Nothing But Thieves - Wake Up Call (Official Video)
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Music video by Nothing But Thieves performing Wake Up Call. (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
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  • MrDerp

    Did the creepers that he had on blow up or was he in creative

  • luis cruz gallegos
    luis cruz gallegos

    This song deservs a 2020 comment! Just an amizing pice of art!

  • sarahx87

    wake up guys

  • Contest of NERDS
    Contest of NERDS

    I need a wake up call 3/17/20

  • nerdydaddyo

    Love these guys. All equally talented and the matchup is a rare one. 😎

  • Kate Badley
    Kate Badley

    You’ve been added to my Badass MF playlist. Still building it, of course;) ✅✅

  • F.Dolphin

    Wait... it's not KSI

  • ChewBoom

    This aint ksi’s New song😂

  • JT

    This isn’t KSI - Wake Up Call ft. Trippie Redd

  • spence dawg
    spence dawg

    This band reminds me of 21 pilots and the killers

  • Caitlyn Greene
    Caitlyn Greene

    Kodaline honest, it’s the same?

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley

    I remember loving everything but the chorus for this song. Real talk I used to hate the chorus. I was 15 when this came out. I thought the chorus sounded too pop and soft and preferred the dirtier rock feel to the verses. It's crazy how my opinion has changed in like 4 years and a change in music taste since this song came out has influenced it 😂

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley


  • ki stephen
    ki stephen

    How tf does this only have 5 mil views !????!

  • Kira


  • Xavier James
    Xavier James

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> he's a fucking angel w2d2wcb2wj;c23jlcn SO BABY

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G

    The final chorus is just amazing!

  • Sara Scarpati
    Sara Scarpati

    Came from an Italian radio station, and I have to say they have chosen good music!

  • - madeleine -
    - madeleine -

    For God’s sake, let a man eat his toast!

  • Sergey tSurilov
    Sergey tSurilov

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos

    Royal Blood - Blood Hands

  • Endrew Guimarães
    Endrew Guimarães

    essa banda

  • Barehan Mahamed Ds
    Barehan Mahamed Ds

    I wonder if they can make a bad song

  • Abril Lopez
    Abril Lopez

    Wooow me encanto

  • Margarita Parabellum
    Margarita Parabellum

    fuck im in love

  • Apologize Min
    Apologize Min

    I have a serious problem with this band, I can't stop listening to them ... They're too good, I'm looking for more and more songs and they are all amazing, none is bad. I need to go to their concerts and buy their albums omfg

  • Cynthia Rincon
    Cynthia Rincon

    love them

  • Angel Cummings
    Angel Cummings

    Omg! Been in love with this band since 2015. Conners voice plus the band is... Magical? It transport's you. This is great music

  • Anne Homann
    Anne Homann

    Amazing song and video but the story of the video somehow makes me really uncomfortable

  • Caitlyn Greene
    Caitlyn Greene

    This sounds beautiful, i wish i would’ve listened sooner

  • Nyca van Koert
    Nyca van Koert

    Conor looks incredibly stunning in this video

  • Blue Balloon
    Blue Balloon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> favourite part

  • matteo guglielmo
    matteo guglielmo

    Conor mason 👌

  • Shadyevans

    I'm in a NBT marathon right now. Who can relate?

  • Diana K
    Diana K

    Saw Dara playing cover of this music on drums and came looking for the original! Wow! It's amazing! Love it😍♥️🥁

  • Paola De la Rosa
    Paola De la Rosa


  • Olivier Boivin
    Olivier Boivin

    NHL 17 ?

  • Fabulous Killjoy
    Fabulous Killjoy

    Guess who's late again

  • NK A
    NK A

    Dammit Dara this was one damn good song

  • *Andre *
    *Andre *

    Just by radiohead?

  • Genji McAfee
    Genji McAfee

    Где новые треки, басурмане чёртовы?

    • Squeer

      У них в инсте есть превью

  • Carolina

    Ford Fiesta ❤❤❤

  • YornalysLife Vlog
    YornalysLife Vlog

    this music is broken me and I can't stop maybe this channel is the way to end my life

  • KSU1886

    Cracow(PL) soon?

  • Punks Not Dead
    Punks Not Dead

    Love this song ❤

  • Bianca Belmer
    Bianca Belmer

    amo minha bandinha

  • YornalysLife Vlog
    YornalysLife Vlog

    Crazy things in my Head... I can't awake

  • sarahx87

    blue suit

  • Aloona

    Much better than many so called "number one bands" in the world. They have such a groove and his voice rocks! They'd still deserve much more popularity also now, I think.

  • cheee yah
    cheee yah

    why nobody talkin bout this song’ old music video? can someone explain me why they deleted that old one and shot new music video

  • Sarah Young
    Sarah Young

    He’s amazing but he changes into something even more amazing when he sings. He becomes superhuman

  • uGA.ThunderYT

    NHL 17 any one?

  • eliza mardlin
    eliza mardlin

    this feels like an episode of black mirror!!

    • Squeer

      I noticed it right before ending

  • Alyssa B.
    Alyssa B.

    I love how you know something strange is about to go down when you see an average businessman going about his day at the start of a music video.

  • The Roaring Twenties
    The Roaring Twenties

    The music on this video isn't that different than what bono and U2 were doing in the late 70s - I think for the new music to emerge, the guitar has to go, we have been stuck in the same music pattern since the 60s (with variants)... The last time music really changed was the 40s swing and the time before that the roaring 20s with the jazz age... The roaring 20s are coming again and music is going to change.

  • Countryside Jigga
    Countryside Jigga

    Don't even know what fifa this was on but years later I'm still here :)

  • Marina Scalabrin
    Marina Scalabrin

    ok so there's definitely one of black mirror's bandersnatch endings inspired by this video and I'm shook?

    • Countryside Jigga
      Countryside Jigga

      @Marina Scalabrin oh lol I haven't seen that because I made the guy with the glasses jump off, will have to watch again

    • Marina Scalabrin
      Marina Scalabrin

      @Countryside Jigga there's one he finds out he's just a character on a show, if you choose for him to jump out of the window on that fighting scene in the end (he's told he can't do it bc it's a fake window and he's only supposed to fight) it's my favorite one so funny yet so black mirror lmaoo

    • Countryside Jigga
      Countryside Jigga

      Which one? I've only seen one of the endings?

  • Ang angi
    Ang angi

    Pobre sheldon cooper

  • Ale Barb
    Ale Barb

    Wow Marry me.

  • HockKeyMovies

    That. Voice.

  • ::Mairead Keane::
    ::Mairead Keane::

    When Conor got blown back, I felt that shit

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar

    i heard it when i was stuck in a part of my life , and i realized it was time to move thanks to this and some other things , i keep moving and won't stop again



  • Nourhane Chehab
    Nourhane Chehab


  • SirenWave Mtv
    SirenWave Mtv

    This guy's tone is just heavenly.

  • Janum Berdiev
    Janum Berdiev

    кто тут после киберхоккея в фонбете?))

  • Vilma Blumentritová
    Vilma Blumentritová

    I love the scene when papers are flying over their heads...😍😍 And I also love this song, of course. 😂❤👌

  • Iron Man101
    Iron Man101

    I’m still here jamming out

  • Dejv16

    Nhl 17

  • Blaze Burner
    Blaze Burner


  • Stare Shoty
    Stare Shoty

    I found this music from NHL 17 xD its the best 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  • Abby liiberatore
    Abby liiberatore

    Oof this is my new favorite song

  • Trystin Lamereaux
    Trystin Lamereaux

    Is that guy in the suit Jorma Taccone from the Lonely Island? Looks just like him

  • Эмметт Браун
    Эмметт Браун


  • Regrets


  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Jeez, you could just say "I'm not part of this production of yours" and they's leave you alone

  • Peter Kennedy
    Peter Kennedy

    God I fucking love this band

  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie

    Duplicates are in my everyday.

  • Spiritáčik*:3

    omg he has amazing voice

  • B. C.
    B. C.

    Let the main man eat his toast in peace for crying out loud.

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