My new car is a crazy 60mph 'toy'!!!
I like cars of all sizes. Even those too small to drive. In this video I unbox my new radio controlled car - an Arrma Mojave. It's electric powered and uses a brushless motor which can propel it up to 60mph. See my first attempt at an unboxing then see me blast this truck and jump it!
For more information on the caer visit Arrma RC here:
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hope you all enjoy this unboxing video. I've never done one before so respond here to let me know how I did and to tell what else you'd like me to unbox? And please SUBSCRIBE!

    • DEAD_IN5IDE_05

      I watched ford v Ferrari today and I thought it was you who plays ken miles but then I found out it was Christian bale who plays ken you look and sound very similar anyway great unboxing video

    • teuku ryan
      teuku ryan

      Please unbox your next phone!

    • MorningStar

    • Alex Nator
      Alex Nator

      Can you unbox some 1:18 die cast cars please mat!

    • becky

      You should try the traxxas x max

  • calim steven
    calim steven

    you can get this with an moter

  • GoodFodder

    Spot the kid 😀

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Can't afford it 🙃

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Put a go pro on it 😝. It'd be fun

  • Guhlam Mustafa
    Guhlam Mustafa

    I just subscribe and the bell icon and I love your channel whether it is car wow or your channel

  • Jibin mun
    Jibin mun

    I hope there's 180mph rc car.

  • Kimi Daly
    Kimi Daly

    Hi Matt can u please make a Lamborghini uris review on carwow

  • PHstackmonkey

    Need a top speed race against your Fiat126p..

  • Rc Norway
    Rc Norway


  • wikichris

    Door bins are poor.


    More rc videoes!

  • kierondevere

    Are you still doing videos for CARWOW or have you gone out on your own?

  • Scott P
    Scott P

    How much is it? U may of said In the video but I skipped to the end to see it go

  • Arthur Thorne
    Arthur Thorne

    Does it have a holder for a bottle of water?

  • zsecvbnm zsecvbnm
    zsecvbnm zsecvbnm

    You should race this against your fiat 126p

  • Crazycraigy

    Not even ready with scissors to cut ties off box killed it for me...not the sharpest knife are you...😏

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens

    Didn't even poke it with a stick!

  • Dominik Riegert
    Dominik Riegert

    Love the sheer joy in your voice and on your face! Cheers!

  • Paul Russell
    Paul Russell

    More rc Mat.

  • AbdulAziz' S
    AbdulAziz' S

    hi im frome Arabic i like chanel marte ♥🖤🖤 .

  • Nicholas Holmes
    Nicholas Holmes

    It’s good to see Matt taking up new hobbies after Ryan left.

  • Jon Lloyd
    Jon Lloyd

    I'm only 2 minutes in and I already like the video. Great sense of humour! I shall keep watching...

    • Jon Lloyd
      Jon Lloyd

      ..."It just buggers off' hahahaha

  • Marcus Gonzales Network. MGN
    Marcus Gonzales Network. MGN

    It's very fast waysssssss

  • Kamil K
    Kamil K

    You should really mount a GoPro with OIS on that thing, you'd get some sweet shots.

  • MrSyriaMoon

    Wheelie RC

  • iceplanetRC

    more rc videos please

  • Ralph Burrows
    Ralph Burrows

    You know back in my day (im in my mid 40's) the only way to get access to a toy like this was to build it. this buying it built is like cheating and you don't know how everything works. If you really like the hobby, look for a kit that's not built and you will get hours of enjoyment from building it.

  • chaz smith
    chaz smith

    Don't Break it ,,LOL

  • emgee44

    OK one major correction here, this is NOT a toy!

  • tea bag
    tea bag

    mmmmmmm nah id still love to have an hpi savage its nitro for me I'm not a fan of electric

  • RolDo

    Couse of this video i ordered such a beast - but mine is red👍

  • Less Talk, More Delicious
    Less Talk, More Delicious

    Wow... love its’ realistic proportions! Looks like a trophy truck! 😍💥💥

  • Technickr

    This is a beast but did you said 650£ UK?

  • RobSousa

    Love my nitros, but I have not run them for a long time.Savage XL K5.9 stock, and a toughness modified Trophy Truggy 4.6.Might sell them.They are in very good condition. Don't have time for the hobby no more.

  • Cezary Lasinski
    Cezary Lasinski

    You should rebuild to Fiat 126p maluch rc car xd

  • Mustang Cz
    Mustang Cz

    You should do video with Kevin Talbot.

  • Rzeberdorlysz NumberOne
    Rzeberdorlysz NumberOne

    Because all model is waterproof you can easly clean that model under shower, but of course without battery.

  • Karl gamer
    Karl gamer

    If you were going to sell nitro car how much

  • kodfish1985 🇮🇪
    kodfish1985 🇮🇪

    Fucking speed of that yoke!

  • The DUDE
    The DUDE

    It sounds like a baby pig

  • mark hardicre
    mark hardicre

    That’s the best car you have had on your channel 😂

  • MrBeast

    The traxxas udr is way better

  • Urbano Garza
    Urbano Garza

    Electric is always better, good choice

  • SkyPilot

    Great for your next car wow drag race with the Tesla. 🍻👍😆✔🌟

  • Rune Boritz
    Rune Boritz

    "Kv" (what's on the motor) is how many RPMs it'll spin at per 1 volt with no load. Kilovolt (as you said) is "kV" - so the other way round :P 10.000 people probably already wrote this. I just feel like a had to as well. Cheers from the Danish Electrician ;)

  • chris gamble
    chris gamble

    Lipo bags DO NOT WORK. The lipo will burn right through that bag like it wasn't even in there too begin with

  • wakko0hakko

    Yea man... those glo engines are smelly temperamental POS's.. they used make me cry. Electric FTW.

  • neodym 007
    neodym 007

    I like to watch carwow, now that I know you are into RC cars as well I'm going to like to watch your videos even more. Please do a rewiew of the HPI Savage, with driving it of course as well, as you do on carwow. That would be something!

  • NHEFF09

    dangerous battery no thanks

  • William Cockvaganinz
    William Cockvaganinz

  • sean stampley
    sean stampley

    My brother.... You have a Porsche. A real one. Go drive it, and save your hands some paper-cuts

  • Ron Dawwg
    Ron Dawwg

    Should of just gone mental and got the 50cc Raminator Petrol rc truck..

  • Charlie. Richards
    Charlie. Richards

    You should do some races between the two remote control cars and some sports cars

  • Hitendran Chandran
    Hitendran Chandran

    Can u review the tesla roadster pls

  • Steve Westbury
    Steve Westbury

    The 2050 kv on the motor means that the motor spins at 2050 rpm per volt so with a 6 cell battery which i think you have it will max out at 45510 rpm at the motor.

  • Krudt -Tossen
    Krudt -Tossen

    it's only a copy of the traxxas ultimate desert racer

  • int 98
    int 98

    No carwow

  • Theodore Nicoloulias
    Theodore Nicoloulias

    But how much can we save on average through carwow?

  • Rakshith Bekal
    Rakshith Bekal

    i bet stuart little would have a blast in it