PS5 isn't as powerful as Xbox Series X
Austin Evans
The PS5 is official and...can't QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
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  • Darth Opinion
    Darth Opinion

    I’m waiting a little longer to buy a new console this generation. I have a switch and a ps4 and that’s enough for me rn. I really want to be sure the new console i decide to has enough worthy exclusive games, not alot of annoying airplane sound while it’s on and i want it to be a good price. So i’m still in doubt which one i’ll buy. But i do have to admit, that xbox sounds tempting.

  • frosty

    I just hope ps5 doesn't sound like a jet engine

  • Holger Wäsch
    Holger Wäsch

    What the song at the end?

  • Yanni

    Oohh poor xbox fun boys they just dont get it. You always gonna be second best. Always and forever!

  • Nick Ferron
    Nick Ferron

    just chatting bc you partnered with microsoft

  • Daniel Pace
    Daniel Pace

    PS5 will be easier to develop for with its super fast SSD, I cant wait to play exclusives that will take advantage of this. You will be able to load assets in game as you look at them and everything behind your character will not be rendered yet meaning less strain on GPU and RAM. I think everyone is overlooking the SSD’s, next gen will not just be about raw compute power or Tflops.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    One of the main reasons I’m staying with ps is the games I have and the exclusives their too good

  • IcyLike Gucci
    IcyLike Gucci

    If I can run through the commonwealth without my framerate dropping through the floor I'm fine

  • YeusthedueS

    At the end of the day I’m getting whatever can install Linux

  • YeusthedueS

    The reply’s on some of these comments make me cringe, you fanboys are idiots sometimes.

  • HeaveScreed

    A console being less powerful literally means nothing at all right? Xbox one was less powerful but that didn’t mean shit last gen? Correct me if im ignorant!

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      There is literally no point for any console to be faster, devs just wont bother with making seperate versions of a game with better graphics for one console. The xbox series x

  • Omar Wen
    Omar Wen

    Expansion module....that's a memory card from 2001...

  • Dvdguy

    The war bas begun......

  • juker59

    I care about sound and great depth i mean this shit gonna cost 600 this better make me feel like i am in the best places on earth no uncleat voices plsssss

  • Colin Roberts
    Colin Roberts

    This is so bias

  • jeoh93

    does the ps5 have the capabilities to run previous generation games even it hasn't been formally announced?

  • dennis johnson
    dennis johnson

    🙄 still sounds the same... "we're going to sell you something. But it isn't going to be at full capacity. But, we will have what you need on sale the day you buy what you'll obviously need..."

  • TYS_ Typical
    TYS_ Typical

    Honestly since there's not that big of a difference xbox just has a slight advantage on a couple of things so I might just get the cheaper one so it looks like I'm switching from xbox to PS.

  • TheReal_ist

    They have ACTUAL NVME speeds the Xbox is dog sh*t and on par with basic a** Sata 3 speeds. What an embarrassment.

  • NooberGod

    PlayStation can’t win with speed because Xbox probably has plans for a SeriesX pro. And the Xbox one x still bet the PS4 pro

  • Brad Bradson
    Brad Bradson

    What's s cross box?

  • Squid

    Im personally getting xbox since I already have a bunch of games on it, plus having to invest in only a series x while needing to get a controller, the console and games on the ps5 would be extremely costly.


    I have Xbox 1 X and I’m going to trade it in for the Xbox series X

  • Spek

    so with all these frames it being able to pull im guessing theyre going to have displayport?

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      No Hdmi 2.1

  • Siege

    PlayStation people : ok so we can’t play old games but we can play faster Xbox people :WE DID IT WE HAVE SOMETHING BETTER FINALLY

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      Outside of Sony games xbox does everything better

  • Yzos

    There is literally no point for any console to be faster, devs just wont bother with making seperate versions of a game with better graphics for one console. The xbox series x might get better looking exclusives, but those will probably come to pc anyways. I think that people just need to stop defending one side and just admit that both consoles perform pretty much the same in most cases.

  • gs biggs
    gs biggs

    Xbox straight beast mode

  • ToXicVolk

    Tiktok-Console war is over ps4 won😂😂😂😂

  • ToXicVolk

    All those dislikes are ps5 fans😂


    Xbox 😴😴😴😴

  • Axel Alvarado
    Axel Alvarado

    But power doesn’t matter if there’s no games to play on Xbox

  • Johannes Wetzler
    Johannes Wetzler

    The PS5 have a UHD blu ray drive

  • Drink NukaClassic
    Drink NukaClassic

    That fact you didn't talk about the I/O portion of the PS5 presentation indicates you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

  • Will

    Lmaoooo buy a pc

  • Adam B
    Adam B

    Ps5 for me every time. Never liked the exclusives on xbox. Only reason I upgraded to a ps4 pro was because of psvr. I want to see psvr2 and expect a much sleeker unit, lighter, wireless, 1440p with 120 degree vision and amazing optics.

  • Trentin Sanderson
    Trentin Sanderson

    How much Noise does the Xbox series X make

  • raad abuhijleh
    raad abuhijleh

    honestly i don't care i just play the one with the games i won't and i might at some point have both consoles i don't know though but either way im just gonna use ps5 because spider-man 2 and god of war 5

  • a man with no name
    a man with no name

    But can i play off the disc with out internet like the good consoles of ps2 and xbox 360.

  • a man with no name
    a man with no name

    Asutin can you go away you little goblin.

  • Egypt Gamer / مصري جيمر
    Egypt Gamer / مصري جيمر

    no ps5 is the strogest Xbox

  • blood-shot gaming
    blood-shot gaming

    Ps5 is the king of the console's

  • Łyonel Kahee-ros
    Łyonel Kahee-ros

    8k angry ponys haha

  • Mr. Delxter
    Mr. Delxter

    When the PS2 was the best console Sony got cocky and made a PS3 that was underwhelming, now that the PS4 was the best console of it's generation they got cocky again and made once again an underwhelming predecessor......Sony needs to stop fucking playing trying to save money and provide quality that it's up to par or better than the competition.

  • Tone Rown
    Tone Rown

    xbox move to fast Sony always takes their time and win the race

  • Tone Rown
    Tone Rown

    long as the avengers on it i don’t care

  • JustTequa YT
    JustTequa YT

    Imma get both so i really dont care 😂😂

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Hahaha how much did Xbox fuckin pay you

  • Papado

    no shit

  • akbar exodia
    akbar exodia

    It is not about powerful or not powerful. It is about how many exlusive's good game in ps5 and xbos series x

    • Edoga8

      So you would rather play spider man on a toilet seat or sea of thieves on the tower of power?

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Sony fanboys on the PS3: "We hAvE BlU rAY!!!11!!!"

  • LJ the man
    LJ the man

    Yea but let's be honest. Which one will be cheaper.

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    Imma be honest, I have an Xbox one and a PS4 and I really can't decide who's better

  • BahTheYter

    But it has backwards compatibility to ps4 Ps4 has backwards compatibility to ps3 some ps3 models has backwards compatibility to ps2 and ps2 has backwards compatibility to ps1 so we fine

  • TheKeithvidz

    Sony has to shift from power to a game narrative

  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa

    ps5 is more powerfull than xbox x lol teraflops dont say the true power, if you study how hardware works you will know that

  • superior 7
    superior 7

    Everybody a gangster till 499 appear in E3 price announcement

  • A5

    Ps5 still wins over the box of the xbox one x

  • dark dudox
    dark dudox

    I have a xbox one s right now and i really hope it gets better and some fixes. It’s pretty annoying how some things just don’t work right of the bat. Also it could be alot smoother in many ways. Hope the next gen consoles are a different ballgame and these issues will be solved. As i can see the xbox will be better, but does it really matter? I don’t think so. It’s just minimal improvements. Your preference is what is most important.

  • GamING MAniac
    GamING MAniac

    No matter how powerful these consoles are, the developers only focuses their game in resolution rather than graphic fidelity. Ray tracing is the only changes we can see and maybe minor upgrade in texture. All the gpu power will only be allocated in 4k and ray tracing. I doubt all the xbox games will be 4k60fps. 4k60fps or 120fps will only work in their older games because of backward compatibility. Base ps4 has 1.8 teraflops but they produce good looking games because their focus is in graphic fidelity rather than 4k. I hope the developer will give us the option what resolution we want to play becasue I'd rather choose smoothness than extra sharpness in the game.

  • KingMastodon

    And when Digital Foundry runs XBOX Series X and PS5 games side by side, nobody will notice a difference lol.

    • John

      KingMastodon I also have 300+ games on Xbox.

    • KingMastodon

      @John Yeah, it's pretty dumb to argue over performance your average person won't notice or care about. I have over 300+ PS4 games so I'll stick with Sony.

    • John

      They’ll probably just be subtle differences, just go with want you want no need for the stupid war.

  • R0CKM3N 128
    R0CKM3N 128

    Higher the specs the higher the price and not anyone can buy 8k tv

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith

    Was that based on the standard ps5 or the ps5 pro I hear there will be two version at launch?

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      There is no ps5 pro

  • Lucas Lakey
    Lucas Lakey

    I'll trade 2 10 packs of purell for a xbox series x

  • Faggo Shaggo
    Faggo Shaggo

    Sony fanboys on the PS3: "We hAvE BlU rAY!!!11!!!"

  • Ricky Dexter
    Ricky Dexter

    Hahaha how much did Xbox fuckin pay you

  • hernanc

    Music volume is annoying...

  • FFD79

    PS5 is more impressive overall. Their I/O SSD 550GB/s with a 12 channel controller is a disrupter. The best part of the build. This could have alerting implications for game development going forward. Like pc specs now requiring 550 GB/s SSD speeds or close to it.

  • Ivan Jeromela
    Ivan Jeromela

    so basicly Xbox is stronger but Ps5 is cheaper and has more exclusive games, just think about Spiderman and God of war etc

    • Edoga8

      Quality> Quantity. More exclusives means worse quality. Xbox has better exclusives, but not as many exclusives as Sony

  • GhostNinja65

    Huh, I thought you were going to get a lot of hate. Hmm, yay.

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh

    Going xbox this year last year ps4 this on xbox

  • RoyaltyGZ

    if we think about it ps4 and xbox 1 were both really good quality that was extremely incredible for us to enjoy, so even if the ps5 isnt as good as xbox series x, itll always be better graphics than the ps4 so i have no complaint at all really, and we are missing one detail, We never know if microsoft and sony will release better versions of the ps5 and xbox series x so things may get better for us towards the future. thats just what i think i may be wrong but have a good day everyone


    Step 1: Get a cardboard box. Step 2: paint it black. Step 3: Open the box, and put in some cords. Step 4: Get a sticker of a Xbox logo and put it on the Xbox. Step 5: cut a line in the box (for your discs) Step 6: Have fun with your black cardboard box.

  • Playa

    Bruh who cares everyone said the same thing when Xbox one x came out it didn’t matter at all.

  • titaniumwolf1123

    Holy shit... why would you even buy a ps5

  • Looper9898

    Ps5/ jet engine 2.00

  • BigBagOfFrikenAirFak

    Both PlayStation and Xbox produce great consoles. Both have worthwhile features and games. No need to fight or bicker over the 2 companies and who’s better. Both are great in their own ways.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    Who cares about specs?! It's all about the games. Xbox have had only shit games besides Halo which I think was pretty boring. PS have all kinds of great exclusives. Remember, more powerful doesnt mean better. PS2 was twice as less powerful than Xbox and still killed in that genereation. PS3 was more powerful than 360, but developers had a hard time making games for it in the beginning. PS3 still had better games, but Xbox the better UI, and online base, cause you know - Microsoft. 360 managed to cath up to PS3 because of the slow start. Nintendo swtill won that generation. PS4 on the other hand, completally, like PS2, crushed Xbox and this generation. All in all it's about the games. Xbox doesnt have anything worth buying series X for.

  • Von Chubbz
    Von Chubbz

    I will be getting both... because I love GoW games.. God of War & Gears of War

  • Loco Miako
    Loco Miako


  • ناصر الزفزافي
    ناصر الزفزافي

    I will buy the cheaper one if i had money i would buy a pc

  • StAmVa Adultism
    StAmVa Adultism

    You'd think by the 8th console generation people would finally understand power means zippo...nada...ZERO.

  • Raian Pia
    Raian Pia

    Its fine ps5 will have more games anyway cause jp devs wont support xbox like every xbox

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