Pres. Donald Trump angrily exits press conference after being challenged by female reporters
CNBC Television
President Donald Trump abruptly exits today's coronavirus task force briefing when he's challenged by a female reporter on testing.
President Donald Trump stormed out of a coronavirus press conference at the White House on Monday after becoming angry with two reporters, one who asked a question about testing, and another who didn’t get to ask a question at all.
The event in the Rose Garden was meant to give the president a chance to boast about the recent increases in testing, and Trump spoke and answered questions for nearly an hour.
The briefing got off to a bumpy start when the president misstated the dollar amount that would be allocated to states to help with testing. “We are sending $1 billion to American states, territories and tribes,” Trump announced, in what officials had told reporters would be a high-point of the event.
But those same officials said the amount would be $11 billion, not $1 billion. Moreover, the $11 billion was appropriated in the CARES Act passed by Congress and signed into law in April, calling into question why it was being held up almost three weeks later as a major success point.
A White House spokesman later confirmed to CNBC that the amount is in fact, $11 billion.
For the remainder of his remarks, the president ran through the numbers of personal protective equipment, ventilators and other essential gear that the U.S. has produced and distributed to fight the virus.
But it was in the question and answer session that tempers erupted.
At around 5:15 p.m., CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang asked Trump, “You have said many times that the U.S. is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing,” to which Trump said, “Yes.”
Jiang, who is Chinese American, continued, “Why does that matter? Why is it global competition to you, if every day Americans are still losing their lives, and we are still seeing more cases every day?”
“They’re losing their lives everywhere in the world,” Trump replied, “And maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question, okay? If you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer.”
As Trump proceeded to call on another reporter, Jiang followed up. “Sir, why are you saying that to me, specifically?”
“I’m not saying it specifically to anybody,” Trump responded, growing visibly irate. “I’m saying that to anyone who would ask a nasty question like that.”
“That’s not a nasty question,” Jiang insisted, but Trump had already moved on.
“Anyone else?” Trump said to the assembled reporters, before calling on CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who was standing in line behind Jiang. “OK, yes, please go ahead, in the back,” he said.
Collins approached the microphone, “I have two questions,” she said.
“No, it’s ok,” Trump said, dismissing Collins, “we’ll go up here.”
“But you pointed to me, Mr. President, and I have two questions.”
“Next, next please,” Trump said, as he looked past Collins.
“But you called on me,” Collins protested.
“I did. And you didn’t respond, and now I’m calling on the other young lady in the back,” Trump said.
“But I just wanted to let my colleague finish,” Collins said, but Trump cut her off.
“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. appreciate it, thank you very much,” Trump said, and he turned and walked away.
The exchange was the latest in a series of bitter back-and-forths Trump has had with reporters since he started giving near daily press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March.
On Tuesday morning, Trump claimed, without evidence, that “Chinese Americans are the most angry of all” about how the United States had been treated by China
In reality, however, making China into a scapegoat for the coronavirus outbreak has led to a spike in discrimination against Asian-Americans, ranging from harassment to hate crimes. In April, the Justice Department took note, and began working with Asian American groups to track and prosecute hate crimes against Asian Americans.
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  • Steffano DC Moreno
    Steffano DC Moreno

    It is a pity that a man like that made it so far.

  • Emirhan Akyol
    Emirhan Akyol

    Trump's attitude about the george floyd incident was very wrong, I recommend you to check the video on the link :&

  • William Chao
    William Chao

    川建国主席,万岁, 加油,你是中国的英雄。 川建国已经命令18空降师,82空降师,504空降师,进驻。明天晚上清场。 中国大力支持川建国连任,他是中国的英雄。中国有史以来最伟大的总统。

  • Dominick Anaya
    Dominick Anaya

    i hope trump loses in the next election

  • joan kearns
    joan kearns

    He is a very sick man. A horror!

  • มนตรี จันทร์เกตุ
    มนตรี จันทร์เกตุ

    Love and care for all Americans, safe from Thailand.

  • AGENT 47
    AGENT 47

    Me: i love you Her: ask to china China: i have a boyfriend 🙄

  • MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News.
    MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News. grooming for the Media anymore ,............Trump is Right let's give them the same..... back. MSM, a BS outlet the more money you give to them the bigger lies will come out. More and more lies every day we seen hear in the Alt media ...... we need those lies no more then a poison snake in our backyard. Trow them out of your house give them nothing no more. Those A.I backstabbing M.s.m journalists are no longer needed in our future we can do it without them and that is a FACT 100% More people come out with a good truthful story and those snake's makes it their own story manipulating lies fact that are fabricated all to give Trump a bad face .........and for what ? ¿ to get one of those loosers in the WH ¿? really they still think we do not see this? Left thinking is gone for know no ground to build on they know it and all they now do is modding the waters for TRUMP. Elite your way is Ready you know it we know it is downwards not uphill not a little ,.........just simple DOWN all the Way till nothing is left for you. 2020 will be the Year we will remember as the Year of Glory for the People with the AID of a REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP IS HIS NAME >>>>>>>>>> even bigger his FAME

  • No_one

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  • Greg

    Yeah, when he saw she was Asian , he should have changed the origin country of Covid to Russia, for the sake of anti-racism.

  • Rashi Mishra
    Rashi Mishra

    I just want to appreciate the other reporter who actually stood up for her colleague. Not usually seen in Indian Media!

  • K. Shaw
    K. Shaw

    Trump was not having it😂

  • BitSkulker

    5 year old mentality

  • Viddel Korve
    Viddel Korve


  • CEORaptorQuality

    i puked

  • Olga Limkin
    Olga Limkin


  • robert stone
    robert stone

    Fake news. He didn't walk away ANGRILY, he just walked away.

  • Darach R
    Darach R

    How is he ANGRY WITH EXITING??? That’s just his demeanor...he’s always been that way! You people are so sensitive with stupid stuff...get over it

  • Darach R
    Darach R

    Just curious...would Obama ever get this kind of harassment with questions...hmmm def not! Ummm yes it was CHINA...sorry people! Nothing to do with prejudice or racism..get over it! Trump expresses way more courage then our past president would ever have!

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    Chubzxxmami M

    When they right the next history book I beg they don’t put this blond idiot on it since he is so predjuiced

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    babi sondez

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  • Florida Born
    Florida Born



    He's tired of the fake news BS, good for him.


    *Guys... Don't hate on Trump.* *He hates everyone equally (except maybe rich White people).* *PRESIDENT btw.*

  • U 812
    U 812

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  • S955US84

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    What does them being women have to do with anything? He exits because the reporters are liars.

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    Michael Kelly

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    ziggy morris

    Cry baby


    Reporters are like children sometimes you just gotta walk away.

  • HQ

    GWB got shoes thrown at him and stayed cool. Trump can't even stand a valid question. Why did I dislike George?

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    _DanGerZ _

    "aSk cHiNa " pathetic peace of crap, he literally blames everything on china

  • tom arnold
    tom arnold

    I find it annoying that the reporter responded : “Sir why are you saying that to me specifically?” instead of "Why China specifically?" which was less racial. She used her ethnicity as an opportunity to set a trap for the speaker and that's pretty low.

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    Behold Contemplad

    Mister President,Do you think that the Chinese people are going to stop eating bats when the Coronavirus pandemic comes to an end?. Mr President: What a stupid question, of course not, but you should better ask China instead. Sir, why did you just say that to me especially?. I don’t know you are Chinese, ask yourself too

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  • JasperTube

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  • karycooper1

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      Biden will fix everything. I will buy a new home once Biden is in, the Economy will crash.



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  • WalkOnAlwaysBelieve

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  • Myth Detector
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  • my Dixie rekt
    my Dixie rekt

    "fake news" Trump said.

  • Dkyguy1995

    This guy doesn't seem aware that he's the President of the US. He keeps trying to pass the buck up the ladder but he's the top of the ladder he's supposed to be the one coming up with answers to questions. Just grow up

  • Ranny Trom
    Ranny Trom

    Ah, the asian race card.

  • Roger Nguyen
    Roger Nguyen

    When he can't answer...He says you are a fake news... Shame on him

  • Iam Cooper
    Iam Cooper

    The democrats and the left are dwindling, their party in complete chaos,..democrats are about to realize their biggest defeat in American political history, clearly the minority with their Presidential nominee an old senile dinosaur living in the fifties, where his racism was accepted, not a worry though, the useless cut out of a man is floundering, unable to form a sentence after a minute of speaking....The division Obama and Biden created in the US will not be forgotten.


    Needs to go out of the office and go take care of his bankrupt profiting bussiness

  • Gerald Williams
    Gerald Williams

    This man has no boundaries, no ethics, no sympathy and no idea what he is doing except to stir hate and discontent whenever he can. Obama said shortly after Trump was in office and starting to show who and what he was that, He was not responsible for Trump becoming President, but rather, it was some people's hatred of him that made Trump President. He went on to say that, Trump, as bad as he is, is not the reason for our problems in this country but rather, he is a symptom of the problems we currently have in this country.

  • jack ooi
    jack ooi

    May god bless America to have president behave like this. No standard, rude, not respect anyone including own citizens.

  • Cecy Nay
    Cecy Nay

    Why did he say that to her, specifically? Because she, specifically, asked a stupid question. And the Chinese government, specifically, has made a ridiculous mess. We are taking better care of those infected and better precautions to avoid further spread than other countries. We can't stop it completely 😂 Why would that be what you think the president is failing at? Also, being female had absolutely nothing to do with this, come on.

    • Ezekiel

      It wasn't about her being female it was about him being immature

  • dt1111able

    I think people are making too much of an issue of gender here, Trump doesn't like being challenged full stop and hates the media, I don't think he'd treat "male" or "white" journalists any differently

  • 50_cal_sniper

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1,9 mill
1,9 mill