Oh no...
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  • Kei Stephano
    Kei Stephano

    He could be OG mud bone

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats

    Ksi’s intro it just I’M BACCCCKKK Or I HAVE RETUUUURNED

  • Frankie Clark
    Frankie Clark

    JJ America thanks you for representing it in the fight against the Paul’s

  • NWbeasty 2005
    NWbeasty 2005

    Is he wearing his mic backwards

  • SlaZy Soc
    SlaZy Soc

    jeez, I thought my sound was broken in the beggining

  • Shubham Dhir
    Shubham Dhir

    We're still waiting jj😂 Like so that jj can see..

  • Roger Wallace
    Roger Wallace

    Followme on Instagram please @roger.wallace123

  • fun forever
    fun forever

    1:12 still waiting!

  • Omega 109
    Omega 109

    he promised a total of 4 videos in this video. he made none of them

  • arshma rahman
    arshma rahman

    Why did he have that reaction to his wise words?

  • IdiottiBiscotti

    jj u told us the reasons for why u dont wanna do porn but u havent said that u have a fucking gf and u cant/:

  • GamerJIVE S
    GamerJIVE S

    5:15 I dont get it

  • Darcy Montgomery
    Darcy Montgomery

    Fuck u JJ

    • Not PETA
      Not PETA

      Shut up u fucking jake Paul fanboy.

  • Jesus Reyes
    Jesus Reyes

    I thought he was drunk for a moment

  • RegiCiDe

    The intro was so Silent that I thought my sound was broken

  • Grow Master
    Grow Master

    Ksi gets childhood flashbacks 4:58

  • Wazzamelon _
    Wazzamelon _

    This video has more lies than Logan Pools apologie video

  • Hendrick Santos
    Hendrick Santos

    I cringed so hard watching this part 8:21-8:37

  • Dabi

    14:37 this is so true😂😂😂 and I only laugh at this😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Primes

    Yo you uploaded this on my birthday I just realized

  • fear the bridge
    fear the bridge

    What's the back round music

  • RNE_Elyasplayz_79

    0:21 your Ethans Dad


    2:46 There have to be sacrifises for the greater good.

  • Marcus Demian
    Marcus Demian

    still waiting for it

  • Sulfuric Acid
    Sulfuric Acid

    Dog destroyed maverick Coyote destroyed kong KSI destroyed loganpaul

  • Mini Escobar28
    Mini Escobar28

    Find some one who wants to do it then

  • Joseph Chambers
    Joseph Chambers

    He hasn’t been around as a father cuz he’s black

  • what up
    what up

    Oh no

  • Glitch

    8:08 Mastermind? More like mega mind

  • F4KE Z
    F4KE Z

    first 5 seconds i kept increasing my volume cause i thought something was wrong with my speaker then out of nowhere WHATSS UP

  • Mimi-Carlisle King
    Mimi-Carlisle King

    JJ can’t dance. change my mind😭

  • Iso x qomp
    Iso x qomp

    I got a disease

    • Reaper's Creed
      Reaper's Creed

      And I got a virus

  • Roux

    Does he know celestia is a pornstar?

  • Ryan Gordon209
    Ryan Gordon209

    Always forget to turn my volume down watching jj XD

  • Archie Maxwell
    Archie Maxwell

    The amount of people here after gib lost | | | V

  • sister act
    sister act

    The thumbnail looks like an apology video.

  • imjustfaded

    why I get recommended by this after gibs fight ?

  • ima nub
    ima nub

    He should do reddit as folabi

  • Alfie Wilson
    Alfie Wilson

    I want that knock down Deji's dog it got put down

  • Ayden Sabol
    Ayden Sabol

    Oh yeah yeah let's come back brothers

  • Fahzeg

    Me: Reads Title My brain: *OH NO HERE WE GO, AFRICANO ON A ROLL*

  • ITz Minininja07
    ITz Minininja07

    What’s funny tho, is if he did make a porno he would make a lot of money cause a lot of people would watch it on pornhub 😂

  • YTsnack 420
    YTsnack 420

    KSI is the funniest Sidemen

  • YTsnack 420
    YTsnack 420

    When’s the porn coming

  • Red Bear Gamer
    Red Bear Gamer

    0:20 probably an ethan reference actually ngl

  • logan07 CCFC
    logan07 CCFC

    His celestia video has actually hit 1 mil go check

  • EliTe_Nivss

    this is how many times JJ slam the table | | \/

  • TheRedCrusader

    That thumbnail is the same as MoreSidemen's latest upload's one

  • Faizaan Ahmed
    Faizaan Ahmed

    0:00 When a set 8 kid meets a camera

  • hairypotter224_ YMGL
    hairypotter224_ YMGL


  • ryan afsi
    ryan afsi

    my volume wasn't working he trolled us so nicely

  • Aivaras Pinikas
    Aivaras Pinikas

    Plz don't no one wants to see that relax

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores

    Logan is just representing the stupid part of America

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores

    Who else thought there audio wasn’t working for like the first 5 seconds?

  • Esha Hussain
    Esha Hussain

    NOsoft getting way to comfortable with the double ads

  • darien ramirez
    darien ramirez

    He still hasn’t recreated the African videos 😐

    • Scott Rash
      Scott Rash

      @Shadow Nah your good. That was actually cursed lmao

    • Shadow

      Scott Rash well porn doesn’t always have to be consensual Before you go off that was a joke

    • Scott Rash
      Scott Rash

      @Spartanthechief ' Bro, just stop. The girl doesn't wanna do porn, so they ain't doing porn.

    • Spartanthechief '
      Spartanthechief '

      @Alfred Ridder spam that on his reddit and get supporters to finally push him to do it

    • Alfred Ridder
      Alfred Ridder

      Still hasn’t dropped that porno we were promised

  • Clysmic _Red
    Clysmic _Red

    Who else thought that their video was on silent at the start of the video

  • Evade Mystic
    Evade Mystic


    • Evade Mystic
      Evade Mystic


  • YOURsplitSELF

    08:48thank me later 🥰

  • Efren Medina
    Efren Medina

    The faces he makes while reacting to lil bored🤣🤣🤣