No One Can Beat a Shaolin Master and Here Is Why
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The life of Shaolin monks is a hard path to spiritual and physical self-improvement. On this path, they have to face many challenges and undergo exhausting training based on ancient traditions that have not changed for hundreds of years.
The monks train seven days a week to perfect their skills. It’s not easy to understand the essence of their lifestyle, but we will try to do it anyway. So why are the Shaolin monks so cool?

  • DJ Tennison
    DJ Tennison

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ill beat the hell out one of this little ass men

  • ericthepaintballguy

    Would love to see a Shaolin Monk in an MMA match. I believe he would decimate the opponent with ease!

  • PraThaM

    bruce lee will be ALWAYS LEGEND

  • bhetzner hetzner
    bhetzner hetzner

    i have taken a karate class and it was nothing compared to this. but i will tell you that the horse stance dose hurt once you havr to that test to go up in rank. all in all it is hard work but the pa off it so fun and cool.

  • Darren Tong
    Darren Tong

    Shaolin Showdown!

  • Villas Dam-Karlsen
    Villas Dam-Karlsen

    "No one can beat a shaolin master" Me: Laughs with M4

  • dhuntard

    Here are some things that are wrong in the video, so I want to fix them. -They train 6 days a week. Usually from 5 am to 11pm, Sundays are a day off to relax. -You start your training when you feel like it. There is no "Starting age". -Meditation and spiritual practices are not a must. Even some monks do not join these. -Shaolin is not all about martial arts. It's about what you make of it. -Try again in 3 years to become a master? There are tests, but wait 3 years? .... No. -Religion is not a must for all monks. Again, Shaolin is what you make of it. For some it's martial arts, to others it's spiritual practice. -If you want to become a warrior monk, there is a test but it's nothing ceremonial. You are asked to perform some moves and then the warrior monk decides if you pass or not. Anyone can train there, it's not easy but it's worth it. I have trained there and will train more - If you want to learn more, please watch Ranton's videos about Shaolin. He made really good videos explaining the life there (pros and cons too).

  • Huhmfly

    Imagine being a Shaolin monk and playing fortnite and you lose you rage and destroy you device it one touch

  • Benedict Ian Cayabyab
    Benedict Ian Cayabyab

    Anothet Shaulin Master can beat a Shaulin Master

  • Lolita Sato
    Lolita Sato

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  • fireguysith

    It's impressive but keeping mind that it's all for tourism. The monks train like a 9 to 5 job, then go home to their wife and kids and live a normal life. It's like going to Star Wars land and seeing "Jedi" train. Actual Shaolin monks are long gone.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke


  • YoungSavage1 Fiamalua
    YoungSavage1 Fiamalua

    God can

  • Mo Playz
    Mo Playz

    Shaolin master va Shaolin master :)

  • Tristan Gabriel
    Tristan Gabriel

    No one can beat a Shaolin master Thanos:Oh you sure about that

  • UNIT. 0275
    UNIT. 0275

    I wanted to learn to do things like this but until I saw the spear thing I got scared but good thing they are just props right.

  • Albert Santos
    Albert Santos

    People who are materialistic will never be able to develop these feats. It takes the spiritual way and the abandoning of materialism to achieve this.

  • GD qkriss
    GD qkriss

    So are they uncuttable?

  • jack meehoff
    jack meehoff

    There are no more shaolin monks, the guys u see today are just playing dress up for tourists. The real shaolin temple burned down 100's of years ago and shaolin died out. In the 70s the shaolin movies became very popular in America and Americans started going to China to see the shaolin temple not knowing it didnt exist anymore. The Chinese saw this as an opportunity and they capitalized off of it buy rebuilding the temple and putting actors dressed as shaolin monks in the temple a Chinese dude calling himself a shaolin monk is like a Greek dude calling himself a spartan..

  • jay punzalan
    jay punzalan

    Title: No one can beat a shaolin master and here is why Xu Xiaodong: who decided that?

  • Peter Riedel Photography
    Peter Riedel Photography

    WTF !

  • Kenny Leon
    Kenny Leon

    Coronavirus can beat Shaolin Masters !

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito

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  • ITSss Robin
    ITSss Robin

    But can they beat this *Glock*

  • ThatGuy Legomac
    ThatGuy Legomac

    I have gone probably 20 mins without breathing but it’s only when I’m extremely focused on something

  • Raima López Springhoff
    Raima López Springhoff

    Y cant do any of these

  • Antoine Andrieux
    Antoine Andrieux

    anyone who actually have been to a shaolin temple knows that most of this is made up and scripted for the cameras

  • Raima López Springhoff
    Raima López Springhoff

    And y thod gym class was hard 😐

  • Antoine Andrieux
    Antoine Andrieux

    i'll just leave that here

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt

    I wanna 1v1 them in dodgeball

  • Michał Pranszke
    Michał Pranszke

    Where is liu kang?

  • THE BUDDHA 420
    THE BUDDHA 420

    The world doesn’t need police officers it needs monks the Shaolin monks

  • savageproduction186

    I just imagine the holes in the floor are from when someone misses a downward strike and kicks the ground

  • Mr. Vejzovic
    Mr. Vejzovic

    “No one can beat a shaolin master” Goku: hold my food

  • Emilio Salazar
    Emilio Salazar

    Me take out gun easy

  • Dat Macaroni Guy
    Dat Macaroni Guy

    What about a shaolin master?

  • Unplanned Clips
    Unplanned Clips

    Did anyone see Mr Bean in this?

  • Lean Clean Recovering Machine
    Lean Clean Recovering Machine

    Might not be easy to understand that lifestyle, but what about our lifestyle. A nation addicted to screens, drugs, porn, food, drama, shopping. Their lifestyle makes more sense than some of ours.

  • charlie javani
    charlie javani

    What’s the point, just stop doing it.

  • Vaun kingston
    Vaun kingston

    I’ve seen local crack heads do this type of training

  • Matthew Perrin
    Matthew Perrin

    This is all bull

  • Bee st
    Bee st

    1:46 he looks like Mr. Bean

  • J P J
    J P J

    Monk : hey babe! Death : not now.

  • Stephen Stuart
    Stephen Stuart

    The title isn’t true just put him up against a gun

  • Marco Playz
    Marco Playz

    I thought of kung lao and lui kang

  • Glow Blade
    Glow Blade

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  • Esmeralds Tanguma
    Esmeralds Tanguma

    No one can beat a monk Me:gimme a katana

  • lazii man
    lazii man

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  • Joe Zito
    Joe Zito

    Xu xiaodong will beat any shaolin monk in China

  • Adin Boerman
    Adin Boerman

    When people dont realize “7 days a week” is a perfectly valid phrase


    You are clueless!

  • Slav in the hood
    Slav in the hood

    Me: *reloads glock* lets see who cant beat a monk Monk: *grabs nails* so you have chosen death...

  • Krookydile

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  • Ayflac

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  • blackneos940

    These guys will survive the Coronavirus outbreak, just watch.

  • Saba Kukhianidze
    Saba Kukhianidze

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  • Tanishq Lohia
    Tanishq Lohia

    At 1 min 46 sec the monk looks like mr bean

  • 克坦

    4:15 it looks like a face without nose

  • marcus williamson
    marcus williamson

    Unbeatable? Yeah right! Bs.