RANDOLPH Reacts to Logan Paul - GOING BROKE (Antonio Brown Diss Track)
FINALLY reacting to Logan's AB diss. The storm in the UK meant I was stuck at home in Nottingham. Back now though, so enjoy!
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  • Randolph

    I know I miss a lot of the meaning behind the lyrics since I don’t know much about ab/American football. I say that a lot in the video. I’m just commenting on what I do know. Enjoy

    • Orel Walker
      Orel Walker

      Exactly you don't know shit

    • Cody Johnson
      Cody Johnson

      Randolph, I'm sorry but you need some better "reading between the lines" and analysis skills. I know nothing about football, yet I understood most of the lines. All the context you need is in the video if you'd just open your eyes instead of trying to automatically avoid anything you deem "American football" related. A British 3rd grader can use context clues better than you

    • KalmoK

      Btw, had to support and sub you. Too baked always to remember that... Now I did it atleast!

    • KalmoK

      You really should search info about things before doing vid. Just a friendly advice bro. But yea AB was being a fucking baby so every team kicked him out and now he has no career on NFL. And every thing Logan said about those court cases and so on are facts. AB got fucked hard. I hate to say this, really, because I hate Logan.....

    • Shanav Maharaj
      Shanav Maharaj

      Randolph von tez in the play that nearly killed a b

  • FazeGama_50

    I’m just saying he has a lot of big hits but you have to be American or watch American football to understand and he didn’t loose his contract he retired

  • Tw Clapz
    Tw Clapz

    Ok so Randolph I understand you are a like producer kinda, but if you don’t know who Antonio Brown is how do you judge the bars idk just doesn’t make sense

  • Nan Dad
    Nan Dad

    Yo! That song is f lit!!!!! JJ and Logan should make a track together ! Make it happend !!!!

  • Aric Accetta
    Aric Accetta

    bruh i'm sorry but logan had hard disses, sorry you don't understand nothing personal

  • Bryson Briggs
    Bryson Briggs

    Gosh these Canadians just playing but bruh AB is one of the best wide receiver in the nfl when he used to be in the nfl wide receiver catches the ball

  • Real Time
    Real Time

    I hate this reaction tbh u know nothing abt the disses so u wouldn’t rly understand this

  • DissGodd 2
    DissGodd 2

    i didn't even know randoplh was a person, after the KSI beef

  • Nate Riffle
    Nate Riffle

    Lol this guy needs to do some research before reacting to things he doesn't know much about.

  • shafnizkhan deen
    shafnizkhan deen

    You sucks bro the song is lit

  • Myeyes0nly

    I just hate that the guitar play throughout the whole song and I sounds so off beat

  • Go Away
    Go Away

    bruh half the songs were hidden disses that if you know some information about ab you would be impressed even the shirt logan was wearing is a diss i am not that much of a fan but i have to give credit where credit is due and the was a good song

  • Oscar Molinero
    Oscar Molinero

    This song is better than any song from Randolph

  • Yusonera 0000001
    Yusonera 0000001

    he says he wants to look at the screenshot but be honest, you wanted to look at that girl

  • Justin LaRuffa
    Justin LaRuffa

    Why would u review this knowing nothing about the guy he is dissing so u dont understand the lyrics and not waiting till it's been out for a bit and it's a late reaction

  • Jake The Snake
    Jake The Snake

    It’s bad luck of being on the cover of madden apparently so that’s why that’s a bar

  • Seby 188
    Seby 188

    This song bangs if u know bout AB

  • Billy Calder
    Billy Calder

    Did do your homework before the reaction otherwise how can anyone really trust in your other reactions this is why I go to crypt more.

  • Udu Ovraiti
    Udu Ovraiti

    One direction doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a good line. Shhh

  • Mr. God
    Mr. God

    Frostbite cold feet was good

  • Afridi Hassan
    Afridi Hassan

    Thanks man :p


    Random kid on comments: Logan Paul creates a music video, wait that’s illegal Random kids Likes: 99999999999999999999999999

  • Stephen Furr
    Stephen Furr

    Ab is Antonio brown

  • Anaya Zahra
    Anaya Zahra

    I like ksi but good song

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    randolph: no ads me: nice randolph: SO LET ME BE MY OWN AD

  • Peter Stolley
    Peter Stolley

    how you gonna say the bars don’t hit hard when you also said you don’t know about football and antonio brown

  • demark

    AB= Allison Becker smh

  • Abdullah Faisal
    Abdullah Faisal


  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    1:29 why does everyone keep pausing on that face 😂😂😂😂

  • Anime Storme
    Anime Storme

    This whole comment section needs to chill. Can't understand how people can think "I didn't like this guys reaction so Ima write a whole essay on why I didn't like it." Just let the man do what he wants.

  • Brayn Camony
    Brayn Camony

    Urrrrr trashhhh....at reacting to this🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Peykin

    When the react video gets more views then ab's mv

  • KalmoK

    We have the storm here in Finland too.. Fucking sucks! This track was lit, and I really hate Logan.. So weird to say something positive about Logan....

  • Fraser Wrightson
    Fraser Wrightson

    Leeds should’ve won we got robbed 😂😂😂

  • Lyc- anic
    Lyc- anic

    He had to Keep talking for a 10 min video. So damn annoying

  • Oliver Hale
    Oliver Hale

    Look into AB then listen to it again then you will understand all the lyrics

  • Andrew Joseph
    Andrew Joseph

    This guy was one of the best wr’s in the league for so many years.

  • Rozana Rahmat
    Rozana Rahmat

    Im sorry if im saying this but did anyone else got a boner looking at Daisy?

  • EffinHitmarkers

    If you saw some of AB's hair styles that tetris bar would be more impactful. It's not hardcore bars or anything just saying it has a lil more hit when you know AB wacky hair styles. Alot of the bars though youd have to know more about AB's career to know how impactful they are.

    • EffinHitmarkers

      Not a Logan Paul fan either.

  • Joseph Tiareh
    Joseph Tiareh

    Cold tune ngl

  • hacker 11 vigyaz
    hacker 11 vigyaz

    Mad brooo this track is powerful

  • hacker 11 vigyaz
    hacker 11 vigyaz

    Fam this diss track is better than dejis (the truth) and his bein working on that rap bareee

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    Bar the NOsoft line, it was a good track. Even ksi said

  • Snipe Ledgend
    Snipe Ledgend

    This track is fire

  • Dakota White
    Dakota White

    The daisy bar would be better if they knew that was Logan's girlfriend

  • kian staines
    kian staines

    No your not Liverpool are

  • Jon Leb
    Jon Leb

    There’s a band wagon of people saying that it’s a good song. Am I the only one that genuinely thinks the chorus was whack and the production was average? I’ll concede that some bars were good but not all.

  • Matrix.

    this song is fire even ksi knows it

  • kyle mcdermott
    kyle mcdermott

    I support Leeds

  • Corben masterson
    Corben masterson

    Don’t review things if you don’t know any of the references man!!

  • Josh Odedra
    Josh Odedra

    U would have got slapped if u said ur a notts fan to my teacher

  • Will Monsarratt
    Will Monsarratt

    I only disliked this video because he said about the Forrest and Leeds game tbh Forrest were better though

  • Logan Anderson
    Logan Anderson

    oi big up forrest

  • Harrison Hall
    Harrison Hall

    This is painful to listen to the reaction of this man knowing nothing about ab😂😂

  • LG_ Kiwiz
    LG_ Kiwiz

    Talk too much

  • TGP

    Finally a Logan Paul song that's good enough for me to put on my playlist

  • Scotsplayz

    Randolph clearly already watched this

  • spinner Elli
    spinner Elli

    Don´t worry bro I did´t know who AB was until this song and I am from iceland

  • Jason

    The song bangs but i will admit Antonio Brown is irrelevant and I din’t understand some of the bars but I respect Logan for dropping this 🔥

  • williamlamb414

    I don’t really like Logan that much But that’s a decent song