Oscars 2020: Best Moments of the Night!
The 2020 Oscars were full of memorable moments, including strong social messages and surprising performances.

  • Harry Schnepp
    Harry Schnepp

    To bad you forgot how to act .the movies today are like a production line just push the product through. your an actor phucking act,

  • Patrick Kim
    Patrick Kim

    Scorsese was like, “this hurts my spleen for some reason”

  • Paul Torrisi
    Paul Torrisi

    Movies do more to harm our children than anything they'll see or hear in the street. 12 rated movies with f**k and s**t every other word, 15 with such graphic porno like sex and even more filthy language. Switch off if you love your children, stay watching if you don't.

  • imanii moore
    imanii moore

    She look like she fell.in flower bush a mess

  • Yay Uu
    Yay Uu


  • J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    2020 OSCAR Viewership hit an All Time Low in the 68-Year-History of the Show. These days the show really is that shitty.

  • J T G
    J T G

    Nothing about Amber Heard? #metoo. I'd think these very virtuous people would be all over that terrible story and how things need to change. #believemen

  • chazky net
    chazky net

    Ya era hora Brad también es un excelente actor

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito

    I really dislike America for many reasons. What is this sort of society ?

  • Rayane Zaghouani
    Rayane Zaghouani

    I only came here for Eminem.

  • tim nic
    tim nic

    2 Films should have got an Oscar - at least nomination!!!!: 1) Alita Battle Angel for best action movie , best visual effects 2) Midsommar for best horror movie , best director

  • الشاب علي
    الشاب علي


  • الشاب علي
    الشاب علي


  • ad D
    ad D

    So now you have blokes in dresses posing on the red carpet🤔

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli

    Oh my god, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is 22?!

  • Michael Wankewycz
    Michael Wankewycz

    Not being negative just be be negative, but I didn't think the quality of the speeches, monologues, or songs were very memorable. The 2 SNL girls stood out with their truly funny skit, and the song from Harriet was cool and should have won. I like Billie Eilish, but having her do a memorial tribute seemed kind of weird and forced considering her age and lack of familiarity with the scene. Phoenix started good, but his speech lost its steam midway through. Zellwegger unfortunately stumbled through her speech with way to many umhs. I truly was rooting for all of them to give a good speech or monologue, but it just didn't happen. It was also a bit embarrassing when a woman won for movie score and everyone went to the standing ovation simply because she was a woman. I understand that typically white males win a lot of these awards. However, it was kind of silly to only tepidly clap every time a white man won, and explode with applause when it was someone who didn't fit within that parameter. Also, I'm not sure that hollywood realizes it, but most of america doesn't want war, isn't racist, against homosexuality, women, or in denial about the environment... even republicians. A little too much virtue signaling for me not to get a bit nauseous. Congratulations to all the winners, but I'll just skip to the highlights next year.


    Bunch of phony gas holes patting each other on the back and being awarded little dolls named Oscar while expecting everyone to tell them how great they are

  • ariekrieg

    yep they are a bunch of idiots

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    Watching pampered whiny people get rewarded for doing something that they get paid entirely too much for? Nah I’ll pass. And why can’t we just accept each other for who we are as humans and not bring race and gender into the mix. Also, maybe actors can be actors and musicians can simply be musicians, did no one tell them that they aren’t political analysts? Just do what your paid for.

  • Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos


  • Suzy

    *Welcome to the fall of babylon - AGAIN!* *People who think they are idols to be praised & worshipped* *Hellywood occult - all satanists.* *Accepting the golden statue of satan - who gives them fame & fortune* 4:43 - *eye of horus, satan. With the golden statue of satan with rays of light around him as he is known in the satanic bible as the light-bearer, sun god & morning star. Also, in the Bible as "morning star."* *Wake up folks, youtube:* A Call For an Uprising A Pastors Chronicles

  • White_CIS Internet_Males
    White_CIS Internet_Males

    Half the nation hates black fragility and over paid multi-billionaires, you got to keep this in mind media.

  • Or Haim
    Or Haim

    lame ass oscar the only good part his leo and eminem

  • Ando Marc
    Ando Marc


  • Hell Raiser
    Hell Raiser

    Used to be about entertainment. Now it's about who can virtue signal the most.

  • Cliff Bolvin
    Cliff Bolvin

    Eminem's performance will go down as one of the greatest moments in Oscars history because people won't remember who won but they'll remember him. Plus, you know your the baddest man in the room when you can shut the building down for rehearsal, show up unannounced and get a standing ovation. Iconic! #GOAT

  • Navaneeth Anand
    Navaneeth Anand

    So much racism

  • Ysdhgd D7djdhhd
    Ysdhgd D7djdhhd

    Eminem was the best♥️

  • Humble Muslima
    Humble Muslima

    Did Eminem keep pausing with never... let...it....go...because he gained so much weight and couldn't catch his breath? I never thought he would rock jean's like that. Smh

  • حياة إبداع وإتقان DIY hayet
    حياة إبداع وإتقان DIY hayet


  • kemana lagi
    kemana lagi

    Oscar best only eminem scene 😂

  • Remco V
    Remco V

    The oscar nomination is where all the deplorables, pedophiles and racist come together. They are the scum of the earth.....

  • geee maca
    geee maca

    So thats what it looks like when flowers grow out of you nosoft.info/hd/video/iYPUmIDM13lx3aE

  • dkd04050319

    Yay, Brat Pit is still very handsome! 👌

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Should Rober de Niro be knighted by the👑 Queen?🤐

  • A Penandroll
    A Penandroll

    Can i puke now????....as expected...once again this turned out to be a platform for millionares soy boys and lesbians to spread their political bullshit agenda....im surprised they're not giving awards just for attending the ceremony.

  • Me...5293

    Did anyone else completely forget the oscars was on?

  • fuck this shit
    fuck this shit


  • hatzel rodriguez
    hatzel rodriguez

    the stage is shaped like a reptilian eye as the illuminatios nominated are only puppets of them everything is shit leave social networks and focus on yourself and don't grow these people anymore Joaquin phoenix in the speech : a country, a race, a species has the right to control What did he mean by that?

  • Nico Nuñez
    Nico Nuñez

    hey!!! where did TAEYEON GOOOOOOO???????? #mia

  • amezing WeedeR
    amezing WeedeR

    Oh plz women has to fight for to get nominated amongst men so plz start putting efforts no body is gonna give you a oscar for free

  • HoMo SaPieN
    HoMo SaPieN

    Eminem the biggest celebrity for me In oscar 2020 🎥🏆

  • Greta Thunberg
    Greta Thunberg

    Who watches this 💩 anymore

  • Janet Williams
    Janet Williams

    These people are so full of themselves.

  • Shannon Pittman
    Shannon Pittman

    I think Eminem done great you got to remember the Oscar always

  • Seek The Truth
    Seek The Truth

    You could have 50 more awards to please all minoritys. You never hear minoritys such as Chinese, Korean, Indian etc complaining about lack of diversity, in fact 14% of the US Black population is very well represented in the media more so than any other minority and even punching well above its 14% representation of its population...but he who complains most gets the most. Peace

  • aergnor59 el gringo
    aergnor59 el gringo


  • saelaird

    Regarding the diversity, is it possible that white men are maybe... I dont know... good at things?

  • Doginhaler

    yapyapyap the world is racist and sexist and all type of phobics like people came to the oscars to have a good time not listen to the same buzzfeed bullshit

  • Cancer onCan
    Cancer onCan

    3:19 our boy Em

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez

    This people live in a diferent world than the rest of us...they dont buy clothes at the same places than us, they dont eat at the same places we do, they dont even use the same toilet papper brand, heck they probably have a bidet in they multimillion dollar mansion so...why do we have to care about any opinion they have in anything that's not art relatead? I'm done with this people

  • GabeTron

    I just hope that the "lack of womens and diversity" doens't mean "let's give a oscar to those people because they are women and black" sincerely, they,not special, they just people, if they want a oscar, they musy deserve it.

    • GabeTron

      @Gog Mclaine that is expected, is best actress.

    • Gog Mclaine
      Gog Mclaine

      Well, I have bad news for you. The oscar for the best actress will go to a woman this year......sorry

  • Swirv One
    Swirv One

    The Oscars, where very privileged people gather once a year to celebrate their privilege by handing out awards to their fellow privileged because, for 2-3 months, they did a good job.

    • Connor Hill
      Connor Hill

      Swirv One he decided jot to talk about himself and to talk about how others can help people. You decided to take that as selfish? You’re self serving based on your own insecurities if you can’t see the good in the world at all here. Lol. Get lost loser. You’re putting down a man who said we should redeem ourselves and help each other. Nothing he said was negative at all. He also donated 90% of his earnings from the joker movie. Doesn’t sound very self serving to me. L.

    • Swirv One
      Swirv One

      @Kanenums88 Bay Bay No he didn't. That speech was entirely about himself. He won an award for acting and then gave a speech saying virtually nothing about the award or those that helped him win. Instead he spoke, pontificated, on unrelated issues of which he is not an authority...taking milk from a cow?.....and that no one asked or wanted him to address. He did it anyway. That's self serving. Clearly you missed that.

    • Kanenums88 Bay Bay
      Kanenums88 Bay Bay

      Swirv One he absolutely did. Not a single word about himself. Instead he talked about diversity and how we shouldn’t put down others based on race, sex, or gender. That we are better when we work together and don’t separate others. If you missed that I’m sorry.

    • Swirv One
      Swirv One

      @Kanenums88 Bay Bay No he didn't.

    • Kanenums88 Bay Bay
      Kanenums88 Bay Bay

      Swirv One at least Joaquin used his privilege in a good way

  • Chérubin Popoline
    Chérubin Popoline

    Why Brad Pi looks younger

  • Mohamed Tadwala
    Mohamed Tadwala

    Why they giving Oscars at Eminem's concert

    • Shishir Raut
      Shishir Raut

      Damn right!

    • Monty Saini
      Monty Saini

      Ikr 😂😂

  • Erzsébet Cs Tóth
    Erzsébet Cs Tóth

    Ez az Oscar gála a "Bazi nagy amerikai roma lagzi" mintájára készült??????.......Nem igazán eredeti az ötlet:-)))))))

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Amaba el personaje de Nora pero sinceramente ya estoy harta de su relación y de actitud

  • Canciones De mierda
    Canciones De mierda

    👏👏👏👏 nosoft.info/hd/video/hZmUi4aqvJ-Es3s

  • Mimi Viz
    Mimi Viz

    Brad Pitt is still a hottiee.. 😱😘

  • Susan Camp
    Susan Camp

    2020 Oscars was the best I've seen in a very long time.