Odd Nordstoga - Borga i Ur
I've written a rough translation to English:

Two rivers run through the land of Ur,
meets there, and from a wall high above
You can see a procession of flaggs and steamers in the wind;
Where the rivers meet, the procession comes

A table with cups of gold and saphire,
Shelves of knowledge, scroll by scroll.
Halls with stringed music, songs and melodies,
circled dance with flutes and harps

It snows in the land, a snow of oblivion
The castle disappears and forgotten is the breads
that satisfy the five thousand mouths from the basket
The face blindly ask for a sorrow of a thousand years.

And no-one remembers the fine lines
in the face of the queen on that beautiful day
When this country rested in holy peace
and everyone was full of love

A door is opened in the quiet evening,
through it you sense the of shining fire
and voices carried by the wind where you walk:
This is something you know from before

A hand cast the dices in the light of the torches,
A foot dances under light, soft linen;
They are here, you forgotten sisters and brothers:
This is something you know from before.

Forget the toil for happiness and the fear of sorrow;
everything you need is here, is is bread in a basket,
from a secret table in a castle so strong.

Look, here is the day that went away.
Look, the sun rises in your honour
Look, here is the basket filled with bread for us all,
In the castles of the land of Ur.

  • Marja-Lena Nyman
    Marja-Lena Nyman

    Underbart!! Mange Takk for denne

  • Yağmur Ekebil
    Yağmur Ekebil

    Thank you so much for translation... a song beyond perfect, a musician beyond words

  • beefyboi98

    my love for the tallest man on earth and my fascination for the Scandinavia region brought me here

  • MrStensnask

    Enig. Det er en fin fortælling. Det er som om han har fanget stemningen i en gammel eventyrbog og lavet det til en sang og melodi. Elsker at spille sangen selv.

  • Michael Miner
    Michael Miner

    Beautiful and soulful song. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ágnes Balázsfalvi
    Ágnes Balázsfalvi

    I think, this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life. I learn Norwegian language lately, and it isn't easy, but so beautiful.... When I have a hard time, I usually listen to this song, and it gives me a lot of strength. Tusen takk.

  • Solveig Helleland
    Solveig Helleland

    denne artisten har så mange rom, så mange sider, det er utrolig spennende å følge utviklingen hans!

  • vanefreja86

    Det lyder som et fantastisk minde. Hørte selv ssangen første gang, da jeg selv var på højskole i Norge for 5 år siden - blev forelsket i den med det samme. :) Den er en perfekt sammensætning af melodi og tekst!

  • MrStensnask

    På min gamle højskole i Danmark var der en af mine venner fra Norge, der plejede at spille denne sang, når vi sad rundt om bålet om natten i kulden. Der var noget meget...magisk og dragende over sangen og mens han spillede, var der ingen, der frøs. Det vil jeg aldrig glemme.

  • vanefreja86

    @alette1977 Jeg er helt enig i den påstand!!!! :)

  • Kjell Randeberg
    Kjell Randeberg

    trodde vi nordmenn bare kunne black metal, men dette gjør meg enda mer stolt av å være nordmann. fantastisk sang!

  • vanefreja86

    @ASickMind everything about this song is pure perfection! :)

  • Maesel leseaM
    Maesel leseaM


  • Maesel leseaM
    Maesel leseaM

    Dette er heilt rått!

  • vivianmari

    great translation, and such a lovely song

  • vivianmari

    "and everyone had enough love to love with" :)

  • Oscar espinoza quezada
    Oscar espinoza quezada

    me gusta mucho esta canción, I like too much this song (from Chile, Teacher Oscar Espinoza)

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