So everybody is fighting over on Facebook about the Who's Legend event.
As you can see Aldous has more than doubled his lead.
Because of this, the people on Facebook say Aldous shouldn't win since he already has good skins.
Some of them are even posting offensive photos.
But there is still a chance to change the result because on April 9, only the top 8 heroes will proceed to the next round.
The number of votes will reset and start again until April 16.
After that, only the top 4 heroes will proceed.
And then on April 23, only two heroes will be left.
The last voting date is on April 30.
So if you ask me who's gonna win, I'm placing my bet on Gusion.
It's because Who's Legend was also held on advance server a few months ago.
In the semi-finals, there were only four left, Hayabusa, Granger, Gusion and Aldous.
And if I recall correctly, the last two heroes in advance server were Gusion and Hayabusa.
So that's why I'm placing my bet on Gusion.
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  • Elgin

    Here are the winners for this giveaway: Molly Cupcake - PhenomenaLB0ss - JF Saliedo - Dyyrick - King Jay - Check your comments in this video for more information on how to claim your prize. Thank you everyone for joining! More giveaways are coming soon for this month.

    • Andrew David
      Andrew David

      Elgin is that random cause I wasnt on the list

    • Andrew David
      Andrew David

      I wonder why I didnt got in the list though sad

    • Andrew David
      Andrew David

      @zukashi zuno same

    • Ryan Muhammad Alex
      Ryan Muhammad Alex

      Remember guys, people who predicted vote correctly still would be chosen randomly.

    • Filli Milly
      Filli Milly

      I predicted it like on the day this video was uploaded and guess what...

  • Itac Tube
    Itac Tube

    I vote gusion....

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha

    My prediction is layla will receive pldt legend skin worth 999999999999 diamonds

  • adhy limboy
    adhy limboy

    Granger me

  • CompassGaming Official
    CompassGaming Official

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> Arpil?

  • Kenneth Inbuon
    Kenneth Inbuon

    Gusion win Ign:Joseph ml player

  • Madhurjya Bharali
    Madhurjya Bharali


  • Marc Clem Fajardo
    Marc Clem Fajardo


  • Isak chakma
    Isak chakma

    Granger has win already

  • jovenal estacio
    jovenal estacio

    Gusion won

  • carlota bantol
    carlota bantol


  • ashvenraley Viray
    ashvenraley Viray

    That is not gusion thats granger but gusion has new legend skin the cosmic gleam granger has other skin (legend skin)

  • Platinum Gamer
    Platinum Gamer

    Layla: *Why am I here...just to suffer?*

  • Kurt Aa
    Kurt Aa

    Gusion is the winner😂

  • Justine De leon
    Justine De leon

    Bakit di ako nanalo tagal ko na mag comment ng granger

  • Adrian Enriquez
    Adrian Enriquez

    Gusion is the best who hooo

  • Adrianne Basilides
    Adrianne Basilides

    Vote aldous

  • kevin 552
    kevin 552

    Granger win I know

  • John Patrick Reyes
    John Patrick Reyes

    Granger si the win

  • Amrl Syfq
    Amrl Syfq

    Im sure granger win

  • Obe Seth
    Obe Seth

    The event ended?? Who wins the most vote fer final stage?? Was it granger or aldous????

    • green fox
      green fox


  • wow a bugatti Tamiya
    wow a bugatti Tamiya

    I see on the who's legend is on the grand final is granger vs aldous

  • Samuel Barrion
    Samuel Barrion


  • Julie Haokip
    Julie Haokip

    Granger will win I thought ?

  • Micheal Green
    Micheal Green

    : I can wait for it to come out

  • Micheal Green
    Micheal Green

    Granger forever !!

  • Agent g.
    Agent g.

    Wrong granger won

  • Vismark Bornasal
    Vismark Bornasal

    Granger bc i wanted him a legend skin Id:48847238 IGN:.k.i.a.n. Skin:king of muay thai chou Pls I've been watching you since ur first video pls i really wanted this skin😓😭🥺

    • green fox
      green fox

      Wtf you said this when the winner was already said

  • Izzul Islam
    Izzul Islam

    I think it will be granger

  • Manfred Wee
    Manfred Wee

    Elgin I got the prediction right , Do I have a prize? XD

  • Nightmare Molcuno
    Nightmare Molcuno

    Granger is number 1 like always YAY!!!! (edit I dont know if i win but if i get pick this is my first time to win) THX FOR GRANGER note: this is not my bet comment it's somewhere below 4 weeks i promise i never lie

  • Beany ML
    Beany ML

    Granger because its the legend marksman

    • Arkin Dimaculangan
      Arkin Dimaculangan

      Nice try thats 1 day ago

  • Gacha Parody
    Gacha Parody

    Granger will win :)

  • Mentox Gaming
    Mentox Gaming

    Granger I said before 3 weeks but you didn't choose me as winner

  • Jess Roca
    Jess Roca

    Granger will win

  • Iulian Nastase
    Iulian Nastase

    I think granger !

  • Nalini Salam
    Nalini Salam

    granger because he is too op

  • Jadrake Fervis
    Jadrake Fervis

    Granger will be Legend skin

  • Kakashi

    I think Granger bet if someone win I delete ml

  • Christopher Cahili
    Christopher Cahili

    Granger Won

  • Patrick Yap
    Patrick Yap

    Because I saw it in advance server

  • Patrick Yap
    Patrick Yap

    Granger will win

  • Lansmarc PH
    Lansmarc PH

    It's granger because granger is the most popular hero

  • NosFeratu 1337
    NosFeratu 1337

    hooo granger the next

  • Anish Karkhanis
    Anish Karkhanis

    I think Granger

  • ɪᴛᴀᴄʜɪ ᴜᴄʜɪʜᴀ
    ɪᴛᴀᴄʜɪ ᴜᴄʜɪʜᴀ

    I placed my bet on granger

  • Hu Chong Vinn
    Hu Chong Vinn

    Granger is gonna win cus I picked him non stop from last month. I rlly wanted to see how his legend skin will look like. Some people may say I lied. But I rlly want to see how his skin will look like last month. I hope the replies won’t be something bad cus i rlly chose him since last month.

  • raiza villarosa
    raiza villarosa

    Actually i voted in facebook but i notice that you'll pick the winner on youtube JesterRubia IGN:DiamondCraver

  • raiza villarosa
    raiza villarosa

    I'll vote for granger

  • Ly Sopheak
    Ly Sopheak


  • Joanna Ria Borbe
    Joanna Ria Borbe

    Granger is my predict haha

    • Joanna Ria Borbe
      Joanna Ria Borbe

      @Arkin Dimaculangan ok bro

    • Arkin Dimaculangan
      Arkin Dimaculangan

      @Joanna Ria Borbe oh ok I dodnt know

    • Joanna Ria Borbe
      Joanna Ria Borbe

      Im just. Joking

    • Joanna Ria Borbe
      Joanna Ria Borbe

      @Arkin Dimaculangan joke bro

    • Arkin Dimaculangan
      Arkin Dimaculangan

      Bruh its 1 day ago



  • dale bida
    dale bida

    So many comments about them predicting Granger but it's like: 1 day ago 2 hours ago 35 minutes ago 😂😂😂 Nice try peeps!

    • Jeon kookie
      Jeon kookie

      Now i'm at one month. A WHOLE MONTH N ELGIN STILL DOESN'T NOTICE :(

    • green fox
      green fox

      True haha

    • potato head
      potato head

      @Jeon kookie were all the same in 4 weeks now find my comment

    • Jeon kookie
      Jeon kookie

      Mine was four week ago

    • ha ; ha;
      ha ; ha;

      mine was 3 weeks ago too but elgin still didn't notice the comments


    granger my favorite

  • Mito Eelyn
    Mito Eelyn

    I can't find my comment but I vote for granger

  • Andrei Ganipan
    Andrei Ganipan

    Granger win

  • Vanjosh Pitchan
    Vanjosh Pitchan


  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown

    Hello, my friends. I am from the future ; 2nd May 2020. The event has ended, and the result showed that Granger has won the vote. Sincerely, Time Traveler... jk :D

    • Manfred Wee
      Manfred Wee

      @Mr Unknown i think 5 lucky winners...But theres not much people who answered granger

    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown

      @Manfred Wee I thought only some will get prizes...

    • Manfred Wee
      Manfred Wee

      @Mr Unknown elgin said he will prepare prizes for the one that make correct guesses

    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown

      @Manfred Wee The chances are low, though. Since the event had ended, I'm pretty sure our comments will not make it anyway... 😓😓😓

    • Manfred Wee
      Manfred Wee

      hahahah I just watched the newest vid that elgin post and O got the prediction right...I hope I get a skin or elgin to follow me back in game or something XD

  • THE R.N.J.Y
    THE R.N.J.Y

    Actually, I thought Granger was going to win from the Legends skin. Sure enough, as I expected, he really won. I voted for him all my votes. I hope I can buy his skin smoothly next year. I hope it's not a difficult activity to get his Legends skin. Am I right, MR.ELGIN ?

  • Ado

    Granger probably

  • AsTrOcAt KiMmY
    AsTrOcAt KiMmY

    I want gun gun boiiiiiii (granger)

  • Ako To
    Ako To

    I came back here to say that Granger is the winner. :-)

  • wangkhing lowang
    wangkhing lowang

    Sure granger

  • Jethro Aton
    Jethro Aton

    It's Granger win legends skin

  • KimRM Luy
    KimRM Luy

    Yes! Granger win the Legend vote!!!

  • Foncee Palit-ang
    Foncee Palit-ang

    Lmao what? Granger won the event

  • Yousef Mostafa
    Yousef Mostafa

    Now Granger wins

  • richard mendoza
    richard mendoza

    Mine is granger

  • Xeo Fela
    Xeo Fela

    Granger says HI LOL

  • Paul Alparo
    Paul Alparo


  • Agent Lucie
    Agent Lucie

    Granger should win

  • ImAgamer 1
    ImAgamer 1

    Granger won

  • Melanie Garcia
    Melanie Garcia

    Its granger whose gonna get the legendary skins

    • dale bida
      dale bida

      Haha nice try

  • Brian - Mobile Legends
    Brian - Mobile Legends

    Is it okay if i change my mind? If it's okay then I'll pick predict granger will have the legend skin

  • Clive Llana
    Clive Llana

    for me granger

  • Joerjen Sarabello
    Joerjen Sarabello

    fanny ig:EU DAKS AKO

  • Kiyaan Ng
    Kiyaan Ng

    Granger will win

  • ultimate gamer3177
    ultimate gamer3177


  • NIkis PS4
    NIkis PS4

    Granger will win

  • Timothy life
    Timothy life

    But in my server granger has lots of votes so i think gusion will win? Because they showed a gusion survey

    • Harris Hasniro
      Harris Hasniro

      You are too late