Nothing Defines the 2010's
What actually defines the culture of the 2010's compared to the last few decades? Have we reached a new era where nothing is really unified?

  • MrFawkes

    Musical homogeneity ended in the 2000s? Are you high? Have you listened to new music in the past 20 years? Never have hip-hop and country music been more similar.

  • Olu Fasoro (2021)
    Olu Fasoro (2021)

    Predictions for the past/present/future aesthetics 2000s: a vivid and colorful Internets. 2010s: its covered in tin foil, but still is cool. 2020s: F*** the Internets, we've got ________! 2030s: Internets 2.0

  • Olu Fasoro (2021)
    Olu Fasoro (2021)

    20th century: A E S T H E T I C 21st century: OOPS, ALL M E M E S Congrats, you somehow understood this because of a collective understanding of memes which has been collected from as far as the naught years!

  • Jacky Maya
    Jacky Maya

    Wow! Really?! Early 2010s - Hipsters. Early to mid 2010s fashion from 40s and 50s made a huge come back. Oh and remember steampunk? Pants went from "flared" to skinny jeans/ leggings for women and from baggy to skinny for men. Music sucked through and through just repeated from 2000s . Mid-late 2010s drag queen make up became mainstream for both male and female. Oh and on that note people decided to blur the lines on what male and female actually were, something very specific to this decade only. I feel the distinction of the 2010s is pretty huge other than.......the music😏👎👎👎

    • Olu Fasoro (2021)
      Olu Fasoro (2021)

      What about to connect the ENTIRE 10s decade?

  • Joaquin Cimas
    Joaquin Cimas

    2020: What a way to start a new decaded🙄 (Iran-USA)/Coronavirus/Financial crisis again. Dude this decaded is clearly on crack! The 20's the unhappy decaded

  • DSkehan2004

    The 2010's sucked. It never moved up to be a better time. Its defined to be silly and cringey.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    The internet and political correctness run amok

  • Hollywood

    1960's was the best!

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    It has an identity now. 2010s: selfies on phone. 2020s: drones taking selfies with a surgical mask

  • Aric Bolf
    Aric Bolf

    And 2020s will be defined by the world falling off a cliff.

  • sidharth suravarapu
    sidharth suravarapu

    I think culture is being more fragmented as social media allows us to find the communities that best fit our interests. Everything moves faster, and nothing sticks around long enough to be a trend of the "entire decade"

  • TheXDatabase

    what about wokeness


    Remember the clowns in 2016?

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    I think the 2000s were more than a political era because of 9/11, sure it was a important phenomenon that impacted the world, specially America. But in terms of pop culture, it kind of had a solid identity, not like the 90s or 80s because the fragmentation had begun, but 2000s pop culture existed. You got the pop divas like Britney and Christina. The emo, indie rock and nu-metal/metalcore bands in the early 2000s, as well as the hip hop and rap with Eminem and 50 cent. By the end of the decade there was a wave of EDM and electropop music, with the rise of Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha. It also shaped the beggining of the 2010s.

  • Akmal Ahmad
    Akmal Ahmad

    I used to say the same thing about the 2000s. It's not until the late 2010s I realise that 2000s is very different to now. You have to give it time to grow. Culture, music, movies. 2000s music is indie rock, autotune pop. 2000s hairstyle is the bieber hair. Emo culture as well is the defining culture for the 2000s. 2000s work culture is removing cubicles and open space work. I only see it when several years have passed. But if you have ask me back then, I would say the same thing most have said.

  • Heiliger Angel
    Heiliger Angel

    Unpopular opinion: Late 2010s really SUCKED

    • BratzSamuel2005

      yes and so do the 2020s

  • Yapsie Doodles
    Yapsie Doodles

    Nostalgia was a big thing in the 2010s

  • Nikola Leviathan
    Nikola Leviathan

    2020s: Corona Depression


    Avicii defined EDM of the 2010's

  • YourFriedly AHole
    YourFriedly AHole

    social collapse or at least the beginning of it due to various things. For people that lived thru 3 decades or so, it's very obvious.

  • TheZoneRanger

    Danny Devito

  • artyom g
    artyom g

    2010's was meme culture in its infancy. Late 2000's was proto-memes.

  • Zimzima

    Memes, Marvel, EDM

  • Flipside Nation
    Flipside Nation

    You know when people have 70s and 80s parties where they dress up like people did in the decade....just imagine in 40 plus years when theres 2010 parties

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy

    People will come to know the 2010s as the last decade before the collapse when everything was still okay.

  • BrickZero

    E sports would probably be my guess for the most defining moment of the 2010's or gaming culture in general. You could probably just lump this decade into another war torn moment in history.

  • bryan grelle
    bryan grelle

    I call it the "entertainment generation" since everyone was looking for a quick form of dopamine inducing entertainment

  • DariusMakesContent

    Oh I feel like becoming nostalgic for 80s and 90s nostalgia itself is definitely possible.

  • Always Tempted
    Always Tempted

    MEMES! MEEEEEEEEMMMMMEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Memes have always 'existed', but at this level, in this format? And they have done a fine job in DEFINING many key moments of the decade. Sure, it kinda started in the mid to late 00's, but it really picked up popularity and significance in this past decade. Also, not really popular with the established crowd as they can't seem to figure it out.

  • Andris Jansons
    Andris Jansons

    It's wrong to say that nothing defined the decade as look at a white suburban teen in 2005 and what he'd wear and compare with a white suburban teen in 2015. Huge difference. In 2005 it'd most likely be baggy pants and a hoodie with sth like Punisher, Eminem or Limp Bizkit written on it. In 2015 the teen would look like from the 50s or like his mom would dress him :D I think last decade in some ways was more like the 50s, when young generation was less rebellious and more in tune with the old.

  • Andris Jansons
    Andris Jansons

    I think in general 2010s were a decade of conformity of a sorts. Teen rebellion seems like a thing of a past, which was not the case before. In music I think EDM was a big influence, when I heard Rihanna's - We Found Love in late 2011 I thought - yes, that's the sound of the 10s, and I think in large part it was, what with Avicii and later his early passing... maybe not the whole decade but musically too the 80s can be divided in half at least... in what was popular. Of course there were other things like mumble rap and at one time some kind of indie influence on the charts. But then again I think you can only define decade when some time has passed, when you have time to chew it... I don't think there is no identity to decades anymore, sure it is more fragmented but it is there. People will remember Game of Thrones, Marvel movies, hipster beards in the first part of the decade, which are now disappearing.


    80s had cocaine aswell

  • LibertyPrime

    2000- Wild West of the Internet /war in the Middle East 2010- war in the muddle east

  • DyLAn The coo kid
    DyLAn The coo kid

    I think the first part of 2010s was good but then it’s started to suck

  • kwikrayv

    Wokeness, strongly polarized politics, memes, EDM, Marvel movies, and cancel culture define the 2010's.

  • Ultimo Destruct-O
    Ultimo Destruct-O

    *The Decades Discribed in This Video:* 2020's: COVID-19, Time Travel, Self-Driving Cars & AI 2010's: CC, Brexit, Stream, Social Media & Meme's 2000's: 9/11, Pop Culture, Hip Hop, Techno-, GFC 1990's: Grunge, Internet, Cable TV & Video Games 1980's: Consumerism, MTV, Retro & Aesthetic 1970's: Disco 1960's: Counter-Culture, Hippie's & Beatles 1950's: Income, Cars, Records & Rock & Roll 1940's: WWII/WW2 1930's: The Great Depression 1920's: Interest, Trendy, Jazz, Indulgence & Clubs 1910's: WWI/WW1 & Fighting the Great War 1900's: Increase in Consumer Goods & Films

    • Bobby M
      Bobby M

      2020s: Coronavirus infects everyone

  • MSGuy01

    2010s: Rickrolling

  • Way Too HyperNova
    Way Too HyperNova

    the 2010's: Indie video games become massively popular, changing the way we see entertainment, (Minecraft will hopefully be lovingly remembered, even though it already had a nostalgia run, we'll see if it happens again) Memes influence peoples daily lives, becoming for fast-paced, and the language of youth changes rapidly as well as what's "cool" Niche groups become very noticeable, for better or worse, as everyone can easily share their lives and opinions Technology is used in spectacular new ways in music, science, medicine, entertainment, travel, and more. Space discovery is incredible, many firsts achieved, the first black hole is photographed, tesla and Elon musk get jiggy The problems of the world come to light, and it's easier than ever to gain support NOsoft gives power to small creators to do big things Geek and counter-culture become the norm, and to be normal is to be boring life became about how many people "liked" you and your ideas I think the internet and social media made most of these things happen. And most of this I think can be summed up in one thing: the 2010s, rise of the internet. or, to put poetically, when we truly gave small voices big powers. honestly, though, I think this is the age of technology. my best guess for the advertising and commercials stuff won't use decade nostalgia, but more specific people. its possible when pewdiepie quits he'll do more advertising stuff, same with other youtubers. if youtube ever dies, thats gonna be some nostalgia. big social media of the '10s will be the MTV of the '90s

  • Filip Constantinescu
    Filip Constantinescu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> *Happy Romanian noises*

  • Anthony Tah May
    Anthony Tah May

    We will look like the 50’s vision of the future in 2025 like in nuketown 2025

  • Carl's Project
    Carl's Project

    1960s is like Political Reform with the Civil Rights Movement and the Hippies,

  • Vooti The Observer
    Vooti The Observer

    This video isn't going to age well.

  • Bartosz Dolewski
    Bartosz Dolewski

    Nothing defines 2010s? Tattoos, tattoos everywhere. It's almost impossible to meet someone up to 30s without any tattoos.

  • Gordon Slamsay
    Gordon Slamsay

    Considering the amount of amazing music and movies released during the 70s it is very hard to pin point one cultural definition of that decade.

  • Fan Head
    Fan Head

    I was vaping (as usual) while watching this without even noticing it, maybe drugs and medicine define the 2010s?

  • Julius Espana
    Julius Espana

    Memes has the same situation. Each meme used to be big and they lasted a while. Now there’s so many memes that only lasts for a few days which kinda sucks. I think uganda knuckles or Ricardo milos was the last memes that lasted a while

  • Erik Eriks
    Erik Eriks

    *1955 - 1962: Rock Era (Elvis - Beatles)* I've got nothing to say about this era. *1962 - 1967: Hippie Era (Beatles - Rolling Stones)* The Beatles saw the thing and they made it their own, I respect that. *1967 - 1975: Post Rock Era (Rolling Stones - Queen)* The times of Elvis and The Beatles were over and it was now up to smaller bands to divide the cultural powers they held. *1975 - 1982: Pre Pop Era (Queen - MJ)* This era was mainly the era for bands like Queen, Bon Jovi and other pre-80-styled bands. The reason pop began becoming popular is because there was this new form of rock formed, in this era, and eventually that turned into pop. Rock never died out, it just evolved. *1982 - 1990: Pop Era (MJ - Insert Hiphop Artist)* The successor to Rock, getting the US by storm. It was already coming down the hill in the early 80s but it really began when MJ came to the scene. *1990 - 2001: First Hiphop Era (Insert Hiphop Artist - 911)* This started when pop began to die out, well ofcourse we all know the only reason because pop was big in the first place is because Mike held it all together, but this new era really started seeing a new color in Murica. *2001 - 2015: Midwest Pop Era (911 - Charlie Puth)* Owl City, Katy Perry, etc. I feel like we really underrated this era it had amazing singers. I just miss it. *2015 - 2017: Last Pop Era (Charlie Puth - Sorry)* This is what I would call the last era of pop. It was already dying out but saw its last hits coming. *2017 - 2020: Second Hiphop Era (Gucci Gang - ???)* Ok so not many people want to admit it but what Gucci Gang sparked is amazing. It made old good rappers restart their careers and also made way for a new mumble era.

  • baccus flaccus
    baccus flaccus

    The whole of the 21st century has just been copying/redoing/reminiscing over the 20th century. We aren’t doing anything new.

  • Ben Rouse
    Ben Rouse

    The rise of 4G and fibre optic internet on an affordable level for most. Hyper connectivity at your fingertips.

  • Time to BooL
    Time to BooL

    2010s is NOsoft and Twitch. You just don’t know it yet because you are still participating in it.

  • Kadeem Johnson
    Kadeem Johnson

    2010s is the decade of civilian slaughter by police or soldiers in blue uniforms part 2 of the civil rights movement we had to actually fight for our rights all over again the rise of extreme feminism the near persecution of the male species the fall of a great innocent empire Libia the news became a dictatorship over most of us mass arrests mass surveillance worst decade in history of the world

  • Supermemeposting

    The crushing irony is that fuckall happened in the first months of the decade, then gradually the decade got more and more ridiculous until it's debated if this is a simulation or not.

  • S TAAS
    S TAAS

    Here you go 2000's: Emo/goth 2010's: Hipsters

  • Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel
    Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel

    I would think that the rise of esports would define the 2010s but also the explosive popularity of Anime would also count.

  • Eat At Joe's
    Eat At Joe's

    Rebooting shit and *CORPORATE PERSONAGE.*

  • Greg

    2010s are defined in a political sense by the massive political divide movement between the right and the left. Yes, the political parties have always been somewhat at odds but not at the level it is today.

  • Andrew Breeding
    Andrew Breeding

    The 2010s were terrible foreal, we had a couple good songs and a couple new musicians that came around but 2012-2018 were terrible

  • MagicLars15

    2010s were memes dude. Memes defined the 10s.

  • Caleb Holliman
    Caleb Holliman

    I had to come back to this after Cody’s new 2010s vid

  • TheLaneSplitter MC
    TheLaneSplitter MC

    My family didn't have internet access until the spring of 2012. Believe me, it was absolutely magical for me as a 10 year old

  • joehoe222

    The 2010s show that 'Muricans still don't get the clue about WORLD internet and knowing that videos are shown around the world...

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    I would say hipsters took up the first half of the decade, and that’s enough. Hippies only exploded in the late 60s for less than 5 years but they define the decade. I’m referring to counterculture though.

  • Tree


  • Blast Fire 2
    Blast Fire 2

    It has already

  • noobpro 97
    noobpro 97

    Bad ideas define the 2010s.

  • BlueRoses

    49% comments: *says thing that defines decades" 49% comments: you cant define the decade while in it 2% comments: memes

  • Racool

    Back in my day we...umm...uh.

  • SSJ4 Jason
    SSJ4 Jason

    60s: Hippies 70s: Disco 80s: Hair Metal, Hard Rock, and Vapor 90s: To The Extreme, and Edgy BS 2000s: 9/11, Punk Rock, and Internet 2010s: SJWs, Gamer Culture, and Weeb Culture

    • Ludaсridiсulous Alеx2003
      Ludaсridiсulous Alеx2003

      Let me fix that: 90s: AIDS Epidemic, Rwanda Genocide, Oklahoma Bombing, Slow Internet.

  • Will

    2010 nostalgia lol no thanks

  • legit nothing
    legit nothing

    What about scenecore and emo and like punk? The stuff was really popular popular in the 2010s and 2000s ngl

  • Coyote Yeah
    Coyote Yeah

    2000's: tv shows were awesome 2010's: no!

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    Nothing may define the 2010s but I can tell you with lots of confidence that those 10 years made my childhood the best years of my life and eternally happy I miss that decade

  • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
    Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

    50 year olds make companies for 30 year olds to make things for 10 year olds. I'm thinking of the hip thi gs on netflix get me? The Fallout game series for example is indicative of this trend (and awfully precient in that regard I might add). Reminds me of a line from Bojack Horseman : "I love feeling like I'm back in the 80s feeling like I'm back in the 50s."

  • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
    Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

    10-30 year olds in the comment section don't realize that 90% of the planet don't know memes. Remember how the Gov responded to the Area 51 meme?That's how out of touch they are.

  • bae lord
    bae lord

    I respectfully disagree.

  • Schwifty MemeLord
    Schwifty MemeLord

    That last part is true, middle schoolers have the option to learn about pink floyd

  • Tim Winterhalter
    Tim Winterhalter

    I disagree. This is social media cyberpunk at it's origin


    I feel as though this decade is really defined by a single company, Disney, everyone knows marvel, everybody has at least used a Disney product in their lifetime

  • Michael Sheridan
    Michael Sheridan

    Turns out we're just fickle

  • Chuck

    Social media is mostly a 2010 slightly before but alot of other decades had the same overlap