*NEW* HUGE UPDATE in Fortnite! (New Skins, Weapons + MORE)
Fortnite Update FINALLY - New skins, weapons + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Ali-A

    FINALLY AN UPDATE! 🙌🏻 Also sorry for the Mic quality during the gameplay, my PC crashed and reset all my recording software so the wrong mic was used I’m afraid! 😰 Hope you enjoy the video anyway! 💙

    • Max Gaming
      Max Gaming

      I don’t mind what happened to your mic I love you and your videos anyway and it won’t matter to how amazing you and your videos are!

    • DirtyDog 5561
      DirtyDog 5561

      Ali-A I would use the heavy ar

    • Deandre Thomas
      Deandre Thomas

      Will you ever play brawl again?

    • Eoghan Whoriskey
      Eoghan Whoriskey

      Can you carry me to a win Ali username eow8 please

  • Thomas Mayo
    Thomas Mayo

    Old A.K

  • Claire Netflix
    Claire Netflix

    The win

  • The gucci Fishsticks
    The gucci Fishsticks


  • melanie thomas
    melanie thomas

    Please give vbycks to yum2701

  • Johnny Bee
    Johnny Bee

    Ali can you please play Duos with me

  • Sami de Jong
    Sami de Jong

    Don’t know why tf this is in my recommended


    I’ve liked and subscribed mind doing the same

  • Lilghost Mohammed
    Lilghost Mohammed

    Guys please answer me fortnight every month or week got a update??

  • Teddy Stevens
    Teddy Stevens

    When is this game going to die 😭

  • Dwayne Holloway
    Dwayne Holloway

    Sweet viddy... 🔫🎮🏆

  • JKS Boss
    JKS Boss


  • Faz Farrant
    Faz Farrant

    I swear Ali a gets into the easiest lobby’s

  • Wolfie_YTシ

    AK is better

  • Ryder Jackson
    Ryder Jackson

    Alex catiuan

  • mängu tuba
    mängu tuba

    AK is better

  • DinoNite Gaming
    DinoNite Gaming

    Ali a bot vs bot Me try hard vs try hard

  • BiggAlmilky

    Fair play, i didn't think anyone was still playing Fortnite.

  • Marwan Sindi
    Marwan Sindi


  • Fan Drumming
    Fan Drumming

    How is this channel stil relevant WHATS UP GUYS ALI A HERE

  • Anas S
    Anas S

    I can see u

  • Dark L3murz
    Dark L3murz

    alia how about the burst with a sidegrade to go to normal AR?

  • 1000 Subs With 0 Videos Challenge
    1000 Subs With 0 Videos Challenge


  • AlgebraFNM

    Holyyy ur bad at the game

  • Dior Freeman
    Dior Freeman

    Did he just say no capp stop trying ali a

  • Eduardo Quezada
    Eduardo Quezada


  • James Raphael
    James Raphael


    • James Raphael
      James Raphael

      Epic killer_boss_sham

  • Thanos Veremis
    Thanos Veremis

    I have to admit that his gameplay is very clean

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    Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Who hates ads

  • chipp *
    chipp *

    I prefer the Heavy Assault rifle than the original

  • Peyton Flips
    Peyton Flips



    Bruh everyone got better but only Ali is the same

  • Blerk350z

    I love the new Chill Count skin. It's sick!

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez

    Pirate skeletons coming to fortnite for treasure!!!!!!!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • GuyWith800ping

    They should do side grading for pumps and tacs... who agrees??

  • I Surrender
    I Surrender

    I see nothing has changed in a year...

  • Abstract Mini
    Abstract Mini

    My brothwr is named camiyo

  • kayson helmstetter
    kayson helmstetter

    Make another GTA video

    • kayson helmstetter
      kayson helmstetter


  • dayton souza
    dayton souza

    Smallest update ever lol

  • Joel Dixon
    Joel Dixon

    Which weapon is better ak-47 vs the scar

  • Duke Duke
    Duke Duke


  • Ultimate Gaming
    Ultimate Gaming

    HUGE UPDATE!!! Best mates traversal is half of it.

  • Jeremy Buliyat
    Jeremy Buliyat

    swift looks similer (sorry I don't know how to spell it)to drift

  • Sridhar Dutta
    Sridhar Dutta

    Ak me fav weapon

  • ThE- OGLegendxX
    ThE- OGLegendxX

    Nobody: Not a soul: Ali-a: DISGUSTING!

  • Diego Granadosargueta
    Diego Granadosargueta

    Cod man just play it and you will fall back in love

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point

    That’s my dream skin

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point

    Alia I’m using your support a creator code may I please have the ninja skin please

  • Laurie Ann Thomas
    Laurie Ann Thomas

    ali-a tell epic to unvuolt the duales and serperested pistol

  • Michael Salino
    Michael Salino


  • PossessingsSZN

    Imagine losing against ALI A

  • SnipFred

    Oro out here looking like Papyrus from Undertale.

  • Shiraaz Haleem
    Shiraaz Haleem

    can i play with u on fortnite plz

  • Shiraaz Haleem
    Shiraaz Haleem

    i use code AliA

  • Cheese baga
    Cheese baga

    AK is the best

  • SuperPhoenix 44
    SuperPhoenix 44


  • Nlepy

    Who Been A True Fan Of Ali A💞 Gifting 🎁 To My Next 14 Subs 🌟

  • xk nova
    xk nova

    No cap why didnt juice wrld get a skin

  • MrFusha1

    Hey Ali you should play the me cod

  • Twizz Pipzz
    Twizz Pipzz