My new Workstation is GLORIOUS! ... and NOT watercooled...
I haven't built myself a permanent AMD based system in 8 years... say hello to my new AMD Threadripper 3960X workstation! This makes us officially all AMD workstations at the studio.
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  • Daniel Pedrini
    Daniel Pedrini

    How do you find the Prisma AL12's? Looking to upgrade my build with them but can't find many reviews out there

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness

    RIP Intel !

  • Skylar Richardson
    Skylar Richardson

    What do you do on your workstation computer?

  • Mohammed-Taha Dahmani
    Mohammed-Taha Dahmani

    this moment killed me 6:14

  • Michael Tibs
    Michael Tibs

    What electric screwdriver do u use in the video

  • Trippy Times Two
    Trippy Times Two

    That's a BIG ASS GPU and it's barely sagging at all. Beautiful.

  • Richi Av
    Richi Av

    Hey Jay, i got the NZXT Kraken M22 on my 8700K. Can you maybe make a budget AIO overclock video with these two components? Would be very interested in this one. I think there might be some people who are interested in such a build. Keep up the great work!

  • Jonathan

    "The back is not that pretty" Proceeds to show cable management of the gods

  • Digitalbumpin

    And as expected it looks like total shit with that monstrous air cooler.

  • Jeff

    Noob, did it also take you half a year?

  • Markus Kalkbrenner
    Markus Kalkbrenner

    I’m using the same cooler on a 3900x and my temps under heavy load are in the 85C range

    • Marty's random art
      Marty's random art

      OOF, not cool

  • Freddie Charriez
    Freddie Charriez

    About time you went AMD Jay, its was only a matter of time. Oh yeah 5.5 out Of New Threadripper 3990X wow.

  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson

    Dark pro build rtx 2080 build, 2080 not 2080 ti omg that's the dark pro pc build duh duh duh duh duh duh duh bad boys 1 theme song synthed movies and pc builds do you know how big that pc is it can run any movie in 4k that's a bad boys for life build

  • Jeff McCord Soule
    Jeff McCord Soule

    I just bought this case and installed my FIRST EVER PC build... and I'm so happy with it.

    • Jeff McCord Soule
      Jeff McCord Soule

      AND used the amazing Kraken x72 watercooler. ;) Great vid Jay!

  • 杨昊霖

    JayzTwoCents can I add you on World of warships? XD

  • Loser

    why are you not using titan rtx... is that not better than 2080ti

  • astro_viking2

    Wow that's brutal

  • Jean Mesa
    Jean Mesa

    Wtf is up with this guy and “digress” holy shit. You’re not even using it right. Is it “part” of the content/script? I love your content btw just really really annoyed with how much you use that word and how you use it. But who cares right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • prashanthgtr

    I think he chose a wrong form factor for this build as the issues with fan...etc still the build looks good :)

  • Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickham

    I have artic freezer 33 tr4 air cpu cooler 210 w tdp with ten year warranty ...2nd fan optional...removable bracket fan pwr adjust for high profile ram modules no blockage..1920x tr cpu...runs 30-35 degrees...better deal vs. Noctua 14 or 15. No monitor expensive or leak or obstruction water cooling. Radiator other option but less expensive water cooling but more air cooler...does not obstruct ram. Artic freezer 50 tr 250-80w for amd 64 core 128 thread or noctua or radiator? I dont like other air coolers they block high profile ram...low profile ram? Dark rock removable?

  • Brooks Ingersoll
    Brooks Ingersoll

    My head explodes with all the info. How the hell do remember all those numbers? Anyway I am new to your site and love it! How about a Flight Sim build approx $1000.

  • Pedronimus Piace
    Pedronimus Piace

    What about a SCUBA tank to clean a PC?!

    • Pedronimus Piace
      Pedronimus Piace

      As an alternative to $8 a can compressed air?

  • kyle cracraft
    kyle cracraft

    I am fully aware no ones life is perfect and "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." But damn the shit yall play with is sick, as well as the knowledge you've accumulated over the years. Hope I can afford a solid high end gaming PC one day. Love your work

  • Brian Woodrow
    Brian Woodrow

    Jay What do I need for a streaming pc

  • Krazi speed
    Krazi speed

    6:33, what is that electric screwdriver your using here JAY... please, i want one!!!! where can i find???

  • Austin Duff
    Austin Duff


  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy

    How strong is that mother board will the weight of that cooler pull the studs out and break the board with its weight?

  • David Camilo Tovar
    David Camilo Tovar

    I have never tried watercooling, but if I had the possibility to just 'try it out' I'd just for the fun of it.

  • Seth

    Similar aesthetic to the build I copied.

  • Computerguy

    anyone catch the error at 1:49 where he said "3960X" instead of "3950X"?

  • mylar hyrule
    mylar hyrule

    I am a professional mechanic and would LOVE if you made a custom computer that replaced a few drawers in a mechanics toolbox like a server rack... it is something I’m interested in making and can’t find anyone else that made one to maybe watch first

  • Tyrone Nelson
    Tyrone Nelson

    Easy to service? the ram is obstructed by the cpu cooler for a start.

  • Tyrone Nelson
    Tyrone Nelson

    that system wont last long as it is inefficient and It will eventually overheat.

  • Tyrone Nelson
    Tyrone Nelson

    I don't use water cooling in my pc, i use liquid cooling.

  • christopher james
    christopher james

    Intel execs must cringe when they become aware of videos like this.

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    dude just water cool it and quit playing... put a couple 360 slim white primochills in it and leave the top cover off..... you're welcome...

  • Shadab Faiz
    Shadab Faiz

    Why a hdd instead of a sata SSD?


    My Asus 2008ish P7P55D-E LX tower of power with a core i3 CPU550, 2 cores, 4 threads @ 3.21GHz, win 10 pro 64bit, XFX Radeon R7-370 series just scored 512pts on Cinebench20. It needs more cooling, just have a 2-inch exhaust fan. It overheats when I watch youtube with another tab open. I'm a gamer. I have Hoyle card&Board games, love me some mahjong, chess and of course battleship....but I digress....

  • Epicbeard man
    Epicbeard man

    Wait a minute... A none water cooled system? like i built my 1st water cooled system because of you Jay, like not gonna lie it's nice to see you change it up though, keep it up man really appreciate that you keep up the uploads.

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York

    I always hate that the GeForce logo isn’t lighted up.

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York

    Yeah why would you need water cooling?

  • The Noob Network
    The Noob Network

    Have you ever thought about bringing a viewer on and building a pc together? I will volunteer haha.

  • Sushil Ram
    Sushil Ram

    AMD is killing it !!!!

  • IrelandVonVicious

    See water cooling is dumb. Nice of you to start noticing.

  • Alexandreh Lemidgi
    Alexandreh Lemidgi

    i just fell in love with that one, how much i dream with my first gamer pc

  • Zoran Krstev
    Zoran Krstev

    even watercooling is aircooling so...

  • joel patzwall
    joel patzwall

    nice build jay

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    Water cooling is incredibly hard to justify the cost.

  • Constantin Brouillard
    Constantin Brouillard

    What is the intro music

  • Sauztriaco

    wow, so jealous to be honest Jay. What an absolute beauty of system and i'm sure it cost you $0.00, DAMN! For me, getting a system like that is probably 1 year of savings. Guess i should've started a NOsoft channel back in the day hahah!

  • Balakeh

    Hey what sound does a turbo make?? Me: 6:17

  • Shaun Rattee
    Shaun Rattee

    I have the same cooler. I have the fans on both ends with 0 issues.

    • Сергей Кайзер
      Сергей Кайзер

      Be Quiet sent you additional vibration dampers for the radiator so you can install a third fan? I am interested because I want to do the same. I am very excited to be able to install a third fan, simply because it looks like crazy.

  • Shaun

    I want to buy a 2080ti and I was wondering what people recommended between the Asus Strix or the EVGA ftw3 edition?

  • graham hart
    graham hart

    Watching this video compared to some older J2C vids it looks like jay has gotten himself in much better physical shape. Good job buddy! 👍 keep it up

  • MoppelMat

    this is sooooo pc part pr0n!

  • B Adventures Vlogs
    B Adventures Vlogs

    Monster storm trooper build. Fun build video 👍

  • Daniel Hendrickson
    Daniel Hendrickson

    6:13 - I paused after witnessing this, took a moment to collect myself, and then promptly upvoted before resuming the video.

  • Archibald Doogan
    Archibald Doogan

    The Threadrippers are the absolute best workstations. Intel isn't even close in that arena right now.

  • Angel

    Jay im really really mad, turn off the rgb spectrum

  • Сергей Кайзер
    Сергей Кайзер

    Maybe I missed something. It turns out that Dark Rosk can keep the 3960x at an adequate temperature when accelerating to 4.2? WHAT? Or was it overclocking specifically for short-range tests?