Nadia Rayne - Crush
Official music video for Nadia Rayne
Directed By : Nayip Ramos
Produced By : 5840 Productions
Choreographed By : Kelly Corrin
Song Written By : Mariah Parks & BB the Jerk
Official Music Video for Nadia Rayne - Crush
Music Producer : Andrew Lane
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  • Raven Sawyer
    Raven Sawyer

    Your So Amazing Your So Talented and Your So Beautiful


    *YTSgold* ******* *_Selected Video_* soooo Awesome,I love this,shared with pleasure! Melinda ~ NOsoftSingers

  • vanessa white
    vanessa white

    You did so great

  • Anbisyon Fitness
    Anbisyon Fitness

    I like that you talented

    • NaDay

      Thank you!

  • Francisco rosendo torres
    Francisco rosendo torres

    She is giod

  • Esteban Elizondo
    Esteban Elizondo

    your voice is good, like

  • Rhetorical20

    Outstanding video! Yeah that was really great!

  • Alicia Dugger
    Alicia Dugger

    Heyy boo when u going to north view? I miss you cant wait to see u

  • Angellina Varanelli
    Angellina Varanelli

    yo go to my school lincoln center

  • Hailey Michelle
    Hailey Michelle

    I love this song, it is so catchy!

  • Guadalupe Mendez
    Guadalupe Mendez

    make a lyrics video please and thanks

  • Guadalupe Mendez
    Guadalupe Mendez


  • malicia malice
    malicia malice

    Your welcome loved it


    great video

  • NaDay

    Yes Julian is my cuz! Thx for ck'g out my video:-)

  • malicia malice
    malicia malice

    Ya Rayne do have a cousin named julian black he goes to my school and told me to check this out so i did he told me you were his cousin

  • E LaManna
    E LaManna

    Nadia Rayne you are absolutely amazing!! Keep following your dreams. You have what it takes to go far...

  • lyssa steinhauer
    lyssa steinhauer

    This is my cousin

  • Kate Paulson
    Kate Paulson

    wow such a great voice wish i had it hi its kate

  • HeartHays


  • StlHr4U2

    Sure hope your doing more videos. This is good.

  • Melissa Henke
    Melissa Henke

    How old are you? You are incredibly talented! That voice of yours is going to take you far! good job!

  • NaDay

    WOW!! 11 thousand views... Your support means so much to me:) Thank you for watching my music video!!!

  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    I am friends with her :D hi nadia see you at school

  • rainbelle99


  • everthesame

    Its Megann And baby im so proud of you ! I cant wait to se you again. Love you huh !

  • brandiist

    i wanna say thank you to nadia's uncle for coming in to my work and handing out links to her you tube she is awesome

  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    omg make more I cant wait

  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    when will there be more

  • NaDay

    Thanks to ALL that have viewed & listened to my "Crush" song!! Just hit 10,000 views:) I apprreciate your support!! I'm looking forward to sharing more of my music with you soon...

  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    make more

  • Streuber

    Wow...AMAZING!!! Just to let you know, I go to South Saint Paul Junior High, I went to Lincoln Center last year. :) Who's your teacher?

  • Randi Bellefy
    Randi Bellefy

    One of my favorite songs now(: Great job Nadia! I have ur poster hanging up in my room! :D hope to hear u on the radio sometime!

  • te_amo_5747

    hey its linda love your song : )

  • Deborah Francomb
    Deborah Francomb

    Do you have your other songs available on iTunes or NOsoft? I love the shopping song!

  • NaDay

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Wishing good health & happiness to all in 2013!!!

  • Chuck Granados
    Chuck Granados


  • Les Barber
    Les Barber

    Your welcome Ya, who could resist that Beautiful Voice and Smile, you could Charm King Kong! HaHa xo

  • NaDay

    Thx for checking out my video - sending love back to Canada...

  • Jase AURadio
    Jase AURadio

    Hey Nadia Could I please have an email address so I can send you an airplay request for the Australian Teen Pop radio programme Stars Of Tomoirrow which I am the presenter of. Jase :)

  • NaDay

    To all my Fans, I appreciate your continued support! Crush is now available to download on iTunes - search for Nadia Rayne for easy access to it. Thank you!!

  • Les Barber
    Les Barber

    Great job Nadia, Canada is gonna Love you and "Crush"!

  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    Get it on the news

  • Hans Oropallo
    Hans Oropallo

    Hi Nadi our mutual Friend Drew turned me onto your video. I really like it. Your talented.. Hope you check us out! Hans. I posted it on my facebook /adolescenceband hope you can like it.

  • Hans Oropallo
    Hans Oropallo

    Hi Nadi our mutual Friend Drew turned me onto your video. I really like it. Your talented.. Hope you check us out! Hans

  • Mark Sletten
    Mark Sletten


  • Pugsly Carlson
    Pugsly Carlson

    Love it nadia oh and emily told me to tell hi

  • faith Marie
    faith Marie



    my sister went to it

  • candywarhola1

    We had a blast at the premier party. My two girls have been loving your CD- finally the video is up! :)

  • Rylan Trouty
    Rylan Trouty

    good job :)

  • amanda finley
    amanda finley

    Nadia I love this song and the video was so welk

  • Gavin Christoffersen
    Gavin Christoffersen

    Catchy tune Nadia, Gavin C. See you in school

  • Hunter Seaberg
    Hunter Seaberg

    Good job I am one of your classmates

  • Hunter Seaberg
    Hunter Seaberg

    @sarah homey

  • Hunter Seaberg
    Hunter Seaberg

    Good job Nadia I am one of your classmates

  • Ruby Jeanne
    Ruby Jeanne

    Love you nadia, you did an amazin job. message me, we need to hang out -love ruby.

  • Kailee Museus
    Kailee Museus

    Hey Nadia good job this is a great video!!! xD love this

  • Jajuan_t

    Haha I Want In On Next Vid

  • Bri

    Omg! I saw her perform this song live for the first time on December 1st at a bar called B-52!! she walked past me like 3 times! She's so good at singing! :)) **Nadia if you can see this.. my mom works with your grandma! **

  • lyssa steinhauer
    lyssa steinhauer

    2,421 views! Good job Nadia!(: love you!

  • devin womack
    devin womack

    My lil sister doing her thang, great job:)

  • Kailee Museus
    Kailee Museus

    Hey nadia it's kailee love this video you did a great job see ya at school !!!:)))))

  • Meganjune Fleming
    Meganjune Fleming

    Yay! Nadia! Live your dreams sweet little girl!---Meganjune

  • Hehe hooo
    Hehe hooo

    Lov u nadia its halle by the way great song :-)

  • daniella sermeno
    daniella sermeno

    Omg nadia i luv u its daniella you sing so good good lucky on you others songs luv u

  • drew dwight
    drew dwight

    DWIGHT HERE!! :) coooooooooooooooooooooool video Nadia! :)

  • amy hanes
    amy hanes

    I ve got a cruuuuuuuuushhhhh on you! supeer cute vid guys!!!

  • jacob Franklin
    jacob Franklin

    I love all of this! Such a fun video! Keep them coming Nadia! :)

  • henry thomas
    henry thomas

    COOOOOLEST Vid! Great work all around im a fan now!

  • jeff curtis
    jeff curtis

    We need more Nadia!! Luv ur music video and song!! MORRRREEEE LOLOLOL!

  • tom trun
    tom trun

    Two thumbs up on the video!! :)))))

  • sarah homey
    sarah homey

    love the look of this video! All the colors and everything! great video!

  • Carla Mihm
    Carla Mihm

    You are amazing Nadia Rayne. I love your video & CD & cannot wait for your next video!

  • Laura Urbaniak
    Laura Urbaniak

    Nadia, I think this Video is awesome. I hope it goes Viral. I am going to start it here at work. We do a lot of work with Artists. I hope this helps you.

  • OGchoreography

    Congrats Nadia! You worked it! Enjoy! ~(Kelly Corrin)

  • yurianimiska

    Congratulations, Nadia! You have done a great job, worked really hard and this is a great showcase for your talents! Great song and video! ( Sara).

  • Debbie Tuquilar
    Debbie Tuquilar

    So proud of you honey!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Awesome job you did!!! Yesterday was soooo much fun and I was so happy to be involved with it. I wish you THE BEST in your future. Love and hugs!! xoxoxo Lil Deblet :)

  • E LaManna
    E LaManna

    You are my SHINING STAR!! Great job on the song & the video!! Always follow your dreams...

  • Diquazay S.B
    Diquazay S.B

    Nadia In so proud your bro dj :).