Rarest Features Only In 5% Of Humans
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  • SSSniperWolf

    do you have any unique features??? I don't lol

    • Amaya ortiz
      Amaya ortiz

      I can gleek

    • Amaya ortiz
      Amaya ortiz

      I have an x on my hand

    • Elayna Velazquez
      Elayna Velazquez

      I am part of the one % with the tongue thing not the 3 leave clover my friend can do the 3 leave clover with his tongue

    • Adrian Gonzalez
      Adrian Gonzalez

      Hi have a missing dumb plz nobody like this I was born like that😰😰😭😭😭💔

    • •Gacha_Tina•

      I have the hole in the ear

  • Maddy Weasley
    Maddy Weasley

    I have a little tiny chunk out of my ear

  • Janelle Grace' Taylor
    Janelle Grace' Taylor

    I have blue and green eyes with gray mixed

  • Mina Rosesilverhead
    Mina Rosesilverhead

    Omg I just realized that my p as one have an x

    • Mina Rosesilverhead
      Mina Rosesilverhead

      I can bend my togunge like the person in the vid did

  • Mina Rosesilverhead
    Mina Rosesilverhead

    My things can fold in half and make a three leaf clover I can also move my eyebrows without moving my forhead

  • Dragon Dog
    Dragon Dog

    Lol I can Gleek

  • Milibet Nicolas
    Milibet Nicolas

    i got a x on my palms and can do some of these

  • Call_meEzz

    For some reason i have loads of X's on my palm LOL

  • Catey Sanborn
    Catey Sanborn

    i can

  • Grace ingraham
    Grace ingraham

    I can bend only the second joint on all my fingers on the right hand

  • LolNothingWith

    My father had 😂 he had an something hole in ear😂😂😂

  • armyxmoa _12
    armyxmoa _12

    I can do the Gleek

  • Matt Willis
    Matt Willis

    There’s an X in my Palm

  • Cold Heart Girl
    Cold Heart Girl

    I can put my tongue can put on my teeth and I have elf ears

  • myra escobedo
    myra escobedo

    lol 😝

  • myra escobedo
    myra escobedo

    SSSniperWolf is the best 😉

  • Anisha Martin
    Anisha Martin

    I have that type of hole in my ear

  • Marcendra Dinara
    Marcendra Dinara

    Cool I can do the tounge thingy UwU

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart

    i have a tiny hole in the corner of my right eye

  • hannah jay saejeng
    hannah jay saejeng

    My palm has a line too and I have and x in both of my palm

  • data tutashxia
    data tutashxia

    i have blue and green mixed eye color

  • data tutashxia
    data tutashxia

    4 6 2 tornados

  • Aida Isidro
    Aida Isidro

    I have one an ex

  • Gabrielle Raviolo
    Gabrielle Raviolo

    My cousin has 3 fingers

  • Nidhi Gupta
    Nidhi Gupta

    I don't have that line on my wrist when you put your index and pinky together and i can do the gleke means lock my tongue on the back of my front teeth

  • Lysol Reaper
    Lysol Reaper

    I got the tentacles and the ear hole

  • Carly Bond
    Carly Bond

    I havit am spesol

  • Thaibeagle gaming
    Thaibeagle gaming

    I did it and before you started talking bout it I just did it

  • Bella Sofia
    Bella Sofia

    i'm an aunt to my sis baby any she have grey or green eyes i'm jealous too!

  • M I D N I G H T • S U K I
    M I D N I G H T • S U K I

    Happy 20M subs!😁❤️

  • dawny girl
    dawny girl

    i don't lol

  • dawny girl
    dawny girl

    I LOVE YOU SSSniperwolf

  • Riddhi TV
    Riddhi TV


  • Little Gypsey
    Little Gypsey

    What happened if your eyes coulor change by emoshin so it blue in positive And negative I have green ish brown eyes

  • Misty Suki
    Misty Suki

    I can do that tongue thing- Was it called the gleek?

  • Blues ia Angel
    Blues ia Angel

    I tried and it look like I didn't .com

  • Noor Houbsh
    Noor Houbsh

    I have green eyes

  • Mariah Hotz
    Mariah Hotz

    A have a hole on my ear like yeah xd and i can gleek

  • arlene varner
    arlene varner

    I can do the thing when water comes out of the tongue but I cant do on command just randomly

  • Angel._. Gacha
    Angel._. Gacha

    I have an x on me palm :)

  • Audra Abraham
    Audra Abraham

    I have a hole in my ear me and my fam have been trying to figure out what to do about it. It itches allot


    Well,I could force my tongue to face upwards when singing,but not talking...and there was a time when my thumb accidentally caught fire,but it didn't burn down,so I don't know if that's unique...

  • Catherine Jacobs
    Catherine Jacobs

    my dad has a tooth in the back of his mouth

  • chhay chivorn
    chhay chivorn

    I have a hole in my ear and I also have a X on my hands. Love your videos!!!!

  • Lexi Sterrett
    Lexi Sterrett

    I've always wanted two different eye colors its so pretty 😭

  • Elina and Darrien
    Elina and Darrien

    I van spleek idk how to spell ot

  • IluvVaporeon

    I’m double jointed in both my pointer finger and thumb so I’m able to lock my finger in place and make it straight. Also I can bend my finger all the way back and touch the tip to the back of my hand

  • Sheila The Awesome Unicorn
    Sheila The Awesome Unicorn

    I have a X in meh hand

  • Maria Nascimento
    Maria Nascimento

    Omg I just noticed the x in my left hand 😮

  • Miss Cookie
    Miss Cookie

    I have the x on my palm.

  • Bekah G
    Bekah G

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> i have that lol they fall in my eyes all the time tho

  • _xXValerieXx_

    I can twist my thumb

  • Makynzee Puffer
    Makynzee Puffer

    Well.... search up central heterochromia cause I got it

  • Maddison Ramos
    Maddison Ramos

    Hey sssinperwofe

  • Sofia J
    Sofia J

    I wish I was special 🙃😕 Ooooooo wait! I just finished the video and at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> I have x palms! 🙂😃

  • Mitzi Covarrubias
    Mitzi Covarrubias

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> so funny when SSSniperwolf barely got any unique traits

  • Paris And Presley
    Paris And Presley

    I have the X palm :3

  • Ellaina Libby
    Ellaina Libby

    I think I have an x and my palm

  • Skull Master
    Skull Master

    and my friend has blonde eyelashes

  • Skull Master
    Skull Master

    I can do the tounge thing👅👆🏽 up thing

  • Salina Rosser
    Salina Rosser

    my unique feature is i can bend my thumb to my wrist its so cool i did it but if i was not able to do i this i would have broken my thumb! now they said this after i did it so i was like THANK LORD lol also i love you

  • Giana Macari
    Giana Macari

    I have 2 Colors in My eyes

  • Sle3py Angel
    Sle3py Angel

    My dad has the lil elf ear thing and it’s so cute 😩

  • Sle3py Angel
    Sle3py Angel

    My dad has the lil elf ear thing and it’s so cute 😩

  • Fern Whitehurst
    Fern Whitehurst

    I don’t have that weird muscle in my wrists, I have a x on my palm, I have blue, brown, and green eyes and I have a hole in my ear that I was born with. It fills up with a weird liquid that I have to empty every morning or it because irritated. It doesn’t go all the way through it goes halfway through the cartilage

  • Ryan Rhino
    Ryan Rhino

    I have a small elf ear and so does the rest of my family 😀

  • Rainbows and unicorns Gamer
    Rainbows and unicorns Gamer


  • Clyde Vincent Patalinghug
    Clyde Vincent Patalinghug

    my sis can do this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> exept for me ;-;

  • Braylee Wilson
    Braylee Wilson

    I got an X on my hand

  • Luis aparicio
    Luis aparicio

    I have an X in my hand.

  • idk_Gacha64

    my dad has the x on his palm well both

  • Wa'Nika Peone
    Wa'Nika Peone

    so my brother has a hole on the right side of the ear and i thought it was cool.


    I have the x

  • • lucy{fairy tail}{shiny evee}{kid} light
    • lucy{fairy tail}{shiny evee}{kid} light

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> I got one omg

  • Izzy Thompson
    Izzy Thompson

    I was eating breadsticks right, and I got to the part about gleeking and I did it without noticing 😂

  • Tianaara Kelly
    Tianaara Kelly

    i have one its the x one

  • Cookie Galaxy
    Cookie Galaxy

    I know everyone’s not gonna think this but I have a X on my hand you can barely see it but it’s true

  • Grandpa Thanos
    Grandpa Thanos

    I have a hole in my ear!!

  • Eureka Shine
    Eureka Shine

    My step mom has a hole in her ear... It is kinda creepy. I told her its bc she's a "mermaid"

  • Rasiya Beegam
    Rasiya Beegam

    I have completely black eyes