Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows
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Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult
jokes in kids shows.
Content Featured:
Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
Flash can't get a date
FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
The Coin Slot
Spongebob Watching TV *Clip*
Amazing World of Gumball
Smile Dip
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Reactors Featured:
Anjelica, Julia's Mom
David, Jordyn's Dad
Denise, Bowie's Mom
Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
Jamie, Janelle's Mom
Marco. Lucas' Dad
Sarah, Hadley's Mom
Y, Tida's Mom
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Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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      @fbe how do seahorse kick

    • Rob Matt
      Rob Matt

      I got the first one uhhhhhh

    • ilmi haqim abdul nasir
      ilmi haqim abdul nasir


    • Cxramelshake

      Don’t mind me I am just you casual 11-year-old understanding these

    • Rex Durniok
      Rex Durniok

      I think that amazing world of gumball joke is divorce

  • Antara.

    Don is the best person on this planet

  • Aziz Sharipov
    Aziz Sharipov

    The “coin-slut”😂😂😂

  • Teresa Carter
    Teresa Carter

    I’m 13 and ik all of them I need to watch sponge bob more

  • spdifmme gvubhbnj
    spdifmme gvubhbnj

    I'm 23 and I don't get anything( aside from the seahorse' butthole something in spongebob😂) !!!!!! Why?? And I'm reading comments hoping to understand those dirty jokes what the heck!

  • Every 6 subscribers I will drink Pure lemon juice
    Every 6 subscribers I will drink Pure lemon juice


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin


  • Zoroarkgaming Xboxlive
    Zoroarkgaming Xboxlive

    whos watching thins in 2019

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    Don’t you hate it when 9 year olds understand dirty jokes?

    • Marley Slayzz
      Marley Slayzz

      I'm 10 and I understood all of them

  • Pikareen

    I wanna just grow up, have a child and react to my beautiful child talking about "things" that happen in children's shows Makes life 2x more useful

  • Jamie Heater
    Jamie Heater

    Parent says she’s not actually aloud to watch spongebob

  • Ashdon Sims
    Ashdon Sims

    I know the soap one


    Get their grandparents to react to THEM!

  • Seema Jain
    Seema Jain

    At 3:09 in Lucas's joke the only funny thing was the drumroll

  • so...that happened
    so...that happened

    6:25 umm.... never paid attention to any of the names in the show huh?

  • Raddycal

    Oh gosh the fingerprints joke is waaaayyyyy too damn nasty I'm so dead 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

    • Broke Chigga
      Broke Chigga

      What it mean guys i don't get it ?

    • Michael Adams
      Michael Adams

      My mind went to it really fast also I’m not a adult yet to

    • Im a NERD
      Im a NERD

      @Raddycal that's the only joke i didn't get

    • Raddycal

      @Im a NERD stay innocent my guy. 😂😂😂

    • Im a NERD
      Im a NERD

      I don't get it?

  • Lillian Hanze
    Lillian Hanze

    The spongebob one when he put the soap on the floor had me dead

  • Kyler Hasal
    Kyler Hasal

    For the first one im 10 and got it straight away. Is that bad?

    • Ayşe Nur Kaya
      Ayşe Nur Kaya

      Yes, where are your parents?

    • Caitlin Rose
      Caitlin Rose

      Its not bad. It’s normal nowadays with so many kids on the internet.

    • Melanie Martinez For Life
      Melanie Martinez For Life

      I got all of them and im 10

    • euphoric_

      Kyler Hasal nope

  • Jane Dughatir
    Jane Dughatir

    Ooohh. I get it. 🙉🙊

  • i Zes
    i Zes

    Angelica is such a beautiful person

  • Shilo Mclain
    Shilo Mclain

    I feel kinda stupid for not catching onto what mr. Robinson’s “arguing” referred to and Mabel being high as f**k until now🤪

  • Zacho Vich
    Zacho Vich

    Is one of the mother name is y?

    • euphoric_

      Zacho Vich no probs not just a nickname

  • Zach Shomers
    Zach Shomers

    React to roddy

  • Ola k ace :v
    Ola k ace :v

    I got all jokes

  • Stribor Mutić
    Stribor Mutić

    Im 12 and i got all of them

    • Iffah Izyany
      Iffah Izyany

      I didn't get the soap n I'm 16

    • Kyler Hasal
      Kyler Hasal

      Bruh im fucken 10

    • Bartul Zizic
      Bartul Zizic

      Ma bravo

  • Sneaky ToughClaw
    Sneaky ToughClaw

    I’m a young person and even I know what the “dirty jokes” meant.

    • GD Teamspectrum
      GD Teamspectrum

      damn bruh here's your epic comedy medal

  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold

    11:23 Betty Boop, Loony Toons, and Popeye are FULL of adult humor, some of it's pretty rapey (Pepé Le Pew, Old man of the mountain, ect...).

    • Maxim Koleci
      Maxim Koleci


    • Jane Dughatir
      Jane Dughatir

      Pepe is a stalker very creepy.

  • Bottle o’ Vinegar
    Bottle o’ Vinegar

    Their kids gonna see this on NOsoft

  • Martin Tran
    Martin Tran

    What does the fingerprints and prince mean???!!! How is that a joke?

    • Mike_ Was_a_mistake_07
      Mike_ Was_a_mistake_07

      Good then

    • Niklas Ghaussy
      Niklas Ghaussy

      And if you don’t know what fingering is, welp good for you I guess

  • K M
    K M

    I’m not sure if I can go to this Show

  • Ameliå

    They should put on this banana Joe watching the orange

  • Exploding Toilet
    Exploding Toilet

    5:50 she said a no no word

  • Edwin Ntiranyibagira
    Edwin Ntiranyibagira

    Imagine rewatching this when they get older.

  • Evo-ShiftX

    i got most of these and im 11 lmao

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    I got all of these and I'm 13 😂😅 Dear Lord please forgive me!!!😬😅

    • Kyler Hasal
      Kyler Hasal

      Alpha Wolf Bruthurrr im 10 dont be ashamed

  • •Wheezy_Bunny•

    Kids react to parents react to kids react to adult jokes on kids cartoons

  • Gator Dude
    Gator Dude

    There is this one joke dont drop the sope in a anime.Just search dont drop the sope anime scene.Its worth it

    • Gator Dude
      Gator Dude

      @Jane Dughatir😂😂 Do it,its funny.

    • Jane Dughatir
      Jane Dughatir

      I don't dare 😶

  • Nurul Syafaah
    Nurul Syafaah

    im 14 and i don’t understand any single thing

    • Kyler Hasal
      Kyler Hasal

      Asassin Wolf same

    • Asassin Wolf
      Asassin Wolf

      I’m 10 and I understand everything

    • Gunmoon

      That’s great.

  • Dulce Razo
    Dulce Razo

    Can someone plz explain the Soap Joke

    • Gunmoon

      Sure, so in prison if you drop the soap you’ll go to bend down and grab it then you’re most likely to get ra- woah sounds like a comment from a 7 year old, nevermind.

    • MelloJello

      Dulce Razo are you being serious?

  • Kmations

    Hmm I’m a child technically and I got all of the jokes.🤔

    • Kmations

      Gabriel Maier the point of that was not that i was dirty minded its the fact that all of the children in the video were apparently exposed to so much less. Don’t immediately assume things especially without definitive confirmation

    • Gabriel Maier
      Gabriel Maier

      Ok we get it, ur dirty minded

  • FatKidWithFudge

    I remember going back and watching some of the old 90's cartoons. Or catching a clip here and there. My god all the stuff that went over my head as a kid. Like Ren and Stimpy was saturated with stuff, and I only ever got a little of it back then. Going back to re-watch shows grown, not only gives a bit of nostalgia, but it's also like a little treasure hunt. Being able to relive the childhood, while also being able to pick up on all the stuff you originally missed, with the innocent mind you once had.

  • Somebody that you used to know
    Somebody that you used to know

    I'm 11 and I get every joke. Is that bad?

    • JustACartonOfMilk

      Shhh don’t tell coppa

  • O R
    O R

    Bruh don needs to be in all of these vids he’s the funniest dude😂

  • Anis Farhana
    Anis Farhana

    Why with arguing ,why with soap why why why Can someone make list what joke there are

    • Kmations

      Anis Farhana if you don’t know, you don’t wanna know

  • Luci uwu
    Luci uwu

    Now at 2020 kids with 9-10-11+ understand EVERYTHING :'u

    • Sarah M
      Sarah M


    • gonots game
      gonots game

      Luci uwu I understood all and I’m 12

  • Kn0xX

    That gumball one hit me hard

  • Michael Telles
    Michael Telles

    What do you mean you don’t let her watch spongebob

    • Kmations

      Michael Telles i wasn’t allowed to either

  • KaL

    The Seahorse was a female Seahorse in this i guess u can guess where he actually put the coin in...but i suggest u to not think about it.

  • Killer Wolf
    Killer Wolf

    Bruh those kids are SOOO INNOCENT ._. Does that mean all the grade 6’s and grade 5’s school is “smart”

  • Phú Quỳnh Tô
    Phú Quỳnh Tô

    What’s next? Grand parents react to parents react to teenagers react kids react babies react to their Birth?

    • Why Am I A Bot?
      Why Am I A Bot?


  • Q Jayjay
    Q Jayjay

    I didn't even get that stoned joke until now! I'm seventeen.

    • rari coupe
      rari coupe

      Same, I thought they pulled an all nighter lmao

  • MrFlopper 5000
    MrFlopper 5000

    They should have put the what to do with your hands, in the amazing world of Gumball

  • Purhan


    • Kmations

      Im 13 and I get them all

    • iiQxcc

      Since when do 19 year olds pretend to be paradox members?


      Ok boomer

  • Spinel the swell
    Spinel the swell

    10:02 LSD

  • Paw Playz
    Paw Playz

    ...I'm 12 and understand each one of these for some reason

    • Kmations

      Sane here

    • ArianaGrandefanno1 !
      ArianaGrandefanno1 !

      Same but I’m 10 turning 11 lol

  • Free Plastic Surgery
    Free Plastic Surgery


    • Cha Icha
      Cha Icha

      @bibithebean Alaniz yes. explained

    • bibithebean Alaniz
      bibithebean Alaniz

      Do you need an explanation?

  • Johansen Hung
    Johansen Hung

    I regret getting most to all of these.


    Gravity Falls is my favorite show

  • I have no Idea
    I have no Idea

    I laughed a little to hard at these........

  • MR_Sav_Loco

    4:35 when you get arrested and you hear someone scream “Don’t Drop The Soap!”