Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows
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Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult jokes in kids shows.
Content Featured:
Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
Flash can't get a date
SpongeBob FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
The Coin Slot
Spongebob Watching TV
Amazing World of Gumball
Smile Dip
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Reactors Featured:
Anjelica, Julia's Mom
David, Jordyn's Dad
Denise, Bowie's Mom
Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
Jamie, Janelle's Mom
Marco. Lucas' Dad
Sarah, Hadley's Mom
Y, Tida's Mom
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Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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    • Jasmyn Patel
      Jasmyn Patel

      Isn't Jordyn in a netflix show called Family Reunion?

    • arctic_wolf gaming
      arctic_wolf gaming

      Hey can I go on your show cause I understand ALL THE JOKES

    • Yevgen4000

      isnt it convenient that there is a subscribe button right above this comment?

    • WolfReaper 23
      WolfReaper 23

      is it bad that i got all of theses and i’m a kid

    • Pooter :D
      Pooter :D

      Yyy Th xtibs

  • James Wally
    James Wally

    I knew every single one

  • I_like_ to_draw
    I_like_ to_draw

    Oh my I'm young and I get all of these 🤫😅😂

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer

    I don’t get the first one and I’m basically a teen

  • tactical rover
    tactical rover

    who else is a kid and knows all of them cause 2020 is messed up

  • BD Shayシ
    BD Shayシ

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> am 11 and I get it

  • Landon Rivera
    Landon Rivera

    One of the girls said sluts


    Ik all this and I'm 12

  • Someone • 69 years ago
    Someone • 69 years ago

    The girl that apparently has "an old soul" didn't get more than 1 joke. Lol

  • TheIcyGamer

    Who else got confused of the title?

  • Lileigh Parker
    Lileigh Parker

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>/<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="403">6:43</a> im a child and i laugh so hard at that because i acually get the joke! (I'm an older child got half of them tho)

  • manny r
    manny r

    I get most of them

  • Kamilya Repper
    Kamilya Repper

    i got all of them except the justice league

  • Roxanne God-dam
    Roxanne God-dam

    I know every joke uuggghhh

  • Julian Williams
    Julian Williams

    number 6 ohohoh I a kid I understand :)

  • dakota rush
    dakota rush

    Put me on the show for another one of these episodes and I’d get every one of them

  • morgan sonnier
    morgan sonnier

    the amazing world of gumball joke with the grandpa thing i never got that or the gravity falls thing where mabel had “drugs” lmaooo

  • Tay Yo
    Tay Yo


  • Duncan Robinette
    Duncan Robinette

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> the coin what ?

  • TripleSlashAnime

    any 11 or 12 year old gets all these

  • Cecilia Oliveri
    Cecilia Oliveri

    today, eaight year old and me, an 11 year old, wants to be on this show and scare all the parents for getting EVERY SINGLE o n e.

  • Orla Davis
    Orla Davis

    Boy i thought thos was a kid show U>U

  • RIOT Jamon
    RIOT Jamon

    These references are not even that hard to figure out

  • Zuzana Barincova
    Zuzana Barincova

    I am 10...I understand EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE

  • Ac3 Mango
    Ac3 Mango

    Who else got the sponge bob watching tv one XDXDXDXDXDXD

  • 猫ちゃん

    The funny thing is that I'm probably younger than the older girl and I get every single joke on here...yeah...haha....

  • Beatiful Beats
    Beatiful Beats

    Bruh spongebob is so f*cked up but i love it

  • Jack Stoker
    Jack Stoker

    The first one I just died

  • Luca Sirotich
    Luca Sirotich

    Spongebob was just looking for the sports channel

  • Toni Rose
    Toni Rose

    Y’all should do another with kids and at least put a joke from Toy Story for the joke with Vincent Vango

  • Toni Rose
    Toni Rose

    it’s funny when I understand a joke when one of the kids is 10 and I’m 9 😂 I do think that the “coin” was put into the sea horses butt hole 🤣 I need to start watching sponge bob again 😅

  • ItsDIY’z

    Who came here to find them out?

  • Kim Hedenberg
    Kim Hedenberg

    Gumball(To much dr*gs)

  • Swifty Fox
    Swifty Fox

    bowie is wrong sugar ruses arent things

  • HEAT_Special PSI YT
    HEAT_Special PSI YT

    These parents have not met anyone at my school

  • Kaitlyn Rose
    Kaitlyn Rose

    Most of the comment section... I’m only 10 and I got all of the jokes. 😎😎😎 🙃🙃 I think they think it’s a competition

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia

    I got them all (I'm 11)

  • Ryn Mckin
    Ryn Mckin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="277">4:37</a> Jesus talk about overprotective

  • Blake Donothan
    Blake Donothan

    The Simpsons

  • C Mb
    C Mb

    @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> ....what? I don't understand.

  • Iamsomeone

    i’m a kid and i got all of the jokes.... help me xd

  • Delicate Trash Delila
    Delicate Trash Delila

    Lucas is getting edgy since the last time I saw him on FBE🤣

  • KomninosA7X

    FINGERPRINTS!! omg that's awesome!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tim Kubicek
    Tim Kubicek

    XD these kids tho im around their age and i get all of these

  • Lləo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="388">6:28</a> Comment to get featured

  • Arvid Björklin
    Arvid Björklin

    I love to watch movies and cartoons with my son just because the writers are so good to make audlts and kids laugh at the same time but fir diffrent reasons.

  • Kenneth Sörling
    Kenneth Sörling

    These kids are precious!

  • Michael Segal
    Michael Segal

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="561">9:21</a> I like the little Apple computer doodle on the wall in the background

  • omar ahmed
    omar ahmed


  • Sebastian Chiat
    Sebastian Chiat

    wtf isnt jordyn ami from family reunion netflix?

  • Junk Email
    Junk Email

    Don’t drop it 😝

  • CyanCreator

    I like how Mr. Robinson's name in the subtitle is Gaylord because that's his actual first name

  • Boomerwiii Boomer
    Boomerwiii Boomer

    I get these jokes and I'm 11

  • JMC

    I’m a kid and I know what 90 percent of the jokes mean lol


    “Occasionally we would do it in public” broke me 😂😂😂. Edit:HOW DO THEY NOT HAVE CHILDREN

  • don corlion
    don corlion

    I'm still a kid and i know all of these and it hurts to know that they don't know

  • Brandan Zamora
    Brandan Zamora

    Mable is getting high

  • Christian James
    Christian James

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a> imagine if his kid got it

  • cheetah 275
    cheetah 275

    I associate thing in a sexual way and I’m only 12

  • Diamond Jael
    Diamond Jael

    i got all of these...

  • Zestyewafers

    I’m 11 and I know more that the adults

  • Twilight Sparkle Girl
    Twilight Sparkle Girl

    I feel ashamed I knew all of the bad things in them

  • Great Bricks
    Great Bricks

    even when i was a kid i would still get all of these

  • Renehva

    Im 10 and i understood all of them lol

  • Afshan Iqbal
    Afshan Iqbal

    When was a little piece of crap the cartoons Did the following stuff Gun violence Smoking Suicide And really deep and dark stories

  • Xx_Kookie_ Gachaz_xX
    Xx_Kookie_ Gachaz_xX

    The fact that I understood half of this than my older sister is just-

  • Faze man Back
    Faze man Back

    Btw the gravity falls is drugs possibly coke

  • Faze man Back
    Faze man Back

    Oh boy I’m 10 and I understood them all XD

  • Christopher Barba Espin
    Christopher Barba Espin

    I’m almost 10 years old and I got every single one except the two soaps.

  • Azka ZF
    Azka ZF


  • Irish Potato man
    Irish Potato man

    I get all of these jokes and I’m only a jest turned 13

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Lol the kids don’t know who prince is

  • Logan Foyer
    Logan Foyer

    I'm 11 and I got all of these

  • Tryhard Liee
    Tryhard Liee

    Is this bad that am a kid and I know all of this😅

  • Julian Clariá
    Julian Clariá

    How can Julia have a nicer voice than everyone I know

  • هاني رمزي
    هاني رمزي

    WEIRD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a>

  • gloppydog

    I didn’t even get the gum all one til now


    Me 11 getting all of them 😟WHAT IS MY LIFE

  • Barbara Viverette
    Barbara Viverette

    There nobody surprise about animaniacs they know for adult jokes

  • TheLegend27

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="511">8:31</a> yooooo i saw this episode so many times and NEVER got the joke before now... Im 16........