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The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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  • Marqnotmark !
    Marqnotmark !

    Fuck jerry he doesn’t think before doing anything

  • hrvy

    "Jerry, you son of a bitch." "I'm out." -me 2020

  • sole zym
    sole zym

    Pendejo Jerry ....

  • J G
    J G


  • nakhon wungwua
    nakhon wungwua

    A plane can last on I engine tho...

  • Hunter Cardona
    Hunter Cardona

    I love this show

  • uriyfelipe gamer de calidad
    uriyfelipe gamer de calidad

    En el mibuto <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> no parece la teberna de moe

  • Renato Nunes24
    Renato Nunes24


  • Threat-Level- Midnight
    Threat-Level- Midnight

    Fucking Jerry! 🤬

  • Wilsont Kento
    Wilsont Kento

    Jerry the weenie men if he see a remote with two buttons,he use the remote

  • Alice Yagami
    Alice Yagami

    Some one need kill morty daddy bro

  • PhirePhoenix101

    I always thought people hated too much on Jerry... Now I see why.

  • André Roberto Ferreira
    André Roberto Ferreira

    Thank you

  • Cat Vivanco
    Cat Vivanco

    por favooo!paren de subir spoilers,necesito saber cuando los suben a Netflix ;(

  • Alonzo Jesus
    Alonzo Jesus

    This is moe taberna

  • Imthatextrakid

    This is why you should save often

  • Mario El Numero 1 7w7
    Mario El Numero 1 7w7

    I was honestly so damn triggered i started to cry when they survived i was so damn happy and though that she was going to be in future episodes of rick snd morty but when Jerry pressed that reset button i was so damn annoyed i see why people hate him

  • Josh Vas
    Josh Vas

    Those remotes didn’t even look remotely similar. Jerry is as useful as a magikarp splash attack

  • שגיא

    of :(

  • marycruz


  • Skäggulk Bergström
    Skäggulk Bergström

    This episode wasnt good...they havet done so much better.

  • Mylife_in_a_post with family
    Mylife_in_a_post with family

    Oof I felt soo bad for morty when a part of his finger came off

  • MellowCat

    Loool i love that


    bruh I hate djerry so much

  • mark XV
    mark XV

    Pixar's "Up" open scene with coke

  • Рауан Кумарканов
    Рауан Кумарканов

    Fucking Jerry. Dumbass🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Frostwing Gaming
    Frostwing Gaming

    What boggles my mind is the fact he never thought to save once during the best time of his life

    • Jon Does
      Jon Does

      right before plane take off would be nice.

  • joaquin alonso tovar
    joaquin alonso tovar

    Someone has yake imyo account that at the start of the video it apears the moe’s bar?

  • Jose Miguel Palacios
    Jose Miguel Palacios

    The lesson: Jerry Sucks

  • Without Reason
    Without Reason

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> Yeah, Morty's forever a solo...

  • Kayky Lima
    Kayky Lima

    Wait... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> moe?

  • Rogelio Calidad
    Rogelio Calidad

    F U Jerry.

  • K' Dash
    K' Dash

    Prince of Persia Sands of Time

  • I love Takis
    I love Takis

    Ofcourse it has to be jerry smh

  • K' Dash
    K' Dash

    That was better than some episodes of the last season. And why do you guys stop? Censure?

  • CoolCanMan

    wait is that that universes spring feild? because the guy looks like moe and behind him is moes place

  • Bread Boi
    Bread Boi


  • SubscribeForPizza

    I hate the ending.

  • BusterDash '
    BusterDash '

    Ngl this was the scene that hit the hardest to me lol, all ruined because Jerry.

  • Megumin _Tv
    Megumin _Tv

    Alabado seas Jerry

  • PoppyKumo

    Anyone notice the building behind wheelchair grandpa looks like Moes Tavern from The Simpsons? Just me? Ok..😶

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez

    Es moooooy boeno

    • 10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back
      10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back

      Trede subscribers

  • 10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back
    10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back

    Subscribe to me I’m subscribe back 🔙

  • Cory Anderson
    Cory Anderson

    Damn that hurt but if he truly decided to be with her he would have destroyed the device at some point . Can’t totally feel bad for mortty

  • Diego Mays cabaña
    Diego Mays cabaña

    Is amazing

  • xMaxi11x XD
    xMaxi11x XD

    Morty: **HAPPY** Autor: **FAIL MOMMENT** >:D

  • Brutal AM
    Brutal AM All Fujin ,sheeva and robocop punish and flawless block attack in Mortal Kombat 11.

  • Filipe Spiazzi
    Filipe Spiazzi

    I mu god

    • Leandro Romero
      Leandro Romero

      why the control no working

  • Ricky Munguia
    Ricky Munguia

    Intense story scene from rick and morty

  • ömer kıyak
    ömer kıyak

    Oh man

  • AzUka ChiToMoRi Nokakashi
    AzUka ChiToMoRi Nokakashi

    Moral of the story... jerry is a dick

  • The Bitter Feature
    The Bitter Feature

    Did you know the airplane crash and the cannibalism was based on a true story?

  • Kaike R
    Kaike R


  • Thomas Luiz
    Thomas Luiz

    Ok now im sad

  • Logangster 524
    Logangster 524

    What Happened To The Other 2 Survivors Of The Plane Crash After Morty And His Girlfriend Were Rescued

  • Chivitos 100
    Chivitos 100

    This is why everyone hates jerry

  • kryptic explosion
    kryptic explosion

    Jerry ruins everything. This time it’s not even on purpose lol.

  • farol nr
    farol nr

    I hate motherf*cking Jerry! He is a stone in the shoe!

  • DEAPY 595
    DEAPY 595

    So Sad men :"v

  • Fariz Badiuzzaman
    Fariz Badiuzzaman

    I was laughing so hard at this episode

    • Gustavo Zx
      Gustavo Zx

      Music name ?

  • Let Me Dream
    Let Me Dream

    Lol the plane crash is from a real life event that happened

  • Kitchen Roam
    Kitchen Roam

    Everyone, stop making fun of jerry. You wouldve done the same thing. Your mature ass would never be able to maintain yourselves from clicking a big red button that you found randomly. So shut the fuck up because you wouldve done the exact same thing.

  • Kitchen Roam
    Kitchen Roam

    Honestly i kinda like the fact that jerry had pressed that button. If morty would have had a girlfriend then the show would be not as fun as it is. It wouldnt be rick and mortys adventure anymore. Sometimes you just cant get something in life. The show would have changed so much, the adventures would stop and morty would have been more mature, making the morty we knew and who was funny just gone.

    • 10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back
      10k subscribers before 2021 I’m subscribe back

      Trede subs?

  • Jason Cohen
    Jason Cohen

    The new season came out ? I didnt even know it.

  • Miguel Arenas
    Miguel Arenas

    What’s even worse is that jerry vaporized his own son.

  • [*Dragon*] черепок
    [*Dragon*] черепок

    Джери даун

  • Ember Hydra
    Ember Hydra

    Of course the father ruins it

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado

    I can't belive this is a real story

  • moonwalk man
    moonwalk man

    What was her name

  • It's The Boi from Arsenal :3
    It's The Boi from Arsenal :3

    jerry will die in hell

  • wedontknow

    Geez that was heartbreaking

  • SecretWalrusSmuggler^

    Is this a reference to the plane crash in Argentina?? From the movie Viven! Too damn similar


    Dang Jerry had to mess everything up 😡

  • Javier Pavez
    Javier Pavez


  • I Agree
    I Agree

    Dank idk why but this shit kinda hit hard on me anyone else as well?

  • Beans Cottrell
    Beans Cottrell

    Literally the most I've ever hated jerry

  • Shypai

    That shit one Netflix yet?

  • chris306

    Ohhh shit gawww damn. I need to catch up on this show. Fuck lol

  • qua _gga
    qua _gga


  • Sergio Cortes
    Sergio Cortes

    jerry ql q no sirve para nada

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