• chukob5

    Holy shit that murciélago sounds amazing

  • Marc

    Dont give it to a museum. Drive it like it was ment to be.

  • unko unko
    unko unko

    Cool man If e-gear fucking But manual is brilliant You should keep that

  • Gil Vaughan
    Gil Vaughan

    More honda civic

  • Steven Hood
    Steven Hood

    How long is the orange monster going to be in the museum for?

  • Jon White
    Jon White

    This is the first vid series I’ve ever seen. These vids are so productive.

  • hussain Mamun
    hussain Mamun

    He talks more rubbish then he actually does any work. the title of the show doesn't reflect to what his doing right now which talking saying what he needs to do rather then getting rid of the car

  • Nebula

    0:58 Jared walking in from the light like a messenger of God :D

  • Impslap

    As a Spanish speaker thank you for pointing out how badly non-native speakers continually butcher "Murcielago".

  • Viking Man
    Viking Man

    The fast and furious lambo is best

  • Can Ozdemir
    Can Ozdemir

    Lambo: Cold Start, Vrooooom Autogenerated captions: [Music] Pretty accurate tbh

  • leuvenlife

    Oh, you did a Samcrac on the white one then

  • Paul Silva
    Paul Silva

    hi please look at www.tophydraulics.com/ for your lambo convertible top issues the engineer is incredible and super helpful, i used them for my sons audi and in speaking to the engineer we solved my issue and it wasnt as expensive as i thought i was going to be. please let me know if this works for you. good luck

  • Tommy Trexler
    Tommy Trexler

    That’s what they call a leak!!

  • Christopher Yates
    Christopher Yates

    No, that is not how you pronounce it, I love you dude, but you sound ignorant when you say that. Educate yourself nosoft.info/hd/video/a5DcnF7UxY-xrp0

  • Christopher Yates
    Christopher Yates

    Pronouncing it Mercy-el-ago just because Ed says that way doesn't make it right. Do you think they pronounce it that way in Italy? Do you pronounce 'Jalepeno' phonetically?

  • TE BE
    TE BE

    Spray Silicone Grease Spray on the door strut shafts. If that works, you can use pure Silicone Grease. Sold for use in Treadmill running belts.

  • omgwtf696969

    0:38 fuck damon but... nosoft.info/hd/video/bIenbYu6u3ps0Kk 8:05, from the legend Valentino balboni himself. stop pronouncing it wrong please.

  • Pavel Smolyoniy
    Pavel Smolyoniy

    Tovarish lost all sense of surprise. And by working on cars that no one has simply left the crowd. I used to enjoy videos on "lets repair together" type of stuff. But now "ill do this and that in near future" completely destroys suspense.

  • Addicted4Life !
    Addicted4Life !

    I thought he was a better mechanic then he seems to be. He’s just a “parts replacer” till it works. That’s a list of wasted money!

  • 카드로잉CarDrawing

    So nice and great video!! I am drawing a car on my youtube! Please visit and keep in touch ;) 😚😋

  • Idok Watcher
    Idok Watcher

    Wow really milking those views out of nothing. How else will you get back those $1600, right?

  • Ashton Newton
    Ashton Newton

    "There's a reason why the top doesn't work; I just don't know it."

  • Jon Salhany
    Jon Salhany

    Getting closer tavarish, still not quite there on the pronunciation but hey at least you own the car. Moor sea ay'l AGO.

  • Cobra Mike
    Cobra Mike

    What happened to the Ferrari and Bentley projects?

  • Ja Tiyo
    Ja Tiyo

    Noooo! I believe Lambos get more attention. Like you said. It started your channel.

  • KoabraFang

    Awww I'm right in the middle of the playlist too, I'm cursed!

  • Vin Xander
    Vin Xander

    Ok Tavarish, lets just cold rev that expensive motor to 8 grand! Come on man!

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago

    Cant sit in it.. Can I bend the neighbor over the hood of it?

  • Jake Tubbs
    Jake Tubbs

    All lambo doors squeak

  • Daemonarch2k6

    Tavarish - never really drove the car... Let's build everything new... Okay

  • Playworthy

    Those are indeed two sexy beasts!!!

  • Kyle Claflin
    Kyle Claflin

    Use the unusable taillights in the old Lamborghini bumper and make a nice wall mount display.

  • We Shall Feast
    We Shall Feast

    Take the Gallardo to a specialist roof shop. Will save you hours of agony.

  • Cavallino Rampante
    Cavallino Rampante

    Hold the license plate on with magnets. No drilling required 👍

  • Hieu Tuning Blog
    Hieu Tuning Blog

    No way!no leaving lambo

  • Aaronghost

    Noooo dude

  • Michael Berresford
    Michael Berresford

    Shouldn't rev a cold engine, tisk tisk.

  • Radius XiX
    Radius XiX

    Da hell u talkin bout? Didnt tyler just drop the pimp my ride minivan in a museum LOL..

  • Payback !
    Payback !

    Lmao dude you fucken Suck, & your viewer's don't like you😂

  • Duhsmersh

    yea bro its leaking convertible fluid

  • M3 Negativecamber
    M3 Negativecamber

    Tavarish, I just bought an LP 640 roadster. I too, need to replace the door struts. Any leads or recommendations on where to purchase them?

  • Pablo Chacon
    Pablo Chacon

    I really find it weird that you but blood, sweat and tears in two supercars and barley drive them. Why are you spending all that money to fix them just for you to look at them?

  • elijah blount
    elijah blount

    The Lamborghini sound great at 14:00 🔥🔥🔥

  • usaauto76

    Dallas performance is the place to get your transmission worked on

  • İzzet cem İbik
    İzzet cem İbik

    0:46 the cars model is 2008 but its calendar shows 2007 and we are in 2020 lol

  • YOMNAT123

    So after the months spent doing the lamborghini gallardo, it not finished. It seem the murcielago is not ready done too. They are not that cost effective to be honest.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    Knock-knock! "Who's there?" The IRS

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    You should have used the Gorilla double-stick tape. It's a tough mfer

  • H Beezy
    H Beezy


  • Jadoe Hustles
    Jadoe Hustles

    Your gonna regret selling the merci ! It’s the nicest merci I’ve ever seen !

    • Jadoe Hustles
      Jadoe Hustles

      mikin lirou the fuck you telling me for tho ...

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Why u so cheap? Its gross how cheap u are. That's why u got $1600 paper weights cause ur so damn cheap. Don't buy cars like that if u aren't prepared to pay the costs to fix

  • John McGrath
    John McGrath

    Always wondered what his intro said, being what?

  • drixerr

    Don't drill holes for liscense plates, use 3M Dual Lock, it never falls off.

  • JuAsked ForIt
    JuAsked ForIt

    You forgot to include your Lamborghini Countach replica

  • Moto Wade
    Moto Wade

    Cold start my ass. watch this. nosoft.info/hd/video/fIHQpZrSpoyQqos

  • Gabriel Lavern
    Gabriel Lavern


  • Александр Шевченко
    Александр Шевченко

    where news of ferrari????

  • The Techrrangerr
    The Techrrangerr

    pls don't change the taillights they look so good the way they r rn

  • powerplant 24
    powerplant 24

    where are the old lights on the gallardo

  • ZiUXtv

    the car that started my following

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