Plants That Give Tattoos
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Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

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  • Exhileris 4k
    Exhileris 4k

    I will never see koalas the same way again😨

    • Leo Mills
      Leo Mills

      That made me cry my dreams are ruined

    • Angel Ponce
      Angel Ponce


    • TΔLON


    • Jackeroni Draws
      Jackeroni Draws

      Look at wet koala

    • Kimchi Fried Rice
      Kimchi Fried Rice

      Me neither

  • Music

    I have tried this tattoo in india

  • ThoseLiveGuys

    Damn I got to speak to NASA

  • Coopdog 0108
    Coopdog 0108

    Who else says the intro when he says it 😂

  • viktor josevic
    viktor josevic


  • The Womb Stories
    The Womb Stories

    can you identify these relationships issues

  • xSlurppi

    The plant that gives you tattoos is also in Hawaii! Interesting!

  • xHDPx Savage
    xHDPx Savage

    1:52 aimbot on Deck be Prepared Face Jarvis get banned

    • xHDPx Savage
      xHDPx Savage

      Faze jarvis

  • khu fal
    khu fal

    That plant has in Phillipines too

  • RockSolidLawyer

    Ok, I'm still thinking about that wicked hole, couldn't a person fit in it?? Yikes what a way to go!😬

  • Evan Laws
    Evan Laws

    Koala: The Devil Is Coming Out Of Me

  • aidenshark06

    Koalas sound and look cute

  • Shea love T
    Shea love T

    1:27 wtf

  • Garett Thurmond
    Garett Thurmond

    Man I wonder where that koala found a Duramax engine at??

  • Noob OverP0wer3d
    Noob OverP0wer3d

    I never got a clickbait in this channel! *RESPECT + + +*

  • matt the fingerboarder
    matt the fingerboarder

    Koala = pig

  • NCC TheVoidHazard
    NCC TheVoidHazard

    1:24 who else hates koalas now....

  • R3TR0 '-'
    R3TR0 '-'

    Coalas scare me

  • danielle kim
    danielle kim

    Me: i should sleep early Also me @ 2 am: wonder what plants can give me tattoos 🤔🤔

  • Kristina Rodriguez
    Kristina Rodriguez

    What if Larry from Minnesota will use a voice changer and began to speak in an alien voice 😊😂

  • Alexandra Kaidan
    Alexandra Kaidan

    You sound ceeepy

  • Rayna LeFevre
    Rayna LeFevre

    That koala knows how to roar.

  • 0rchid Chi
    0rchid Chi


  • Mike Powers
    Mike Powers

    Thank You 😊 my night was better

  • buzzard472 justin
    buzzard472 justin

    1:24 it looks like a vigina only smaller lol

  • •♡ItzAshleyBear♡•

    Its not just india..they're where i live too (not india)

  • Michael Ruzicka
    Michael Ruzicka

    2:17 Strolling into a party like

  • Theknowledgeabledisaster

    1:46 that car has aimbot

  • David Morley
    David Morley

    Plant is called henna

  • Filip Ladan
    Filip Ladan

    2:31 How gunshot sound effects were made in clint eastwoods era.

  • Vizacard Swiper
    Vizacard Swiper

    what's the link so i can buy the one at 0:32

  • Michal

    I bet 99% people will skip this comment, but to the 1%, I wish you have an amazing day and I hope your journey to being famous doesn't end! I'm trying to get 100 subscribers before June / July!

  • Abhilasha Supe
    Abhilasha Supe

    Hey I have tried this too and it does work! It's very chalky too

  • Thomas Wilkins
    Thomas Wilkins

    Waiting for the first clickbait title to be "Daily dose of internet uses clickbait"

  • nicolas Francisco
    nicolas Francisco

    that koala was disturbing

  • Meme Over Gamer
    Meme Over Gamer

    Are you sure thats not coke? Jk

  • Ian Lu
    Ian Lu

    that dude from Minnesota man damnnn

  • FiascoFlop

    1:25 Behold: the Dropbear (It's an australian myth about a flesh eating species of koala we use to scare tourists, the drop down on their prey from trees, hence the name dropbear.)

  • itz. Mylo
    itz. Mylo

    The tesla is like autobot

  • zivex

    0:50 that was dangerous knowing that a normal cat would probably attack him.

  • Darth Kage
    Darth Kage

    Koala: *devil noises intensify* Me: ..oh..

  • tvHabiaire

    0:56 isn’t that what they all do?

  • bloom berri
    bloom berri

    The koala is me when I’m sleeping uwu

  • kathryn sleezer
    kathryn sleezer

    I've got a friend who's got 2 pet racoons named Smokey and bandit.

  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash

    2:29 So this is how they made the sound effects for 60's cowboy wild west movies

  • Dirtbikekid 7
    Dirtbikekid 7

    1:31 I Shih Tzu having a panic attack

  • Ms_os3

    1:27 I bet they used a koala to make zombie pigmen sounds

  • Masterplanet 420
    Masterplanet 420

    Last dude literally proves flat earth is wrong, He’s literally able to speak with them as they pass over

  • Dpace

    1st plants are really cool.... new zealand are know for it as well.... silver ferns!

  • Subscribe just for fun
    Subscribe just for fun

    Those fidget spinners were mezmerizing

  • 3K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's
    3K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

    *I still can’t believe that this channel never clickbaits. * *Respect.*

  • Corruption

    Dude,this is cool 🙂

  • Conlan V
    Conlan V

    1:30 what the hell?

  • Connie_ Tube
    Connie_ Tube

    I still can't get over that koalas sound like that 😳

  • Saekopathy

    Larry from Minnesota is my spirit animal

  • 8834

    Are you big brain or smol brain? *Read more*

  • Shanen Lucille Vispo
    Shanen Lucille Vispo

    Is this a joke!? Not cool... I wanted to see the plants!

  • Psych0pomp

    We also have that plant in our country and it was one of our childhood play things and act like we're cool because of that

  • Aki Legna
    Aki Legna

    The koala gave me nightmares

  • Talking Parrot
    Talking Parrot

    Not gonna lie but those Fidget spinner animation looks sick