‘Off The Rails!’: Trump Defenders Go ‘Full Mulvaney’ As Bribery Testimony Demolishes Trump | MSNBC
Republicans are on defense as damning impeachment evidence goes public. Trump allies are bracing for public hearings as The White House beefs up their legal team. NPR’S Ayesha Rascoe and David Frum, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush join MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 11/06/19.
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‘Off The Rails!’: Trump Defenders Go ‘Full Mulvaney’ As Bribery Testimony Demolishes Trump | MSNBC

  • John William Cornett
    John William Cornett

    MSNBC....LMFAO! Pain forthcoming.

  • parafrogman187

    Lindsey Graham is a disgusting two-faced Trump ball licker. A complete 180 from when President Turd was a presidential candidate!

  • Demetrius Dion
    Demetrius Dion

    The Trumpublicans have lost their integrity and their minds.

  • Donald Dorsey
    Donald Dorsey

    Grams living in DENIAL , hes still living in his RACISTS PAST .

  • Rich Greene
    Rich Greene

    Shoot Shoot shoot.

  • jay williams
    jay williams

    Tell Trump he is fired for corrupt intent

  • verna foster
    verna foster

    Anyone seen Lindsey Graham ??? If so please call 888 333 5656 he is missing from The Trump Mental Institution. Totally unstable and dangerous.

  • jon doh
    jon doh

    have we all forgotten the definition of tyranny and how that word relates to the foundation of our country these men are all tyrants McConnell, Graham, Trump etc... This is a full-on constitutional crisis we need to pay attention!

  • Gunt Perkins
    Gunt Perkins

    I don't care about a quid pro quo if it can possibly help Americans. But a quid pro quo strictly to help Trump's campaign is a f****** joke

  • robert h
    robert h

    Shouldn't you say alleged bribery?

  • Chatty Cathy
    Chatty Cathy

    WHAT does tRUMP have on Leningrad Lindsey??? Has he taken money from the Russians??

  • bigart1993

    Remember folks, the (R) after their names stands for (R)ussian Funded.

  • Tony McCraw
    Tony McCraw

    Graham was a military attorney the same way W was a fighter pilot.

  • Icare

    If the voters of S.C. have any morals they would permanently sat Ms. Graham on her porch with a cup of tea watching the squirrels.

  • Donald Chu
    Donald Chu

    Lindsay Graham IS a sham. He has tried to deflect and distract just like his idol. Lock 'em both up!

  • esmeralda ganceres
    esmeralda ganceres


  • Kaleb Thomas Clare
    Kaleb Thomas Clare

    This is not Mr. Graham being ignorant - he KNOWS what he is doing and saying ... and he knows that his decision is rampantly corrupt in his standing about this issue. His goal is singular ... STAY in "good standing" with this President [whose base does not care if the President governs corruptly or not] and make a conscious decision to place his [Mr. Graham's] position within Congress ABOVE his Oath to the people of the United States and our Constitution. THAT, alone, should give the people of South Carolina reason enough to replace him with a different Republican candidate to run against the Democratic candidate. This whole process will unfold and it will tell the story of either how the most powerful free democratic republic in the world either crumbled under its own refusal to uphold its Constitutional framework and stood up to its corrupted government to take our l country back ... or bowed down before a man who would choose instead to assert himself as above the Law and rule us as a king/fascist dictator.

  • ninety vang
    ninety vang

    Lock trump up with some Republic have no ball

  • Daniel Ceschini
    Daniel Ceschini

    Graham is a joke.

  • Kerry Kielbon
    Kerry Kielbon

    Actually Blago didn't take the money to enrich himself, he attempted to fund a pet project.

  • Ddw1212@gmail.com Walton
    Ddw1212@gmail.com Walton

    Lindsey Graham wake up. Thanks for MSNBC everyone does a fine job on reporting, regardless what Trump says. Thanks for Virginia going blue.

  • Geri

    I need clarification: So, are you saying that the soldiers and citizens killed between August through September ( in Ukraine and the Kurds ) that Trump, Mulvaney and all the Senate Republicans have innocent blood on their hands? Because they "held up already authorized funds and military hardware", in order to find dirt on the Bidens, in order to win the 2020 election? Oh my gosh!!!! Isn't that bribery and against the USA CONSTITUTION, an impeachable offense? I am just asking. Mulvaney already publicly admitted it on national TV. " Yes, it was "quid pro quo.".

  • jodynh

    I really like the way you explained the difference between pushing someone out of the way of danger and pushing them to hurt them. You can say the same thing about quid pro quo. I used to trade babysitting with a neighbor. I'd watch her kids while she went to play bingo, and she'd watch mine while I went to a movie that wasn't a cartoon. That's a quid pro quo, but it's not illegal. In the movie Strangers On A Train, two men agreed to commit murders for each other so that it would be far more difficult to solve those murders. There would be no apparent motive. That's a totally different quid pro quo.

  • Gseric47

    So the truth is a joke 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ken h
    Ken h

    Geez how do these snakes stay on the air or in office? oh yeah, a stupid base

  • wulfina moon
    wulfina moon

    The highjacking of a country.

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith

    Direlec of duty, job abandonment, treason. Is what Sen. Graham is talking about doing.

  • RolandSxxx1

    'Show me the evidence' 'I won't read the evidence'

  • Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson

    Get Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Giuliani, Bolton, perry and Trump et al in a sworn testimony, then see what they say. Trump has already told over 14,000 lies in office. Why does anyone believe anything this compulsive liar says?

  • marcusmalone

    Lindsay Graham has such perdy eyes...

  • Sandra MacDonald
    Sandra MacDonald

    I hope Lindsay Graham is going to be held accountable his disloyalty to the country. John McCain is probably turning over in his grave.

  • Wilfred George
    Wilfred George

    the Republicans had no defend for Donald Trump, all they want to do is to cost chaos and chaos is a feeling of guilt, they know Donald Trump actions with the Ukrainian president was wrong and they still want to stand by him

  • Crish Potella
    Crish Potella

    It would be super easy for Trump, Mulvaney, Giuliani, or Pompeo to testify that all these other people are wrong but they AREN’T and that says it all.

  • Donald Tonks
    Donald Tonks

    the GOP... the party of wimps... led by 'kiNg' wimp...

  • Donald Tonks
    Donald Tonks

    Lindsay is a wimp

  • William Evans
    William Evans

    Graham said "show me where there's a quid pro quo" yet also refuses to read the transcripts of testimonies from five independent witnesses. As noted here, there's a difference between mens rea and actus reus. Even the redacted 'Ukraine 'phone call' transcript clearly demonstrates that, during the call itself, Trump had both Ukranian aid/future deals AND the investigation of the Bidens in his mind at the same time; its' therefore inconceivable that such a 'genius' as Trump would not mentally link the two issues during the call. Graham, Mulvaney and their ilk must think we're all idiots!!

  • Alyse Alyse
    Alyse Alyse

    Lindsey.... You’re the joke!

  • Michael Dodds
    Michael Dodds

    We have to understand that a lot of racist trump supporters who plan to vote for him are too embarrassed to admit it publicly.

  • olive branch
    olive branch

    This guy here is a political hack and a disgrace

  • MaskedMarvyl

    Graham: "Show me evidence of the quid pro quo! I"ll look at it!" "Ok, here it is". Graham: "Get that out of my face. I'm not going to read it". Your tax dollars at work, folks.

  • july mash
    july mash

    Hi there You are a joke Have a good day 🇺🇸

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark

    Graham: Show me proof the sky is blue? Anybody: Look up! Graham: I won’t look up! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • tubeslats

    I like to see the use of the term "bribery". That is what it is. Stop with the term "quid pro quo" that most people don't understand.

  • Kidlat Kidlat
    Kidlat Kidlat

    Leningrad lindsey is scared of putin too just like trump. moscow mitch, miss lindsey, and trump WILL NEVER DISOBEY putin.

  • corthew

    Graham: "Show me proof and I'll believe it...When I see it...But I won't see it...Because I won't look at it".

  • quinten putnam
    quinten putnam

    Regarding Lindsey Graham I don’t know which country he represents but it certainly is not the United States of America!!!

  • Ava Langrin
    Ava Langrin

    Nancy Pelosi, at this point, should stop dancing to the Republican’s tune. Every time the Democrats attempt to cooperate with Republicans they then move the goal post. Let the investigation move forward despite Trump and the Republicans whining and crying. Finish it Nancy. IMPEACH TRUMP!!!!!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    LG: "Show me some proof, show me some evidence" Dems: "ok.. here it is..in these transcripts!" LG: "no ,I wont look at the evidence" 😶

  • LemonTree

    Graham sounds like he’s being threatened by someone...Russia?

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian

    He's not capable of performing his oath..

  • Rick Hoops
    Rick Hoops

    This dude has a black thing under his nose....

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Lindsey is like a six year old refusing to play in the soccer game because his team is losing

  • Jason Barksdale
    Jason Barksdale


  • Jason Barksdale
    Jason Barksdale

    I use to like LINDSEY GRAHAM but now hes an oiled up compromised shameless useless pathetic CORRUPTED pale piglet🐖 oink oink

    • afutla qian
      afutla qian

      Little linsey u like big popa to be behind u

  • Coco C
    Coco C

    Ari needs to shave. I know it's not the subject, but smdh. He looks terrible.

  • arrow64 64
    arrow64 64

    Is this even shocking to anyone , really ! We were in trouble the day he came down the escalator..

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    Well Ben, I guess the answer is no, we can't keep our republic. We elected a clown and his sycophants. Vote like your country depends on it. IT DOES!!!

  • Windy Daley
    Windy Daley

    Graham and McConnell will be gone in 2020.

  • Artemio Reyes
    Artemio Reyes

    Another MSNBC show beware they are famous for fake news and altering the story and Videos.

  • gap949

    Lindsey was on the Pee Pee tapes !

  • Truthful4ever

    Who is Miss Lindsey sleeping with? Seems a little suspect with all of his hyper defensive rantings over #45. Is there a secret tape out there somewhere? Miss Lindsey, Mulvaney says "We do it all time".

  • Connie Echols
    Connie Echols


  • Dan Dallaire
    Dan Dallaire

    Grahm's "moral compass" died the same time John McCain did. He's useless and should be removed.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Graham sounds like he's panicking.

  • Unknown Whistleblower
    Unknown Whistleblower

    “Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      hate you they may accidentally hear TRUTH. Somebody STEP UP be a patriot!

  • JDub

    dance Lyndsey, dance!! ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAA!! t r u m p.... The Rat Under My Poop...

  • John S
    John S

    What phone call? Ok there was a phone call, but We didn't ask for any favors... Ok we asked for favors but not about a political rival... Ok we asked for a favor about a political rival but there was no quid pro quo... Ok there was a quid pro quo but so what...I don't like the way you are conducting the investigation. It's called gaslighting people

  • John S
    John S

    Lindsey is like a six year old refusing to play in the soccer game because his team is losing

  • TheJojo01902

    This is way off topic but, Ari, if you see this message, I **love** the scruff!

  • Gay Hoffman
    Gay Hoffman

    Little linsey u like big popa to be behind u

  • Linda Oliver
    Linda Oliver

    If you read the transcripts he needs to stop seeing show him and read it then he'll see it.

  • Linda Oliver
    Linda Oliver

    Now this is such an ignorant man. First they say it's a witch Hunt first they said the scam. But yet they won't even read the transcripts figure out the truth.I'm sure he was in the room hearing the testimony so he really doesn't have to be to read the testimony. But what's so scary most of all is what do Trump have on. For them to put our democracy and constitutional rights at risk of losing. What do he havebrondes Republicans ask yourself that question. Because they seem to be so frightened of this man. They stay at his hotels and who knows if they're being recorded or taped. They are afraid of him for some reason because no one is stupid as the United States president that we have in the white house today. Are going to put this much fear in two grown men who've been in Congress. Most up part of their adult life. That they would be this afraid of such a big coward five-year-old wimp. Such spineless weak very weak men.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    "Show me where there's a quid pro quo, so I won't look at it." WTF????

  • Charles Brewer
    Charles Brewer

    Lindsey Graham forgets that the American voters WILL look at the evidence. They will hold him, and the GOP to account in 2020. Good luck with that.

  • Bonnie Barlow
    Bonnie Barlow

    He's saying "we're too dumb to be criminal."

  • Bonnie Barlow
    Bonnie Barlow

    What the heck was that tongue sticking out and him lithping? That was scary - like a snake for a second there.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Even if they saw trump shoot someone they would say it never happened. Party before country and extreme hypocrisy. Anyone else would have already been charged and in

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes

    Black Sea countries have been the Target ever since the Ottoman Empire. Thid First interested me after seeing the midnight express in the late 70's. Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia and Hungry being the greatest victims. Allan.

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes

    I can understand Paedeofillia but PIZZAGATE is asking for the HAND of Christ to Strike. Thank GOD for Kevin Shipp ex-CIA confirming that SPIRIT Cooking is quite common in the USA and Canada and Australia and Europe a part of the Sacrifice to Mollach or Jebollah or SATAN. Allan.

  • digiryde

    Conservative Indiana Republican defending Nixon... LMAO!!!!! Pence has a precedent as well. On the flip side, there is more to this than Trump asking for a Quid Pro Quo. Think about who else benefits from every delay of military aid to Ukraine. Putin. Trump's political daddy.

  • Dannie Carey
    Dannie Carey

    Ari I dare you! Call Fox News out for what they are in a way it forces them to address you or take you to court! Keep hammering until their viewers are familiar with you, even if they hate you they may accidentally hear TRUTH. Somebody STEP UP be a patriot!

  • Tom Towers
    Tom Towers

    Graham sounds like he's panicking.

  • J Hawk Smith
    J Hawk Smith

    LG is the wettest wet sock