offending EVERYONE...
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  • Also Fitz
    Also Fitz

    i'm sorry if things have seemed slow recently. I've been going through a difficult time. Really trying to get better - hopefully returning to form soon. Appreciate you guys sticking with me.

    • Sirname_21


    • Raj Majmundar
      Raj Majmundar

      Anything to not get half assed content

    • Kobe ssmbtn Mercedes
      Kobe ssmbtn Mercedes

      This aged like my cum

    • Johnny Fitzgerald
      Johnny Fitzgerald

      piping Carsons girl

    • Mr Melon
      Mr Melon


  • windy_400

    lol they skipped the AL LU HU SNACKBAR option <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="615">10:15</a>

  • Axton Gaming
    Axton Gaming

    I love dry steak

  • Arele Greene
    Arele Greene

    Top of the morning to you laddies

  • Trash Kid
    Trash Kid

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="971">16:11</a> I’d definitely write “fitz” :)

  • enyuh

    the best thing in this vid is that somehow, acnl's 1pm theme song plays as a bg music & i think that's kinda epic

  • TheOneTrueMorty Oh Jeezz Rick
    TheOneTrueMorty Oh Jeezz Rick

    Omg I almost died laughing plz make more of these

  • Eli Weldon
    Eli Weldon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> I spit out my coffee

  • jakeysoccer voltage #3
    jakeysoccer voltage #3

    That title didn't age well...

  • Tergative Seierup
    Tergative Seierup

    whats the link to the game?

  • Vinay Gowda
    Vinay Gowda

    We need more of this shit

  • Speedster0518

    Who sold out Anne Frank? The Ashtray

  • staleoniondip 20
    staleoniondip 20

    These comments aren't filled with Fitz hate thank god

  • DEAD-SHOT 64
    DEAD-SHOT 64

    Cool fact I’m 0.2 percent Jew

  • Nomandies

    bro Fitz basically stole a Bert Kreischer joke. no. this cant be

  • Jedi Koala
    Jedi Koala

    Can we have more of this pls

    • Angel Juarez
      Angel Juarez

      Jedi Koala I doubt he’ll upload soon


    How do you get this game

    • 『 Hanna 』
      『 Hanna 』

      It’s a website, it’s called you’re xxyyz or something like that, the website looks sketchy as fuck but I promise it’s not

  • Shahu Meßner
    Shahu Meßner

    where can I play that online version :(?

  • ava medley
    ava medley

    d r y s t e a k i s t h e b e s t f o o d e v e r

  • retard

    That thumbnail is katerino rn

  • Gerrix 156
    Gerrix 156

    You sure did

  • はä_î_Mな

    2 weeks later “I offended everyone part 2.”

  • Tony Bishop
    Tony Bishop

    It's okay bro I confused Anne Frank with Helen Kelen

  • CrazyKid

    Okeyy guys, I really want to be a NOsoftr and just started. I've made some vids but don't get views who want s to help me with my dreams and subscribe and watch my vid? You will be my hero

  • Forgotten Soul
    Forgotten Soul

    The Top comment didn't age well...

  • Emani

    little did he know, this title was prophetic smh

  • I Eat Garbage
    I Eat Garbage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a>

  • ANGEL Zavala
    ANGEL Zavala

    Isn't that miniladd guy a vanossgaming side bitch

    • Lil Circumcision
      Lil Circumcision

      He basically gathered a fanbase from them and then stopped playing with them

    • Lil Circumcision
      Lil Circumcision

      He used to be

  • Zander L.
    Zander L.

    Best way to offend everyone is screwing someone's girlfriend.... Oh... Oh wait...

  • ashtin miller
    ashtin miller

    “That title aged well” Hahahahaha hey guys look at me Ik about drama hahahaha I’m funny like my comment guys hahaha guys like haha

  • Kar3c -
    Kar3c -

    These titles aren’t aging well

  • Josh Price
    Josh Price

    Pinned comment conspiracy

  • Ceon


  • Daniel Thom
    Daniel Thom

    Oh boy this did NOT age well

  • Frederick Holt
    Frederick Holt

    Could some kind soul link the website please? I've been searching and can't find it.

  • The ChrisMan
    The ChrisMan

    Incoming hate comments even though Carson said not to.

    • Bob thesolider
      Bob thesolider

      GalacticHasNOsoft he really didn’t have to calling out Kate was really necessary as she really cheated with 8 aware and unaware dudes

    • GalacticHasYoutube

      Erick John Banga He really did need to apologize. He made a private matter public (on impulse) but he owned up to his mistake so he’s got my respect.


      Fr I think the only reason why carson apologized(even though he doesn't need to) is because of his fans still harassing Fitz even though Carson already forgive Fitz

  • nicholas booperdoop
    nicholas booperdoop

    Good guy fitz more like a guy who cheated with his friends girlfriend fitz

  • reenald leenald
    reenald leenald

    Katerino also got a fitz

  • Fifi Fighter
    Fifi Fighter

    what's the game called

  • Funk Ghost
    Funk Ghost

    This title did not age well

  • Eggario o
    Eggario o

    Yea "offending everyone" nice title bitch

  • Coco Comics
    Coco Comics

    lived up to this videos title

  • Ashton Carter
    Ashton Carter

    Ima miss this fitz

  • ManiX207

    this crew playing card against humanity .... yeah .... not rly more offensive then other vids xD LOVELY also no pedo jokes O_O wow, though i guess tobi wasnt there soo yeah


    Little did we know this vid never truly ended

  • Minimal Effort
    Minimal Effort

    Well, you did that all right.

  • Punkln

    that title didn't age well

  • Your classy Dad
    Your classy Dad

    The title: offending everyone Everyone: you did just that

  • Mary Elderton-smith
    Mary Elderton-smith

    Well the title of this video aged well

  • Lachlan Austin
    Lachlan Austin

    How do I play this?

    • Lachlan Austin
      Lachlan Austin

      art thou feeling it now mr krabs I found it. It’s called Pictures against humanity

    • art thou feeling it now mr krabs
      art thou feeling it now mr krabs

      Look up pretend your xyzzy on google same thing judt different hud basically

  • Returned Vippaley
    Returned Vippaley

    When the title matches the situation.

  • Blue

    5 years until that landfill was a bit of an overshot, buddy hope your career isn't entirely fucked

  • mr.Baslamic45


  • Brofessor Beta
    Brofessor Beta

    This title fits with the CERTAIN EVENTS that happened recently.

  • I'm SUPER decent at music
    I'm SUPER decent at music

    Well, you defiantly offended everybody

  • Denis Onetwothree
    Denis Onetwothree

    Offending everyone and sleeping with your friends girl

  • ripprustyy

    This title aged badly

  • Ekkai

    This video title aged like milk..

  • MaxVssR

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> this shit be hittin different since the incident...

  • Will Avery
    Will Avery

    Title: “ offending everyone” Too true...sorry for Carson

  • Colin Jewell
    Colin Jewell

    Oh the title is so ironic now

  • Man's not hot
    Man's not hot

    Damn he really went all out on offending this time.

  • dragontam3r5

    Well. He sure as hell just offended a lot of people *cough cough* Carson *cough cough* katerino Y i k e s

  • Tristan Catabay
    Tristan Catabay

    I... I can’t... I can’t believe you would do something so horrible to your friend. You didn’t think it through, did you. Carson is fucking battling depression and you, you decide to hook up with his girlfriend? Your a bad friend, a monster, and an asshole. Your just making everything worse for him. You have no idea how he feels or what you’ve done. Stop fucking acting like you didn’t do shit. I’ve watched you for such a long time and thought that you were a great person, but I guess we can’t trust anyone. Not with assholes like you. Have a great day after ruining Carson. A great friendship traded in for a single hook up. Nice.

  • YoshiRocks57

    Fits 4 months ago: OFFENDING EVERYONE Fitz 1 week ago: Let's do this again!

    • Ruby Penguin
      Ruby Penguin

      @Flynn Betteridge i dont blame you nor him.

    • Flynn Betteridge
      Flynn Betteridge

      Nobody cares. Get a new hobby


    “Offending Everyone” Ironic

    • Danesh Priambodo
      Danesh Priambodo

      he has become the thing he swore to destroy

    • Mac music
      Mac music


  • adi

    yea you did

  • Bayden W
    Bayden W

    Irony is funny shit isn’t

  • O.T Genasis [AMV]
    O.T Genasis [AMV]

    Congratulations you accomplished that on mar 12

  • YaboiPatty

    what are they using to play this???

  • Trish Una
    Trish Una

    That title aged extremely well Edit: Bruh I posted this 3 weeks ago when Carson came out with it chillllll

    • Sfs Aviation
      Sfs Aviation

      this video never ended, the recent events were just for this one video

    • Trish Una
      Trish Una

      venezuela's inflation rate N o .

    • venezuela's inflation rate
      venezuela's inflation rate


  • Unhandy

    This title just hits differently now lmao

    • YaBoiDevin_

      Unhandy yep

    • Mac music
      Mac music


  • Micah Morton
    Micah Morton

    Yeah you definitely betrayed everyone, especially Carson.

  • Stattix MaD
    Stattix MaD

    Be my fucking DADDY

    • Sindra offline
      Sindra offline

      Lord jesus bruh if you don't calm your ass DOWN

  • President Obama
    President Obama

    You sure did offend alot of people

  • Alex Pilkington
    Alex Pilkington

    That title didnt age well...

  • John Palmer
    John Palmer

    Hmm this title sure is Ironic huh...

    • Andrew playz
      Andrew playz

      venezuela's inflation rate fucking make him

    • venezuela's inflation rate
      venezuela's inflation rate


  • Arttu Sippola
    Arttu Sippola

    *No no, don't touch me there*

  • Ben White
    Ben White


  • GreenEggsAndSpam

    A quote from the future: "Carson could not stand the neutron style." -Katerino

    • Garrett Spurgeon
      Garrett Spurgeon

      Chill 😂

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