r/Pettyrevenge My Teacher Banned Bathroom Breaks, so I Farted at Her
r/Pettyrevenge When a teacher places a ban on bathroom breaks, a student was left in a predicament. He really needed to use the bathroom, but the teacher wouldn't let him leave. So, the student decided to get some petty revenge by unleashing a fart so powerful it registered on the Richter scale. If you like this video and want to see more, hit the subscribe button for daily Reddit content!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC By Attribution 3.0

  • rSlash

    Teacher: NO BATHROOM BREAKS! Student: Farts in class Teacher: [surprised pikachu face]

    • Aurora Z Playz
      Aurora Z Playz

      Whole class: *bursts out laughing

    • TheAwesome98

      @Shema Gamer yup it is

    • Shema Gamer
      Shema Gamer

      When you have beans it’s even better

    • TheAwesome98


    • the strange
      the strange

      Oh no - rSlash has misgendered the teacher. He read the story out loud and still put him as a "her" in the video title.

  • worldwalker

    This was satisfying

  • Allie O
    Allie O

    My story: I worked at a clothing store (for teens) where later 3 teenage boys came in to shop around. I was working the front of the store and gave the usual “hi welcome to (store) let me know if I can help you”. They waved and smiled. Minutes go by when I realized they were acting suspicious...they start talking among themselves. Little did they know that I knew exactly what they were saying because I also speak and understand that language. I don’t say anything and just smile.... and allow them to plan their robbing escape to the T. Once all was placed in action...I run out after the guy who steals the clothes and shoved them in his bag and catch him. I was lucky to see a security guy right there who came to my assistance. I told the security guy that he stole items from my store. The guy “no I didn’t! She’s lying!” Me to the security guy: “him and his buddies will be meeting up at this corner of the bar you’ll catch them there with other items from different stores...and there’s one more hiding in my dressing stall” guy looks at me so confused and asks: “how the F*^% do you know?” And I with a big smile on my face say in our language “well it was easy when you started to plan it all in front of me! Thanks!” Those guys were never allowed to step foot into the mall ever again! Ahhh the beauty of knowing more than one language!

  • nodvick

    "but don't you just know that she's a boomer?" I doubt it, most of the surviving boomers don't drive anymore. Sure there's a small percentage, but 56-74 years of age tend to be done with all that, dying or dead.

  • HemlockRidge

    I'm NOT a Boomer (gen X), but for the snide Boomer comment, I just unsubscribed.

  • Bob Cpeytonseven
    Bob Cpeytonseven

    17:27 he should of farted right in front of his desk

  • Max Harrington
    Max Harrington

    When I go on trips overseas and need to go to the loo I ask a family member/friend to look after my bags

  • Ethan Kills
    Ethan Kills

    I’m Mongolian and people rarely talk this language so I can curse anyone in Mongolian Hehehehehe BTW I do this often with people

  • The Gottem with 1000 subs withno vids challenge
    The Gottem with 1000 subs withno vids challenge

    Ship Po lay

  • Aurora Z Playz
    Aurora Z Playz

    Ok boomer

  • Aenigmaticus

    There is values in reading books that internet and computer reading doesn't deliver quite the same way. Same deal with Audiobooks, which while it is interesting, I'd rather buy the book and read it the traditional way.

  • Kav Cav
    Kav Cav

    I don't even leave my bag with my wife at the airport because if she forgets it im still responsible for my carry ons why would anyone ask a stranger watch it

  • Nathn Fisher
    Nathn Fisher

    About the class fart. Grade A+

  • Codieneshark

    I feel like the airport luggage one was just a NOsoftr doing a stupid test to see if people will take the luggage

  • AnnasStorybox

    Someone did the "leaving the luggage" move with me... I was about 12-14 at the time. I didn't need to change for another train, It was a fast train, I had a 1st class seat so no sketchy people around and my aunt would pick me up at my destination, so all I needed to do was stay on that train and get of where my aunt lives, so nothing to complicated for my age. It was a three hour ride and about one hour in that buisnesman in the seat on the other side of the aisle picked ME, the only minor in that whole carriage, to keep an eye on his luggage. Even though I was confused why he would trust me of all things I took that "duty". So for the next minutes I occasionly glance over to make sure his briefcase (containing the laptop he worked on earlier), his jacket and a bottle with water are untouched by any other passenger. I expected him to come back after max 15 minutes, assuming he went to the bathroom. When he didn't come back after that I thought he might picked up some food in the on-board restaurant and stayed there to eat it. He didn't come back. In the end, before arriving my stop, I explained the situation to the person behind me and asked him to continue watching buisnesmans stuff. In hindsight I still ask myself what this guy was doing so long... Was he stuck in a conversation with someone he met? Did fell asleep or forgot the time? Did he leave the train and missed to hop on again? Did he have a medical issiue in the bathroom? Was he kidnapped and taken of the train? Was he killed and than his body was hidden in the bathroom? I don't know, but if the latter was or something similar was true, that killer did a good job since there were no news reports about a murder on a train. I can only imagine me watching the luggage when that killer walkes over to take his victims belongings to search them for whatever his contractee was after. I either bust his plan by confidently insisting that he has to leave the luggage alone or he is clever and acts all confused as if he has mixed up his seat only to get rid of me when I take my bathroom brake.

  • Jexpherix Likes Sprite Cranberry
    Jexpherix Likes Sprite Cranberry

    I speak perfect Spanish so when I heard rslash speak Spanish, I was laughing

  • TheDonsketch

    When I was in first grade, a kid peed his pants in class cause the teacher wouldn't allow him to go to the bathroom lol. It wasn't even him being petty...he was just a kid and really had to go.

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281

    You know teacher ban bathroom break is bad. HEALTH IS IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE,

    • Noob 9281
      Noob 9281

      @Robin93k true but my school dont allow phones.

    • Robin93k

      Well, if it weren't for kids like you that ditched any language class just to daddle with their phones on the toilet, this rule wouldn't exist in the first place~

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Leaving bags at an airport? I used to work with someone who would set his bags down and walk off and leave to go grab a bite of eat or go to the restroom. An hour later he'd come back and the bags were always sitting exactly where he left them.

    • Jade Oreo
      Jade Oreo

      What kind of saints live where you do? I live in Canada, and leaving bags is still really risky. In seats they are also, an inconvenience.

  • BMT

    > dont judge my generation > that horrible person must be a boomer God I love being Gen X.

  • Qnsilta

    Before any scots come here offended just a quick correction, Scottish Gaelic is pronounced "Gaa-lic" rather than "Gay-lic" :)

  • Blake Kiffmeyer
    Blake Kiffmeyer

    English is first, Spainish is second, and German third.

  • Game5Plays

    I ovn a farm and have a farmhand. HE HAD A SMALL FEVER AND GOT THE DAY OFF,!

  • Hannah Brandt
    Hannah Brandt

    0:38 Chipotle????

  • newquinken

    He makes a good point... Spanish is a VERY commonly spoken language, so much that it baffles me how some entitled americans can get mad at people who speak Spanish instead of english

  • Luke Patton
    Luke Patton

    Idk if this is just me but i was so confused about the Costco one

  • J Shiloh Shea
    J Shiloh Shea

    revenge no matter how petty it seems...is still sweet !

  • FortAwesome1974

    Yeah, the whole minding the bag thing at the airport is bullshit!! Does the moron who wrote this garbage not realise that "Baggage" is checked into the check in counter and that if anyone had carry on baggage they could actually, you know, take it with them to the toilet?!! Why do people make this crap up and how could you not realise it's fake!!??

  • steven johnson
    steven johnson

    well, you inspired me to make a reddit account and my first reddit post in this above mentioned subreddit. is it common to have your post immediately removed ? i hadnt actually joined the subreddit when i posted, could that be the reason?

  • Judy Stockman
    Judy Stockman

    You assume that someone who acts entitled is a boomer????? Come on, I thought you were better than that!

  • Nesta M
    Nesta M

    Was that a hint to ecolia virus?

  • Amanuella Patterson
    Amanuella Patterson

    The civics test one was just mean. U didnt mind her cheating off u until she smacked her gum? Did she know u hated that sound? I have a sister with the same irrational hatred, but she would hit me when I was eatting. I never made sounds on purpose, so while cheating is wrong, u basically just set home girl up because of your irrational hatred NOT because of your strong ethics or morals.. wack story bro

  • Briana Hammond-Morris
    Briana Hammond-Morris

    I would have called the cops on the parking lady.

  • 彡MᴀʀιᴀSoʟミ

    i think Spanish is the most spoken language in the world... Wait let me check Nope, it's second, the most spoken language is Chinese, Spanish second and English third im surprised wow

  • Mark Hasiuk
    Mark Hasiuk

    I Stared deep into his soul and farted..........priceless!

  • Hippopa

    I live near Chicago and go on trips to Ireland sometimes to visit family. I could award I remember something happening like the airport one before I left one summer. Same description of the people and everything. I was sitting there the whole time because my dad wanted my family there early so we could get food or whatever.

  • Astrel Skies
    Astrel Skies

    Pick draconic

  • Alexn Andum
    Alexn Andum

    The parking dude should have called the police and a tow company to handle it.

  • redstonefails The Destroyer of Doe
    redstonefails The Destroyer of Doe

    Yeah don't speak spanish speak navajo even the germans cant crack it

  • curious George Orwell
    curious George Orwell


  • DecimyS96

    With the card story, i would've just counted em reeeeaaaally slow. If he ever interrupted just say i lost count.

  • Shadow Tiger
    Shadow Tiger

    3:36 Besides that, if you speak portuguese, you can quite understand what they say [and yes, it sounds like its the same language sometimes, just sounds like]

  • Judy Lynn Lau
    Judy Lynn Lau

    2:10 never trash talk your customers

  • ARandom Potato
    ARandom Potato


  • David Butt
    David Butt

    FYI. Often printed materials have about 5% more than you ordered. This is because when cards, flyers, postcards, etc. are printed they are all printed on one large sheet. This sheet is then cut to separate the different orders. The top sheets are usually ruined in the cutting process. So extras are printed to ensure enough is delivered. I used to work at a printshop.

  • Nadia Christensen
    Nadia Christensen

    Actually, Spanish is on it's way to become the most spoken language in the world. Also one of the reasons I decided to take Spanish as my fourth language instead of French.

  • Elf Out Games
    Elf Out Games

    Great. when your name is maricka xD

  • Zagrar Mohamed
    Zagrar Mohamed

    I know a language that almost no one know to speak its a mix of French Arabic berber. It's called darga and the only people that could understand you are algerians It's

  • User User
    User User

    Lmao it was chipotle 😂

  • Michael Mcdowell
    Michael Mcdowell

    I hate this doctors note BS; I worked at a fast food place and we were required to work with food having the flu/diarrhea/vomiting because, without insurance, cant afford to see a doctor for such issues so the next time u eat at a major fast food chain know you're taking a chance because of their shitty business practices

  • Woof

    As a misophoniac myself, I can only say, IF YOU SMACK YOUR GUM WHILE I'M TAKING TESTS, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!

  • Sandman

    Must have been a Boomer?! I am no where near a Boomer, but Boomers are unfairly judged. The amount of Millenials (I am not that either) who act as if they are better than everyone, is loads more than the amount of Boomers who think the world owes them everything. I prefer Boomers "The world owes me" attitude than the millenials self righteous "holier than thou" attitude.

  • PizzaGamer

    I am going a lot and I think depression and think everyone hates me and watching your videos make me feel better and thank you keep doing what your doing.

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A

    I would've had her car towed if she was blocking my car in.

  • E S
    E S

    Spanish is #4 language

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    The title reminded me of one time in 5th grade, my elementary teacher told this kid that he couldn't go to the bathroom so, he unzipped his pants and literally just took a piss in the desk. Madlad.

  • DarknoorX

    Spanish is 4th right above Arabic.

  • Gasydevil

    4:31 John sounds a lot like me.

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke

    Tbh, I agree if you pay for 500, you should get 500. He should have been given 501.

  • Captain Evildjdude
    Captain Evildjdude

    rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please