My enemy Became My Slave
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  • Rajaa Abdelsalam
    Rajaa Abdelsalam

    Omg lol

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  • Edwin James (Ted) O'Brien
    Edwin James (Ted) O'Brien

    Jordon is Exposed!!!!

  • Hayli Hill
    Hayli Hill

    Finally the story actually does what the title says at the end

  • Frank ZZZ
    Frank ZZZ

    That gurl is gold digger

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell

    at a school I use to attend I flicked little balls of paper on the floor and bullies picked them all up. I denied throwing them on the floor even let others know who those former tormenting bullies were.

  • lil gassoline
    lil gassoline

    I have no idea what’s going on

  • Zoya Hussain
    Zoya Hussain

    4:12 her gold digger face 🤣🤣

  • Anahi Rodriguez
    Anahi Rodriguez

    "I wanna work to give a gift for my mom for her upcoming birthday" "if the young hot ones flirted with me I enjoy that!" Bruh didn't you focus for the gift for your mom's upcoming birthday? 😑😑😑😑🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️

  • Eemeli Vastamäki
    Eemeli Vastamäki

    I think its great that u are able to take advantage of things and make ur enemy do what u want. But there is a limit, u know. Sooner or later karma will hit u, like it hit ur enemy.

  • Elaina _ VB05
    Elaina _ VB05

    This is the most LA thing I have ever seen....

  • Iţž_pĕårł_Ý'ałł

    This kinda sounds like maid samai

  • beeepboopbeep boop
    beeepboopbeep boop

    *what the absolute hell*

  • Boopy 4269
    Boopy 4269

    What the hell is this crap

  • You fat Boy
    You fat Boy

    U voice change

  • richelle douglas
    richelle douglas

    This is what you call instant karma

  • Jazmin Garcia
    Jazmin Garcia

    Its cormau for jardin

  • exodus

    That's a total rip off of Kaichou Maid Sama

  • Rhoujae Gayle
    Rhoujae Gayle

    This is from the anime 'class president is a maid'

  • Angela Lu
    Angela Lu

    Jordan got instant KARMA!!!!!!!!! Get Reckt dummy

  • Puppybomb Oki
    Puppybomb Oki

    Another day in sunny California Me: another day in savage vill Also me: another episode in my enemy became my slave Another me: another day blackmail heaven

  • Keyara Carrier
    Keyara Carrier

    Km non by just of a children BH get b f get g ⚖ a life

  • gaming beast
    gaming beast

    No one Not a single soul Rena : iM liKE vERy pOpUlaR

  • Kyaw Blut
    Kyaw Blut

    That is not right

  • Bijah Brown, Sr.
    Bijah Brown, Sr.

    "Ex hoe girlfreind..." Ooooooffffff

  • Mayra Violeta Soto
    Mayra Violeta Soto

    I also want to slap him in the face

  • Mayra Violeta Soto
    Mayra Violeta Soto

    OMG he is not even hot!! >:(

  • Abbigail Pacheco
    Abbigail Pacheco

    That moment when you realize that this is the plot of Maid-sama

  • Bijah Brown, Sr.
    Bijah Brown, Sr.

    Oof I hate gold diggers😑😐😑

  • Kyaw Blut
    Kyaw Blut

    This is like that one anime

  • /Aime\

    This sounds like Maid-Sama -3-

  • Jairollys Cotes
    Jairollys Cotes

    Not chest .There Cheatacals

  • Jay Muniz
    Jay Muniz


  • •Pink_lighting •
    •Pink_lighting •

    This is like “Maid Sama” and like “Blend-s”

  • Isabelle Cropper
    Isabelle Cropper

    I AM sO dAMn PopULAR

  • Gacha Wolfy
    Gacha Wolfy

    Her “I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE” My phone volume 100 😵

  • Makayla and Gabriele's world
    Makayla and Gabriele's world

    At the beginning she sounded like a spoiled brat

  • The Incredible Talking Dog
    The Incredible Talking Dog

    Why does this sound like a glmm?

  • E.R Murdered
    E.R Murdered

    Maid Sama??????

  • jAckIe

    need to get 3 more seconds for that ad revenue

  • Mängo

    9:32 at this point, I hate her

  • Hema Patel
    Hema Patel

    Five? My dad left when I was 2, ha ha ha ha hu hu hugh *starts crying*

  • bart neto
    bart neto

    the best video ever

  • Nathaniel Lindroos
    Nathaniel Lindroos

    Ok boomer

  • Makayla Jex
    Makayla Jex

    A real life anime maid sama

  • k m
    k m

    It's a little spoilt but that's like lots of money

  • the squish doc
    the squish doc

    Use me as a WTH button

  • OhNoMyDONutDroPPEd !
    OhNoMyDONutDroPPEd !

    Sounds like a Gacha mini movie

  • Ellie Marston
    Ellie Marston


  • Dustin Fidge
    Dustin Fidge

    Girls like this are the reason why some guys hate girls... lol

  • Julian Kamp
    Julian Kamp


  • XxRosegachaxX Rose
    XxRosegachaxX Rose


  • GreenGem 0731
    GreenGem 0731

    Is this Maid Sama

  • Dimitris pizanias
    Dimitris pizanias

    That looks like the roleplay inquisitormaster does

  • AnimeArtist Wannabe
    AnimeArtist Wannabe

    My enemy made me their slave YES IT IS SUGAR

  • Charlie Ann Cornell
    Charlie Ann Cornell

    I don't know if anyone else noticed but this is based off a Netflix series called Maid sama

  • xryzemT aukinog
    xryzemT aukinog

    her:i hated him also her:he took me in his limo

  • kitha68

    ._. Use me as a “Wtf did I just watch”

  • fuzzy wizard_42
    fuzzy wizard_42

    I think she's drunk

  • oof poof
    oof poof

    "Until his ex h** girlfriend showed u-" Me: what the- take it easy Jeez