My StreetHunter Toyota Supra is DONE!!
Tj Hunt
I cannot believe this car made it on time. None of this would habve been possible with all my friends! Huge shoutout to Need for Speed Heat for sponsoring todays video! It's available worldwide November 8th so check out out here: #NFSHeat #SponsoredbyEA @needforspeed
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

  • Ronnie Luntsford
    Ronnie Luntsford

    I am in love with this kit teej. Honestly out of any kit I've ever seen this is the most fluid and elegant kit and it goes perfect with the supras bodylines

    • Humbly Driven
      Humbly Driven

      So agree. I don't understand why people are hating on it, it flows so well.

    • Javier Meléndez
      Javier Meléndez

      Yes Ronnie that it's true 💯

    • Kable

      that kit just makes the supra look like a big brother to the s2000

    • PJ Morrison
      PJ Morrison

      Best Supra kit, definitely! As far as any kit, the Pandem kit on the 350z is JELLY CASSEROLE!🤤

    • Paxton

      It seems like any of the kits if seen are to bulky looking including the wing this kit looks so much better than the rest

  • Luke

    y’all are from San Marcos TX?

  • John Michael Angeles
    John Michael Angeles

    Wheel and tire spec?

  • Robin Bisram
    Robin Bisram


  • ゲーマードラコイアント

    I want this on gta Online

  • Ron McCoy
    Ron McCoy

    Put a bloody mask on when you’re cutting mate !

  • Oyako Don
    Oyako Don

    It’s ironic since this video is about Supra MK5, and it was the one car that we expected to show up in NFS Heat, but it didn’t.

  • crooked kirby
    crooked kirby

    I legit only just watched you putting the racing steering wheel on your 350z, and to see this! Big difference AND IM LOVING IT!!

  • jack Girling
    jack Girling

    Other channels changing there shifter knob on there civic EP3's, Tj out here fitting a widebody kit to a new Supra! Loving this!!!!! 👌🏻

  • Toni Valentin
    Toni Valentin

    that's a cool looking Bmw

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    That's insane,

  • BadmilkTV

    has anyone purchased this wide body kit with wing? im wondering how the trunk opens?

  • Zachary Johns
    Zachary Johns

    I'm so mad watching this video because I'm trying to hear the sound of the exhaust and you have music playing!!!😡

  • oplix

    Bro the Brake/Wheel setup is GODLIKE.

  • Patrick Guerra
    Patrick Guerra

    Whats your engine in your supra tj hunt??

    • Patrick Guerra
      Patrick Guerra


  • Noah Lackey
    Noah Lackey

    too clean best kit so far

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    dude. . . ?

  • Sarim Hy
    Sarim Hy

    TJ, that kit is fire bro but to set the car off even more, add some adven Gt’s. You’ll love it.

  • Sarim Hy
    Sarim Hy

    TJ, that kit is fire bro but to set the car off even more, add some adven Gt’s. You’ll love it.

  • Sarim Hy
    Sarim Hy

    TJ, that kit is fire bro but to set the car off even more, add some adven Gt’s. You’ll love it.

  • alberto mario tirado
    alberto mario tirado

    looks horible

  • Cameron

    The most that TJ can do is drill holes while the pros do the real work.... bought not built

  • Vexa

    i fall in love more with the mk5 supra everytime i see it

  • Benjamin

    is that a gas mokey's scout/bronco I see in the background?

  • FaSS Blac
    FaSS Blac

    Shit looks nice, Bro. Very nice set up.

  • alpho j
    alpho j

    At exactly <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1620">27:00</a>, I lost my coffee! I kept replaying there to end...climatic exasperation! Time management, WOW

  • Yosef Yah
    Yosef Yah

    That wing is perfect

  • Yosef Yah
    Yosef Yah

    Taller tires so it doesn't have to drop so low to be flush.

  • Citizen Kane
    Citizen Kane

    Bunch of rich spoiled dorks, and that Hadji kid slapping the spoiler that was just put on?? The owner after seeing that likely would want toi toss his ass off a roof and rightly so. DORKS!

  • bumperxx1

    rich fucking asshole and people give you views

  • SadisticStang

    Turns out the new Supra is a wide kitted RX7. Well done sir, you waited two decades to make another Rx7 with a BMW motor ;golf clap

  • Die Maschine
    Die Maschine

    First time on this guys channel. Another rich kid who never worked in his life. Posting let me show off daddy’s money buying cars and paying others to fix them while I tinker acting like I know what I’m doing. Like Tavarish among others.

  • Die Maschine
    Die Maschine

    Still a BMW

  • Chadi Gholam
    Chadi Gholam

    fuckboy acheivment unlocked

  • Quagigitymire

    When your wheels are costing thousands each they best be lightweight

  • KallaMigCP

    You could just say adhere. "the soapy water stops the film from adhering to the windshield"

  • Sean

    Sponsoring nfs, which has no Toyota’s :/

  • dynamic21

    Why do you work with those clowns at SOS lmao. Their work and quality is so fucking overrated smh


    This look like if batman was into JDM cars lmao.

  • ManAmal ReActs
    ManAmal ReActs


  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    Looks cheap. And kinda janky. Loved it stock though.

  • Boban Pavlovic
    Boban Pavlovic

    Its ugly,

  • Sergio Blackman
    Sergio Blackman

    Omg this is ONE of the SEXIEST beast i have ever seen OMG

  • MrStylizZ

    Your not removed the stickers on the tire >.

  • MrStylizZ

    Why do you not use black screws?

  • Rescue Rabbit
    Rescue Rabbit

    It looks like a Toyota Z4

  • J C
    J C

    That is cick Supr

  • 横瀬達郎

    Which manufactures s wheel??

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    The new toyota supra is absolutely disgusting wtf is that shit? Looks like a toyota 86 and a corvette drove head on at 100mph and this is whats left

  • Itr 1244
    Itr 1244

    this is the best looking supra on youtube so far.. great job..

  • Ajaacks 8bp420
    Ajaacks 8bp420

    Tj can i have some money please :(

  • Octavio

    How do I get a prototype made?

  • Timothy Dawson
    Timothy Dawson

    Dry steering makes me cringe.

  • Dave Pumpsalot
    Dave Pumpsalot

    Fukk this bmw beamer

  • AB 23
    AB 23

    What wheels are those

  • Xx_Alphacati_xX

    What are those HRE wheels tj got for his Supra? The 5 spoke grey ones?

  • Hmongkhang

    Wow super clean nice job!! Beautiful

  • Dorio dos Santos
    Dorio dos Santos

    what is the point of getting the tires so close to the car? if you hit any tiny bump its over....

  • Christian Rios
    Christian Rios

    It’s a beast

  • Healing Hippies
    Healing Hippies

    Maybe sniffles can be cut out. Lol

  • bmxcycles

    I may have cringed at every single cut and hole in the process of this, but it does look fucking sick 😎

  • JetNmyFuture
    JetNmyFuture looks hideous.

  • German MGTOW monk
    German MGTOW monk

    What a beast! Have fun driving it!

  • R S
    R S

    omg you guys need respirators ffs!



  • H F
    H F

    do what you want to this excuse of a supra its still ugly as hell. this car is a fucking shame

  • ITz Just Savage
    ITz Just Savage

    I still love that nfs heat intro

  • Stixx N Stonerz
    Stixx N Stonerz

    Man, dat ride looks tuff!

  • killa bubbs25
    killa bubbs25

    Can't wait for Toyota to make their own Supra

  • Martin Perez
    Martin Perez

    Does anybody else think that dude is high as fuck! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a>

  • Agus Chandrawan
    Agus Chandrawan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1374">22:54</a> More spicy hahaha

  • Down & Dirty
    Down & Dirty

    That looks sick!

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    Cool Mazda!

  • 배ᅧᅢWhdydtn

    Wow nice looking BMW

  • M P
    M P

    Wear a fuckin' mask


    m4 still looks better

  • John McCain
    John McCain

    Hey man “can do better” you are just like Elon Musk! Don’t feel bad! If you did this and didn’t live in California you’d be a superstar. Living in Cali you can feel what STRADMAN is doing to your channel. Your car is way better.

  • John McCain
    John McCain

    Sad thing is most people covered STRADMANS Supra and I kept waiting for yours and it was a fly by. But yours was the best at the show by far. Except for the Wasabi. I just love Wasabi and it was real sweet.

  • John McCain
    John McCain

    I will be buying your kit but it will be in Calvin color or white.

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner

    What year Supra is it??