Noel Fielding's Best Taskmaster Moments
'The Only Yellow Ninja' - Some of Noel Fielding's best Taskmaster moments.

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  • Helena Joy Shields Ballantyne
    Helena Joy Shields Ballantyne

    I love Noel on this show he’s so wholesome and hilarious

  • Matthew Kearns
    Matthew Kearns

    Richmond is out of his room!......Why is Richmond out of his room??

  • Aysha Mohammed
    Aysha Mohammed

    Why do I always think of severus snape whenever I see him?

  • Elric

    Seeing the banana again was 10x more funny because the first time I had no freakin clue where he was, love that guy

  • Emily Gubb
    Emily Gubb

    He’s inbred get it

  • Emlyen Durden
    Emlyen Durden

    How does ale keep a straight face?

  • Dbeagle has landed
    Dbeagle has landed

    "cheeky like baby dinosaurs"😂😂😂

  • M Cárdenas
    M Cárdenas

    Chaotic good energy at its finest.

  • Sickest-NoSCOPEZandWEED-420

    Please inform your editor that the sound in between each clip doesn't need to be 10 times louder than the clips. On a side note if you're looking for a new editor I'm available :)

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt

    I remember he cheated

  • HurrayTsk

    We need a best of Joe Lycett please

  • Gregory Gofuckurself
    Gregory Gofuckurself

    I am the king of hide and seek. You will never find me.

  • HeartMemory93

    First task: "What are you?!" "I'm an idiot sandwich!"

  • D A
    D A

    Yknow if you uploaded actual episodes you might get a decent amount of views and subscribers

  • Henric Oscarsson
    Henric Oscarsson

    My favorite british person ever. Maybe just favorite person ever. :)

  • Mr. Limekiller
    Mr. Limekiller

    What the fuck is wrong with his face?

  • Epc Stylz
    Epc Stylz

    just stumbled across this gem of a show. easiest sub ever. love it!

  • L

    The ringtones gave me anxiety I’ve had like half of those for my alarm:(

  • Jack Cullen
    Jack Cullen

    Please post the Rosalind songs, possibly the best task ever

    • Jack Cullen
      Jack Cullen

      Janelle Kim oh, I must have missed that video hahah

    • Janelle Kim
      Janelle Kim

      They have! It's in best ever tasks.

  • smellslike1974

    What season is this from. Cant find it

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    So... I found a small loop hole. You time dosen't start until you say now. So when you read it, just dont say the word now until you finished. Boom unlimited time and it took 0 seconds, according to the rules.

    • kisbie

      Alex says if anyone tries that, he intervenes and makes them say it. He didn’t go to Cambridge for nothing, you know.

  • baselinebaz

    What an unbelievably shit program

  • ibhouse

    I relate to Noel on a deep level

  • Saus and Toss
    Saus and Toss

    Noel is like british joker

  • AugustDreaming

    Part two? ^^

  • M Z
    M Z

    Am I the only straight male who has a slight crush on Noel

  • Clara Dos
    Clara Dos

    À Noël pa

  • Ghost KZ
    Ghost KZ

    Killer boy rats

  • calvin darmanin
    calvin darmanin

    2:27 "are we gonna so this?" Proceeds to look down and starts getting on his knees. Too bad they cut it xd

  • Bella pozzi
    Bella pozzi

    Noel’s boiler suit w/ the green screen makes him look like a child next to Alex

  • Firoza

    he made himself very small 🥺 and got in the fruit bowl 🥺

  • Vale Retamal
    Vale Retamal

    Noel we love you:)

  • Slade Kelly
    Slade Kelly

    Thanks for posting Noel :) I luv you!

  • Ninja Turtle
    Ninja Turtle

    well im no longer hungry....

  • Kalifornia Brand
    Kalifornia Brand

    It's old Gregg!!!!!!

  • Fraser Hughes
    Fraser Hughes

    I could watch an entire series of Taskmaster with just Noel. No other contestants required, just give Noel a bunch of tasks and I'll watch him do it.

  • 7thrx

    Let's all stop the lies. James Acaster and Noel Fielding need to be on the same Task Master.

    • luke k
      luke k

      Throw in Joe wilkinson, paul chowdhry and roisin conaty and you have the recipe for the perfect shit show cast

    • Milk Rat
      Milk Rat

      The world would implode. It can’t handle that.

    • SuperSpook

      The pure chaotic energy blinds me.

    • ItZSAMICx

      With Rhod

    • Yanti Ashaiban
      Yanti Ashaiban

      7thrx it’ll be a tie

  • Ethan Ayers
    Ethan Ayers

    Sencha is my alarm tone. That dance struck panic deep down to my core.

  • corbeau

    I love noel, but scorpion is the only yellow ninja -.-'

  • catbloc

    Why did Noel get to use Mighty Boosh footage for the dance challenge?

  • Espen S
    Espen S

    My breaded peephole...

  • RealFarmok

    noel looks like the joker ngl

  • The Knight in Yellow Armor !
    The Knight in Yellow Armor !

    " I've never felt more outside of my comfort zone." - Alex 🖖Rhod Gilbert has entered the chat

    • JKan.senshu

      The Knight in Yellow Armor ! Before that was Liza Tarbuck showing the Taskmaster how much she loved him via Alex’s bum cake. Haha.

  • volvoplz

    Best task was when they said, "Now eat your exotic sandwich." 😍

  • Zoe

    Could watch 6:45 on repeat for hours and laugh every time

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw

    I would do literally anything for this man

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw

    I would do literally anything for this man

  • tom quigley
    tom quigley

    He's a funny guy, however, it will forever be difficult to top "Eels get up in ya." Please do keep trying though!

  • Annabel Faye
    Annabel Faye

    The alarm Noel dances to is my alarm to whenever I get up in the morning all I think of is Noel Fielding

  • sebastian


  • Zoma1588

    I want more taskmaster lmao love you guys

  • Nigel Heathcote
    Nigel Heathcote

    How am I going to pay that gas bill

  • MachineThatCreates

    UK television must be running out of ideas.

  • Whitney Howard
    Whitney Howard

    Please make an Aisling Bea compilation next! I desperately need her trying to seduce Alex in a robot costume.

  • Louise GaryAVBl
    Louise GaryAVBl

    Noel makes me so happy !

  • acdallas

    Noel in the fruit bowl is the BEST ever!

  • emdareful

    Think we've all been waiting for this one

  • gingerwimbledon 1
    gingerwimbledon 1

    😂😂😂Fuckin brilliant,👍

  • Devorah Rotman
    Devorah Rotman

    I've been waiting for this video

  • Rhodri James
    Rhodri James

    All. I'm gonna ask for is the entire sandwich challenge