in the sequel

  • Herbivore The Carnivore
    Herbivore The Carnivore

    Baldur is blessed with invulnerability to all threats, physical or magical.

  • Kyle Price
    Kyle Price

    Mimir was one of my favorite parts of this game, he provides entertainment on what would otherwise be boring tedious parts of the game

  • Stefan Walicord
    Stefan Walicord

    I get Wheatly vibes from this guy.

  • Hoàng Nguyễn Minh
    Hoàng Nguyễn Minh

    GOW 3: helios's head: flash light GOW 4: mimir : tour guide

  • Sardonical

    I want his voice

  • sterling

    Mimir: "First, I need you to cut off my head" *B O I:* "Wait, what?" Kratos: "I'm going to cut off your head now"

  • JP Alpharo
    JP Alpharo

    Freya reminds me of Abigail Spencer

  • BenderRodriguez10

    But why does he sound Scottish?

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck

    My favourite character

  • Sam Salem
    Sam Salem

    I really enjoyed Mimir, way too better than annoying Kratos's son.

  • 30kitagreen

    Mimir is adorable and loveable.😊

  • Bojangles Ferguson
    Bojangles Ferguson

    Poor Mimir must have the worst nausea and vertigo from all that bouncing up and down, side to side on Kratos' hip, not mention when he's dodging and fighting.

    • Mark's Reviews
      Mark's Reviews


  • Martin Q2000
    Martin Q2000

    Can I get a mimir at my room ?

  • Stasichka

    What about the mimir of the bifrost teets?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I really wish Craig Ferguson voices Mimir. I want to hear Gobber call Thor a 'Fat Dobber'.

  • _ Chean _
    _ Chean _

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> *wut*

  • the1pharaoh

    Mimir the biefrost tites

  • Frank Toth
    Frank Toth

    Mimir was a great idea

  • FieryWingedAngel

    You missed "You don't miss _depth_ until it's gone" :D

  • Kara Arcadia
    Kara Arcadia

    Bifrost Teats and forgetting Balder’s weakness always cracked me up. His stories are fun to listen to as well.

  • Joshua Romero González
    Joshua Romero González

    My favorite line is when you're getting your ass kicked Mimir says: “Have you considered a tactical retreat?”

  • Th3 Lazy Man
    Th3 Lazy Man

    F A I R E N O U G H

  • Eric Occcams5
    Eric Occcams5

    Dragon shit is powerful.

  • Xander the Upriser
    Xander the Upriser

    You know Atreus had worried me greatly when he found out he wad a god

    • Kharnes

      Yeah, he Was becoming Everything kratos hated.

  • DrkShd

    If they dont have this guy since the begining of the next GoW game, i will boycott that game 🤣

  • OverLord Madness
    OverLord Madness

    Can you do one with all his dialogue

  • OverLord Madness
    OverLord Madness

    Mimir is my most favorite character from this game.

  • James V Kalabacas
    James V Kalabacas

    You know what’s interesting....Mimir looks taller than Kratos. Even though he was slouching and bound in the tree.

    • Jose Mora
      Jose Mora

      James V Kalabacas probably is, Kratos is very tall.

  • Lee D Sin
    Lee D Sin

    Just realized he's the funny and witty Celembrimbor version from Shadow of War

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green

    Did you know? *_BAlDuR iS bLeSseD WiTH iNvULneRaBiLiTY To aLL tHrEAtS, pHySiCAl oR MAgiCaL!_*

  • your average Aquarius
    your average Aquarius

    He's my 2nd favorite B O I! ☺❣

  • Lluc Torreguitart
    Lluc Torreguitart

    NANOMACHINES, SON! No I'm not crazy, he's the same voice actor as Armstrong Just came to blow some minds

    • Soleil/Hinata

      Blades of Chaos son

  • cameron vigil
    cameron vigil

    best character in the game.

  • Louis Reyes
    Louis Reyes

    "Good,now put my lips to the horn" "ROOOOOOOARRRRRR" Scared the shit outta me.

  • El Gordo
    El Gordo

    Mimir is basically Alexa

  • Freakshot

    Mimir keeps me from ending it all

  • Stavros Georgiou
    Stavros Georgiou

    Mimir: "Please hurry! I don't know yet if I can drown!.. I can't drown. Guess that's something"

  • Jack4514Pool

    Does anyone else think it’s kind’ve funny the way Kratos says “wat” at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a>?

    • Emanuel Lugo
      Emanuel Lugo

      Hell yeah!


    I hope he is in any future games they release

  • Ronald Ochoa
    Ronald Ochoa

    I want his head so i can take him everywhere

  • Lock hart
    Lock hart

    How can u forget "I'm dangling from the hip of the bloody Ghost of Sparta"

  • Dekka Bacara
    Dekka Bacara


  • maya summers
    maya summers

    Mimir's entire existence is a great moment.

  • Ferhat Yalçın
    Ferhat Yalçın

    You have missed a joke about "Dragon's shit" 😂

  • Alex FRD
    Alex FRD

    My favorite moments: Mimir: Oh! I know that one! Winter- Kratos: ENOUGH Mimir: We would do well to reflect on Odin's capacity for cruelty.... and so- Kratos: Reflect longer.

  • Megashark 101
    Megashark 101

    Not ONE of the best characters in the entire series, THE BEST.

  • GraduatingIn2020

    My favorite quote: "That is madness."

  • Darky

    Mimir is the type of character you never expect in a game but wholeheartedly accepts and enjoys the company of. I was pleasantly suprised that he is in the game from the moment you meet till the end. Kinda want him to be part of the gang now and just dangling from kratos butt from now on lol

    • Len Engquist
      Len Engquist

      I’m hoping we can have him in God of war 5.

    • Cursed Madara
      Cursed Madara

      Exactly,I REALLY hope they keep him in the sequel

    • Ryan Howe
      Ryan Howe

      Sobek: Who are you calling "UGLY" Head!?

    • MarkGhost Productions
      MarkGhost Productions

      Kratos: *enters Egypt* "Head.....where are we?..." Mimir: "We're in the Realm of the Nile! Where the gods are even uglier than back home." Atreus: "What do you mean, Mimir?..." *the gang meets Sobek, the god with a croc head* Atreus: "...Oh...."

  • indian anime otaku
    indian anime otaku

    My fav.At tyr temple. Mimir - brother,why dont you let the boy carry me for a while. Kratos - and let you miss this. Mimir - you are enjoying this are you brother.

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