NEW Legendary Assault Rifle in today's Fortnite UPDATE!
Nick Eh 30
Fortnite added the Gold Heavy Assault Rifle & Sidegrading at Upgrade Machines! Pro Scrim gameplay with Heavy AR at 8:51!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Eh Team, can we get thoughts on the new thumbnail style? Do we stick with it or go back to the old style????!?!?!?

    • ๊‹Š ษชแด€แดษดแดแด แด€ ๊‹Š
      ๊‹Š ษชแด€แดษดแดแด แด€ ๊‹Š

      Stick with it

    • MrMooMooPlayz

      old old old old old old old old old you look like a 9 year old with that thumbnail

    • NGM Dyl
      NGM Dyl

      Stick with it Nick

  • Fish chips Rule
    Fish chips Rule

    2:41 When you crush reject another boy

  • Aiden Nichols
    Aiden Nichols

    bra gold f ing shotgun are you dumb

  • Ghadi Osama
    Ghadi Osama


  • Jude Hathaway
    Jude Hathaway

    What song is that please replay if you no

  • Best songs Sports
    Best songs Sports

    The kids who killed you are so cocky now๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Best songs Sports
    Best songs Sports

    It shoots so slow

  • windows 69
    windows 69

    I'm actually sad right now

  • CyberSkeLetor

    where is ur big sorry because u CHEATED so hard ?!

  • SD TZR
    SD TZR

    You can shoot thru every crack in the wall

  • DuNk xd
    DuNk xd

    Did nick put Spanish for no copyright

  • Jxxvr

    New ceeday?

  • gamers world
    gamers world

    I dont like Spanish language who is with me like if you are with me

  • Electric gaming
    Electric gaming

    ๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ‘บโ˜ ๏ธ

  • Electric gaming
    Electric gaming

    No more Spanish songs!!!!!!!!!i donโ€™t know what they mean

  • daniel gravino
    daniel gravino

    Fortnite has completely fallen off and itโ€™s sad

  • Wireless Icey
    Wireless Icey

    Bruh the song is a Mexican version of โ€œand on and on we goโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Karma G
    Karma G


  • Bryan Hand
    Bryan Hand

    Nick ,can you friend me my name handman1

  • Unity Anglezz
    Unity Anglezz

    Lol we have the same keyboard

  • Seoth Lincoln
    Seoth Lincoln

    You are a dumb and no one loves you I hope u have a bad day cry baby

  • Juventas Trakas
    Juventas Trakas

    i love you more than fortnite

  • Johnny Stob
    Johnny Stob

    Wow itโ€™s almost like Nick has fans from all over the world and playing music in a different language isnโ€™t that weird

  • Xray X
    Xray X

    Nice channel๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Kasper Tormalm
    Kasper Tormalm

    Fortnite players: Ugh No updates in 30 days Hypixel Skyblock players

  • Sniper Gods Clan
    Sniper Gods Clan

    Code: nickeh30 but code jarl is cool too

  • morphic


  • Isaiah Sterk
    Isaiah Sterk

    Is nick canadian?

  • Ammonator 950
    Ammonator 950

    I really love ur positiveness, it's great Nick, keep it up

  • xXFireCubesXx

    7:08 I mean, his head was in your sights...

  • xXFireCubesXx

    This song is just pure nostalgia (3:55)

  • fleurieXDXD

    Nick 2018: drops blue heavy ar for a grey ar Nick 2020: drops blue ar for a grey heavy ar...

  • Ronnie Norton
    Ronnie Norton

    Nick eh 30 has the best editor

  • Milka Hernรกndez
    Milka Hernรกndez

    Hey nickeh30 my epic name is ih64434 add me

  • gil mbala
    gil mbala

    Insane number 1

  • Gus Vonk
    Gus Vonk

    How are you not tiered of this game

  • Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters

    Nobody the 12 year olds in the comment section: hes hacking

  • SerpentAU

    Imagine if I could hit my damn shots with he gun


    Awesome vid!!

  • Radio

    Nick 0:01 was a glitch and mrtop5 made a video of that if you didnโ€™t know

  • Ninja Boy
    Ninja Boy

    What kind of music is that

  • SRB

    3:12 some love for Halo I hear?

  • Felix 07
    Felix 07

    What song is this

  • Hidden Jeff
    Hidden Jeff

    4:47 with ur eyes closed

  • Rawws 223
    Rawws 223

    Why the Spanish music

  • AjTheGamer

    7:11 corny why nick you said marshmallow get your head in the game lol it is literally

  • Gaming light
    Gaming light

    9:10 imagin getting sniped

  • alissa zaragoza
    alissa zaragoza

    omg i got a

  • XxVYB3Z_GODxX _
    XxVYB3Z_GODxX _

    Nick do you know Spanish

  • P McDonah
    P McDonah

    Stuck with it

  • P McDonah
    P McDonah

    12 and 11

  • Ryland Jones
    Ryland Jones

    I wish you can play with me

  • TheGryffindorKing

    Nich have you been going to the gym?

  • Sino

    Idiots teaching other idiots to call it assault rifle. Using the term the media uses to brainwashes people, think itโ€™s an war weapon. Itโ€™s called Armalite rifle. Learn your guns, you play with them everyday.

  • Saad Riaz
    Saad Riaz

    It is not cool

  • Hamza Mohammed
    Hamza Mohammed

    Iโ€™m HAPPY

  • Cinn Styx
    Cinn Styx

    Anyone that doesn't like nick is my enemy

  • Mitias Germakana
    Mitias Germakana

    These videos are alot better when streamers actually enjoy using the new weapons! Good gameplay Nick

  • omgdev215

    Song in Spanish version? Whatโ€™s it called papi?

  • Kierat Sahota
    Kierat Sahota

    Song name?