Moneybagg Yo - U Played feat. Lil Baby (Official Music Video)
“Time Served” out now:
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  • Ashante Jones
    Ashante Jones

    This goes hard no cap i swer for the real reals this song is not for the play play

  • Annmarie Davis
    Annmarie Davis


  • IROBB Artist
    IROBB Artist

    this video lowkey nauseating


    ?? 1:12 ❤❤? ???

  • jasminenoel42

    This shit hard

  • Austin's Awesome Adventures
    Austin's Awesome Adventures

    Sometimes i winder if the weight of the jewelry rapoers were layer upon layer create aches through out the day from wearing them for long periiods if time. Big rock rings included

  • Im Purity
    Im Purity

    This guy is taking things by the head

  • Elias Gomez
    Elias Gomez


  • C

    “Bitch you played” “you tried it” ? Gay lingo

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft

    Plot twist: She played him for those bills

  • złodziej węgla
    złodziej węgla

    2:36 moneybagg has such a cute face lmao

  • Queen Fish
    Queen Fish

    Wait! Moneybag yo getting to the bag 🤭

  • Travis Hughes
    Travis Hughes

    Memphis fucking shit up..

    • butti fdft
      butti fdft

      Who's the big booty baddie?

  • Unsatisfied Bots
    Unsatisfied Bots

    “She wanna ride in the rover, I told ha her Uber was closer”🤣🤣🔥

  • D G
    D G

    Who know this girls instagram?

  • Relax music
    Relax music


  • Glenn Bracy
    Glenn Bracy

    Anybody know where to cop any of these jackets they too hard 😬🔥??

  • T M
    T M

    It was all a dream

  • Reel Shooterz Media
    Reel Shooterz Media

    Yoooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Logs01

    “Last name rich, first name not Roddy” Dammnn

  • antinique brazy
    antinique brazy

    My last name is Rich my first name not Roddy😂😂 this song go hard asf🔥🔥 now time for lil baby and lil tjay should do a song together

  • Feddie Want Millions
    Feddie Want Millions


  • Supa Spamz Mobi
    Supa Spamz Mobi

    Clapping up booty fuck niggas off the plane, 🤒

  • mourtada anne
    mourtada anne

    Big bag yo🎃🎯

  • The Shorters Unfiltered
    The Shorters Unfiltered

    When she started clapping at him I felt that🥴

  • JDogg 901
    JDogg 901

    Tell bag get up wit me

  • Travon Jackson
    Travon Jackson

    Last name rich first name not roddy, too hard

  • R4K3 D14M0ND
    R4K3 D14M0ND

    Who's the big booty baddie?

  • Asia Bee
    Asia Bee

    All his shit sound the same

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    This is how many times the camera spun in a circle 👇🏾

  • Maria Shaw
    Maria Shaw

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  • Sherrick Cousins
    Sherrick Cousins

    Last name ricch first name not roddy

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      Megan the stallion diss

  • FlackoJo Gaming
    FlackoJo Gaming

    Who tryna still Moneybagg shit tho?😂

  • Pankie Pankie
    Pankie Pankie


  • Cartier Da Don
    Cartier Da Don


  • Saucy XR
    Saucy XR

    Lamar from gta 5 lookin ass

  • Beezy gang
    Beezy gang

    Who went harder on this song like if Moneybagyo ft Lil baby in comment if Gucci main ft Meek mill🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • John Morris
    John Morris

    Lil baby 🍼

  • Dylan Reichner
    Dylan Reichner

    Anybody else think he sound like Gates


  • luis talavera
    luis talavera

    This shyt is trash af 💯

  • Albert Graham
    Albert Graham

    Man this video a dream come true.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    Gott damn where that baby album at

  • Kidd Herbø
    Kidd Herbø

    2 Of My Favorite Rappers 😈🔥🤝 My Boys Just Did What They Had To Do 💯👌💃 Everybody Follow Me On Fb @Kidd The Rapper 🎬 Got Alot Of Hot Shit Out For Yall ✍️🔥🤝 If You Ain't Heard Me Go Hear Me Now ‼️😁💃

  • SwaginMonsta

    @2:20 baby wasn’t supposed to get caught up like that 😂

  • Cru

    Love the feed bro but aye check this out

  • Terry Allen
    Terry Allen

    One of the flyest ain’t got no stylist

  • Googled Facts
    Googled Facts

    Megan the stallion diss

  • Simple as That
    Simple as That

    1:41. Baby snapped🔥

  • Jae Honcho
    Jae Honcho

    Imma be living like this real soon 💯💯 remember this comment when I’m up

  • Mrmememan302

    My dads playlist brought me here

  • Monta Collier
    Monta Collier

    Virgo Gang. This shit 🔥 i fucks wit Bagg heavy. Checkout this video real shootouts around my city Cleveland Ohio. DTW

  • P orridge
    P orridge


  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas

    Start acting yo age😛

  • Cain

    Dope Collab

  • Aaron Lobo
    Aaron Lobo

    Lmao left in a new lambo arrived in a old one

  • Briana Chereese
    Briana Chereese

    🎵 👀 if you havent seen it watch it if you seen it watch it again share it tell a friend juice is out Xander Snow is ready to flood with new music‼🎶 #Support #LEGION 🤘🏾

  • Hemi June8
    Hemi June8

    (Like) if you love yourself

  • Met Ro
    Met Ro

    Did i hear a dis 😭😭😭😭 Jk

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Man pulled up to the jet in a different Aventador then the one he drove off in at the house at 1:04 😂😂😂💀

    • Yac Rcbb
      Yac Rcbb

      Alex C stolen comment bitch