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Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model S Drag Race - clarification: bit.ly/Tesla_Taycan_Clarification
It’s the EV heavyweight battle you’ve been waiting for: In the green corner, the £140k, 750bhp Porsche Taycan Turbo S. In the red corner, the £100k, 754bhp Tesla Model S Performance Ludicrous+. To find out which is best, we test both on the road, drag strip, autobahn and at the charging station. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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  • Gopal Sharma
    Gopal Sharma

    Fake gear 😂😂😂👌

  • n s
    n s

    Not sure why Tesla fan boys are surprised. A Porsche is a true drivers car meanwhile the Tesla was just a car made to speed up electrification. Porsche puts more effort into the car to be a fun driving experience meanwhile the Tesla is more about what games you can play on your screen and having a robot drive for you. A true car enthusiast will take the Porsche over a Tesla. Only a matter of time until people realize Tesla isn’t a drivers car. It’s not nimble enough. And also Tesla fan boys have been hyping up a car because it used to beat everything it races but now since it has competitors, the Tesla fans have nothing else to brag about because they are no longer the quickest car. Hell Tesla doesn’t even use a real leather interior... it’s purely a car made for tech gimmicks and environmentalists

  • n s
    n s

    Lmao all these salty Tesla fan boys In the comments. Whether or not the Tesla is faster in a 0-60, I think we can all agree the Porsche is much better overall if you include looks, steering, handling, response, braking, interior quality(real leather not fake leather), badge and road presence. The Porsche is a drivers car, the Tesla is a point a to point b car that isn’t meant for driving its meant for a robot to drive for you. Porsche is much more connected while driving than the Tesla because the Tesla has too much gimmicks and tech in it. Porsche does what it does best and that’s making track cars. Tesla does what it does best and that’s tech features. No need to be salty a 0-60 doesn’t mean anything.

  • Carson Schrock
    Carson Schrock

    Very impressive that eco mode on the Tesla can keep pace with the sport+ mode on the Porsche

  • Mzn T
    Mzn T

    Is that a spider web in the Taycan at 10:06?

  • Caffeine


  • Ra

    How much did Porsche pay Top Gear to fake the results? Lol

  • Ra

    Tesla just released a software update. The software update drops at least .4 sec on 0-60 mph.

    • Djprojectus

      Nop,too much! Maybe 0,1 !Maybe!

  • shawakwak

    Fake News!

  • Alex McCann
    Alex McCann

    I'm sure if Elon wanted to he could make the Model 3 a little quicker for $50K more!!!

  • Nigel Savage
    Nigel Savage

    Wait the Porsche is called the Taycan "Turbo S"?

  • Brian Henry
    Brian Henry

    What BS - it’s 50% more expensive, and hugely less range ... and no charging network. You can buy a model S AND AMODRL 3 for the price of the Porsche. Give me a break - who paid these guys off. I also heard they didn’t even have the Full Blown Power turned on in the Tesla. Total BS.

  • Boss

    Porsche...there is no substitute.

  • Juan Carlos Roldan
    Juan Carlos Roldan

    TG, do you read the comments?

  • Yusuf Kadir 55
    Yusuf Kadir 55


  • Vrey Ange Zigre
    Vrey Ange Zigre

    Can someone tell me what music is played in the back ?

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred

    top gear is an idiot.

  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R.

    Top gear said they did multiple races, but this guy said it was a one shot race and taycan won. More lies from top gear keep coming out.

  • Kovacs Cristi
    Kovacs Cristi


  • samanth reddy
    samanth reddy

    Ridiculous testing, nonsense guys how can you even do it with out the ludicrous and wrap mode for Tesla? So partial and you are so obsessed with Porsche to win and ignoring the basic ethical standards.

  • Birdie 5
    Birdie 5

    Boy y'all got ratio'd

  • Daniel Tudor
    Daniel Tudor

    Porsche all day! The Tesla battery are shit! Europeans care are number 1 !

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      The 75kwh battery in the model 3 charges faster then the 92kwh battery perk kwh of storage and will be efficient enough to give more miles per minute as well, tesla batteries are the most advance on the market.

  • irony

    Tesla fanboys crying... You can clearly see it's in Ludicrous mode

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      What about launch mode, you know the thing that allows tesla to run mid 10s instead of 11s like in this video?

    • Alexz

      As you clearly see the ‘economy’ mode ;)

  • KrabbenLazer

    Never seen more salty tesla fans just cause Porsche kicked all asses again😂🤦‍♂️

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Go to the model S plaid videos and you will find salty Porsche fanboys.

  • J M
    J M

    Its ok i'll still take the car with the most space, most convenient, largest charging network and best self driving AI now and for the foreseeable future. Then if someone pulls up next to me in a taycan i'll put it into ludicrous mode and watch my rear view as they turn into a blip, leaving them wondering how the paid reviewers could ever have lied to them. enjoy that access privelege boys...while it lasts.

  • brhcapace380 brhcapace380
    brhcapace380 brhcapace380

    Sore losers.

  • brhcapace380 brhcapace380
    brhcapace380 brhcapace380

    Tesla will end up fitting their cars with jet engines just to beat Porsche. They can't accept that finally there's an EV that can smoke them.

    • Djprojectus

      @Miguel lopez Yes,but Porsche made the impression that they will be making a variant close to 80.000 dollars,they just started first with the top variant,Turbo S! I think for the Porsche customers who appreciate the value of driving,they would not care about semi-autonomous software like Autopilot,they will still gonna buy Porsche even when they will make a cheaper variant that would be in competition with Tesla price wise!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @Djprojectus it was originally going to be priced at around 80k, close to the model S price, it was also going to be a longer 4 door saloon, just like the S. it was announced 3 years after the S. it was made to compete against the S but since this is Porsche first EV in a while they likely saw competing at the S price bracket was too limiting or to difficult. there is a reason Porsche lends credit for the taycan creation to tesla. people have always lost their minds over what car is better or what ever brand is better, tesla fans are louder then most.

    • Djprojectus

      @Miguel lopez They were not making Taycan to beat Model S! Taycan was made to be a specific Porsche car for Porsche customers that happens to be electric for the more progressive clients! Not to beat Model S! The media and fans put it against eachother but also Elon Musk with his Twitter statements and the fact that they pushed Model S Performance from a family sedan into the supercar territory! I don't think that Porsche wants a competition with a family sedan,Porsche cars are usually the second car beside the family one and used not so often like the family car! Porsche is for the fun of driving! That's what Tesla fans don't understand and bitch about! Top Gear is trash,I know,but still the amount of crying over this insignificant video of top gear is staggering! You would say that they lost some relative in a tragic accident! It's hilarious and Ludicrous! If top gear didn't put it in the Ludicrous mode,the Tesla fans they entered Ludicrous mode themselves! To me it appears hilarious and tragic at the same time,that a car can have a such big influence on people to loose their minds over it!😁

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @Djprojectus I know the model S would loose in any serious form of racing, what I was not expecting was it to be so slow on the launch (I've seen dozens of drag races, p100Ds can do mid 10s, not 11s, top gear lying about the times and preformance is what really ticked people off, the taycan is still a worse car then the model S since the S performs practical functions much better, so its tunnle vision Porsche fans arguing with tesla purist. From mypoint, the taycanis a better sports car which is expected, but it's not the better EV, they had to hurt efficiency and cost to make the thing fast enough to beat the S.

    • Djprojectus

      @Miguel lopez Irrelevant! They still beat it!In the present! Tesla was the only one that was serious about ev and that's why they didn't had competition! Now they have and they lost! Maybe in the future they will beat Porsche with Plaid but now they were defeated ! And you can not accept it! Crying,yelling about the autopilot,2012 sedan,better range,less price but the fact remains! The Tesla Models was smoked! The fans can't believed that their beloved Tesla was smoked by a century old race track manufacturer! Ludicrous!

  • brhcapace380 brhcapace380
    brhcapace380 brhcapace380

    All said, Porsche looks damn good.

  • milo quinn
    milo quinn

    How about get a Model S plaid to race without the shameful trick~~~~~~~

  • Phil Rhodes
    Phil Rhodes

    $175k Porsche vs a $100k Tesla. Fair fight.

    • Djprojectus

      You want Porsche quality you pay,if not you can opt for less quality and choose Tesla!

    • Alexz

      Turbo S is $190k !

  • Giovanni Zus
    Giovanni Zus

    Range mode😑

  • Creative Commons Channel
    Creative Commons Channel

    tesla is a 4 doors and porsche is 2 doors.. from weight ratio of course your ahead.

    • Creative Commons Channel
      Creative Commons Channel

      @Djprojectus nope

    • Djprojectus

      You don't see very well ,do you?

  • Me and E-man
    Me and E-man

    I came for the comments 🤣🤣

  • R K
    R K

    So here’s my question: If you run out of power in one of these while looking for a place to recharge, will roadside service be able to give you enough to juice get to a recharging station? Similar to how they will give you a little fuel to get to a gas station?

    • M.A. M.R.
      M.A. M.R.

      They tow you to nearest charger or home if battery dies, they tow you to Tesla showroom if it's something else and give you a free rental.

  • Sadeek Ali
    Sadeek Ali

    Suddenly racing has become so boring and quiet in the future...this sucks

  • moca vallie studios
    moca vallie studios

    top gear messed up again

  • ll ll II II.
    ll ll II II.

    Tesla fanboy are crying here hahahah

  • Rafael Trindade
    Rafael Trindade

    Suggestion: Taycan vs Roadster

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      "considering what Information exists I bet on Rimac!" what information? i just pointed out why rimac has no advantage, it wasnt hard, this is not an emotional investment im stating physical facts about EV drive trains that you seemed to have not been aware of in the first place.

    • Djprojectus

      @Miguel lopez You have your opinion,I have mine,I think Rimac will smoke Tesla Roadster in all but range! Let's wait and see! You seem somewhat invested emotionally in Tesla! I don't care of Tesla or Rimac but considering what Information exists I bet on Rimac!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @Djprojectus its a traction problem, the rimac can have 10,000HP and it would not help, might make it worse actually but the point is that anything powerful enough to go below 2.1 seconds needs wider and stickier tires then what is usually available, if they dont have the extra traction they spin out and that 10,000HP goes into warming up the drive train, the roadster has already been observed to spin the tires on launch suggesting it has more available power then what the stickiest road legal tires could handle (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2) but that HP will matter past 60MPH where wind and tire resistance increasingly draw more power.... and thats where the bigger battery has an advantage, the battery could push harder for longer before facing overheating issues. but my numbers are based on a 18650 cell at 4.2 V and a 20-25 amp draw, tesla might be using a next gen cell in the new roadster.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @Djprojectus no dude, its a physics problem, both cars can have 10,000 HP and 4 motors and it would not get them a much faster 0-60, they need traction and lots of it, so very sticky tires on very sticky pavement paired with a good launch control system. the plaid power train might be a 2 speed system as well but has not been attempted since the 2008 roadster. as for motor count, dont worry about it unless you like rock crawling and snow driving which is unlikely to be done in a $2,000,000 hyper car like the C-2. remeber tesla has been smoking drag cars on what is essentially a supped up electric family sedan from 2012. the plaid power train is being tested on the model S 2020 nosoft.info/hd/video/gpbLZZ6WqpB6l3M its aiming for their theoretical 7:05 time with F1 eagle tires.

    • Djprojectus

      @Miguel lopez Well,they have 2 stage gearbox which will surely help in the 0 to 60 times and also they have 4 motors compared to the roadster 3 motors! Maybe peak power will not be sustained for long but it will be enough to be beat Tesla in the acceleration time which so beloved by the Tesla fans. After the 0 to 60 the second more efficient gear on high speed driving will engage! The only thing Tesla has over Rimac is the battery pack! The things that Rimac has over Tesla is 4 motors,more peak horse power,the two shifting gears! I am betting on Rimac!

  • bzdtemp

    Lots of hate in the comments. People seem to "forget" that the Porsche can do the drag runs all day, while the Tesla...

  • Subscribe to me for no reason
    Subscribe to me for no reason


  • Javqui

    This video is a fraud. embarrassing for Porsche

  • swag man
    swag man

    lame !

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter

    Shame on you.

  • Firefox

    This was an unashamedly Porsche biased review. Pathetic really. You cannot justify the ridiculous price tag of the Porsche and this is just pure badge snobbery if you think the Porsche is better value for money.

  • Cyprian Norwid
    Cyprian Norwid


  • Douwe Egbert
    Douwe Egbert

    compare them in build quality and materials used is unfair , Porsche is lightyears ahead .and so is the price ..only performance is comparible and there is finally a Tesla competitior

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen

    Oh look, it's the channel that's turned into cancer featuring The automotive cancer 🤔

  • Mark Overton
    Mark Overton

    Tesla Raven is much quicker fact

  • MaziesButt

    Taycan all day long! That's what the Panamera should have looked like.

  • prodby404

    At least they didn't put the Tesla on reverse mode

  • Albert Garcia
    Albert Garcia

    Hating on Telsa once again smh

  • Albert Garcia
    Albert Garcia

    Came here for a dumbs down for BS test😂 not gonna bother watching either

  • flightjam

    Does that Tesla have plasti dipped wheels? Lol

  • mr. Pinky
    mr. Pinky

    #♥️👍Tesla 💔👎top gear

  • Reparación Madrid
    Reparación Madrid

    Porsche destroys tesla ! Lol

    • Reparación Madrid
      Reparación Madrid

      @Alexz stop using fake stats, as shown in the video: porsche > tesla

    • Djprojectus

      @Alexz Taycan 4 s is 105k but with a much better build quality! Much much better quality!

    • Alexz

      Djprojectus so you have 45k taxes in the Netherlands ? Lol... Netherlands gives incentive on EV ! Je bent een echte Vlaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Djprojectus

      @Alexz Anyway,Tesla cost less because it's an inferior product compared to Porsche and they know it!

    • Djprojectus

      @Alexz Tesla site does not account for the taxes in Netherlands,you moron!

  • Arjekay

    I mean the only people who still try to hate on Tesla cars are those who have never driven one and only watch Topgear, or those who have and moderate Top Gear

  • rocknroller Mitrakis
    rocknroller Mitrakis

    tesla-bad quality!!!!!

  • cinikal 124
    cinikal 124

    Auto pilot idiot and you say you are auto reviewer

    • Djprojectus

      Autopilot is not really autopilot just a little more than lane assist!

  • cinikal 124
    cinikal 124

    Idiot to gear u am done supporting you

  • Chessy

    Top gear has had it out for Tesla since the model S review. Pathetic how you guys did a false comparison. You’re reputation just went to shit.